Wissink and Swartz pick up where they left off

Winning start to season for reigning champions

Mike Wissink (Specialized) and Anne Swartz (Flying Rhino’s/Kinetic Systems Bicycles) doubled up their wins at the start of the Michigan cyclo-cross season. The racing got off to a fantastic start in Michigan this past weekend with a double header put on by Tailwind and Kinetics Systems Bicycles in Waterford Michigan.

Beneath sunny skies, temperatures in the 70’s and a fast course that featured the largest flyover in the Midwest - aptly named the “Orange Crush” - it had all the makings for an incredible weekend of 'cross racing.

Last year's champions in both the Elite Men’s and Women’s categories continued with their winning ways on both days of racing. 2008 USGP Masters 35+ champion Mike Wissink and 2008 Michigan State cyclo-cross Champion Anne Swartz began this season where they left off last year with the top spots for both days of racing.

Saturday saw a close race in the Elite Men’s race with Mike Wissink out sprinting Jeff Weinert (Wolverine/American Cycle & Fitness) at the line for the win, Tom Burke ( Lathrup Industries/Giant) was 3rd. Anne Swartz put on a dominant performance in the Elite Women’s race, easily winning her event by a margin of more than two minutes over Marne Smiley and Kelly Patterson (Wolverine/American Cycle & Fitness).

Sunday saw was a case of déjà vu, with Wissink dominating the Elite Men's race from the 1st lap and took the win by a margin of 41 seconds over the Tom Burke followed closely by Tim Saari (Essex Brass).

Anne Swartz stumbled over a set of barriers on her 1st lap, but recovered and went on to another great performance by winning with a margin of 1:04 over here closest competitors, who were once again Smiley and Patterson.

Both Wissink and Swartz, along with a contingent of Michigan 'cross racers, will be testing their skills against some of the best CX racers in the country at the Planet Bike cup in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin on 26-27 September.

Saturday Results
1Michael Wissink (Specialized)0:57:59 
2Jeff Weinert (Wolverine / American Cycle & Fit.)0:00:01 
3Tom Burke (Lathrup Industries/ Giant Bicycles)0:00:42 
4Matthew Weeks (Team Lake Effect/Bike Authority)0:00:54 
5Tim Saari (Essex Brass)0:01:10 
6Eric Muehl (Cyclefit Multisport)0:01:17 
7Vince Roberge (Trails Edge Cyclery)0:01:45 
8Matt Willing (Mars Hill College)0:02:31 
9Matthew Ashley (Flying Rhino Cycling Club / Tailwind)0:02:33 
10Jonathan Card (Jacks Bike/Saturn Of Toledo/Cane Creek)0:03:36 
11Jay Moncel (Trek Factory Racing)0:03:59 
12Anthony Marut (Lake Effect Racing/Bike Authority)0:04:19 
13Cory Stange (Cyclefit Multisport)0:04:53 
14Rich Stark (Priority Health-Ann Arbor Elite)0:06:11 
15Terrence Metz (Wolverine/Roaring Mouse)0:06:44 
16Matt Baroli (Wolverine/Michigan Youth Cycling)0:07:36 
17Mark Parmelee (Cycletherapy Racing)0:09:37 
DNFTony Wieczorek (Wolverines / Mich Youth Cycling)  
DNFAdam York (Trails Edge Cyclery)  
1Anne Schwartz (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:43:48 
2Marne Smiley (Ann Arbor,Mi)0:02:37 
3Kelly Paterson (Wolverine/American Cycle & Fitness)0:02:49 
4Julie Lewis Sroka (Lake Effect)0:03:56 
5Sandie Domagalski (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:04:05 
1 LapJess Bratus (Two Wheel Tango)  
B-MEN (CX-2,3,4)
1Erik Koehler (Team Bosco)0:49:35 
2Shawn Mcdonald (Rbs Cycling Team)0:00:18 
3Andrew Brown (Drakes Coffee)0:00:22 
4Ben Andrew (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)0:00:46 
5Mark Caffyn (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:01:02 
6Clint Verran (Paint Creek Bicycles)0:01:07 
7John Osgood (Team Sandbag)0:01:29 
8Jason Melecosky (Rbs Cycling Team)0:01:48 
9Keith Feldt (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:01:50 
10Rick Doornbos (Voodoo Cycles / Billys Bike Shop)0:02:01 
11Adam Naish (Rbs Cycling Team)0:02:16 
12Tom Payn (Team Fraser)  
13ary Burkholder (Snakebite Racing)0:02:18 
14Jeff Zimmerman (Cycle-Fit)0:02:40 
15Daniel Gerow (Wolverine / American Cycle&Fit)0:02:53 
16Stephen Killar (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:03:10 
17Doug Reed (Reed Construction)0:03:33 
18Jurrien Davison (Hap United)0:03:35 
19Gary Olson (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:04:04 
20Jan Gatowski (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:04:05 
21Richard Clay (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:04:55 
22Dominick Zaccone (Mcg- Trails Edge)0:06:56 
23om Mcardle (Tri City Cyclists)0:07:08 
24Stever Buday (Clarkston, Mi)0:07:15 
25Derek Hill (Cycletherapy Racing)0:07:45 
26Benjamin Christian (Team Giant-Mi)0:08:16 
27Curt Potocki (Team Sandbag\Bfb)  
28Don Frey (Snakebite Racing)  
29Steve Balogh (Canton, Mi)  
DNFJason Woods (Ciclosport Racing)  
MASTERS 35+ (CX-2,3,4)
1Pete Thompson (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:40:53 
2Patrick Russell (Wolverine / American Cycle & Fit.)0:00:03 
3Simon Bailey (Wolverine / American Cycle & Fit.)0:00:19 
4Tim Difalco (Royal Oak, Mi)0:00:43 
5Terry Ritter (Team Giant)0:01:08 
6Ron Stack (Cycle Fit Sports Club)  
7Jim Hilditch (Treefort Bikes)0:01:30 
8Raymond Auger (Maple Leaf Cycling)0:02:03 
9Nate Loman (Team Lake Effect)0:02:08 
10Scott Fabijanski (Wolverine Sports Club)0:02:35 
11Rob Selle (Mpi-Mainstreet)0:02:58 
12Sean Neill (Self)0:03:58 
13Jarod Makowski (Troy, Mi)0:04:06 
14Tom Clark (Sterling Heights, Mi)0:04:46 
MASTERS 45+ (CX-2,3,4)
1Mark Wolowiec (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:41:11 
2Jeff Haney (Bissell/Abg)0:00:05 
3Michael Seaman (Specialized)0:00:55 
4Joseph Brown (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:01:22 
5Bill Marut (Lake Effect Racing/Bike Authority)0:01:37 
6Robert Wozniak (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:01:56 
7Mike Belanger (Team Dean/Aavc)0:02:15 
8Ken Oday (Specialized/ Twt)0:02:17 
9Keith Riege (Paint Creek Bicycles)0:03:01 
1 LapRudy Sroka (Lake Effect Racing)0:04:12 
1 LapRobert Wydra (Wolverine Sports Club)  
1Daniel Bannink (Paint Creek Bicycles/Runguru.Com)0:42:37 
2Wayne Cook (Team Fraser/Specialized)0:01:17 
3John Osgood (Team Sandbag)0:04:40 
4Robert Shank (Ann Arbor Velo Club)  
C-MEN 39-UN (CX-4)
1Brian Wachlarz (Recycled Cycles)0:29:50 
2Shawn Schaffert (Cannondale Midwest Racing)0:00:01 
3Matthew Bjurman (Ann Arbor, Mi)0:00:35 
4Jeffrey Nixon (Bryan, Oh)0:00:46 
5Doug Jacobson (Aavc)0:01:03 
6Victor Thompson (Frcc)0:01:36 
7Randy Arellano (Mcg Racing P/B Trails Edge)0:01:41 
8Matthew Spruit (Csra: Team Pbr)0:01:45 
9Ryan Mckinnie (Two Wheel Tango)0:02:08 
10Greg Johnson (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:02:18 
11Paul Steigerwald (Ypsilanti, Mi)0:02:35 
12Robert Shank (Ann Arbor Velo Club)0:02:44 
13Adam Sulkes (Cycle To Fitness Racing Greyhounds)0:03:36 
14Kurt Martin (Wolverine Sports Club)0:03:54 
15Ryan Ramales (Team Fraser)0:04:43 
16Chris Burnett (Wheels In Motion)0:04:45 
17Jared Smerecki (Cycletherapy Racing)0:04:57 
1 LapJames Freed (Dexter, Mi)  
C-MEN 40+ (CX-4)
1Bruce Leblanc (Frcc)0:31:53 
2Russell Kissel (Signoutfitters.Com)0:00:05 
3Michael Schultz (Team O2)0:00:11 
4David Chapman (Htfd)0:00:16 
5Rob Hair (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:00:26 
6Marc Dettman (Bissell / Abg Cycling Club)0:00:27 
7Jeff Hencher (Independent)0:01:57 
8Greg Andrew (Team Smartcoverage)0:02:14 
9James Holland (Aavc)0:02:28 
10Bryan Wissman (Cannondale Midwest Racing)0:02:36 
11Dennis Willyard (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:03:05 
12David Nienstedt (Paint Creek Bicycles)0:03:57 
13David Tholen (Oakland Twp., Mi)0:06:38 
1 LapChip Sherbrooke (Commerce, Mi)  
1 LapJim Smalley (Cycletherapy Racing)  
1Marjorie Ladzick (Ann Arbor,Mi)0:37:04 
2Adrienne Oday (Ypsilanti, Mi)0:01:19 
1 LapDaphne Hidayetoglu (West Bloomfield, Mi)  
1 LapVanessa Stauffer (Dearborn, Mi)  
1 LapMary Wolowiec (Flyin Rhino Cycling Club)  
JUNIOR 15-18
1Robert Sroka (Lake Effect Racing)0:55:36 
1 LapGinger Wissman (Cannondale Midwest Racing)  
1Oliver Wissman (Cannondale Midwest Racing)  
Sunday Results
1Michael Wissink (Specialized)0:57:15 
2Tom Burke (Lathrup Industries/ Giant Bicycles)0:00:41 
3Tim Saari (Essex Brass)  
4Jeff Weinert (Wolverine / American Cycle & Fit.)0:00:57 
5Matt Weeks (Team Lake Effect/Bike Authority)0:01:13 
6Eric Muehl (Cyclefit Multisport)0:01:25 
7Vince Roberge (Trails Edge Cycling Team)0:02:05 
8Paul Martin (Panther-Rgf)0:02:07 
9Jonathan Card (Jacks Bike/Saturn Of Toledo/Cane Creek)0:02:48 
10Matt Willing (Mars Hill College)0:02:56 
11Mark Parmelee (Cycletherapy Racing)0:03:41 
12Jason Lummis (Bells Brewery/Quiring Cycles)0:03:50 
13Anthony Marut (Lake Effect/Bike Authority)0:03:56 
14Jay Moncel (Trek Factory Racing)0:04:05 
15Rich Stark (Priority Health-Ann Arbor Elite)0:04:11 
16Tony Wieczorek (Myc/Wolveine Cycling Team)0:05:09 
17Brian Hancock (Specialized)0:06:14 
1 LapMatt Baroli (Wolverine/Michigan Youth Cycling)  
19Ron Gratop (Drakes Coffee)  
DNFAndrew Weir (Ann Arbor, Mi)  
B-MEN (CX-2,3,4)
1Andrew Brown (Drakes Coffee)0:48:18 
2Rick Doornbos (Voodoo Cycles / Billys Bike Shop)0:00:22 
3Mark Caffyn (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:00:53 
4John Osgood (Team Sandbag)0:01:05 
5Jason Melecosky (Rbs Cycling Team)0:01:19 
6Wayne Cook (Specialized)0:01:49 
7Daniel Gerow (Grosse Pointe Farms, Mi)0:01:55 
8Keith Feldt (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:01:58 
9Kevin Dittmer (Racing Greyhounds)0:02:12 
10Robert Sroka (Lake Effect Racing)  
11David Johnson (Drakes Coffee)0:02:29 
12Tom Payn (Team Fraser)0:02:36 
13Chris Matthews (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)  
14Brian Mitchell (Specialized)0:02:43 
15Jeff Zimmerman (Cycle-Fit)0:02:54 
16Derek Hill (Cycletherapy Racing)0:02:57 
17Gary Olson (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:03:01 
18Doug Reed (Reed Construction)0:03:12 
19ary Burkholder (Snakebite Racing)0:04:04 
20Adam Naish (Rbs Cycling Team)0:04:30 
21Jan Gatowski (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:05:00 
22Tom Mcardle (Traverse City Cyclists)0:05:46 
23Mark Olin (Rbs Cycling Team)0:06:38 
24Russell Kissel (Signoutfitters.Com)0:07:07 
25Dave Zatek (Cycletherapy)0:07:27 
26Benjamin Christian (Team Giant-Mi)0:08:07 
1 LapSteve Balogh (Canton, Mi)  
DNFCurt Potocki (Team Sandbag\Bfb)  
DNFJarod Makowski (Troy, Mi)  
JUNIOR 15-18
1Ginger Wissman (Cannondale Midwest Racing)0:56:11 
1Anne Schwartz (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:43:25 
2Marne Smiley (Ann Arbor, Mi)0:01:04 
3Kelly Paterson (Wolverine/American Cycle & Fitness)0:01:40 
4Julie Lewis Sroka (Lake Effect)0:03:41 
5Sandie Domagalski (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:04:04 
1 LapLaura Johnson (Team Priority Health)  
1 LapSusan Shaw (Cycle -Fit)  
DNFLillian Ruiz (Treefort Bikes)  
MASTERS 35+ (CX-2,3,4)
1Patrick Russell (Wolverine / American Cycle & Fit.)0:40:47 
2Pete Thompson (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)  
3Simon Bailey (Wolverine / American Cycle & Fit.)0:00:09 
4Rob Selle (Mpi-Mainstreet)0:00:32 
5Ron Stack (Cycle Fit Sports Club)0:00:33 
6Erik Koehler (Team Bosco)0:00:41 
7Nate Loman (Team Lake Effect)0:01:05 
8Jim Hilditch (Treefort Bikes)0:01:06 
9Scott Fabijanski (Wolverine Sports Club)0:01:25 
10Eric Werner (Treefort Bikes)0:01:48 
11Tom Clark (Sterling Heights, Mi)0:02:31 
12Chris Matthews (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:02:47 
13John Rigdon (Mcg Cyclery)0:03:40 
1 LapRaymond Auger (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)0:04:18 
MASTERS 45+ (CX-2,3,4)
1Rudy Sroka (Lake Effect Racing)0:40:35 
2Mark Wolowiec (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:00:29 
3Michael Seaman (Specialized)0:00:53 
4Joseph Brown (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:00:57 
5Robert Wozniak (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:01:16 
6Bill Marut (Lake Effect/Bike Authority)0:01:36 
7Michael Green (Bikeman.Com)0:01:44 
8Ken Oday (Specialized/ Twt)0:02:21 
9Dave Hollis (Cycle Fit)0:03:08 
10Keith Riege (Paint Creek Bicycles)0:03:37 
DNFRobert Wydra (Wolverine Sports Club)  
1Daniel Bannink (Paint Creek Bicycles/Runguru.Com)0:41:16 
2Wayne Cook (Specialized)0:05:03 
3Steve Kinley (Cannondale Factory Racing)0:05:35 
C-MEN 39-UN (CX-4)
1Shawn Schaffert (Cannondale Midwest Racing)0:28:43 
2Douglas Jacobsen (Aavc)0:00:33 
3Jeffrey Nixon (Bryan, Oh)0:00:34 
4Andy Fedewa (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:00:36 
5Matthew Spruit (Csra: Team Pbr)0:01:12 
6Ryan Mckinnie (Two Wheel Tango)0:01:17 
7Cameron Marshall (East Lansing, Mi)0:01:26 
8reg Johnson (Flying Rhinos)  
9Jason Woods (Ciclosport Racing)0:01:37 
10Adam Sulkes (Cycle To Fitness/Racing Greyhounds)0:02:04 
11Paul Steigerwald (Ypsilanti, Mi)0:02:21 
12Benjamin Miller (Team Sandbag/Bfb)0:02:51 
13Jared Smerecki (Cycletherapy Racing)0:04:41 
14Russ Turnerr (Cycle Fit Sports Club)0:06:03 
15Peter Echtinaw (The White Flood)0:07:25 
16rian Nuszkonski (Cyclefit/Weathergenerator.Com)0:07:51 
DNFChris Burnett (Wheels In Motion)  
C-MEN 40+ (CX-4)
1Brian Goocher (Jacks Bicycle & Fitness)0:29:28 
2Randy Arellano (Mcg Racing P/B Trails Edge)0:00:48 
3Michael Schultz (Team O2)0:01:09 
4Bruce Leblanc (Frcc)0:01:11 
5Steve Hoffman (Midland, Mi)0:01:23 
6David Chapman (Htfd)0:01:25 
7Glen Moore (Team Fraser)0:01:49 
8Rob Hair (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:01:50 
9Marc Dettman (Bissell / Abg Cycling Club)  
10Kurt Martin (Wolverines Sc)0:01:52 
11Dennis Willyard (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:02:22 
12Jeff Hencher (Independent)0:03:42 
13Bryan Wissman (Cannondale Midwest Racing)0:04:09 
14Ken Misch (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:04:24 
15Ken Pallach (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)3:10:52 
DNFRussell Kissel (Signoutfitters.Com)  
1Margie Ladzick (Ann Arbor,Mi)0:35:22 
2Adrienne Oday (Ypsilanti, Mi)0:00:57 
3Vanessa Stauffer (Dearborn, Mi)0:01:26 
1 Lapeagan Kaczmarek (Rochester Bike Shop)  
1 LapJean Steinberg (Trails Edge Cycling Team)  
1 LapLeila Kissel (Signoutfitters.Com)  
1Nathan Goocher (Jacks Bicycle & Fitness)0:29:43 
2Oliver Wissman (Cannondale Midwest Racing)0:03:13 
3Dylan Kissel (Signoutfitters.Com)0:08:16 
DNFZoe Kissel (Signoutfitters.Com)  


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