Matthias Brändle's Hour Record Scott Plasma 5

Custom aero track bike for the Austrian's 51.85km record

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 IAM Cycling's Matthias Brändle set a new Hour Record of 51.85km aboard a custom Scott Plasma 5 on Thursday and Scott refined its newest triathlon bike – the Plasma 5 – to aid Brändle in his attempt.

Scott says Brändle's Plasma been built and set up especially to perform on the 200m Aigle track at UCI headquartres. The tri version's front drinks system and top-tube bento box have gone, having been labelled 'unnecessary bulk'. The rear dropouts have been tweaked to accommodate a fixed gear and a 120mm rear track hub, which is 10mm narrower than a regular road wheel.

The bar setup is the stock TT version, while the brakes – normally shrouded on the stock Plasma 5 – have been removed and the covers re-engineered and moulded into the frame and fork structures. This gives the same look and aerodynamic properties, but in a completely solid piece. DT Swiss deep section front and disc tubs finish the package.

Check out the tantalising shots from Scott and IAM Cycling in our gallery above.

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