Night-time stage wraps up tough three-stage day

Lincoln overcomes rain, darkness the fastest

A 15km night race in blustery conditions completed a mammoth three-stage day. Most riders were at the end of their tether. Mauritian mud was the main bugbear and fatigue the other. Fireflies lit up the Ferney valley on Friday night. Headlamps and lights affixed to riders' frames concertinaed in the distance, creating a procession of glowing racers. Timekeepers relied on riders shouting out their race numbers to record their lap times.

Rain lashed out in complete subjection to the buffeting winds. Gil Guillaumin blasted out of the gates like a frenzied race horse. A quick shuffle occurred on the first lap. At the start/finish area, the buzz increased about who would master the elements best.

Yannick Lincoln answered with a telling gap of 21 seconds to Christian Emmanuel and Yannick Cornille. Cornille and Emmanuel were chasing after Lincolns' lights. At the second lap of 5km, the time gap had extended to 49 seconds to a motivated Cornille.

Many riders found the going too tough and abandoned. Andreas Freiter from Germany summed up the race, "That was super hard. It took loads of concentration."

Lincoln came out of the mud bath in the most pristine condition. A time advantage of 2:44 was his reward and his second stage win. Yannick Cornille retained his second place overall with a gutsy ride, while Denis Valentin impressed in the junior category.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yannick Lincoln0:55:30 
2Yannick Cornille0:02:44 
3Gil Guillaumin (ACPR)0:03:55 
4Denis Valentin0:04:00 
5Georget Burel (ACPR)0:04:25 
6Christophe Gerard  
7Christian Emmanuel (ACPR)0:05:10 
8Frederic Savre0:05:15 
9Andreas Freiter (Germany)0:06:55 
10Cedric Passee (Standard Bank)  
11Arnaud De Commarmond0:08:17 
12Dany Vogel (Germany)  
13Stephane Payet (ACPR)0:11:50 
14Olivier Le Court0:12:45 
15Arnaud Li0:15:28 
16Lawrence Wong0:16:01 
17Michael Kedhoo (Standard Bank)0:16:11 
18Daniel Chaussalet (ACPR)0:17:12 
19Sully Robert (ACPR)0:18:21 
20Mathieu Rivet0:18:52 
21Jean Philippe Tyack0:22:25 
22Gordon Brown0:25:20 
23Jean Philippe (Jnr) Tyack0:25:46 
24Liam Somers0:25:58 
25Sebastien Tyack0:27:40 
26Daniel Maestracci0:27:54 
27Thierry David0:30:40 
28Gerard Chan-Kin0:34:41 
29Frederic Nicolin0:39:11 
30Olivier Heutte0:39:52 
31Armand Le Court De Billot0:50:45 
32Mathieu Le Blanc  
33Hans Brasse0:51:28 
34Bryan Trousquin0:52:24 
35Andre Le Blanc  
36Kesaven Oothendee0:57:26 
37Antoine Dufoix1:02:13 
General classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yannick Lincoln2:02:30 
2Yannick Cornille0:05:56 
3Christophe Gerard0:05:58 
4Gil Guillaumin (ACPR)0:08:03 
5Christian Emmanuel (ACPR)0:08:38 
6Georget Burel (ACPR)0:09:32 
7Frederic Savre0:11:46 
8Denis Valentin0:13:43 
9Andreas Freiter (Germany)0:14:35 
10Dany Vogel (Germany)0:16:08 
11Arnaud De Commarmond0:17:32 
12Olivier Le Court0:22:38 
13Mathieu Rivet0:28:12 
14Cedric Passee (Standard Bank)0:28:25 
15Stephane Payet (ACPR)0:28:34 
16Daniel Chaussalet (ACPR)0:29:35 
17Michael Kedhoo (Standard Bank)0:35:18 
18Liam Somers0:36:27 
19Lawrence Wong0:37:32 
20Sebastien Tyack0:38:28 
21Jean Philippe (Jnr) Tyack0:39:04 
22Jean Philippe Tyack0:40:51 
23Gordon Brown0:49:05 
24Olivier Heutte0:49:34 
25Daniel Maestracci0:52:53 
26Thierry David0:53:33 
27Armand Le Court De Billot0:58:07 
28Sully Robert (ACPR)1:03:20 
29Frederic Nicolin1:10:32 
30Gerard Chan-Kin1:11:01 
31Hans Brasse1:30:43 
32Andre Le Blanc1:31:16 
33Mathieu Le Blanc1:36:28 
34Bryan Trousquin1:37:02 
35Antoine Dufoix1:39:15 
36Kesaven Oothendee1:50:57 
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