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Rally Cycling's Healthy Habits Challenge #7: Dance away stress

Rally Cycling gives their next installment of the Healthy Habits Challenge started by Sara Poidevin, with US Pro road race silver medalist Stephen Bassett taking up the baton from Emma White.

Last week, White emphasised the importance of good sleep while showing how having so much energy after a good night's rest makes her feel like dancing.

This week's advice for improving your life while surviving the COVID-19 lockdown is an important one: managing stress. 

Dancing is a great way to shake off negative feelings, and Bassett encourages everyone to share videos of their own dance moves.

Healthy Habits Challenge #7 with Stephen Bassett – Dance Away Stress

Hi, I’m Stephen Bassett and I’m leading this week’s Healthy Habits Challenge – Dance Away Stress.

This challenge was inspired by Emma White who last week showed us that dancing is a great way to get your blood pumping and relieve some tension.

To participate in this week’s Healthy Habits Challenge, post a photo or video of you dancing on social media using #HealthyHabitsWithPoido.

Let the music be our guide and let’s get moving together.

– Stephen Bassett