Zandastra victorious in Canada

Batty races to win in women's race

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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Derek Zandstra (Can) 3 Rox Racing1:38:32 
2Cameron Jette (Can) 3 Rox Racing0:00:23 
3Eric Batty (Can) Trek Canada0:01:20 
4Leandre Bouchard* (Can) Cyclone d'Alma0:01:33 
5Peter Glassford (Can) Trek Canada0:01:52 
6Mitch Bailey* (Can) Trek Canada0:02:07 
7Evan McNeely* (Can) EMD Serono Specialized0:02:32 
8Adam Morka (Can) Trek Canada0:02:54 
9Matthew Hadley (Can) XPREZO-BORSAO0:03:31 
10Evan Guthrie* (Can) Rocky Mtn/Fact/BC Team0:03:46 
11Andrew Watson (Can) Norco Factory Team0:05:21 
12Zach Hughes* (Can) Norco Factory Team0:05:55 
13Jeremy Martin* (Can) Equipe Quebec/Rocky Mtn/Fact0:06:07 
14Ryan Atkins (Can) Kunstadt Sports0:06:18 
15Seb. Cadieux-Duval* (Can) Equipe Quebec Espressosports0:06:20 
16Felix Cote (Can) Equipe Quebec Espressosports0:06:30 
17Ruan Du toit* (Can)0:06:48 
18Jamie Lamb (Can) Equipe Quebec/Garn Ch-NortRose0:09:11 
19Jacob McClelland* (Can)0:09:17 
20Tyson Wagler* (Can) 3 Rox Racing0:09:27 
21Danny Souter (Can) KHS Bicycles0:09:43 
22Etienne Moreau* (Can) EMD Serono - Specialized CC0:10:24 
23Graham Torrie (Can) Bike Bros0:10:26 
24Andrew L'Esperance* (Can) Norco Factory Team0:10:49 
25JP Thibault-Roberge* (Can) CVM VAL DAVID0:10:50 
26Patrick Chartrand* (Can) Equipe du Quebec0:10:53 
27Mike Garrigan (Can) Lapierre Canada0:11:29 
28Imad El-Ghazal (Can) Kunstadt Sports0:12:41 
29Matthew Krahn (Can) RedBike0:12:59 
30Alex Lavertu* (Can) CVM VAL DAVID0:13:12 
31Neil Schiemann (Can) Kunstadt Sports0:13:36 
32Jon Kinsie (Can) Lapierre Canada0:14:05 
33Philippe Depault* (Can) Specialized Quebec0:14:16 
34Logan Tacoma (Can) Two Wheel Express0:14:34 
35Steven Noble* (Can) OPUS/OGC0:14:39 
36Simon Wagler* (Can) Two Wheel Express0:14:49 
37Kelsey Krushel* (Can) Lapierre Canada0:15:15 
38Emmanuel Boily* (Can) CVM VAL DAVID0:15:34 
39Preston Wagler* (Can) 3 Rox Racing0:15:53 
40Leni Trudel (Can) Equipe Quebec/Garn Ch-NortRose0:16:13 
41Scott Lynch* (Can) Novofit Cycling Solutions0:16:15 
42Andrew De Cal* (Can) Liberty! Bicycles0:16:16 
43Kevin Massicotte* (Can) Nativo Devinci0:16:24 
44Francois Lehoux* (Can) Subway Genetik0:16:26 
45Matthew Farquharson* (Can) Lapierre Canada0:16:31 
46Stu Alp (Can) KHS BICYCLES0:18:23 
47M Belanger-Barrette* (Can) Subway Genetik0:18:40 
48Anton Varabei (Can)0:18:42 
49Timothy Carleton (Can) RideAllDay.ca0:18:43 
50Jon Slaughter* (Can) Cycle Solutions/AJCC0:18:49 
51Xavier Perreault* (Can) CVM VAL DAVID0:18:51 
52Jamie Wagler (Can) Two Wheel Express0:21:20 
53Jarrod Forrest (Can) The Hub Race Team0:21:59 
54Jeremi Bussieres* (Can) CVM VAL DAVID0:22:11 
55Justin Henri* (Can) Liberty! Bicycles0:22:54 
56Jerome Samson (Can) Sweet Pete`s0:22:55 
57Jonathan Cantin* (Can) Velo Extreme St-Raymond0:39:56 
DNFJared Stafford* (Can) Norco Factory Team  
DNFPL Chamberland* (Can) CVM VAL DAVID  
DNFKyle Douglas (Can) 3 Rox Racing  
DNFTrevor Montague* (Can)  
DNSGuy Vankrimpen (Can) Reactivated Racing  
DNFZach Winn (Can) Cycle Youth  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Batty (Can) Subaru-Trek1:35:47 
2Amanda Sin (Can) 3 Rox Racing0:00:38 
3Catherine Vipond (Can) Norco Factory Team0:01:52 
4Mikaela Kofman* (Can) 3 Rox Racing0:02:30 
5Jean Ann Berkenpas (Can) XPREZO-BORSAO0:03:25 
6Brandi Heisterman (Can) Team Whistler/Rocky Mountain0:06:52 
7Heather Gray (Can) Angry Johnny/Cycle Solutions0:07:24 
8Cindy Montambault (Can) CVM VAL DAVID0:09:13 
9Sandra Walter (Can) XPREZO-BORSAO0:09:33 
10Mandy Dreyer (Can)0:10:35 
11Andreanne Pichette* (Can) OPUS/OGC0:10:43 
12Rebecca Beaumont* (Can) Equipe Quebec Cyclone d'Alma0:10:43 
13Cayley Brooks* (Can) Trek Canada0:12:52 
14Valerie Meunier* (Can) Equipe Quebec Cyclone d'Alma0:13:15 
15Celine Foreht (Can) Cycle Solutions/AJCC0:16:40 
16Ashley Barson* (Can) CoachChris.ca0:16:49 
17Erica Bota (Can)0:18:10 
18Tricia K. Spooner (Can) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery0:18:46 
19Caeli Barron* (Can) Synergy Racing Cycle Club0:21:19 
20Laura Bietola* (Can) 3 Rox Racing0:22:20 
21Anna Schappert* (Can) Bikes and Beyond0:23:02 
22Marjorie Lavoie* (Can) CVM VAL DAVID0:23:55 
23Sarah Moore* (Can) CVM VAL DAVID0:25:23 
24Melanie Bernier* (Can) CoachChris.ca0:39:40 
25Annick Chretien (Can) CVM VAL DAVID0:40:40 
26Susan Stephens (Can)0:41:40 
27Kaitlin Michener* (Can) LAPIERRE CANADA0:42:40 
DNSKristina Laforge* (Can) Equipe Quebec Cyclone d'Alma  
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