Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race: Amanda Spratt leads Orica AIS one-two

Neylan and Wiggle's King complete podium

Australian national road race champion Amanda Spratt led home an Orica-AIS one-two in the women’s event at the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race on Saturday.

Spratt beat teammate and defending champion Rachel Neylan to the line by 48 seconds, with Dani King (Wiggle High5) finishing a second later and completing the podium.

“It was perfect from kilometer zero. We had Loren Rowney, Chloe McConville and Sarah Roy who did a lot of work to set myself, Rachel and Tayler Wiles up for the final,” Spratt said at the finish. “It was just a battle once we got to the climbs. We were constantly attacking and the peloton just kept whittling down, so we just kept the pressure and just kept sticking at it. I thought Rachel's move would stay away with Chloe Hosking, but then it came back so I countered over the top and managed to get away."

Orica-AIS dominated the race, with Spratt’s winning move coming inside the final 25 kilometres, after she and her teammates had softened up the peloton over the 113 kilometre course.

The first hour of racing saw a number of attacks from the field but Wiggle and Orica keep the pace in the peloton high, not allowing for any serious threats to escape their clutches.

Jessica Allen (High5 Dream Team) finally broke free after 50 kilometres of action and she was later joined by Taryn Heather (Bike Bug), with the pair building a maximum lead of 90 seconds.

That brought Orica and the rest of the well-represented teams back into play and the pair were reeled in with 30 kilometres to go.

Neylan made her most aggressive move with Hosking joining her but the vastly reduced peloton – down to fewer than 20 riders at this point – had just enough to catch the pair.

However with the field starting to weaken, Spratt made her move on the finishing circuit. With nine kilometres to go, the gap was just 12 seconds but she more than hung on, with Neylan having enough to hold off King in the sprint.

“It was painful over all those climbs but when you’ve got a team like that you're always motivated for the finish,” added Spratt.

Last year's winner and this year's second place finisher Neylan also applauded the whole team effort.

“To be a part of a win which was full of such cohesive teamwork is special, so I'm just absolutely thrilled.”

King finished third while there was further consolation for Wiggle with Allen picking up the Queen of the Mountains jersey.

“I jumped to get a gap, no one came with me, so I just set a nice tempo, went pretty hard to get that Queen of the Mountains and then just recovered a bit afterwards,” she said.

“Taryn Heather jumped across to me and we went pretty hard together for about 15km, opening up a gap of over a minute, the bunch caught us again after the feed zone.

“It was great to have the opportunity to get this jersey thanks to the support of my High5 Dream Team teammates and staff.”

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amanda Spratt (Aus) Orica-AIS2:58:45 
2Rachel Neylan (Aus) Orica-AIS0:00:49 
3Danielle King (GBr) Wiggle-High5  
4Chloe Hosking (Aus) Wiggle-High50:01:03 
5Lauren Kitchen (Aus) Hogs Breath Cafe Tineli  
6Tiffany Cromwell (Aus) Boss Racing Team  
7Tayler Wiles (USA) Orica-AIS  
8Ruth Corset (Aus) Rush Women's Team  
9Miranda Griffiths (Aus) Holden Women's Cycling Team  
10Peta Mullens (Aus) Wiggle-High50:01:07 
11Lucy Kennedy (Aus) High5-Dream Team0:01:24 
12Kirsten Howard (Aus) Subaru NSWIS NKC0:03:16 
13Louisa Lobigs (Aus) Holden Women's Cycling Team0:03:17 
14Ruby Livingstone (NZl) Roxsolt  
15Justine Barrow (Aus) Boss Racing Team  
16Julie Leth (Den) Hogs Breath Cafe Tineli  
17Lucy Garner (GBr) Wiggle-High5  
18Amy Roberts (GBr) Wiggle-High5  
19Loren Rowney (Aus) Orica-AIS  
20Genevieve Whitson (GBr) CBR Women's Racing Team  
21Joanne Hogan (Aus) Rush Women's Team  
22Shannon Malseed (Aus) Holden Women's Cycling Team0:05:09 
23Tayla Evans (Aus) Bikebug-NextGen  
24Emily Cunningham (Aus) Boss Racing Team  
25Jessica Allen (Aus) High5-Dream Team  
26Georgia Catterick (NZl) Roxsolt  
27Sophie Mackay (Aus) Specialized Women's Racing0:05:42 
28Lucy Barker (Aus) Mercedes Benz Adelaide Blackchrome0:07:27 
29Hannah Gumbley (NZl) Roxsolt  
30Bridie O'donnell (Aus) Rush Women's Team0:08:22 
31Rachel Ward (Aus) Bikebug-NextGen0:08:53 
32Taryn Heather (Aus) Bikebug-NextGen  
33Chloe Mcintosh (Aus) CBR Women's Racing Team0:08:59 
34Aimee Ingram (Aus) Mercedes Benz Adelaide Blackchrome0:09:15 
35Christina Teniswood (Aus) Mercedes Benz Adelaide Blackchrome0:09:33 
36Lynne Clarke (Aus) Boss Racing Team0:10:12 
37Angela Smith (Aus) Subaru NSWIS NKC0:10:13 
38Hollee Simons (Aus) Subaru NSWIS NKC  
39Emily Roper (Aus) Hogs Breath Cafe Tineli  
40Kendelle Hodges (Aus) High5-Dream Team  
41Deborah Hennessey (Aus) Hogs Breath Cafe Tineli0:12:48 
42Harriet Smith (Aus) BCWS0:13:28 
43Penny Brown (Aus) Specialized Women's Racing0:15:35 
44Ania Ligas (Aus) BCWS0:17:04 
45Verita Stewart (Aus) Specialized Women's Racing0:20:21 
46Margeaux Thompson (Aus) BCWS  
47Fiona Yard (Aus) Specialized Women's Racing  
48Belinda Chamberlain (Aus) CBR Women's Racing Team  
49Esther Borg (Aus) BCWS  
50Emily Cust (Aus) BCWS  
51Minda Murray (Aus) Rush Women's Team  
52Abby Sneddon (Aus) Roxsolt  
53Kristy Glover (Aus) Bikebug-NextGen  
54Jessica Lane (Aus) Mercedes Benz Adelaide Blackchrome0:22:35 
55Ella Scanlan-Bloor (Aus) Roxsolt0:24:25 
DNFSarah Roy (Aus) Orica-AIS  
DNFChloe Mcconville (Aus) Orica-AIS  
DNFSamantha De Riter (Aus) High5-Dream Team  
DNFBrodie Chapman (Aus) Holden Women's Cycling Team  
DNFKate Perry (Aus) Specialized Women's Racing  
DNFKirsty Broun (Aus) Rush Women's Team  
DNFCarley Mckay (Aus) Boss Racing Team  
DNFGemma Ansell (Aus) Boss Racing Team  
DNFAlicia Macdonald (Aus) Subaru NSWIS NKC  
DNFJosephine Meldgaard (NZl) Roxsolt  
DNFAlice Wallett (Aus) CBR Women's Racing Team  
DNFMichelle Apostolou (Aus) CBR Women's Racing Team  
DNFSerene Lee (Sin) BCWS  
DNFBrittany Lindores (Aus) Bikebug-NextGen  
DNFAlana Haansbergen (Aus) Mercedes Benz Adelaide Blackchrome  
DNFGeorgina Beech (Aus) Mercedes Benz Adelaide Blackchrome  
DNFSara Mills (Aus) Hogs Breath Cafe Tineli  

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