Deja vu in Mount Snow with Mulally and Bourque wins

More mud and rain for Gravity East Series at penultimate round

The Gravity East Series downhill at Mount Snow followed a familiar script this weekend. Rainy weekend, check. Muddy, sloppy practice runs on Saturday, check. Sun comes out just in time for the start of Sunday's race runs, check. Dawn Bourque wins the women's race, check. Neko Mulally squeaks out a victory by about half a second, check.

If it sounds familiar, it probably is. There has been so much rain at Gravity East races this year that there is a story going around that Series Director Dan McDonald sat down with the Farmer's Almanac last year to find the rainiest weekends before setting up this year's schedule.

Ben Moody (Rhino Bike Works) was one of the first elite men down the mountain and crossed the line with a very good time of 4:24.09. It was enough to put him on the hot seat; though with temperatures in the low 50s (equivalent to approximately 10 degrees C) and everybody soaking wet from the weekend rain and resultant mud, no seat this weekend was truly "hot".

As he survived challenger after challenger, others began to believe that Moody, a regular at Mount Snow's own Kenda Series, would take this one from Mulally. They apparently had not read the script. The Specialized Team America teenager once again eked out a heartstopper by stopping the clock at 4:23.63 to send Moody to the runner-up position. Gavin Vaughn finished third with a time of 4:29.03.

One week after Karen Eagan's upset at Blue Mountain, the women were also back on track with Ben Moody's Rhino Bike Works teammate, Dawn Bourque, taking her sixth Gravity East Win of the year. Following the script was Eagan (Samuel Adams Brewery), who has been runner-up behind every one of Bourque's victories this year.

Not everything at Mount Snow ran according to the script, however, as there were several surprises thrown in just to keep things interesting. The new "Trail 13" has some very technical sections in it. One is called "Rock Highway", which is just plain rocky with Slabs of Granite. The course was taped so wide at this part of the course that many riders were creative in picking their lines.

Another surprise was the run by Michael Gross. The Team DROP Cat. 1 Junior was having issues with his shoulder dislocating on Saturday, ending his practice early. On race day, however, junior points leader Gross was back on the mountain with help from Cat. 1 19-29 Racer Willem Cooper of the Voncooper Race team who helped in getting Gross' shoulder back in place. With a tight wrapping, a shoulder brace and just two practice runs, he just wanted to cross the line and get some points prior to next weekend's Gravity East Finals at Plattekill in Roxbury, New York. Shockingly, Gross raced down and took the hot seat with a time of 4:45.04, faster than Specialized Team America's Logan Mulally (Neko's younger brother) in the process. It seemed like a fairytale ending, but again a surprise happened as Canadian rider Dylan Morely, the last rider in the class to start and a first time Gravity East racer, crossed the line with a great time of 4:38.76 to win the junior class.

The Gravity East Series will finish the season this weekend with a double-points finale at New York's Plattekill Mountain.


Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dawn Bourque0:05:23.57 
2Karen Eagan0:00:09.85 
3Lauren Petersen0:08:28.71 
Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neko Mulally0:04:23.63 
2Benjamin Moody0:00:00.46 
3Gavin Vaugnan0:00:05.40 
4Alejoundro Ortiz0:00:19.48 
5Adam Morse0:00:20.77 
6Chris Haggerson0:00:21.99 
7Luke Snyder0:00:22.34 
8Connor Rowan0:00:33.33 
9Erik Gosslin0:00:35.55 
10Jeff Cayley0:00:37.01 
11Dan Ferreira0:00:46.75 
12Kyle Sanders0:00:47.53 
13David Flynn0:00:57.17 
14Zauk Faulkner0:01:06.02 
15Jason Memmekaar0:04:10.66 
Junior men Under 14
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Bodycoat0:06:37.52 
DNSGregory Eiruulo  
Cat. 1 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dylan Morley0:04:38.76 
2Michael Gross0:00:06.28 
3Logan Mulally0:00:13.80 
4Alex Couture0:00:20.47 
5Richard Rude0:00:22.31 
6Evan Mallory0:00:24.92 
7Luen Proft0:00:34.07 
8David Milkrewicz0:00:35.15 
9Hunter Budd0:01:35.21 
10Peter Mcnulty0:07:11.60 
Cat. 2 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dyaln Conte0:05:16.69 
2Ian Bloomfield0:00:10.14 
3Colby Nugent0:00:25.48 
4Matthew Halupowski0:00:36.93 
5Derek Mushro0:00:37.75 
6Trevor Santo Christo0:00:43.57 
7Kory Koehler0:00:48.07 
8Nick Richer0:00:55.67 
9Tony Viselli0:01:24.52 
10Damon Morin0:11:03.77 
Cat. 3 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Zack Taylor0:05:27.11 
2William Gzaja0:00:14.83 
3Matthew Mastrodomenico0:00:35.71 
4Michael Klausen0:00:42.01 
5Zach Morrison0:00:53.32 
6Chris Anderson0:01:37.61 
7Shawn Ginter0:01:55.04 
Cat. 1 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kyle Karpuska0:04:50.42 
2Peter Mihalick0:00:02.13 
3Willem Cooper0:00:03.71 
4Jason Bourgeois0:00:04.06 
5Alex Moschitti0:00:13.82 
6Christopher Brown0:00:14.12 
7Chris Flynn0:00:16.63 
8Halston Mendes0:00:21.87 
9Ryan Gardner0:00:28.46 
10Adam Plumley0:00:33.44 
11Nicholas White0:00:42.38 
12Peter Scannell0:00:43.05 
13David Schoon0:00:59.80 
14Sam Chipin0:01:02.40 
15Geoff Ayr0:01:04.07 
16Eric Allocco0:01:04.96 
17Matt Dahlmeyer0:01:18.60 
18Andrew Farrell0:01:40.18 
19Casey Swanson0:02:00.18 
DNFGarson Fields  
Cat. 2 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jake Goss0:05:09.35 
2David Gambarchella0:00:14.88 
3Michael Mcennan0:00:18.99 
4Richard Patty0:00:21.14 
5Steven Czaplicki0:00:33.50 
6Kevin Robbins0:00:34.18 
7Scott Bureau0:00:34.73 
8Michael Oliver0:00:36.36 
9Chris Chmielewski0:00:41.41 
10Tucker Nugent0:01:02.17 
11Patrick Flynn0:01:02.43 
12Brendan Silkey0:01:17.48 
13Michael Flynn0:01:32.60 
14Chris Gilbert0:01:53.92 
Cat. 3 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sam Wiggin0:05:54.72 
2Marc Schneider0:00:09.07 
3Jon Obrien0:00:25.32 
4John Ricardi0:00:27.28 
5Brandon Nadeau0:01:18.83 
Cat. 1 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robin Klinkert0:04:43.95 
2Neil Snyder0:00:08.88 
3David Bersmefsky0:00:15.59 
4Dave Mee0:00:26.22 
5Donnie Roberts0:00:27.15 
6John Pentecost0:00:34.63 
7Tim Frederick0:00:36.26 
8Leif Erickson0:01:16.31 
9Kurt Sibrinzt0:01:22.23 
10Erik Little0:01:43.21 
11Doug Quinn0:02:01.80 
Cat. 2 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason Knecht0:05:22.47 
2Lane Bortmann0:00:02.64 
3Luke Wenschhof0:00:07.40 
4Andy Haskell0:01:46.83 
5Jeremy Matson0:01:49.36 
Cat. 3 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joaquin Canizales0:07:29.98 
Cat. 1 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dennis Laclair0:05:02.18 
2Derek Pierce0:00:02.32 
3Fred Bassett0:00:16.73 
4Darrell Szlachetka0:00:21.76 
5Thomas Anderson0:00:22.73 
6Doug Wilson0:00:31.65 
7Rich Decarlo0:00:33.22 
8Ed Smith0:00:35.90 
9Reid Kiniry0:00:56.38 
10Richard Rude0:01:04.45 
11John Palloto0:02:08.69 
Cat. 2 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Frank Enderson0:05:57.29 
2George Bodycoat0:01:25.72 
Cat. 1 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Susan Del Pino0:06:11.70 
2Becky Gardner0:00:22.09 
3Charlene Smith0:00:22.53 
4Kate Parhiala0:00:45.12 
Cat. 2/3 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Bagley0:06:53.72 
2Laura Drenen0:00:01.84 
3Miranda Cox0:01:46.67 
4Jennifer Tammam0:03:42.10 
5Jennel Ortiz0:06:20.59 
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