Jongewaard and Fry deliver at wet and wild Mt Buller

Taberlay returns to Australia to mix it up among the elite men

Cross country racers Chris Jongewaard and Rowena Fry not only conquered the opposition but the pounding rain and howling wind to take their second victory of the 2010-2011 Jayco Australian Mountain Bike Series at Mt Buller in the Victorian high country on Saturday.

In the elite men's elite, four-time national champion Jongewaard and Athens Olympian Sid Taberlay played out an enthralling six-lap battle in the testing conditions, with Jongewaard holding on for a one minute and 42-second victory to secure the series leader's jersey.

Taberlay, who now spends the majority of his time in California, was a welcome face on the start line at Mt Buller, and the nine-time world championship representative showed that he was still a force to be reckoned with by taking the lead on laps two and three.

However Jongewaard, who was forced to replace his rear wheel on lap two, clawed his way back up to second position and eventually hit the lead on lap four, a position he never relinquished.

"It's been a hard lead up to this race," said Jongewaard. "I've just returned to my old coach and I didn't expect to be going that well. I got a good start and the track's pretty technical, so I was feeling good. I got a flat in the second lap, but the change was pretty quick so I didn't lose much time."

With less than three weeks remaining until the highly anticipated 2011 Specialized Australian Championships in Adelaide on February 22 - 27, Jongewaard is hoping the reunion with his former coach Yvo van Herck will put him back into ominous form.

"After the road nationals, I wasn't where I wanted to be. I've had nothing but good results from him (van Herck) in the past, so I contacted him and he was really enthused to take me back on.

"I've been back with him now for three weeks, and it's been a tough introduction. He's an all-around coach, he trains me really hard and a lot of hours, but I'm really happy.

"I'm on the road back to where I was. I'm a bit tired this weekend and it's going to be another couple of tough weeks, the Otways race will be hard, but then I'll freshen up ahead of nationals."

Peter Hatton from New South Wales crossed the line in third place, whilst Victorian Paul Van Der Ploeg was once again too strong in the under 23 race, taking victory in 1:43:16.

Earlier in the day, the elite women were the first to tackle the challenging conditions, with Fry taking an early lead. However visiting Kiwi rider Fiona Macdermid closed the gap and hit the front in lap two, leaving the Australian girls in her wake.

Macdermid, who won bronze at last year's Oceania Championships, looked set for a comfortable victory, but a rear tyre puncture midway through the fifth and final 5.1km lap forced her out of the race in the closing stages.

Fry pushed on to win in 1:56:23, 33 seconds ahead of Victorian Jenni King who crossed the line in 1:56:56.

"I actually thought when I crossed the line that I got second, so I was a bit fortunate," Fry said. "It's never fun when a New Zealander beats you, and I think I got off a bit lucky today."

"It's pretty muddy out there now. It was really good fun, but it's hard work. It sucks the power out of your legs and you feel like you're not going anywhere. The worst thing is getting mud in your eyes, you can't see anything but you just hope for the best."

Although Fry believes she still has some work to do, the 28-year-old Launceston rider is on track to win her third consecutive national crown later this month.

"I'm slowly getting there. I'm just having a really slow start this season, but I really want to have a good crack overseas this year. I head over in March and I'll be racing until September.

"I definitely want to win nationals, for my third year in a row, and hopefully my form will come together to do that. "

Grace Elvin (1:58:53 - ACT) held off a fast finishing Heather Logie for third in times of 1:58:53 and 1:58:54 respectively. Elvin secured a place on the podium by less than a second.

After three rounds of the cross country, King has 210 points and holds a slender two-point lead over Fry in the overall series standings. It should be an intriguing battle in the final round in Shepparton next month.

Canberra rider Rebecca Henderson remains unbeaten in the under 23 category, crossing the finish line in 1:46:37.

The cross country riders will return on Sunday morning for the fast and furious short course event from 8:30am.

Due to the weather, the seeding round of the downhill scheduled for this afternoon was cancelled.

The elite men's final downhill will be staged at 3:00 pm on Sunday afternoon, where Newcastle rider Rick Boyer will return to strengthen his lead in the elite men's downhill rankings following wins at Hobart and Mt Baw Baw earlier in the series. Shaun O'Connor and Rhys Atkinson are expected to provide the strongest opposition.

Leonie Picton from Maffra will start as favourite in the women's elite downhill category after taking out comfortable victories in the opening two downhill rounds.

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Chris Jongewaard 1:58:51  
2 Sid Taberlay (Kenda / H20 Overdrive) 0:01:42  
3 Peter Hatton 0:02:01  
4 Ivan Rybarik 0:05:48  
5 Matthew Fleming (Clarence St Cyclery) 0:06:50  
6 Joshua Carlson (Rockstar Racing) 0:07:04  
7 Ben Mather (Rapid Cycling) 0:08:38  
8 Ben Henderson (Torq/Anytime Fitness) 0:08:55  
9 Aiden Lefmann (Cannondale) 0:09:07  
10 Lachlan Norris (Giant / Drapac-Porsche) 0:11:43  
11 Shaun Lewis 0:12:41  
12 Andrew Blair (Swell Redshift MTB Team) 0:13:19  
13 Andrew Fellows (Ayup Lights,Blacksheep) 0:13:45  
14 Chad Gossert 0:16:50  
15 Shane Spicer 0:18:28  
16 Sam Chancellor (Total Rush) 0:19:16  
17 Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search2Retain - Felt) 0:21:58  
18 Rohin Adams (Total Rush, SRAM) 0:24:03  
19 Nick Both (Swell-Redshift Racing) 0:27:16  
-1lap John Groves (Apollo Bikes)    
-2laps Cal Britten (Search2Retain - Felt)    
-2laps Grant Lebbink    
DNF Adrian Jackson (Merida Flight Centre MTB Team)    
DNF Jack Lamshed (Search2Retain - Felt)    
DNF Daniel McConnell    
DNF Scott Liston (Search2Retain - Felt)    
DNF Anthony Shippard    
DNF Ben Hogarth    
DNF Garry Millburn (Cannondale)    
DNS Geoffrey Schilg (Kona)    
DNS Murray Spink (Giant Bicycles)    
DNS Roger Van Den Berg    
DNS Steven Cusworth    
DNS Dylan Cooper (Trek    
Under 23 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Paul Van Der Ploeg (Felt Bicycles) 1:43:17  
2 Trenton Day (Scott Bikes) 0:04:10  
3 Charlton Durie (Phantom Cycles) 0:06:02  
4 Mitchell Codner (Rotor / FRS) 0:09:07  
5 Travis Frisby 0:13:46  
6 Kyle Ward (Spearman Cycles) 0:27:07  
-1lap Tom Chaffey (Bike Minded)    
-3laps Andrew Adams    
DNF Luke Fetch (Search2Retain - Felt)    
DNF Brenton Jones    
DNF Brendan Johnston    
Elite women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Rowena Fry (Avanti) 1:56:23  
2 Jenni King (Torq.australia) 0:00:33  
3 Gracie Elvin 0:02:31  
4 Heather Logie 0:02:31  
5 Katherine O'Shea (Torq Nutrition) 0:03:37  
6 Therese Rhodes (Merida - Flight Centre.australia) 0:06:26  
7 Jodie Willett (Merida Flight Centre) 0:06:36  
8 Peta Mullens (Apollo Bicycles) 0:06:38  
9 Amity McSwan 0:10:04  
10 Niki Fisher (Giant) 0:11:02  
11 Rebecca Mates 0:11:28  
12 Jaclyn Schapel (Giant) 0:24:23  
13 Kelly Bartlett 0:27:17  
DNF Fiona Macdermid    
DNS Sarah Riley    
Under 23 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Rebecca Henderson* (Crowne Plaza Canberra) 1:46:37  
2 Shelly Flood* 0:02:13  
Under 19 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Billy Sewell (Gordon Street Cycles) 1:10:24  
2 James Hanus (Scott.australia) 0:01:04  
3 Jack Haig 0:01:53  
4 Blake Polverino 0:02:51  
5 Jacob Langham 0:05:19  
6 Sebastian Jayne 0:05:28  
7 Daniel McDonald 0:07:03  
8 Declan Wharton 0:07:31  
9 Toby Stewart 0:07:33  
10 Ben Comfort 0:10:29  
11 Russell Nankervis 0:12:02  
12 Rodger Pogson-manning 0:14:51  
13 Christopher Aitken (Breakaway Cycles) 0:15:17  
14 Robert Kell 0:15:55  
15 Rhys Flahive 0:18:10  
16 Alistair Crameri 0:19:37  
DNF Alexander Meyland (Rock And Road Cycles)    
DNF Ryan Lloyd    
DNS Jarryd Jones    
DNS Nathan Parsons (Onyabike Belco)    
Under 19 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Amy Austin 1:24:52  
2 Jess Wigan 0:12:33  
3 Rosemary Stewart 0:20:28  
Under 15 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Roly Stewart 1:03:30  
2 Tynan Cox 0:02:25  
  Liam Jeffries (Trailmix)    
Under 15 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ellie Wale 1:01:56  
2 Gabrielle Millan 0:26:24  
Under 17 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ben Bradley 0:47:24  
2 Hamish Prosser (Mal Adjusted) 0:03:02  
3 Jack Lavis 0:03:39  
4 Jack Jude (Cognition Bikes) 0:05:43  
5 Tasman Nankervis 0:08:09  
6 Peter McKellar Stewart 0:08:10  
7 Cameron Prosser 0:08:29  
8 Simon Harrington 0:09:04  
9 Benjamin Green 0:10:48  
10 Mitchell Greenway (All Terrain Cycles) 0:10:50  
11 Jordan Butler 0:14:25  
12 Todd Lavis 0:18:27  
13 Jayden Ward 0:21:20  
14 Hamish Middleton 0:24:21  
15 Jack Gardner 0:29:15  
DNS Sam Wilson    
Under 17 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ella Scanlan-bloor 0:55:05  
2 Zoe Binder (Berry Mountain Cycles) 0:02:36  
DNF Kyna Millan (TLC Cycles MSL)    
Expert men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Hayden Lebbink 1:16:06  
2 Phillip Mawbey 0:04:18  
3 Jordy Davis 0:05:36  
4 Evan Jones 0:16:18  
DNF Mark McInnes (Butler HR)    
DNF Jarrod Quinn    
Veteran men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Perren Delacour (Yeti) 1:10:38  
2 James Kennedy 0:05:03  
3 Duncan Murray 0:06:14  
4 Tom Macmunn 0:07:05  
5 Russell Collett (Yeti Cycles) 0:08:32  
6 David Ferroni 0:11:15  
7 Craig Borham 0:11:19  
8 Michael Roycroft (Moto X Nutrition) 0:21:09  
DNF Craig Felix    
DNF Tim Bardsley-Smith    
DNS Sean Baker    
Veteran women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Philippa Rostan 1:20:11  
2 Prita Jobling-baker 0:02:56  
Veteran men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Peter Kreilis 0:51:02  
2 Craig Mclean (SRAM) 0:00:49  
3 Steve Munyard (Bentleigh Bicycles) 0:07:38  
4 Andrew Remely 0:10:46  
DNS Evan James (Exact Giant MTB Team)    
Master women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jane Ollerenshaw (Bentleigh Bicycles) 1:38:45  
Super master men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Andrew Hall (Great Divide Coffee) 0:52:12  
2 Craig Peacock 0:03:05  
3 John Henderson 0:06:26  
4 Mark Codner (FRS/Rotor BBK Bikes) 0:08:10  
5 Mark Grundy 0:11:15  
6 Stephen Flood 0:14:31  
7 Keith McKellar Stewart 0:15:59  
DNS Garry Lewis    
DNS Paul Darvodelsky    
Grand master men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Gary Poole 1:11:16  
Sport men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Tim Rowe (Bikenow) 1:13:39  
2 Nick Scott 0:02:15  
Sport women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Rosemary Barnes (Swell Design) 0:52:37  
2 Melanie McConnell 0:04:10  

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