Video: Sagan and Armitstead on what winning the Worlds means to them

Behind the scenes in Richmond

In a behind the scenes video produced by Specialized, the two newly crowned world road race champions Lizzie Armitstead and Peter Sagan discuss what winning the title means to them.

Both riders went into the race as favourites, perhaps Armitstead more than anyone, and had to play their own tactical game while the stronger teams around them did their best to stop them. The gravity of what had just happened was evident in both their celebrations, as Armitstead instantly burst into tears.

“I’ve never been that nervous before. The morning of the race I was just so tense,” says Armitstead. “As much as you try to coach yourself out of it, you can’t.”

Sagan’s celebration was a little more extravagant but equally as telling as he jumped off his bike and began high-fiving anyone within arm’s length.

“I am from a small country and it was always my dream to come to America and now I am here and I won a world champion’s jersey,” says Sagan.

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