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Wahoo adds e-bike integration and releases stealth black Elemnt Bolt

Wahoo e-bike firmware
(Image credit: Wahoo)

Wahoo has released a couple of small updates to their existing Elemnt range of cycling computers. All existing Elemnt computers will now benefit from a firmware update that will increase the Wahoo Elemnt’s sensor compatibility and bring key on-screen metrics for e-bike riders. The new firmware is compatible with select Giant and Specialized e-bike models, as well as core data from any other ANT+ LEV e-bikes. The new firmware is available now for all Wahoo Elemnt devices. 

Once an Elemnt computer is paired with the bike, it will display range, battery life, mode and assist percentage. A breakdown of time spent in each e-bike zone plus the estimated remaining range can be displayed in the workout screen as well. These metrics will prove a valuable addition for all e-bike riders who are either interested in measuring performance or wish to monitor the battery usage.

It hasn’t been long since Wahoo partnered with Specialized to launch the previous update for the Elemnt computers which saw compatibility with the ANGi crash sensors in Specialized helmets.

Wahoo e-bike firmware

The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt get a new all black colour scheme and a lower price (Image credit: Wahoo)

The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt gets some further attention and will now be available in a much-requested black-on-black colour scheme for riders who are looking for a complete stealth aesthetic. This colourway joins the original grey option and the limited edition yellow, red, pink or blue options. Additionally, Wahoo has dropped the price of all the Elemnt Bolt computers from £199.99 to £184.99.