Heavy Weather Keeps Riders at the Limit at TransRockies

Rocky Mountain solo to another win in nasty conditions

After four straight years with almost unbroken sunshine, it was inevitable that the Rocky Mountains would demand a little payback from the TransRockies. The riders of the 2009 have been hit with three straight days of unseasonably cold and wet weather that has added an extra level of epic effort to each long day in the mountains.

On Stage 5, the TransRockies field rolled out of Whiteswan Lake deep in the wilderness with the mountain town of Elkford in their sights. As they have since the first year of the TransRockies, one of the friendliest and most enthusiastic groups of locals anywhere would welcome them with hot showers, dry clothes and ample snacks to recharge. With the basics of life like high-speed internet and cell phone reception, riders were anxious to get back in touch with family and share stories of the 2009 race so far.

With tough conditions on the menu and two major passes to cross, the leading groups of riders stayed together early on in the 87.5km stage sharing the work before splits began to appear as tired legs needed to take a rest. As they have since the start, Marty Lazarski and Stefan Widmer from the Rocky Mountain team were again the strongest as they rode away from the group and rolling into Elkford solo. Testament to the tough conditions was that fact that their finishing time of 4:36:07 was just 8 minutes faster than the day before despite a route 20km shorter.

In the Open Women’s division, the VeloBella/Vanderkitten duo of Erika Krumpelman and Shannon Holden took advantage of the burly conditions to grab their second stage win of 2009 with a 13 minute gap over Magi and Kate Scallion of Team Nipika who retain their overall first place position with two days to go.

A number of overseas teams are battling for podium spots despite the tough and complete foreign conditions. Team Cox (Hans-Tore Steen and his partner Gisele Langslet) from Norway have a 23-minute lead in the 100+ Category, while the Czech Republic Czechmasters, who again finshed second overall on the stage, have nearly an hour on their closest competitors, Team Breck Epic. The Flemish Belgian contingent from Team Detrog Granville occupies 2nd and a close 4th in Open Mixed and were also in 2nd in 80+ Mixed until hypothermia problems dropped them to 4th after Stage 5.

Every team, whether local or from across the World had to battle through some tough riding throughout Stage 5. The last descent became as much of a survival course as the climbs as the steep and sketchy Rock Garden descent from top of Crossing Creek pass was slick and scary-a huge opportunity to open up time gaps for the technically adept teams and an exercise in care for those not comfortable with 3km of vertical rock field.

Despite the conditions, only a few teams failed to make the finish cut off time of 10 hours, which was extended by a few minutes in light of the conditions. With hot showers, dry clothes and a town-run barbeque at the finish, riders were restored to wellness quickly and were left to tell war stories as the mechanics braced themselves for another night of bike repair which would require headlamps and ample caffeine to make sure that hundreds of cables, chains, brakes and shocks would be buffed and ready for another 101km and 2600m of climbing across the Continental Divide and into the Crowsnest Pass region of Alberta.

Stage 6 Preview: Elkford – Crowsnest Pass (101km)

There’s no easy way to start stage 6 as riders head straight up from Elkford to the rim of the Fording River Canyon and past Josephine Falls along some sweet singletrack. This is a long day in the saddle and the 1,000m vertical climb up rugged Grave Creek Canyon is gradual and unrelenting ride. From the top, the route drops steeply into Alexander Creek, but don’t get too excited by the descent – you’ll soon be climbing to the summit of Deadman’s Pass and crossing the Continental Divide into the province of Alberta. The finish rolls through some steep drainages across the face of Crowsnest Mountain and into the finish line.

Open Men Stage Results
1Stefan Widmer & Marty Lazarski (Rocky Mtn Factory Team)4:36:07 
2João Marinho & José Silva (Team Amarante Bike Zone - Onbike)0:08:50 
3Ray Adams & Ryan Leech (visitPA.com)0:16:35 
4Ryan Correy & Brian Bain (Bow Cycle / Specialized)0:45:13 
5Tom Smets & Tom Luyten (Green Force - T2)0:59:03 
6Dean Etienne & Jeremy Trask (Gears & Beers)1:00:11 
7Johan Erl&sson & Per Andreas Norseng (Rye)1:02:39 
8Andrew Fairhurst & Jeff Smith (Team Crowsnest Pass)1:12:02 
9Pascal De Meulenaer & Ives Verbruggen (Born2bike Team)1:17:33 
10Per Oskar Jr. Ternsten & Jan Erik Søvig (Midlife Madness)1:21:40 
11Netzer Quan & Carlos Sanchez (elretodelquetzal.com)1:22:57 
12Ryan Leibel & Shane MacNaughton (Biking Skillz or Stapleford Billz)1:32:28 
13Nicholas Ringwood & Philip Richmond (Team Hayl&)1:33:45 
14Westley Richards & Roger Violette (Tonik Cycling)1:34:27 
15Pierre Boivin & David Gauvreau (Couloir Racing)1:43:26 
16Javier Lopez & Luciano Sanchez (Caribbean Motors Kia Puerto Rico)1:44:40 
17Rob Russell & Matt Russell (DOA)1:51:13 
18Paul Cockshott & Bart Hallmark (The Pom & Limey)1:54:36 
19Peter Reijmer & Raymond Brummelhuis (Kooyman Techniek 2)2:02:49 
20Ross Farrell & Trevor Innes (Tasmania)2:11:30 
21Patrick Stewart & Shaun Stewart (The Pigs Back)2:19:11 
22Chris Smith & David Warren (Wrecsam Tri)2:22:33 
23Stuart Dewar & Robert Cameron (Chemical Crew)2:28:31 
24Luis Manuel Gonzalez & Rene Lopez (Dominican Republic)2:31:13 
25Mark Crook & Daniel Flynn (Tally Ho)2:38:31 
26Jan Hnizdo & Wayne Brunyee (RSA 1)2:38:55 
27Schalk Greyling & Johannes Koen (Maplotters)2:51:22 
28Maximilian Schmeding & Ulf Neumann (Berlin Turtles)2:56:54 
29Kris Binder & Stephan Oestergaard (Challenge 09)3:00:05 
30David Jones & Kurt Shanski (The Fishermen)3:00:07 
31Matthew Wilkie & Kevan Wilkie (Team Elkford)3:01:48 
32Richard Batteram & Reinoud Wolter (Rocky Riders)3:04:36 
33James Moyle & Matthew Kitchin (Matt & Moyle)3:08:46 
34Ken Hurd & Sheldon Smart (Bikeridr)3:19:03 
35Andrew Williams & Garret Sowchuk (Incyclophobiacs)3:20:11 
36Michael Spoerri & Tobias Jakob (Zahnknirscher & Zahnknisterer)3:22:13 
37Ian Owen & Jim Gaffney (Oneplanet Adventure)3:23:28 
38Shaun Ellis & Mike Radakovic (Vino Fino)3:59:46 
39Bruce Cockburn & Wayne MacFarlane (Achilles Heels)4:31:05 
40Frans Cronje & Juan Claassen (FJ No Fear)4:36:57 
41Rob Sedgwick & Antony Britten (Team INstall)5:06:47 
42Aldo Lopez-Negrete & Arek Sawzdargo (Stinking Monkeys)5:32:39 
43Kamil Gurses & Xavier Bonnard (Anglo-French Alliance)5:23:53 
80+ Men Stage Results
1Milan Spolc & Martin Horak (Czechmasters)4:40:41 
2Thane Wright & Dax Massey (Breck Epic)0:05:10 
3Sergio Vairetto & Ettore Bollati (Dream Team)0:42:12 
4Daniel Cyr & Conrad Audet (Dalbix)1:07:59 
5Erno Dongen van & Jeroen Kerkhof (EDO Rham team)1:28:45 
6Helder Carvalho & Joao Mendes (Team Arruda)1:43:20 
7Brendan Morgan & Arthur Sombrowski (Park Place Pedal Pushers)1:49:40 
8Scott Allan & Phil Roadley (Prairie Storm)1:51:03 
9Mark Butschler & Keith Nicoll (Tinhorn Creek Crush Club)1:56:11 
10Gary Bruce Turner & Hallgeir Bakken (Old Guys Rule)2:14:04 
11Pat Gilmar & Franck Gimard (Fernie Blackstone)2:25:56 
12Mark Smith & Philippe Leroy (Team BVI)2:41:15 
13Erik Van Oort & Richard Mills (TEC)2:52:25 
14Tom McKee & Darcy Verhun (River Valley Cycle)3:08:53 
15Stephen Bourne & Wayne Aussem (Team Warthog)3:13:43 
16Santiago Ramirez & Juan Carlos Lopez (Trope Shago)3:23:17 
17Tony Timberlake & Ian Grist (Cyclelife Dunstable UK)3:28:32 
18Mark Groome & Rob Williams (Head Cases)3:37:10 
19Wesley Arthur & Dan Janzen (No Return)3:37:28 
20Mark Millichip & Richard Lloyd (Team Darkside-Fubar)3:41:20 
21Christian Arsenault & Mario Poirier (Le Pedalier)4:02:43 
22Gary Stirrup & Ian Kaye (North Wales Monkeys)4:33:30 
23Allan Knabe & Dennis Knabe (Are we nearly there yet?)4:42:25 
24Sean Bell & Jeremy Tomalin-Reeves (Un For Deux)4:45:42 
25James Cullen & Kevin Howlett (Team AFG Irel&)5:19:19 
26Chris Johnston & Trevor Nakka (Tranced)  
27Jon Gould & Pieter Van Rooyen (Elkford Bicycle Repair)  
Open Women Stage Results
1Erika Krumpelman & Shannon Holden (Velo Bella/ V&erkitten)6:35:39 
2Magi Scallion & Kate Scallion (Team Nipika)0:13:18 
3Giselle Weybrecht & Angelique Van Oort (TEC2)3:24:21 
Open Mixed Stage Results
1Jeff Neilson & Mical Dyck (Terrascape/Trek Toronto)5:07:59 
2Xavier Vermeeren & Mieke Deroo (Team Detrog-Granville Men)0:14:30 
3Kristof Schoonbaert & Sofie De Wulf (Detroggranville 3)0:23:43 
4Dean Irvine & Alena Irvine (Steed Cycles)0:27:16 
5Rolf Reimann & Ingrid Hohermuth (Swisslys)1:32:30 
6Thomas Schneeberger & Andrea Kyburz (TooBee)2:01:04 
7David R&all & Victoria R&all (Bavarian Brits)2:12:44 
8Charlotte Irel& & Tim Collinson (Grizzlers)2:15:26 
9Giuseppe Salerno & Milena Bettocchi (Ruote Quadre T&em)2:50:33 
10Viktor Sundberg & Sylvia Kammerer (Sweden - Italy)2:57:10 
11Chris Jeske & Chantal Requier (Done Tri-ing)3:08:10 
12Simon Hirota & Christina Hirota (Two Wide Fields)3:22:07 
13Greg Auger & Laura Grant (Raise the Hammer)4:22:37 
80+ Mixed Stage Results
1Pat Doyle & Trish Grajczyk (Deadgoat Racing)6:03:36 
2Margo Downey & Craig Gillett (Hartl& Hammers)1:33:08 
3Tanya Martin & Ray Vermette (Team Loupgarou)1:52:43 
4Marion Hemmerling & Hansjoerg Bosler (Bavarian Bears)3:02:57 
5Derek Higgins & Charmaine Lingard (Team Charek)3:05:15 
6Janet Jones & Bruce Jones (Two Jones)3:48:25 
7Nick Meek & Martha Tullberg (Chalet la Foret)3:50:18 
8Freddy Compernolle & Lieve Durnez (Team de Trog-Granville Mixed 1)3:56:24 
9Rick Metzger & Alison Metzger (Like Father, Like Daughter)  
100+ Mixed
1Hans-Tore Støen & Gisle Langslet (Team Cox)5:53:36 
2David Sudbury & Robin Willard (Derailleur Noir)0:01:48 
3Garth Patterson & Gary Goplen (Bike Doctor)0:08:26 
4Kurt Anderau & Judith Locher (Poco Loco)0:31:29 
5George King & Jerome Salvador (Team Comanche)1:13:00 
6Jane Hilt & Richard VanGytenbeek (Aktermacti)2:20:41 
7John Engelberts & Ben Engelberts (Booster Juice)2:22:28 
8Bryan Sveinson & Ross Maylor (Qball & Lefty)2:48:51 
9Andy Hodgson & Steve Salt (World Famous Team Salty Balls)3:26:35 
10Don Martin & Gerald Martin (Brothers in Arms)4:06:17 
Unclassified Stage Results
1Peter Turnbull & Jonathan Stenson (Gateway /Cycle Studio RT)4:43:43 
2Bryan Anderson & Nels Guloien (SUGOI)0:49:40 
3Carey Lowery & Zeke Lilly (Specialized Kudzu Mafia)1:27:28 
4Andy Davies & Gary Bridgeman (Dads Army on Tour 2009)1:47:00 
5Marcus Brummelhuis & Gerardus Glaudemans (Kooyman Techniek team 1)1:55:12 
6Stephen Smith & (Bike Bulgaria)2:11:34 
7Eric Nesbitt & Michael Kontos (Very Proudly Kenyan)2:28:37 
8Merryck Griffiths & Darren Ebbs (Almaden Press)3:01:10 
9Mr. Joan Febles & (Mr. Joan Febles)3:02:40 
10Gunnar Falke & Marcus Apel (No Mercy!)3:28:38 
11Carlos Andre Santos & Jose Alex&re Vilela (Aroeira Brasil)3:57:46 
12Almereau Prollius & Gordon Craib (Battlestars)4:19:16 
13Paul Godman (Paul Godman)4:23:29 
DNSMaria Garcia & Betania Roberto (Sempre Amigas)  
Open Men General Classification
1Stefan Widmer & Marty Lazarski (Rocky Mtn Factory Team)19:29:18 
2João Marinho & José Silva (Team Amarante Bike Zone - Onbike)1:05:31 
3Ray Adams & Ryan Leech (visitPA.com)2:39:28 
4Ryan Correy & Brian Bain (Bow Cycle / Specialized)3:42:24 
5Tom Smets & Tom Luyten (Green Force - T2)5:09:07 
6Pascal De Meulenaer & Ives Verbruggen (Born2bike Team)5:12:13 
7Johan Erlandsson & Per Andreas Norseng (Rye)5:21:31 
8Dean Etienne & Jeremy Trask (Gears and Beers)5:24:24 
9Pierre Boivin & David Gauvreau (Couloir Racing)5:47:58 
10Andrew Fairhurst & Jeff Smith (Team Crowsnest Pass)6:25:22 
11Netzer Quan & Carlos Sanchez (elretodelquetzal.com)6:39:51 
12Javier Lopez & Luciano Sanchez (Caribbean Motors Kia Puerto Rico)7:24:24 
13Ryan Leibel & Shane MacNaughton (Biking Skillz or Stapleford Billz)7:40:46 
14Nicholas Ringwood & Philip Richmond (Team Hayland)8:11:50 
15Westley Richards & Roger Violette (Tonik Cycling)8:24:18 
16Stuart Dewar & Robert Cameron (Chemical Crew)8:35:30 
17Per Oskar Jr. Ternsten & Jan Erik Søvig (Midlife Madness)8:41:36 
18Paul Cockshott & Bart Hallmark (The Pom & Limey)8:55:36 
19Ross Farrell & Trevor Innes (Tasmania)9:08:26 
20Rob Russell & Matt Russell (DOA)9:20:20 
21Chris Smith & David Warren (Wrecsam Tri)10:31:05 
22David Jones & Kurt Shanski (The Fishermen)10:55:20 
23Ian Owen & Jim Gaffney (Oneplanet Adventure)11:20:12 
24Luis Manuel Gonzalez & Rene Lopez (Dominican Republic)11:25:49 
25Jan Hnizdo & Wayne Brunyee (RSA 1)11:27:16 
26Patrick Stewart & Shaun Stewart (The Pigs Back)11:27:22 
27Matthew Wilkie & Kevan Wilkie (Team Elkford)11:34:13 
28Richard Batteram & Reinoud Wolter (Rocky Riders)12:07:29 
29Maximilian Schmeding & Ulf Neumann (Berlin Turtles)12:13:20 
30Peter Reijmer & Raymond Brummelhuis (Kooyman Techniek 2)13:06:09 
31Schalk Greyling & Johannes Koen (Maplotters)13:09:12 
32Mark Crook & Daniel Flynn (Tally Ho)13:22:21 
33Ken Hurd & Sheldon Smart (Bikeridr)14:05:07 
34Michael Spoerri & Tobias Jakob (Zahnknirscher & Zahnknisterer)14:16:19 
35James Moyle & Matthew Kitchin (Matt and Moyle)15:01:18 
36Kris Binder & Stephan Oestergaard (Challenge 09)16:21:02 
37Aldo Lopez-Negrete & Arek Sawzdargo (Stinking Monkeys)16:52:09 
38Shaun Ellis & Mike Radakovic (Vino Fino)16:54:24 
39Andrew Williams & Garret Sowchuk (Incyclophobiacs)17:07:08 
40Bruce Cockburn & Wayne MacFarlane (Achilles Heels)18:45:21 
41Almereau Prollius & Gordon Craib (Battlestars)19:54:32 
42Frans Cronje & Juan Claassen (FJ No Fear)20:23:34 
43Kamil Gurses & Xavier Bonnard (Anglo-French Alliance)21:42:31 
44Rob Sedgwick & Antony Britten (Team INstall)21:50:55 
80+ General Classification
1Milan Spolc & Martin Horak (Czechmasters)20:55:24 
2Thane Wright & Dax Massey (Breck Epic)0:53:24 
3Sergio Vairetto & Ettore Bollati (Dream Team)2:28:10 
4Daniel Cyr & Conrad Audet (Dalbix)6:04:57 
5Mark Butschler & Keith Nicoll (Tinhorn Creek Crush Club)6:37:41 
6Erno Dongen van & Jeroen Kerkhof (EDO Rham team)7:26:32 
7Brendan Morgan & Arthur Sombrowski (Park Place Pedal Pushers)7:50:26 
8Helder Carvalho & Joao Mendes (Team Arruda)8:15:00 
9Scott Allan & Phil Roadley (Prairie Storm)8:16:47 
10Jon Gould & Pieter Van Rooyen (Elkford Bicycle Repair)8:42:27 
11Gary Bruce Turner & Hallgeir Bakken (Old Guys Rule)9:02:50 
12Pat Gilmar & Franck Gimard (Fernie Blackstone)10:02:45 
13Mark Smith & Philippe Leroy (Team BVI)10:35:38 
14Stephen Bourne & Wayne Aussem (Team Warthog)11:10:02 
15Tom McKee & Darcy Verhun (River Valley Cycle)11:59:12 
16Erik Van Oort & Richard Mills (TEC)12:06:27 
17Santiago Ramirez & Juan Carlos Lopez (Trope Shago)12:54:19 
18Mark Groome & Rob Williams (Head Cases)14:21:18 
19Mark Millichip & Richard Lloyd (Team Darkside-Fubar)15:11:52 
20Wesley Arthur & Dan Janzen (No Return)15:35:09 
21Christian Arsenault & Mario Poirier (Le Pedalier)16:01:12 
22Tony Timberlake & Ian Grist (Cyclelife Dunstable UK)16:26:28 
23Allan Knabe & Dennis Knabe (Are we nearly there yet?)16:30:57 
24Sean Bell & Jeremy Tomalin-Reeves (Un For Deux)17:14:06 
25Gary Stirrup & Ian Kaye (North Wales Monkeys)21:37:33 
26Chris Johnston & Trevor Nakka (Tranced)22:15:50 
27James Cullen & Kevin Howlett (Team AFG Ireland)26:16:36 
Open Women General Classification
1Magi Scallion & Kate Scallion (Team Nipika)28:49:00 
2Erika Krumpelman & Shannon Holden (Velo Bella/ Vanderkitten)1:23:09 
3Giselle Weybrecht & Angelique Van Oort (TEC2)22:29:49 
Open Mixed General Classification
1Jeff Neilson & Mical Dyck (Terrascape/Trek Toronto)22:14:07 
2Xavier Vermeeren & Mieke Deroo (Team Detrog-Granville Men)1:33:57 
3Dean Irvine & Alena Irvine (Steed Cycles)2:40:26 
4Kristof Schoonbaert & Sofie De Wulf (Detroggranville 3)2:44:04 
5Rolf Reimann & Ingrid Hohermuth (Swisslys)5:58:30 
6David Randall & Victoria Randall (Bavarian Brits)9:31:17 
7Thomas Schneeberger & Andrea Kyburz (TooBee)10:09:37 
8Charlotte Ireland & Tim Collinson (Grizzlers)12:03:31 
9Chris Jeske & Chantal Requier (Done Tri-ing)13:37:31 
10Simon Hirota & Christina Hirota (Two Wide Fields)14:21:53 
11Viktor Sundberg & Sylvia Kammerer (Sweden - Italy)15:17:17 
12Giuseppe Salerno & Milena Bettocchi (Ruote Quadre Tandem)15:43:29 
13Greg Auger & Laura Grant (Raise the Hammer)17:35:01 
80+ Mixed General Classification
1Pat Doyle & Trish Grajczyk (Deadgoat Racing)24:49:54 
2Margo Downey & Craig Gillett (Hartland Hammers)5:39:38 
3Tanya Martin & Ray Vermette (Team Loupgarou)9:07:09 
4Freddy Compernolle & Lieve Durnez (Team de Trog-Granville Mixed 1)9:38:16 
5Derek Higgins & Charmaine Lingard (Team Charek)13:35:59 
6Marion Hemmerling & Hansjoerg Bosler (Bavarian Bears)13:56:35 
7Nick Meek & Martha Tullberg (Chalet la Foret)14:54:33 
8Rick Metzger & Alison Metzger (Like Father, Like Daughter)15:45:20 
9Janet Jones & Bruce Jones (Two Jones)16:43:00 
100+ General Classification
1Hans-Tore Støen & Gisle Langslet (Team Cox)26:28:15 
2David Sudbury & Robin Willard (Derailleur Noir)0:23:41 
3Garth Patterson & Gary Goplen (Bike Doctor)0:45:32 
4Kurt Anderau & Judith Locher (Poco Loco)1:15:46 
5George King & Jerome Salvador (Team Comanche)6:57:08 
6Jane Hilt & Richard VanGytenbeek (Aktermacti)7:02:12 
7Andy Hodgson & Steve Salt (World Famous Team Salty Balls)10:09:46 
8Bryan Sveinson & Ross Maylor (Qball & Lefty)11:18:00 
9John Engelberts & Ben Engelberts (Booster Juice)11:30:01 
10Don Martin & Gerald Martin (Brothers in Arms)14:46:35 
Unclassified General Classification
1Peter Turnbull & Jonathan Stenson (Gateway /Cycle Studio RT)24:02:38 
2Andy Davies & Gary Bridgeman (Dads Army on Tour 2009)3:34:45 
3Bryan Anderson & Nels Guloien (SUGOI)6:14:18 
4Mr. Joan Febles & (Mr. Joan Febles)9:37:14 
5Carey Lowery & Zeke Lilly (Specialized Kudzu Mafia)9:52:49 
6Stephen Smith & (Bike Bulgaria)11:08:47 
7Merryck Griffiths & Darren Ebbs (Almaden Press)11:35:35 
8Eric Nesbitt & Michael Kontos (Very Proudly Kenyan)12:00:30 
9Paul Godman & (Paul Godman)14:31:22 
10Marcus Brummelhuis & Gerardus Glaudemans (Kooyman Techniek team 1)15:12:18 
11Almereau Prollius & Gordon Craib (Battlestars)15:21:12 
12Gunnar Falke & Marcus Apel (No Mercy!)15:55:26 
13Carlos Andre Santos & Jose Alexandre Vilela (Aroeira Brasil)19:43:11 

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