Driscoll pops the bubbly, drowns the competition

Duopoly out front, confusion behind

The union was like one from a romantic Hollywood blockbuster, but it was under the bright lights of Las Vegas that Jamey Driscoll formed a winning partnership with road rider Christopher Jones (Champion System). 

The duo dominated the 10-lap race as their chasers were fighting over just how they'd lose it, with Erwin Vervecken (Revor-Kartazi Cycling Team) so determined not to lead the chase he might as well have been queuing for free beers in the VIP section overlooking the course.

"This is huge, it's definitely one of the biggest ones of my career," said Driscoll. "We were having a discussion [before the race] in our team that we get beat up so much over in Europe and I think a big part of it is they grew up on those courses; they know every detail there is to know about them. But out here, we know our course a lot more."

A dejected Jonathan Page (Planet Bike) was clearly disappointed with his third place finish, and the behaviour of his chase group companions. Page has lead much of the group's chase of the leaders, but received only limited help from countryman Ryan Trebon (Kona).

"There was just a bunch of lamos sitting on and not doing anything," said Page. "The leaders got a gap, then that was it. It was smart racing on their part."

No tokens given, none taken

A hot pace was set on the opening parade lap, as Jeremy Powers (Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld) stormed in to the lead with Todd Wells (Specialized) and teammate Tim Johnson in toe. The North Americans sent a clear message to the noteworthy European riders early in the race, indicating they weren't going to be upstaged on their home course.

The speed immediately put stress on the large field, with the race splitting in to three groups immediately while Drew Edsall (Scott/WTB) didn't make the second corner before withdrawing.

The crowed continued to warm up its vocal chords as the race settled into a rhythm, with one astute onlooker noting as the riders dismounted for the first set of stairs: "That's how I ride my mountain bike; find sh*t I can't ride over and hop off".

Trebon tested the waters on the second lap, putting in an attack while Tim Van Nuffel led the chasers. The lanky American's efforts were in vain, but the increase in speed did force the lead group to a selection of 11 that went on to become the race's key players.

With Trebon neutralised, Jones launched his successful attack, followed by Driscoll, leading into the second of two staircases on the course.

Jones and Driscoll set an impressive pace which further decimated the field behind the chasers. The tempo was set so high that when Aaron Tuckerman (Land Rover-Orbea) was pulled from the race by an official after being lapped, he responded "thank you".

The leading couple maintained their pace lap-in, lap out until finally Page enlisted the help of Trebon to launch a concerted chase over the final two laps. The damage, however, had already been done and Page was forced to settle, somewhat reluctantly, for third place.

While delighted with his efforts, Jones is under no illusions as to his future in cyclo-cross. The rider admitted the all-grass circuit was perfectly suited to his skills, but once the races hit muddier trucks the advantage will slide. "I knew that I had to get out in front of everyone and just use my strength, which is my power," said Jones. "I'm a roadie, I do this just because I love cyclo-cross."

1James Driscoll (USA) Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld.Com1:00:59 
2Christopher Jones (USA)0:00:04 
3Jonathan Page (USA) Planet Bike0:00:16 
4Jeremy Powers (USA) Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld.Com0:00:17 
5Erwin Vervecken (Bel) Revor Cycling Team  
6Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona0:00:20 
7Todd Wells (USA) Specialized Factory Racing0:00:25 
8Christian Heule (Swi) Rendementhypo Cycling Team0:00:35 
9Ben Berden (Bel) Revor Cycling Team0:01:05 
10Barry Wicks (USA) Kona0:01:08 
11Geoff Kabush (Can) Maxxis-Rocky Mountain0:01:13 
12Jake Wells (USA) Mafiaracing.Com0:01:15 
13Jesse Anthony (USA)0:02:09 
14Carl Decker (USA) Giant Bicycles0:02:18 
15Joseph Thompson (USA) Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Cycling Team0:02:32 
16Chance Noble (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized0:02:37 
17Jonathan Baker (USA)0:02:53 
18Adam Craig (USA) Giant Bicycles0:03:04 
19Bram De Groot (Ned) Rabobank0:03:06 
20Craig Richey (Can) Blue Competition Cycles P/B Neverblue0:03:09 
21Molly Cameron (USA) Portland Bicycle Studio0:03:22 
22Adam Myerson (USA) Cycle-Smart0:03:47 
23Matt Shriver (USA)  
24Jeremiah Bishop (USA) Monaviecannondale.Com0:03:51 
25Tim Van Nuffel (Bel) Rendementhypo Cycling Team0:03:54 
26Brian Matter (USA) Gear Grinder0:03:58 
27Mark Lalonde (USA) Planet Bike0:04:07 
28Bart Gillespie (USA) Monaviecannondale.Com0:04:32 
29Matthew Pacocha (USA) Hudz-Subaru Cyclocross Team  
30Carson Miller (USA) Landrover-Orbea Cycling Club0:04:35 
31Michael Broderick (USA) Team Kenda/Seven/Notubes  
32Nicholas Weighall (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized0:04:39 
33Mitchell Peterson (USA) Monaviecannondale.Com0:04:43 
34Matt Ankney (USA) Kccx-Verge0:04:49 
35John Curry (USA) Gas/Intrinsik Cycling Team0:04:51 
36Greg Wittwer (USA) Alan North America Cycling Team0:04:54 
37Aaron Bouplon (USA) Rocky Mounts / Izze0:05:01 
38Brent Prenzlow (USA) Celo Pacific / B&L0:05:19 
39Spencer Powlison (USA) Mafiaracing.Com0:05:25 
40Troy Wells (USA) Team Clif Bar Cycling0:05:36 
41Aaron Bradford (USA) Onsite Ultrasound And Enduro0:05:46 
42Justin Robinson (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized0:05:47 
43Shadd Smith (USA) Tradewind Energy/Trek Midwest0:05:59 
44John Bailey (USA) Bailey Bikes  
45Jeremy Ferguson (USA)  
46Scott Mclaughlin (USA) Sram Factory Team  
47Jared Nieters (USA) Haymarket Bicycles/Trakkers  
48Jason Siegle (USA) Bike Religion0:06:11 
49Joachim Parbo (Den) Ccv Leopard Cycles0:06:16 
50James Lalonde (USA) Planet Bike0:06:19 
51Brandon Dwight (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport0:06:29 
52Neil Schiemann (Can) Tall Tree Cycles0:06:43 
53Benjamin Popper (USA) Hrs / Rock Lobster0:06:52 
54Chuck Coyle (USA) Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team0:06:58 
55Brady Kappius (USA) Team Clif Bar Cycling0:07:40 
-1 lapMorgan Ryan (USA) Major Motion Development  
-1 lapSam Krieg (USA) I.C.E Rocky Mtn Surgery Center  
-1 lapThomas Skinner (Can)  
-1 lapStephen Cummings (USA) Indiana Regional Medical Center / Big Bang Bikes  
-1 lapJohn Behrens (USA) Bailey Bikes  
-1 lapRobert Marion (USA) Kenda/Kmc/Hayes  
-1 lapKamden Reedy (USA) Four Unity  
-2 lapsBenjamin Bostrom (USA) Shoair Specialized  
-2 lapsJay Strothman (USA) Fulcrum Coaching  
-2 lapsDana Weber (USA) Trek / World Bicycle Relief  
-2 lapsDonny Carroll (USA) Bailey Bikes  
-2 lapsAnton Petrov (USA) Profile Design  
-2 lapsGregory Keller (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport  
-2 lapsDavid Yeater (USA) River City Bicycles  
-3 lapsDavid Andrew Quist (USA) Team Clif Bar Cycling  
-3 lapsAndy Bestwick (USA) Allegiant Air Team Pain  
-3 lapsLyle Hanson (USA) Great Dane Velo Club  
-3 lapsAlexandre Lussier (Can) Gas/Intrinsik  
-3 lapsKevin Attkisson (USA) Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team  
-3 lapsBill Marshall (USA) Kccx-Verge  
-3 lapsKyle Reedy (USA) Four Unity  
-3 lapsScott Keller (USA) Schampa/Form/Bikebean  
-4 lapsAaron Tuckerman (NZl) Landrover-Orbea Cycling Club  
-4 lapsCort Cramer (USA) Svelte Cycles  
-4 lapsErnesto Marenchin (USA) Speedgoat.Com  
-4 lapsBryan Alders (USA) Monaviecannondale.Com  
-4 lapsPat Lemieux (USA) Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team  
-4 lapsDerek Loudermilk (USA) Horizon Organic P/B Prerace.Com  
-4 lapsAndrew Crooks (USA) Kona  
-4 lapsMatthew Mcnamara (USA) Sterling Sports Group  
-4 lapsJeff Prinz (USA) Cynergy Cycles Race Team  
-4 lapsHunter Pronovost (USA) Cheshire Cycle Racing  
-5 lapsMatt Freeman (USA) Pass Pt  
-5 lapsNoah Holcomb (USA) Cannondale Factory Racing  
-5 lapsTed Willard (USA) Team Bearclaw  
DNFTimothy Johnson (USA) Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld.Com  
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DNFDrew Edsall (USA) Scott / Wtb  
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DNFGannon Myall (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized  
DNFJens Schwedler (Ger) Stevens Racing Team  
DNFGuillaume Nelessen (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team  
DNSErik Tonkin (USA) Kona  
DNSAdam Mills (USA) Kccx-Verge  
DNSWill Gault (USA) Kccx-Verge  
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DNSGreg Lewis (USA) Directory Plus/ Trek  
DNSJohn Tzinberg (USA) Bike Religion  
DNSJimmy Archer (USA)  
DNSVince Roberge (USA) Trails Edge  
DNSMax Plaxton (Can) Shoair Specialized  

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