Overshoes vs winter boots: which option is best for winter riding?

Castelli overshoes
(Image credit: Erwin Haiden, Bikeboard.at)

If you do any cold-weather riding the pain of cold fingers and toes are well known. While on a bike these poor extremities are greatly exposed to the elements and even if the rest of your body is toasty warm, cold digits can be painfully uncomfortable.

While the cold can be staved away from the hands by doubling up on gloves it isn’t as easy with feet, the fit of a cycling shoe is also very important and probably won’t accommodate the extra space needed for a cosy pair of socks. Toes get it particularly bad, not only are they at the receiving end of wind chill but are right in the firing line from road spray and puddles, soaking through and amplifying the chilling effect. Warming them back up is also a challenge, doubling down on the importance of keeping feet warm throughout a ride.

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