Swanson sprints to short track win

Rinehart takes second stage win

In the elite men's short track, two groups were established after a few laps on the rolling and twisting course which included some ski trails and a trip up the "back bowl" with a short, steep pitch up to the top.

The front group of Doug Swanson, Brendan Moore, TJ Woodruff, Sam and Eric Oftedahl, Cam Kirkpatrick and Jack Hinkens was chased by a second group of Jason Wenk, Jake Richards, Dave Oachs and Paul Hanson.

Jay "Hollywood" Henderson who was in the front group early on, drifted to no man's land and then worked with the second group in the later part of the race.

In the final laps, a group of five did battle with Swanson taking the win. Woodruff, Moore, Kirkpatrick and Hinkens followed, respectively.

Swanson proclaimed in the post race interview, "Everyone took nice pulls at the front, and I sat in the last few laps before making my move on the last lap. Brendan's Moore slight mishap on the last climb up in the back bowl didn't alter the lines."

"Even though I had a slight washout, I knew it would be tough to beat Dough in a sprint," said Moore.


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Doug Swanson0:22:11 
2Tj Woodruff0:00:00 
3Brendan Moore0:00:01 
4Cam Kirkpatrick0:00:02 
5Jack Hinkens0:00:06 
6Eric Oftedahl0:00:16 
7Sam Oftedahl0:00:16 
8Jay Henderson0:00:50 
9Jason Wenk0:00:51 
10Jake Richards0:00:55 
11Dave Oachs0:00:57 
12Chris Fisher0:00:58 
13Paul Hanson0:01:03 
14Jan Rybar0:01:48 
15Kevin Supple0:02:05 
16Tim Stone0:02:09 
17Wallace Alexander0:02:29 
18Heath Weisbrod0:02:35 
19Shane Kullman0:02:45 
20Eric Guse0:02:47 
21Matthew Horner0:02:57 
22Justin Rinehart0:03:13 
23Thomas Thornquest0:03:20 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jenna Rinehart0:15:42 
2Kyla Anderson0:00:44 
3Jennifer Fisher0:01:50 
4Corey Coogan0:02:01 
5Meghan Korol0:02:08 
6Linda Cooper0:02:24 
7Andrea Horner0:04:39 
Open men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luke Baker0:15:42 
2John Sandberg0:00:01 
3Trent Warner0:00:22 
4Drew Wilson0:00:22 
5Todd Nesvold0:00:26 
6Dan Wheeler0:00:27 
7Ryan Sportel0:00:33 
8Rick Ochs0:00:37 
9Clayton McLagan0:00:39 
10Jason Scherman0:00:39 
11John Oman0:00:40 
12Peter Schow0:00:40 
13Eric Lebow0:00:40 
14Jamison Beisswenger0:00:50 
15Nathaniel Swanberg0:01:15 
16Jeffrey Penman0:01:18 
17Scott Spoo0:01:21 
18Tim Williams0:01:21 
19Evan Lawrence0:02:04 


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