Aravena finishes ahead of Puschel and Catalan in Chile

Garcia defeats Bunzli, Vargas

The last round of the 2009 Chilean Cup was held at the Nevados de Chillan. More than 450 competitors took part racing in the middle of the Andes Mountains.

Cross country races were held Saturday and included a difficult trail through the woods. Riders had to fight through technical sections that were both uphill and downhill and included plenty of rocks and leaves.

Elisa García won the elite women's race showing great skills and confirming her excellent racing season. On the men's elite side, Gonzalo Aravena powered away from the rest for the win.

In the evening, competitors, friends and families gathered for a "tallarinata" (pasta), an awards ceremony and a concert with the Lemon Band, which offered a tribute to U2.

Check out the video of the men's and women's cross country races below.

Copa Cannondale 2009: Carrera Elite XC from Victoria Films on Vimeo.


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gonzalo Eduardo Aravena Garcia (Chi)2:22:51 
2Javier Eduardo Puschel (Chi)0:02:05 
3Jose Catalan (Chi)0:02:42 
4Javier Gallardo Galleguillos (Chi)0:07:22 
5Claus Plaut Guzman (Chi)0:10:09 
6Ricardo Javier Hazbun Velazquez (Chi)0:12:43 
7Daniel Vivanco (Chi)0:14:09 
8Diego Amaru Diaz Seoulveda (Chi)  
9Carlo Sady Andrés Nawrath Torres (Chi)0:15:12 
10Martin Flano (Chi)0:17:21 
11Eyair Astudillo Gallardo (Chi)0:17:51 
12Patricio Maximiliano Farias Diaz (Chi)0:18:23 
13Enrique Rivera Marchant (Chi)0:26:02 
14Julio Ignacio Flores Peña (Chi)0:46:44 
15Gustavo Catalan (Chi)  
16Alejandro Manuel Miranda Saavedra (Chi)  
17Sebastian Roman (Chi)  
18Alberto Rotger (Chi)  
19Patricio Figueroa (Chi)  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elisa Garcia (Chi)1:59:27 
2Daniella Bunzli Rojas (Chi)0:03:28 
3Gabriela Vargas (Chi)0:31:57 
4Denisse Van Sint Jan (Chi)0:36:43 
5Paola Alfaro (Chi)  
6Javiera Maria Sepulveda (Chi)  



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