Puschel wins in Chile

Rodriguez fastest among the women

The best riders of the sub continent took part in this UCI class 2 cross country race with important points at stake for the next Olympic Games in London 2012. Rubes Valeriano (Brazil), Luciano Caraccioli (Argentina), Fabio Castañeda (Colombia), Javier Püschel (Chile) and Cristóbal Silva (Chile) were some of the big names in attendance at one of the most important races in the region. In addition, Tinker Juárez (USA) and Alex Grant (USA) were also part of this off-road peloton.

In a very technical course, the Brazilians took the lead from the start and then Castañeda, Caracioli and Püschel began to chase them immediately. After several changes in the lead, Rubens Valeriano took to the front with Púschel some seconds behind.

Finally the Chilean rider prevailed in the second half of the last lap after the Brazilian rider flatted. Caracioli was second, and Cristóbal Silva, who recovered from a bad start, was third.

Noelia Rodríguez was the favorite in the women's race, and she confirmed it with a solid win over Alexandra Serrano from Ecuador and Elisa García from Chile. The Argentinian is still fighting to represent her country at the Olympic Games in London.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Javier Eduardo Puschel (Chi)1:51:27 
2Luciano Caraccioli (Arg)0:01:17 
3Cristobal Silva Ibaceta (Chi)0:02:25 
4Rubens Valeriano (Bra)0:03:10 
5Dario Alejandro Gasco (Arg)0:06:02 
6Fabio Hernando Castaneda Monsalve (Col)0:07:43 
7Mauro Berrocal (Arg)0:08:22 
8Nicolas Novoa (Chi)0:10:48 
9Alex Grant (USA)0:11:22 
10Gustavo Catalan (Chi)0:14:17 
11Edivando Cruz De Souza (Bra)0:26:27 
12Cesar Lettoli (Arg)  
13Patricio Figueroa (Chi)  
14Daniel Eduardo Iturrieta Riquelme (Chi)  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Noelia Rodriguez (Arg)1:25:07 
2Alexandra Gabriela Serrano Rodriguez (Ecu)0:00:58 
3Elisa Maria Garcia (Chi)0:01:51 
4Agustina Maria Apaza (Arg)0:05:33 
DNFDenisse Van Sint Jan (Chi)  
U23 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Franco Molina (Arg)2:00:26 
2Patricio Maximiliano Farias Diaz (Chi)0:03:00 
3Nicolas Prudencio (Chi)0:13:46 
4Sebastian Alejandro Miranda Maldonado (Chi)0:21:28 
5Marco Nazal (Chi)0:22:13 
DNFDiego Amaru Diaz Seoulveda (Chi)  
U23 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Laura Munizaga Holloway (Chi)1:29:44 
2Fernanda Castro (Chi)0:02:27 
3Florencia Espineira (Chi)0:03:52 


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