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Rally Cycling's Healthy Habits Challenge #8: Cut the Leash

Rally Cycling have offered their eighth installment of the Healthy Habits Challenge by Sara Bergen on limiting the use of devices.

The challenge kicked off with Sara Poidevin's core-strength advice, followed by Robin Carpenter's discussion on nutrition, and Kyle Murphy reminded us we should reach out to friends and family over the phone.

The challenge continued with Chloe Hosking's creative home-workout routines, Emerson Oronte's relaxation suggestions, and Emma White's advice on getting great sleep. Last week, Stephen Bassett offered advice on managing stress through dance.

Healthy Habits Challenge #8: Cut the Leash

Hi everyone, it's Sara Bergen from Rally Cycling and I'm pumped to introduce this week's Healthy Habits Challenge – Cut The Leash. 

This week is all about letting go of our devices, learning to put them down, and taking in the world around us. I understand that during this really challenging time, notifications can be important, however, this can also be a bit of a trap. 

As a professional athlete, I know a lot about being all-in on what you're doing and to resist the temptation to constantly be pulled in different directions by your devices.

This week, I challenge you to put that phone in airplane mode, shut your laptop, take your iPad, put it in a drawer, and take an hour for yourself to be all-in. Once you've taken your break, share your progress with us on social media using #HealthyHabitsWithPoido.

Turn it off, say bye-bye, and stay healthy my friends.

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