Best Tacx Flux 2 smart turbo trainer deals

Image of Tacx Flux 2 turbo trainer, overlaid with Cyclingnews indoor training week badge
(Image credit: Tacx)

Tacx's trainer options range from the Neo 2T, which can simulate riding cobbles, down to the Flow, with the Tacx Flux 2 sitting just below the Neo 2T. 

The Tacx Flux 2 is a smart trainer, so you can hook up to Zwift or your other favourite training app or use them for intervals using the routines built into its higher spec computers by Garmin, who now own Tacx.

The Tacx Flux 2 has had a rework from the original, with improved reliability and quality ride feel from its 7.6kg flywheel and magnetic resistance unit. It can handle 2000 watts maximum power and simulate gradients of up to 16 per cent.

You can hook the Tacx Flux 2 up to the full range of road, gravel or mountain bikes, with the exception of 157mm super-boost MTB axles. You can also buy freehub bodies to use the Tacx Flux 2 with Campagnolo and SRAM XDR instead of the supplied Shimano 11-speed, making it a versatile option.

As with Tacx's other higher spec trainers, although you need a power outlet for the full range of features, you can use it unpowered for warm-ups too. 

We've searched out the best deals online on the Tacx Flux 2 trainer, searching the major online retailers to find the best prices.

Since the start of 2020, smart trainers have been in short supply, as production and distribution issues have made supplies scarce, while the increased uptake of indoor training has made for strong demand.

That means that discounts on smart trainers are currently limited, so if you want to take your cycling indoors, you'll usually have to pay close to the sticker price for the more popular, feature-rich models although there are still deals out there on the Tacx Flux 2. However, if you're unhappy with the price of the Tacx Flux 2, check out our roundup of turbo trainer deals for the best discounts.