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Greg LeMond: Lance Armstrong should go to jail

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Greg LeMond

Greg LeMond (Image credit: Gerry McManus/
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UCI president Hein Verbruggen with Lance Armstrong in 2002

UCI president Hein Verbruggen with Lance Armstrong in 2002 (Image credit: AFP Photo)

Three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond has come out with renewed vigor against Lance Armstrong in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, to be aired at 8PM Monday (EDT).

In an excerpt aired to promote the show, LeMond agreed when Cooper asked if Armstrong should go to jail over the fraud he perpetuated on the sport and the American people.

“This is not a sporting infraction. This is criminal,” LeMond said. "This was an organized mafia and he literally tried to destroy people."

Armstrong had faced potential criminal charges under a federal fraud investigation that took place prior to the US Anti-Doping Agency's case against him. The federal prosecutor did not go forward with pursuing charges, but a federal whistleblower lawsuit initiated by Floyd Landis could result in monetary penalties for Armstrong.

LeMond's bicycle business partnership with Trek crumbled after he made statements questioning Armstrong's relationship with banned trainer Michele Ferrari. He and Trek reached an undisclosed settlement to dissolve their relationship, but he recently revived his LeMond brand in partnership with French bike builder Time.

He continued to reiterate his criticisms of Armstrong's natural abilities, stating that without doping, Armstrong would not have been capable of finishing top five in the Tour de France.

"I know his physical capabilities," LeMond said, adding that if everyone including Armstrong was clean, "He is a top 30 (rider) at best.

The full interview airs Monday, October 21 at 8PM on CNN.

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