Winterberg prevails in HPCX

Townsend, Richey round out podium

A night of snow, sleet and other early winter nastiness left the HPCX course a surreal picture of autumn leaves amid winter white. Add rising temperatures and a barrage of racers and suddenly frozen and slick becomes muddy and thick.

Beacon’s second place finisher Lukas Winterberg (Philadelphia Cyclocross School) churned through the mud to win HPCX, with Jerome Townsend (SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley) and yesterday's Beacon winner Craig Richey (Renner Custom - Raleigh) rounding out the podium, 19 and 31 seconds off the pace respectively of the Swiss victor.

Full Results
1Lukas Winterberg (Swi) Philadelphia Cyclocross School0:56:23 
2Jerome Townsend (USA) SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley0:00:19 
3Craig Richey (Can) Renner Custom - Raleigh0:00:31 
4Travis Livermon (USA) SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley0:01:16 
5Christian Favata (USA) RGM Watches - Richard Sachs0:01:24 
6Lukas Müller (Swi) Philadelphia Cyclocross School  
7Adam Myerson (USA) SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley0:01:52 
8Jeremy Durrin (USA) J.A.M. Fund - NCC  
9Anthony Clark (USA) J.A.M. Fund - NCC  
10Ryan Leech (USA) Hilton Head Cycling0:02:06 
11Eric Brungger (Swi) Philadelphia Cyclocross School0:02:12 
12Weston Schempf (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes0:03:14 
13Andrew Wulfkuhle (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes0:03:20 
14Ryan Knapp (USA) Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross0:03:38 
15Ben Frederick (USA) Team Traveller0:04:07 
16Donny Green (USA) Cycle-Smart0:04:42 
17Adam Farabaugh (USA) Team Deschuytter-Kwsc Westkerke0:05:15 
18Stephen Cummings (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes0:05:40 
19Fred Brown (USA) Mtbnj.Com-Halters Cycles0:06:03 
20David Wilcox (USA) Cycle-Smart0:06:10 
21Thomas Mackay (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes0:06:46 
22Shaun Adamson (Can) Cycle-Smart0:07:17 
23John Burns (USA) Burns Racing0:07:35 
24Steven Ordons (USA) Human Zoom0:07:49 
25Cary Fridrich (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal0:08:39 
26Evan Murphy (USA) NYC Velo  -1lap 
27Peter Hagerty (USA) Team Plan C p/b Stevens  
28Nathan Wyatt (USA) Carolina Fatz Cycling Center p/b Industry Nine  
29Matthew Means (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes  -2laps 
30Craig Lebair (USA) Philadelphia Ciclismo  
31Matt Spohn (USA) Philadelphia Cyclocross School  
32Ryan Heerschap (USA) Cycle Craft-Bulldogs  -3laps 
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