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April 09, Men Pro 1: Anniston

Cantwell victorious at Sunny King Criterium

Kirsten Frattini
April 10, 2011, 6:46 BST,
April 12, 2011, 16:30 BST

V Australia makes it two in a row

Men's podium (l-r): Rahsaan Bahati (SKLZ p/b Pista Palace), Jonathan Cantwell (V Australia) and Michael Northey (Pure Black Racing).

Men's podium (l-r): Rahsaan Bahati (SKLZ p/b Pista Palace), Jonathan Cantwell (V Australia) and Michael Northey (Pure Black Racing).

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Australia National Criterium Champion, Jonathan Cantwell (V Australia) brought his team its first National Racing Calendar (NRC) victory of the season at the Sunny King Criterium held on Saturday in Anniston, Alabama. He won the bunch sprint to the line ahead of Mike Northey (Pure Black Racing) in second and Rahsaan Bahati (Pista Palace) in third.

"This is really important for our team," Cantwell, who competed in the first NRC stage race at the Redlands Bicycle Classic last week. "We tried really hard in Redlands to get a couple of wins but were second and third on the podium. To come out and get the top step tonight is great. We love coming to Anniston to do the Sunny King Criterium."

Luke Keough (Team Mountain Khakis) sprinted into third place at the finish line but was removed from the official results. Keough rode into to the mechanic's pit with six laps to go with a flat tire where race officials gave him a wheel change and pushed him back in with the field with five laps to go. However, there were no free laps with six laps to go and officials rendered him as one lap down at the finish line.

Andrew Dahlheim (Bissell) and Tim Gudsell (Pure Black Racing) made an early move in the Pro-Cat 1 men's 60-lap criterium. Thomas Brown (Team Mountain Khakis) was the next to go but his efforts were short lived and he was reabsorbed into the peloton after three laps.

The most threatening breakaway of the day included Cesar Grajales ( and Jacob Rytlewski (Kenda/5-hour Energy) that gained roughly 30 seconds on the field for eight laps. Attacks from Pure Black Racing, Bissell, Team Mountain Khakis, AeroCat Cycling, Global Bike Racing, Chipotle Development Team and Kelly Benefit Strategies-OptumHealth eventually reeled the two escapees back into the bunch.

Pure Black Racing and Kenda/5-hour Energy were arguably the two most aggressive teams of the night sending riders on the attack each lap. "It was our goal to be aggressive because I'm not exactly a full on sprinter," Northey said. "We wanted one of our riders up the road and we keep attacking and trying but nothing stuck."

"After that we figured that we had to give the sprint a nudge," he added."I had a teammate up there with me to keep the pace high so that I could hold position. I was in the right place out of the last turn."

A 10-rider group split off the front of the field with roughly 10 laps remaining that caused some panic for the sprinters including Cantwell.

"There was a decisive move with under 30 minutes to go and I thought that was going to be it because there were 11 or 12 guys in the break," Cantwell said. "There weren't full teams here with six or eight guys to really control the race, just three guys. I'm surprised a break didn't go tonight."

Tom Soladay (Kelly Benefit Strategies-OptumHealth) counter attacked and soloed for five laps picking up lucrative primes along the way. He too was reabsorbed into the peloton with three laps to go as teams with strong sprinters picked up the pace in anticipation of a bunch kick, won by Cantwell.

"It was a free for all and whoever was in front were looking behind to see if their teammates were there," Cantwell said. "The New Zealand guys [Pure Black Racing] were probably the most aggressive and strongest team at the moment and we knew they were the guys to follow and the guys to beat. It was full gas with three laps to go."

Full Results
1 Jonathan Cantwell (V Australia)    
2 Michael Northey (Pure Black Racing)    
3 Rahsaan Bahati (SKLZ p/b Pista Palace)    
4 Patrick Bevin (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)    
5 Raymond Kreder (Chipotle Development Team)    
6 Luca Damiani (Kenda/ 5-hour Energy p/b Geargrinder)    
7 Emile Abraham (AeroCat Cycling)    
8 Ty Magner (Team Type 1 Development)    
9 Davide Frattini (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling)    
10 Daniel Holt (Team Type 1- Development)    
11 Thomas Brown (Team Mountain Khakis)    
12 Daniel Summerhill (Chipotle Development Team)    
13 David Guttenplan (Four 2 One Sports/Chemstar)    
14 Thomas Scully (Chipotle Development Team)    
15 Michael Sherer (Kelly Benefit Strategies/OptumHealth)    
16 Adam Myerson (Team Mountain Khakis)    
17 Bernard Sulzberger (V Australia)    
18 Hannes Baumgarten (Iron Data Racing)    
19 Daniel Barry (Pure Black Racing)    
20 Isaac Howe (Kenda/ 5-hour Energy p/b Geargrinder)    
21 Stevie Cullinan (SKLZ p/b Pista Palace)    
22 Alder Martz (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club)    
23 Ben Kersten (V Australia)    
24 Jonathan Atkins (Womack Carbon Technology)    
25 Scottie Weiss (Kenda/ 5-hour Energy p/b Geargrinder)    
26 Andrew Dahlheim (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)    
27 Winston David (Globalbike Racing)    
28 Colin Jaskiewicz (Century Road Club Association)    
29 Jordan Heimer    
30 Diego Garavito (AeroCat Cycling)    
31 Travis Livermon (Team Mountain Khakis)    
32 Benjamin Zawacki (Team Mountain Khakis)    
33 Neil Bezdek (Kissena Cycling Club)    
34 Christopher Brown (Litespeed-BMW)    
35 Jackie Simes (Jamis-Sutter Home)    
36 Brian Toone (Birmingham Velo/Tria Market /DonohooAuto)    
37 K Frank Pipp (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)    
38 Tiago DePaula Souza (DePaula Racing)    
39 Cesar Grajales (    
40 Jonathan Atkins (Womack Carbon Technology)    
41 Jacob Rytlewski (Kenda/ 5-hour Energy p/b Geargrinder)    
42 Mike Stone (Hincapie Development Team)    
43 Evan Hyde (    
44 Timothy Gudsell (Pure Black Racing)    
45 Karel Sumbal (GearLink Racing INC.)    
46 Edison Turner (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club)    
47 Chad Hartley (Kenda/ 5-hour Energy p/b Geargrinder)    
48 Chris DeMarchi (SKLZ p/b Pista Palace)    
49 Eric Stubbs (GearLink Racing INC.)    
50 Andrew Scarano (Womack Carbon Technology)    
51 Carlos Vargas (Team Hotel San Jose)    
52 Gavriel Epstein (Chipotle Development Team)    
53 Tim Hall (    
54 Jacob Brewer (US Military Cycling)    
55 Alex Wieseler (Four 2 One Sports/Chemstar)    
56 David Williams (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)    
57 Thomas Soladay (Kelly Benefit Strategies/OptumHealth)    
58 Christian Parrett (Fulton Flyers Cycling Club)    
59 Andrew Baker (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)    
60 Cole House (    
61 Joe Eldridge (Team Type 1)    
62 Michael Lanham (Globalbike Racing)    
63 Brendan Cornett (TBB Sports/Locos Grill & Pub)    
64 Robert Giannini (TBB Sports/Locos Grill & Pub)    
65 James Paolinetti (SKLZ p/b Pista Palace)    
66 Shem Rodger (Pure Black Racing)    
67 Michael Midlarsky (    
68 Andrew Meyer (Carolina Bicycle Company)    
69 Oscar Clark (    
70 Jonathan Sundt (Kenda/ 5-hour Energy p/b Geargrinder)    
71 Luke Keough (Team Mountain Khakis)    
72 Joey Rosskopf (Team Type 1- Development)    
73 Eric Marcotte (SKLZ p/b Pista Palace)