Pro shoes: Shimano's limited edition R321B

Expect to see these blue shoes on riders at the Tour de France

This article originally appeared on BikeRadar

Shimano today announced that it will sell a limited number of its top-end R321 road shoe beginning this June in a blue version that pro athletes will be riding at the Tour de France.

Like the R321, the R321B has a Teijin AVAIL 100 upper with custom fit options in the instep and arch support. The insoles come with two arch-support inserts ('mid' and 'high'), and can be used without as well for flatter feet. Included stick-on metatarsal pads can be used on the bottom of the insoles. Further, licensed Shimano retailers can heat-mold the shoes to your feet for a perfectly tailored fit.

The upper features a unique elasticized fit Shimano calls Surround, with a band anchored at the sole pulling the upper around the foot. This is underneath the two Velcro straps and single ratchet strap, the anchor of which can be adjusted to suit various ankle shapes or just personal preference.

The R321B will go on sale June 15th, at least in North America for US$380.

Claimed weight for a size 40 pair is 489g. The shoes will come in sizes 40-46 in whole and half sizes, with wide widths available in whole sizes 42-48.  

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