Giant's upcoming aero road helmet looks promising

New higher-end trail helmet coming, too

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Giant isn't launching its new high-performance helmet range for a few weeks but two of the new models were on display at the Taipei Cycle Show. We got up close and personal with the aero road and trail helmets, and both look very promising. Given Giant's knack for offering excellent value across the board, we anticipate the pricing to be good, too.

BikeRadar first spotted these helmets at the 2015 Tour Down Under, along with prototype Bontrager aero helmets.

Like many other aero road helmets, Giant's version features a close-fitting profile with a dramatically cropped and rounded tail so as not to act like an air brake in the wind. Although the exterior of the helmet's midsection is left solid to minimise drag, there are huge vents at the very front and rear. Also visible are big cutouts in between the helmet and the rider's forehead – which will hopefully cut down on sweat dripping into sunglass lenses – and deep internal channeling, all of which bodes well for ventilation.

Giant's new aero road helmet sports a very trim profile

Out back is a height-adjustable retention system with a simple indexing knob to set the circumference while the notably thin straps feature fixed splitters that simplify the fit and minimize bulk around the ears.

Ventilation looks to be quite good on Giant's new aero road lid

On the off-road side, Giant will soon release a new trail/enduro helmet with lots of rear coverage for added protection. Ventilation looks very good for the segment with big ports scattered throughout the shell plus internal channels that extend all the way down the front edge of the expanded EPS liner that should help keep your forehead cool and dry. A built-in strap retainer suggests the new helmet will be goggle-friendly, too.

The new trail/enduro helmet looks quite well ventilated, too - and like the aero road model, this one will be offered in men's and women's versions

Giant isn't talking to the media about the new helmets so we'll have to wait until the official launch for additional details. As such, retail pricing, claimed weight and availability – not to mention the helmet names – are still to be determined. 

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