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Scott road bike range 2020: range, details, pricing and specifications

Scott Bikes
(Image credit: Colin Levitch)

So what's new in the Scott road bike range in 2020? Scott Sports began life as a ski pole manufacturer when it released the first-ever aluminium snow-pokers in the late 1950s. The brand is still a big player in the snowsports industry, producing poles which aren't all that different in design from the originals among other things, and the breadth of the range has continued to expand. Nowadays, Scott is also a leading designer and manufacturer of some of the best road bikes money can buy.

Scott is responsible for the first clip-on aero bars, which Greg Lemond used during his 1989 win at the Tour de France. The brand also manufactured the first carbon fibre mountain bike and in 2007 produced a sub 800g road frame. 

Today, you'll find both the men and women's Mitchelton-Scott teams racing on Scott bikes in the WorldTour. 

Scott road bike range explained

The Scott road bike range is split into five categories; lightweight, aero, endurance, gravel/CX and Women's, and uses the Addict moniker heavily throughout its range, across race, endurance, CX and gravel bikes. 

You'll still find the venerable Foil in Scott's range, but its evolved from a not-so-aero-looking aero bike that was way too stiff, to its current form as a race bike that's fast in the wind tunnel but doesn't leave you feeling like you've just come from a cage fight at the end of your ride.

The Speedster slots in as Scott's budget-friendly alloy frame, and can usually be found as a cheaper version of the multiple Addicts across the range. 

Contessa bikes are Scott's female-specific models. These bikes feature the same geometry as the unisex/men's bikes with the only differences being key component changes.

If you are considering a Scott road bike, make sure you have a set of Torx wrenches or bits on hand, as Scott uses Torx instead of hex bolts. 

Scott road bikes

(Image credit: Scott)

1. Addict RC

Scott's lightweight climbing bike is now lighter on the scale and more aero

Sizes: XXS-XXL | Brakes: Disc | Frame material: Carbon | Model price displayed: Addict RC

Disc brakes
Snappy ride
One-piece bar and stem limits customisability and complicates changes to fit
Non split spacers

Scott's Addict platform started life as the brand's featherweight race rocket. While the Addict name has now been applied to a few other bikes in Scott's range where weight isn't necessarily the top priority, the Addict RC embodies the intention of the original. 

It is the only bike that Mitchelton-Scott will use in 2020 after it was overhauled in 2019. Until then, the Addict hadn't changed much since 2014, bar the addition of disc brakes. The position remains aggressive with a 548mm stack, 390mm reach, a wheelbase of 992m and a 72.5-degree head angle in a size medium. 

Aero integration has been one of Scott's driving forces over the past few years, and the tube profiling on the Addict has been tweaked to make the bike more slippery through the air, with a claimed 6-watt advantage at 45kph over its predecessor. The more expensive versions of the bike also come with a one-piece bar-stem combo which routes the cables from the levers into the frame, likely contributing a watt or two to the figure above. However, the use of non-breakable spacers means an entire front-end rebuild should you wish to adjust your position.

Scott is only offering the Addict RC with disc brakes, and the top-end model shod with SRAM Red eTap AXS is claimed to weigh 6.9kg — plus there is room in the frame for 28c tyres. 

Models available

  • Addict RC Ultimate £10,799 / $12,000 / AU$
  • Addict RC Premium £8,999 / $10,000 / AU$
  • Addict RC Pro £6,299 / $7,000 / AU$TBC
  • Addict RC 10 £4,399 / $4,800 / AU$7,300
  • Addict RC 15 £4,999 / $5,500 / AU$7,000
  • Addict RC 20 £4,399 / $4,800 / AU$TBC
  • Addict RC 30 £3,199 / $3,500 / AU$4,500

(Image credit: Scott)

2. Foil

Fast in the wind tunnel, plush like an armchair

Sizes: XXS-XXL | Brakes: Disc | Frame material: Carbon | Model price displayed: Foil 10

Stiff and nimble
Lacks the snap of its predecessor

The aero bike that won Paris Roubaix; Scott's Foil shares the same geometry as the Addict RC but the tube profiles are tuned further to reduce drag, at a slight weight penalty. The tube shapes themselves underwent CFD and wind tunnel testing to create a profile which is said to have a 'transitional radium' on the trailing edge to help the airflow remain laminar as long as possible. Nerd jargon aside, this means quite a lot of effort has been put towards reducing drag.

Like the Addict, the Foil is only available with disc brakes. When Scott made the swap from rim to rotors on the Foil, the engineers took into account the change in drag that disc brakes add to the system. So, Scott compensated by widening the fork and adding small aerofoils to the fork tips, one of which hides the brake caliper from the wind — made possible by the relaxation of the UCI's 3:1 aerofoil rule a few years ago. The top-end models also come with a one-piece carbon bar and stem combo which hides the cables from the wind, while the rest have a standard bar and stem.  

Scott was an early adopter of the dropped seat stay and D-shaped seat post on its aero bikes, and the Foil is one of the more comfortable aero roadies on the market. For 2020 there are only three models of the Foil, with the Dura-Ace equipped Premium version claimed to weigh 7.48kg. 

Models available

  • Foil Premium £8,099 / $9,000 / AU$11,000
  • Foil 10 £4,999 / $5,500 / AU$8,000
  • Foil 20 £3,199 / $3,500 / AU$5,000

(Image credit: Scott)

3. Addict

Endurance roadie with some zip

Sizes: : 44-61 | Brakes: Disc | Frame material: Carbon | Model price displayed: Addict 20

Room for wide tyres
Hydraulic brakes
Geometry makes for a reactive ride
Value on some specs could be better

Yes, another Addict, and no it's not even close to the same bike as the RC version. The Addict is the brand's endurance platform and is based around a more relaxed and upright geometry than the race bike — 571.3mm stack, 381.2mm reach, 986.8mm wheelbase and 72.5-degree head angle in a size medium. 

Designed for longer, slower days in the saddle, the Addict is still available in rim and disc brake options, and the tyre clearance balloons to 30mm. Claimed to weigh 8.28kg, the Addict is only available in specs as high as Ultegra Di2, and a schmick looking SE version that comes stock with tan wall tyres, plus a saddle and accents in the paint job to match.

Models available

  • Scott Addict SE Disc £3,499 / $3,800 / AU$TBC
  • Scott Addict 10 Disc £2,299 / $2,500 / AU$4,300
  • Scott Addict 10 £1,999 / $2,200 / AU$TBC
  • Scott Addict 20 Disc £1,899 / $2,100 / AU$3,700
  • Scott Addict 20 £1,699 / $2,100 / AU$TBC
  • Scott Addict 30 Disc £1,699 / $TBC / AU$3,000
  • Scott Addict 30 £1,399 / $TBC / AU$2,700

Scott Contessa Addict

(Image credit: Scott)

4. Contessa Addict

Same bike, different name

Sizes: XXS-XXL | Brakes: Disc | Frame material: Carbon | Model price displayed: Contessa Addict 15

Disc brakes
Room for big tyres
Carbon frame
Only a few options

Scott's Contessa bikes feature the same geometry and most of the same components as the men's/unisex version, only changing the paint job and a few key components to better suit the female anatomy. 

Beyond the paint job and the saddle, the Contessa Addict and the Addict are the exact same bike and while the numbers in the naming convention differ by five, they offer the same spec and price tag. That said, there is no rim brake Contessa Addict available for 2020.

Interestingly, Scott claims the Contessa Addict 15 is 100g lighter than the Addict 10 which according to the spec sheet is exactly the same except for the saddle — this means they are probably quoting the weight of a smaller frame. 

Models available

  • Contessa Addict 15 Disc £2,299 / $2,500 / AU$TBC
  • Contessa Addict 25 Disc £1,899 / $2,100 / AU$TBC
  • Contessa Addict 35 Disc £1,699 / $1,800 / AU$TBC

Scott Speedster

(Image credit: Scott)

5. Speedster

Budget friendly, one-bike quiver

Sizes: XXS-XXL | Brakes: Disc and Rim | Frame material: Aluminium | Model price displayed: Speedster 30

Hydraulic disc brakes
Comfortable when the road deteriorates
The weight

Scott’s Speedster is the brand's entry-level alloy road bike,  which sees the same geometry as the Addict, but takes a step down in the level of components which makes the price tag lighter — but not the bike itself, unfortunately.

Available with disc and rim brakes the frame does differ slightly, with the chainstays running directly up to the seat cluster. There are also mounts for racks and fenders so that the Speedster can serve double duty as a commuter too.

At the front there is a full carbon fork, complete with a tapered steerer tube, the cables are routed internally, and the bike can accept up to 30mm tyres.

Models available

  • Speedster 10 Disc £649 / $1,500 / AU$TBC
  • Speedster 10 £999 / $1000 / AU$TBC
  • Speedster 20 Disc £649 / $1100 / AU$TBC
  • Speedster 20 £799 / $850 / AU$1,750
  • Speedster 30 £649 / $700 / AU$TBC
  • Speedster 40 £649 / $600 / AU$1,100
  • Speedster 50 £549 / $TBC / AU$TBC

(Image credit: Scott)

6. Contessa Speedster

Same as the Speedster but with female-specific touch points

Sizes: XXS-XXL | Brakes: Rim | Frame material: Aluminium | Model price displayed: Contessa Speedster 35

Compliant ride
Stopping power

The Contessa Speedster follows the same formula as the Contessa Addict and has the same frame as the men's/unisex version.

The numbers in the naming convention are still staggered by five, however the Contessa Addict is only available in rim brakes. 

Models available

  • Contessa Speedster 15 £999 / $1100 / AU$TBC
  • Contessa Speedster 25 £799 / $850 / AU$TBC
  • Contessa Speedster 35 £649 / $700 / AU$TBC

(Image credit: Scott)

7. Metrix

Scott's do-everything hybrid

Sizes: XXS-XXL | Brakes: Disc and Rim | Frame material: Carbon and Aluminium | Model price displayed: Metrix 30

Value for money
Exciting for a hybrid
Not all that comfortable

Scott's Metrix is the brand's go-anywhere hybrid. Available in both carbon and aluminium versions, the geometry is very similar to the Addict and Speedster, with the Metrix having a slightly taller head tube and BB, and a shorter reach. 

The flat bar roadie only comes with disc brakes, features a Shimano drivetrain and rolls on 35mm, Schwalbe G-One tyres. The base model is full alloy and comes stock with fenders, while the mid-range spec takes a step up to a carbon fork, but you'll have to add your own mudguards. Taking another step up in price, you can have a full carbon frame and fork, but there don't appear to be rack mounts. 

Models Available

  • Mertix 10 £1,799 / $TBC / AU$3,000
  • Mertix 20 £899 / $TBC / AU$1,700
  • Mertix 30 £749 / $TBC / AU$1,200

(Image credit: Scott)

8. Addict CX

Snappy and aggressive 'crosser

Sizes: XXS-XXL | Brakes: Disc | Frame material: Carbon | Model price displayed: Addict CX RC

Carbon seatpost
Chain keeper
BB height a bit low for those with long cranks

Yes, there is a third Addict, and it's a CX bike. Scott says the Addict CX is stiffer and more vertically compliant than its predecessor and features disc brakes to boot. There is only one model which features a carbon frame and fork and Shimano's latest 1x11 GRX components, and it's claimed to weigh 8.15kg, all up. 

In the frame, there is room for 40mm tyres which means, with the UCI mandated max of 33mm rubber, there is plenty of room for mud and the underside of the top tube has been flattened so it will sit on your shoulder comfortably. The Addict CX is on the longer-and-lower end of 'cross geometry, with a 564.4mm stack, 378mm reach a 71-degree head angle and 1017mm wheelbase in a size medium. There is no doubt this is a race bike, the handling is fast and the bike is responsive, surging forward with excitement at every pedal stroke. 

Models Available 

  • Addict CX RC £3,499 / $TBC / AU$5,000

(Image credit: Scott)

9. Addict Gravel

Rebranded CXer

Sizes: XXS-XXL | Brakes: Disc | Frame material: Carbon | Model price displayed: Addict Gravel 30

Snappy ride quality
Light weight
Nervous handling can limit where the bike can go
No rack mounts

Rounding out the Addict range of road bikes is the gravel grinder, aptly named the Addict Gravel. Usually one of the first things people say to us when we start discussing gravel bikes is they are just CX bikes with fat tyres. In most cases, they would be wrong; there are not only differences in the components but also the frame features and geometry. However, Scott has simply whacked a pair of flared bars, fat tyres and a wide range cassette on its CX frame and called it a gravel bike.

Given that this is a 'cross frame it should come as no surprise that the handling characteristics are aggressive, and it's not a bike that's overly at home bushwacking down bumpy overgrown fire trails; instead, it's best suited to full bore sprints down graded dirt roads. 

Models Available

  • Addict Gravel 10 £ 5,899/ $6,500 / AU$TBC
  • Addict Gravel 20 £3,499 / $3,800 / AU$5,000
  • Addict Gravel 30 £2,799 / $2,300 / AU$4,400
  • Contessa Addict Gravel 15 £2,699 / $3,000 / AU$TBC

(Image credit: Scott)

10. Speedster Gravel

Racey gravel bike with an alloy frame

Sizes: XXS-XXL | Brakes: Disc | Frame material: Aluminium | Model price displayed: Speedster Gravel 30

Same geometry as its carbon cousin
Probably better suited to CX racing

Just like the tarmac oriented Speedster, it's an alloy version of the Addict; the Speedster Gravel features the same geometry as the Addict Gravel. It trades the carbon main-frame for aluminium but keeps the carbon fork, and Scott has also added a rack and fender mounts — something that is standard on basically every other gravel frame. 

Scott has specced the Speedster Gravel with a 2x11 version of Shimano's GRX groupset, flared bars, and 35c Schwalbe G-One rubber. 

Models available

  • Speedster Gravel 10 £1,899 / $2,000 / AU$TBC
  • Speedster Gravel 20 £1,599 / $1,700 / AU$2,700
  • Speedster Gravel 30 £1,299 / $1,400 / AU$TBC
  • Contessa Speedster Gravel 15 £1,599 / $1,699 / AU$TBC
  • Contessa Speedster Gravel 25 £1,299 / $1,399 / AU$TBC