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Rally Cycling's Healthy Habits Challenge #6: Get great sleep

Rally Cycling gives their next installment of the Healthy Habits Challenge started by Sara Poidevin, with US Pro Criterium champion Emma White taking up the baton from Emerson Oronte.

Last week, Oronte suggested finding something that replenishes your energy. Before that, Chloe Hosking gave some tips on getting creative with home workouts. That followed Kyle Murphy's advice to stay in touch with friends and family and Robin Carpenter's challenge to make meals healthier. Poidevin started the ball rolling with some ideas for strengthening your core. 

This week's advice for improving your life while surviving the COVID-19 lockdown is an important one: sleep.

Healthy Habits Challenge #6: Get Great Sleep with Emma White

Hello, everyone, and welcome to week six of the Healthy Habits Challenge – Get Great Sleep. We all know the importance of setting an alarm to wake up but what about setting an alarm to go asleep?

Building some routine around when you head to bed can actually function as an alarm – dramatically adding to your energy levels the next day. 

This week’s challenge is about finding what helps you get to bed sooner so that you can wake up feeling energized and ready to tackle the day.

What helps you fall asleep? Books? Financial podcasts? Counting sheep? Counting down? Ocean sounds? Maybe it’s classical music or focusing on your breathing. It doesn’t matter what alarm you choose, just that you find a healthy one that works.

To participate in this week’s challenge, simply share your sleep alarm time and activity on social media using #HealthyHabitswithPoido. A better night’s sleep is just around the corner. All you have to do is lean in.

-Emma White