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New Zealand Road Championships 2011 2011

Date range:
January 7- 9, 2011

January 07, Elite: 40km

Gough wins in record time

Cycling News
January 07, 2011, 10:34 GMT,
January 07, 2011, 11:32 GMT

Sergent and Henderson complete podium

Westley Gough of the Subway Pro Cycling Team wins the Elite Men’s Time Trial Champs in a time of 48’50”

Westley Gough of the Subway Pro Cycling Team wins the Elite Men’s Time Trial Champs in a time of 48’50”

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Wes Gough kicked off the New Zealand Road Cycling Championships in Christchurch by taking the Elite men’s time trial title, betting on his second place last year.

Jason Christie (Mid-South Canterbury) won the men’s Under 23 title in a time of 49:41.56. Michael Vink (Canterbury) was second at 9 seconds, with Alex McGregor (Otago) third at a more distant 1:43.

Gough, a member of New Zealand's team pursuit squad, took advantage of favourable winds to scorch home in the 40km time trial in 48:50.48. This broke the record set by Gordon McCauley in winning on the same course in 50:10 last year.

Gough (Waipukurau) scored a telling result to beat fellow pursuit teammate Jesse Sergent (Feilding) and Melbourne-based Greg Henderson by 28 seconds and 1 min 07sec respectively.

"It was a really quick time and some fast conditions today. I was actually quite surprised myself with the time when I crossed the line," Gough said. "It's great to win after coming second last year.”

"The goal was definitely to win although there some strong riders today. At this time of year riders are at varying levels of fitness and you just never know. I was one of the early riders and it was a bit of a waiting game until the others came through. It was pleasing for me and a pleasing start to the year for my Subway team.”

"I haven't thought about the time trial going forward. My first priority will still be the team pursuit on the track for the London Olympics. But I would like to continue with some good TT results during the year."

Elite Men Results
1 Westley Gough 0:48:50  
2 Jesse Sergent 0:00:28  
3 Gregory Henderson 0:01:07  
4 Jeremy Vennell 0:01:15  
5 Peter Latham 0:01:24  
6 Paul Odlin 0:01:48  
7 Marc Ryan 0:02:27  
8 Shem Rodger 0:03:08  
9 Chris Nicholson 0:03:14  
10 Samuel Horgan 0:03:23  
11 Nicholas Lovegrove 0:03:43  
12 Roman Van Uden 0:03:54  
13 Andy Hagan 0:04:11  
14 Michael Northey 0:04:15  
15 Robin Reid 0:04:21  
16 Justin Kerr    
17 Clinton Avery 0:04:39  
18 Brock Roberts 0:06:06  
19 Simon Croom 0:06:21  
20 Mike Henton 0:06:26  
21 Jonathan Gee 0:06:36  
22 Matt Sillars 0:06:49  
23 David Ayre 0:07:37  
24 James Gibson 0:07:48  


Under 23 Men Results
1 Jason Christie 0:49:41  
2 Michael Vink 0:00:09  
3 Alex Mcgregor 0:01:43  
4 Josh Atkins 0:01:46  
5 Taylor Gunman 0:02:16  
6 Ruaraidh Mcleod 0:02:34  
7 Scott Mullaly 0:02:40  
8 Darcy Ellerm-Norton 0:02:45  
9 Cameron Karwowski 0:03:22  
10 Andrew Van Der Heyden 0:03:27  
11 Thomas Scully 0:04:14  
12 Kieran Hambrook 0:04:33  
13 Sean Joyce 0:04:44  
14 Myron Simpson 0:05:46  
15 Chad Adair 0:05:57  
16 Mathew Wheatcroft 0:06:52  
17 Scott Thomas 0:08:09  
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