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Roka launches all-new Matador cycling sunglasses

Roka Matador sunglasses
(Image credit: Roka)

Roka has debuted its latest pair of cycling sunglasses, the Matador, with proven optics and a frame design unlike any of the best cycling sunglasses available today. 

The Texan eyeglass specialist wished to produce single-lens wraparound cycling optic, with excellent ergonomics and helmet clearance, and its new Matador is the result. 

Using C3 lens technology, Roka has managed to offer a great diversity of tint with its new Matador. Depending on your local riding conditions, there is a choice of ten lens coatings, varying from pure light transmission to hues with an autumn feel.

In terms of pure performance, the Matador’s seven-base cylindrical lens has a field of view which distortion-free, despite its curving and ample coverage.

Featuring all the latest environmental coating technologies, these Matador lenses are also fingerprint resistant, won’t fog-up when there is a significant temperature change during your ride and have strong hydrophobic properties to repel sweat droplets from leaving streak marks.

Structural design is where the Roka Matador truly distinguishes itself. The nylon frame weighs only 28g but more impressive is its shaping.

Roka’s designers have managed to deliver cycling sunglasses with a notably low profile, thanks to the V-shaped arms and low hinge contact point, which allows for outstanding helmet clearance. Comfort is further enhanced by a titanium wire fitment system, which allows you to adjust the tension of a Matador’s frame.

To ensure your Matador riding sunglasses remain secure and in place, without exerting harsh pressure points on your head, Roka developed its Geko retention system. By using a soft elastomer ribbed insert on the Matador’s arms and nose pad, these sunglasses stay firmly in place without being uncomfortably tight at their contact points.

Available in seven colour combinations, the Roka Matador is priced at £190 and includes four nose pads to ensure a tidy fit for any face shape.