Upset Melbourne to Warrnambool victory for Nathan Elliott

Ayden Toovey and Robbie Hucker round out podium in final NRS race of 2016

Second in the opening one-day race of the 2016 National Road Series (NRS) at Grafton to Inverell, Nathan Elliott enjoyed the biggest win of his career yet with an upset victory on the 101st running of the Melbourne to Warrnambool. Elliott was without teammates for the 277km race but proved to have the strongest legs inside the closing kilometres as he launched an attack from the six-man breakaway. 

Despite a slow leaking front tyre, Ayden Toovey won the sprint for second place with Avanti IsoWhey Sport's Robbie Hucker coming in third. Patrick Lane, the winner of Grafton to Inverell ahead of Elliott, was next across the line in fourth place for Avanti IsoWhey Sport, while Mathew Ross (Pat's Veg Cycling) placed fifth.

"I'm stoked to get the win! After coming second at Grafton to Inverell, I'm so happy to have pulled this one off for sure," said Elliott. "My parents were here supporting me, it was awesome to see them here at the finish line. They were pretty teary! I had thought about getting into the early break but wanted to play it by ear. Once the break went I knew it was going to be a good one as I saw all the major teams were represented so I knew the peloton wouldn't chase us down," he added.

"I was pretty confident we would stay away, but then the chase group started coming back around Camperdown. Although I knew that if they did catch us, they would have been pretty cooked, so I was feeling pretty confident towards the end."

Despite not racing, Joe Cooper sealed the overall NRS title for the second time in his career with Pat Shaw finishing in second place on the standings to complete a one-two for Avanti Isowhey Sports. The Tasmanian Continental team also secured the overall team standings for a sixth straight year.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Elliott6:38:55 
2Ayden Toovey (Subaru NSWIS & MS)0:00:02 
3Robbie Hucker (Avanti Isowhey Sport)0:00:05 
4Patrick Lane (Avanti Isowhey Sport)0:00:12 
5Mathew Ross (Pat's Veg Cycling)  
6Daniel Fitter (State Of Matter / MAAP)  
7Stuart Shaw (Subaru NSWIS & MS)0:03:35 
8Mark O'brien (Avanti Isowhey Sport)0:03:37 
9Jesse Kerrison (State Of Matter / MAAP)0:04:22 
10Tommy Nankervis (Team Detours)  
11Brenton Jones  
12Anthony Giacoppo (Avanti Isowhey Sport)  
13Jacob Kauffmann (Subaru NSWIS & MS)0:04:31 
14Patrick Shaw (Avanti Isowhey Sport)0:04:42 
15Sam Crome (Avanti Isowhey Sport)0:11:29 
16Tom Robinson (State Of Matter / MAAP)  
17Chris Harper (Swisswellness Cycling Team)  
18Scott Sunderland0:13:37 
19Samuel Jenner (Subaru NSWIS & MS)  
20Conor Murtagh (State Of Matter / MAAP)0:15:02 
21Samuel Lane (JML Racing)  
22Chris Hamilton (Avanti Isowhey Sport)  
23Jeremy Cameron (Swisswellness Cycling Team)0:25:40 
24Harry Carpenter (SASI/Callidus Cycling Team)  
25Rohan Wight (SASI/Callidus Cycling Team)  
26Tom Kaesler (SASI/Callidus Cycling Team)0:25:42 
27Tom Paton0:29:34 
28Nicholas Squillari (Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields)0:29:41 
29Patrick Burt0:34:46 
30John Linke  
31Todd Satchell (Anchor Point South Coast)0:34:48 
32Joel Strachan (Satalyst Verve Racing)  
33Thomas Allford (Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields)  
34Michael Hale (Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields)  
35Alexander Smyth (State Of Matter / MAAP)  
36Christopher Miller (Sydney Uni Velo Racing)  
37Morgan Smith  
38Edward White (GPM Stulz)  
39Matthew Lane (JML Racing)  
40Angus Maddern (SASI/Callidus Cycling Team)  
41Todd Buschkuehl  
42Allan Satchell (Anchor Point South Coast)  
43James Glasspool  
44Justin Tomlinson (Swisswellness Cycling Team)  
45Jonathon Noble (Satalyst Verve Racing)  
46Peter Livingstone (mobius Future Racing)  
47Ben Carman (mobius Future Racing)  
48Jesse Coyle (mobius Future Racing)  
49Jack Sutton  
50Alexander Holden0:38:21 
51Lee Burchell  
52Tyson Warnett  
53Sam Gifford  
54Jeremy Mcinnes (Swisswellness Cycling Team)  
55Gervaise Christie  
56Conor Mullervy (GPM Stulz)  
57Julian Thomson (AMR Renault Racing)0:40:59 
58Harrison Wiles (Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields)  
59Sam Edwards  
60Darcy Pirotta (JML Racing)  
61Daniel Forsythe  
62Jackson Mawby (JML Racing)  
63Wayne Evans0:49:35 
64Chris Harney  
65David Mclean  
66Thomas Sandholt Lund  
67William Geor  
68Giovanni Cipriano  
69Wayne Hildred  
70Ashleigh Key (Anchor Point South Coast)0:49:39 
71Iven Bennett (Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields)  
72Indiana Michel  
73Dylan Hately0:49:42 
74Hayden Brodie  
75Ashley Mackay0:49:46 
76Gerard Wild (Swisswellness Cycling Team)0:49:56 
77Patrick Ruggles1:02:49 
78Adam Mcgillivray (Team Detours)1:02:57 
79Andrew McCosker (Phoenix Cycling Collective)1:03:01 
80Marc Loecherer  
81Jake Morgan  
82Glenn Landers  
83Chris Alsop  
84Fraser Short  
85Lee Turner (Team Detours)  
86William Barker (Phoenix Cycling Collective)  
87Nick Kiatos  
88Simon Ward  
89Brad Daly  
90Travis Small1:03:07 
91Nathan Booth (Phoenix Cycling Collective)  
92Matthew Darby1:06:58 
93Robert Marcucci1:07:01 
94Tessa Fabry  
95Darren Joy1:07:02 
96Marcus Warner  
97Fiona Yard  
98Andrew Ames  
99Duncan Murray  
100Joe Spano  
101Michael Dunn1:07:06 
102Ryan Flinn1:12:17 
103Michael Miles  
104Paul Collins  
105Robert Wilmoth  
106Gary Haydon  
107Lewis Fulcher1:12:23 
108Dave Bingley1:24:41 
109David Newett  
110Glenn Riseley  
111Jessica Lane1:24:43 
112Taylor Anstee  
113Joshua McLellan  
114Paul Berry1:28:34 
115Tim Mcgrath  
OTLMick Patton  
OTLJames Van Gelder  
OTLLang Harvey  
OTLCraig Fry  
OTLShannon Overton  
OTLCarley Mckay  
DNFAaron Bicknell (mobius Future Racing)  
DNFScott Law (Subaru NSWIS & MS)  
DNFLiam Magennis (Subaru NSWIS & MS)  
DNFRussell Gill (SASI/Callidus Cycling Team)  
DNFMichael Vink (State Of Matter / MAAP)  
DNFCyrus Monk (Pat's Veg Cycling)  
DNFDrew Morey (Pat's Veg Cycling)  
DNFJames Pane (Pat's Veg Cycling)  
DNFLiam White (Pat's Veg Cycling)  
DNFLachlan Holliday (Swisswellness Cycling Team)  
DNFSean Whitfield (Oliver's Real Food Racing)  
DNFZane Hunter (Oliver's Real Food Racing)  
DNFBen Marshall (Oliver's Real Food Racing)  
DNFBrad Davies (Oliver's Real Food Racing)  
DNFLachlan Glasspool (Oliver's Real Food Racing)  
DNFMatthew Warner-Smith (Oliver's Real Food Racing)  
DNFMatthew Clark (Satalyst Verve Racing)  
DNFBradley Linfield (JML Racing)  
DNFSam Phipps (GPM Stulz)  
DNFHarrison Bailey (GPM Stulz)  
DNFRylee Field (GPM Stulz)  
DNFReece Robinson (GPM Stulz)  
DNFDylan Lindsey (Anchor Point South Coast)  
DNFSimon Burchell (Anchor Point South Coast)  
DNFHayden Campbell (Phoenix Cycling Collective)  
DNFAlex Abell (Sydney Uni Velo Racing)  
DNFPeter Ritskes (Sydney Uni Velo Racing)  
DNFDaniel Roberts-Clarke (Sydney Uni Velo Racing)  
DNFSam Sautelle (Sydney Uni Velo Racing)  
DNFRay Forbes (Team Detours)  
DNFJeremy Hunt (Team Detours)  
DNFLuke Jones (Team Detours)  
DNFKris Johnston (AMR Renault Racing)  
DNFTimothy Cameron (AMR Renault Racing)  
DNFAlexander Evans (AMR Renault Racing)  
DNFSean Trainor (AMR Renault Racing)  
DNFDamien Ingram  
DNFJames Mowatt  
DNFNicholas Leonard  
DNFThomas Weereratne  
DNFStefan Imberger  
DNFAngus Lyons  
DNFWilliam Hodges  
DNFTrevor Perry  
DNFAndrew Goodwin  
DNFMat Elkan  
DNFMason Austen  
DNFShule Going  
DNFCallum Brown  
DNFDavin Harding  
DNFJustin Vincent  
DNFGavin Bryant  
DNFBrent Davis  
DNFChris Papakostas  
DNFLindsay Burgoyne  
DNFRicky Holmes  
DNFTom Crebbin  
DNFSydney Anstee  
DNFGregory Hosking  
DNFDoris Marr  
DNFJessica Douglas  
DNFBianca Pickett  
DNFPurdie Long  
DNFRebecCa Wiasak  
DNFMadeline Wright  
DNFKendelle Hodges  
DNFMinda Murray  
DNSSam Evans (Pat's Veg Cycling)  
DNSJesse Featonby (Swisswellness Cycling Team)  
DNSTristan Ward (AMR Renault Racing)  
DNSTroy Herfoss  
DNSShayne Kirby  
DNSDrew Ginn  
DNSDaniel Strauss  
DNSDylan Newell  
DNSDavid Rugendyke  
DNSKyle Thompson  
DNSDavid Randall  
DNSTony Doherty  
DNSMatthew De Vroet  
DNSMathew Upton  
DNSDean Johnstone  
DNSJack Carecos  
DNSChristopher Lee  
DNSMark Hogan  
DNSJared McClintock  
DNSScott Thomas  
DNSMark Robertson  
DNSJames Broadway  
DNSColin Carrigan  
DNSScott Smith  
DNSDarren Spiteri  
DNSBen Edwards  
DNSNick Zandes  
DNSAndrew Tanner  
DNSDfmd Hoyal  
DNSLaurence Basell  
DNSDaniel Hopper  
DNSRobert Devolle  
DNSDion Harris  
DNSJohn Dam  
DNSDavid Swan  
DNSChristopher Munro  
DNSDavid Foster  
DNSSophie Mackay   

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