Guardia Civil report expected very soon

According to Spanish newspaper El País , the Central Operating Unit of the Guardia Civil has...

According to Spanish newspaper El País, the Central Operating Unit of the Guardia Civil has conducted an exhaustive report on the Operación Puerto investigation, which will be transmitted to the Spanish Secretary of State for Sport, Jaime Lissavetsky, very soon. The 500 page-thick summary will detail all the names of the 58 riders supposedly implicated in the doping scandal, as well as the circumstantial evidence on their implication produced by the investigators.

Lissavetsky, who had met with the public prosecutor in the affair, Manuel Moix, and the head of the Guardia Civil operating unit, Colonel Félix Hernand French counterpart Jean-François Lamour, on Friday - one day before the Tour de France gets under way. The race organiser has already said that it wanted to "clean up the peloton" before that start of the event. o on Wednesday, will get together with his

El País further wrote that all the documents and allegations published by the paper last Sunday and Monday would be found in the official report as well, including the suspicions about "Jan" and "the son of Rudy". According to sources close to the investigation, "many of the 58 cyclists that are named are non-Spanish and some are elite cyclists."

Politician Lissavetsky had also initialised the new anti-doping law, which was unanimously voted for in Spanish Congress on Thursday, June 28, and which is due to become law in the beginning of November. A similar legislation, penalizing the production, use and distribution of doping products, exists already in France.

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