Australian men and Canadian women excel in Bromont

Hill and McQueen win Bromont downhill

Elite men
1Samuel Hill (Aus)0:02:42 
2Mitchell Delfs (Aus)0:00:09 
3Neko Mullaly (USA)0:00:14 
4Yann Gauvin (Can)0:00:18 
5Rob Fraser (Can)0:00:19 
6Dominick Menard (Can)0:00:20 
7Mathieu Laurin (Can)0:00:20 
8Remi Gauvin (Can)0:00:20 
9Trenton Zoobkoff (Can)0:00:20 
10Jean-Philippe Da Silva (Can)0:00:21 
11Jonathan Lefrançois (Can)0:00:21 
12Benoit Rioux (Can)0:00:21 
13Philippe Cyrenne Blanchard (Can)0:00:21 
14Julien Laramée (Can)0:00:22 
15Adam Morse (USA)0:00:22 
16Simon Garstin (Can)0:00:22 
17Hans Lambert (Can)0:00:23 
18Dylan Morley (Can)0:00:25 
19James Rennie (NZl)0:00:25 
20Mathieu Lagrange (Can)0:00:26 
21Tyler Allison (Can)  
22Samuel Vallee (Can)0:00:27 
23Gavin Vaughan (USA)0:00:28 
24Jonathan Allard (Can)0:00:28 
25Nelson Pelletier (Can)0:00:28 
26Étienne Rolland (Can)0:00:28 
27Alan Crisp (Aus)0:00:29 
28Alex Couture (Can)0:00:29 
29Chayse Marshall (Can)0:00:30 
30Matt Zdriluk (Can)0:00:30 
31Francis Paquet (Can)0:00:30 
32Benoit Labelle (Can)0:00:31 
33Brett Hornfelt (Can)0:00:31 
34Dave Trumpore (USA)0:00:32 
35Tim Price (USA)0:00:32 
36Pierre-Olivier Girardot (Can)0:00:32 
37Francis Paradis (Can)0:00:33 
38Tom Kakamousias (Can)0:00:33 
39Maxime Fortin Faubert (Can)0:00:33 
40Parker Worthington (USA)0:00:33 
41Nick Quinn (Can)0:00:34 
42Daniel Sims (NZl)0:00:34 
43Kye Walstrom (Can)0:00:34 
44James Jeannet-Chipman (Can)0:00:35 
45Kyle Marshall (Can)0:00:35 
46Vincent Poliseno (Can)0:00:36 
47Jeffery Bryson (Can)0:00:36 
48Simon Poirier-Giroux (Can)0:00:36 
49Ben Porteous (Can)0:00:37 
50Bradly Zdriluk (Can)0:00:37 
51Dave Filion (Can)0:00:37 
52Benoît Tremblay (Can)0:00:37 
53Pier-Olivier Lassonde (Can)0:00:37 
54Stéphane Mailhot (Can)0:00:37 
55Olivier Bourdeau (Can)0:00:38 
56Hugo Rhéaume Lalumière (Can)0:00:38 
57Ben Reasbeck (Can)0:00:38 
58Willy Cadham (Can)0:00:38 
59Quinn Lanzon (Can)0:00:38 
60Franck Kirscher (Fra)0:00:38 
61Alistair Pimlott (Can)0:00:39 
62Joshua Thibodeau (Can)0:00:40 
63Taylor Rowlands (Can)0:00:40 
64Caleb Glithero (Can)0:00:40 
65Patrick Thompson (Can)0:00:41 
66Darryl Bartlett (Can)0:00:43 
67Guillaume Lafleur-Smith (Can)0:00:44 
68Mathieu Prudhomme (Can)0:00:44 
69Zachery Tatem (Can)0:00:47 
70Eric Loranger (Can)0:00:49 
71Adam Finlayson (Can)0:00:49 
72Nicolas Konow (Can)0:00:49 
73Philippe Bergeron (Can)0:00:52 
74Alexandre Iachetta (Can)0:00:52 
75Matt Cummings (Can)0:00:52 
76Bastien Major (Can)0:00:53 
77Alex Cooke (Can)0:00:54 
78Brandon Cassell (Can)0:00:56 
79Jean Dugal (Can)0:00:56 
80Cameron Porteous (Can)0:00:58 
81Tim White (USA)0:00:58 
82Brendan Flanagan (Can)0:00:59 
83Paul Marynowski (Can)0:00:59 
84Justin Macknish (Can)0:01:00 
85Simon Poirier-Giroux (Can)0:01:00 
86Christophe Perreault (Can)0:01:00 
87Chad Connelly (Can)0:01:01 
88Tristan Mclean (Can)0:01:01 
89Steve Gauci (Can)0:01:02 
90Keith Grant (Can)0:01:02 
91Marcel Thomann (Can)0:01:03 
92Vincent Jauvin (Can)0:01:04 
93Louis Breton (Can)0:01:09 
94Matt Gillies (Can)0:01:12 
95Tyler Maass (Can)0:01:13 
96Nathan Rands (Can)0:01:25 
97Chris Ciszewski (Can)0:01:29 
98Chris Barlin (Aus)0:01:31 
99Trevyn Newpher (USA)0:01:35 
100Geoffrey Arthur Ulmer (USA)0:01:37 
101Kyle Lockyer (Can)0:04:51 
102Saul Boudreau (Can)0:07:02 
DNFChristian Pradella (Can)  
DNFSamuel Lagrange (Can)  
DNFEmmanuel Daoust (Can)  
DNFAndrew Mitchell (Can)  
Elite women
1Rebecca McQueen (Can)0:03:31 
2Miranda Miller (Can)0:00:04 
3Danice Uyesugi (Can)0:00:09 
4Anne Laplante (Can)0:00:32 
5Caroline Milot (Can)0:00:42 
6Claudia Paquin (Can)0:01:01 
7Emilie Audet (Can)0:01:06 
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