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Andy Schleck talks about his tooth problems

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Stage winner Andy Schleck (Leopard - Trek)

Stage winner Andy Schleck (Leopard - Trek) (Image credit: AFP)
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A tired but satisfied Andy Schleck at the finish

A tired but satisfied Andy Schleck at the finish (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

Andy Schleck has revealed that a lost filling during the Tour de France was the cause of his tooth infection that has disrupted his end of season and cost him his spot at the World Championships. 

The infected tooth was pulled two weeks after the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado but his recovery was hit by an infection and he needed to take antibiotics. That made it too risky for him to ride the Worlds road race.

“Both my dentist and the team doctor advised me against participating in the World Championships. My health is the most important thing, and I really don't want to risk a heart muscle infection, which would mean I would have to sit out a year,” he told

Schleck vehemently denied that the dental problem was just an excuse not to ride in Copenhagen, and that he didn't care about representing his country.

“I absolutely don't make up stories in order not to participate in the World Championships, which is always a great moment in the career of any athlete. I feel I have always represented Luxembourg during my big successes, like the stage wins at the Tour de France.”

Schleck hopes to race again this season, although he is still not able to fully train. “Whenever I get into the higher pulse rate, I also have strong pains,” he said.

He must wait and see how he recovers and then will decide his race program. “But if I can't build my form backup, then the Colorado tour would be my last race  Which I don't hope in the case.”

Next year, Schleck will ride for RadioShack-Nissan-Trek, which he inisists will be registered in Luxembourg.

“One thing is for sure, the team will remain a Luxembourg team. As for any further details I can only refer you to the management and the next press release,” he said.

He also knows one other thing definitely: he and brother Fränk will continue to ride together. “There is nothing to it,” he said of the rumours that his brother might leave the team. “In the future we will always ride on the same team.”