Zakelj wins her first World Cup cross country in Nove Mesto

Wloszczowska slides into second ahead of Pendrel in third

A first time World Cup winner also became a first time World Cup overall leader in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic, for round 2. Tanja Zakelj (Unior Tools) became the first-ever Slovenian rider to win a World Cup, with a strong performance in which she rode clear of some of the top women in the world.

The Slovenian rider finished just ahead of Maja Wloszczowska (Giant Pro XC) while Catharine Pendrel (Luna) rode in solo for third place. Alexandra Engen (Ghost) and Eva Lechner (Colnago Sudtirol) completed podium.

"It feels amazing," said Zakelj. "I know what I achieved today was special."

Like last week, Engen set a fast pace from the start of the five-lap race. She was joined at the front by Wloszczowska and Albstadt World Cup winner Lechner. Zakelj and Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Multivan Merida) followed closely behind.

Pendrel wasn't quite as fast off the start, but soon worked her way to the front of the race while Dahle Flesjaa lost ground..

Engen was dropped by the other four, who stayed together until the fourth lap of the five-lap race, when Lechner flatted. The Italian had a quick wheel change in the tech zone, but was caught by Engen, who eventually beat her for fourth.

On the same penultimate lap, Zakjl pushed the pace and created a separation that gapped Pendrel and Lechner. Her effort was enough to also gap Wloszczowska, who chased solo in second place and it looked like Zakejl might have made the race-winning move. However, she crashed on a technical downhill and lost enough time that Wloszczowska rejoined her at the front.

"I felt adrenaline in the last two laps. It was so tough. I was making so many technical mistakes. I'd never been in this position before," said Zakelj.

"I had problems to stay with the leading group for the first few laps, but I stayed focussed and knew that on fourth lap I would make an attack," said Zakelj "I just rode my race and didn't worry about Maja's race. I thought she might try to pass me on the climbs, but I guess I was strong enough to stay in front."

The two leaders stayed together until the final meters. Zakelj seemed slightly stronger but Wloszczowska hung tough and the two appeared to be set up for a sprint finish when Wloszczowska, in second, slid out on the final corner.

"I was waiting for the sprint, but Maja crashed, so I was able to achieve this awesome victory," said Zakelj, who rode on for the win while Wloszczowska finished in second place shortly thereafter. Pendrel rode the later part of the race on her own to finish in third.

Engen had a strong finish and moved back up into the top five.

Zakelj and Wloszczowska are tied atop the standings with 400 points each; Zakelj gets the lead due to her win, with Lechner 10 points behind.

Full Results

Elite women cross country
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tanja Zakelj (Slo) Unior Tools Team1:25:50 
2Maja Wloszczowska (Pol) Giant Pro XC Team0:00:19 
3Catharine Pendrel (Can) Luna Pro Team0:01:21 
4Alexandra Engen (Swe) Ghost Factory Racing Team0:02:07 
5Eva Lechner (Ita) Team Colnago Sudtirol0:02:19 
6Irina Kalentieva (Rus) Topeak Ergon Racing Team0:02:32 
7Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Pro Team0:03:24 
8Lea Davison (USA) Specialized Racing Xc0:03:29 
9Emily Batty (Can) Trek Factory Racing0:03:46 
10Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Nor) Multivan Merida Biking Team0:03:57 
11Pauline Ferrand Prevot* (Fra) Giant Pro XC Team0:04:25 
12Annie Last (GBr) Trek Factory Racing0:04:26 
13Esther Süss (Swi) Wheeler - iXS Team0:04:54 
14Jolanda Neff* (Swi) Giant Pro XC Team0:05:09 
15Adelheid Morath (Ger) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team  
16Chengyuan Ren (Chn)0:05:38 
17Nathalie Schneitter (Swi) Team Colnago Sudtirol0:06:18 
18Anna Szafraniec (Pol)0:06:27 
19Aleksandra Dawidowicz (Pol) Bi&Esse Carrera0:06:48 
20Katrin Leumann (Swi) Ghost Factory Racing Team0:07:11 
21Blaza Klemencic (Slo) Calcit Bike Team0:07:12 
22Annika Langvad (Den) Team Davinci - Specialized0:07:25 
23Tereza Hurikova (Cze) Specialized Racing Xc0:07:33 
24Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Pro Team0:07:46 
25Vera Andreeva (Rus) Team Protek0:08:04 
26Kathrin Stirnemann (Swi) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team0:08:26 
27Sabrina Enaux (Fra)0:08:34 
28Mary Mcconneloug (USA)0:09:03 
29Katarzyna Solus-Miskowicz (Pol)0:09:42 
30Daniela Campuzano (Mex)0:10:00 
31Corina Gantenbein (Swi) Fischer-BMC0:10:06 
32Amanda Sin (Can) Scott-3Roxracing0:10:12 
33Hanna Klein (Ger)0:10:29 
34Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Ghost Factory Racing Team0:10:30 
35Githa Michiels (Bel) Toka Print MTB Team0:10:38 
36Kate Fluker (NZl)0:10:41 
37Anja Gradl (Ger) Team Bulls0:11:26 
38Judy Freeman (USA)0:12:46 
39Paula Gorycka (Pol) 4F Racing Team0:12:55 
40Nadine Rieder (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team0:13:26 
41Nina Wrobel (Ger)0:13:37 
42Serena Calvetti (Ita) Torpado Surfing Shop0:13:46 
43Anna Villar Argente (Spa)0:14:02 
44Erin Huck (USA)0:14:29 
45Samara Sheppard (NZl) Toka Print MTB Team0:14:36 
46Jitka Skarnitzlova (Cze)0:14:55 
-1lapLee Craigie (GBr)  
-1lapKatherine O'neill (NZl)  
-1lapNataliya Krompets (Ukr) ISD MTB Team  
-1lapLucie Vesela (Cze)  
-1lapFranziska Brun (Swi)  
-1lapElvira Khayrullina (Rus)  
-1lapKateryna Naberezhna (Ukr) ISD MTB Team  
-1lapLucia Vazquez Crespo (Spa)  
-2lapsLenka Bulisova (Cze)  
-3lapsRuth Owen-Evans (GBr)  
-3lapsAsuman Bura Balci (Tur)  
DNFNikki Harris (GBr)  
DNFBarbara Benko (Hun) Focus XC Team  
DNFAnna Oberparleiter (Ita)  
DNFLucie Chainel-Lefevre (Fra) BH - SR Suntour - Kmc  
DNSSarah Koba (Swi) JB Felt Team  
DNSElena Gogoleva (Rus) Cycling Club Roma MTB Team  
DNSLene Byberg (Nor)  
DNSIrena Berkova (Cze)  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Giant Pro XC Team72 pts
2Luna Pro Team63 
3Team Colnago Sudtirol42 
4Ghost Factory Racing Team41 
5Trek Factory Racing41 
6Unior Tools Team40 
7Specialized Racing XC31 
8Topeak Ergon Racing Team26 
9Multivan Merida Biking Team21 
10Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team21 
11Wheeler - iXS Team18 
12Bi&Esse Carrera12 
13Calcit Bike Team10 
14Team Davinci - Specialized9 
15Team Protek6 
Elite women cross country World Cup standings after round 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tanja Zakelj (Slo) Unior Tools Team400 pts
2Maja Wloszczowska (Pol) Giant Pro XC Team400 
3Eva Lechner (Ita) Team Colnago Sudtirol390 
4Alexandra Engen (Swe) Ghost Factory Racing Team290 
5Irina Kalentieva (Rus) Topeak Ergon Racing Team250 
6Catharine Pendrel (Can) Luna Pro Team245 
7Emily Batty (Can) Trek Factory Racing230 
8Katrin Leumann (Swi) Ghost Factory Racing Team226 
9Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Pro Team215 
10Jolanda Neff* (Swi) Giant Pro XC Team188 
11Lea Davison (USA) Specialized Racing XC182 
12Adelheid Morath (Ger) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team176 
13Pauline Ferrand Prevot* (Fra) Giant Pro XC Team164 
14Esther Süss (Swi) Wheeler - iXS Team160 
15Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Nor) Multivan Merida Biking Team159 
16Annie Last (GBr) Trek Factory Racing141 
17Annika Langvad (Den) Team Davinci - Specialized140 
18Blaza Klemencic (Slo) Calcit Bike Team140 
19Tereza Hurikova (Cze) Specialized Racing XC128 
20Vera Andreeva (Rus) Team Protek126 
21Nathalie Schneitter (Swi) Team Colnago Sudtirol122 
22Aleksandra Dawidowicz (Pol) Bi&Esse Carrera122 
23Kathrin Stirnemann (Swi) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team120 
24Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Pro Team116 
25Corina Gantenbein (Swi) Fischer-BMC104 
26Hanna Klein (Ger)102 
27Mary Mcconneloug (USA)102 
28Sabrina Enaux (Fra)94 
29Marianne Vos (Ned)90 
30Daniela Campuzano (Mex)90 
31Katarzyna Solus-Miskowicz (Pol)88 
32Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Ghost Factory Racing Team86 
33Paula Gorycka (Pol) 4F Racing Team75 
34Chengyuan Ren (Chn)74 
35Anna Szafraniec (Pol)70 
36Amanda Sin (Can) Scott-3Roxracing66 
37Githa Michiels (Bel) Toka Print MTB Team64 
38Anja Gradl (Ger) Team Bulls57 
39Nina Wrobel (Ger)57 
40Kate Fluker (NZl)53 
41Nadine Rieder (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team49 
42Lee Craigie (GBr)47 
43Anna Villar Argente (Spa)47 
44Judy Freeman (USA)45 
45Jitka Skarnitzlova (Cze)39 
46Lene Byberg (Nor)38 
47Mikaela Kofman (Can) Scott-3Roxracing36 
48Fanny Bourdon (Fra) Look - Beaumes De Venise34 
49Erin Huck (USA)34 
50Samara Sheppard (NZl) Toka Print MTB Team34 
51Nikki Harris (GBr)32 
52Sarah Koba (Swi) JB Felt Team29 
53Barbara Benko (Hun) Focus XC Team27 
54Serena Calvetti (Ita) Torpado Surfing Shop26 
55Franziska Brun (Swi)26 
56Anna Oberparleiter (Ita)23 
57Katherine O'neill (NZl)20 
58Jacquelina Alvarez (Arg)20 
59Nataliya Krompets (Ukr) ISD MTB Team19 
60Lucie Vesela (Cze)18 
61Laura Metzler (Fra) BH - SR Suntour - Kmc18 
62Elvira Khayrullina (Rus)16 
63Lucie Chainel-Lefevre (Fra) BH - SR Suntour - Kmc16 
64Kateryna Naberezhna (Ukr) ISD MTB Team15 
65Lucia Vazquez Crespo (Spa)14 
66Hielke Elferink (Ned)14 
67Lenka Bulisova (Cze)13 
68Elisabeth Brandau (Ger)13 
69Ruth Owen-Evans (GBr)12 
70Judith Pollinger (Ita)12 
71Asuman Bura Balci (Tur)11 
72Laura Turpijn (Ned) SBJ Bike Team8 
World Cup team standings after round 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Giant Pro XC Team145 pts
2Luna Pro Team110 
3Ghost Factory Racing Team103 
4Team Colnago Sudtirol85 
5Trek Factory Racing73 
6Unior Tools Team70 
7Specialized Racing XC57 
8Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team54 
9Topeak Ergon Racing Team50 
10Wheeler - iXS Team36 
11Multivan Merida Biking Team31 
12Team Davinci - Specialized26 
13Calcit Bike Team26 
14Team Protek19 
15Bi&Esse Carrera17 
174F Racing Team1 


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