German collector lists treasure trove of vintage road bikes

60 classic road rides could be yours for $35,000

This article originally appeared on BikeRadar

A German bicycle collector has listed a complete collection of 60 classic road bicycles on eBay. The private sale represents a unique opportunity to purchase a vast rideable chunk of recent road cycling history.

The listing, which includes only four photographs - one of which shows the collection stacked wall to wall in a building in Blieskastel, Germany - features a 'Buy It Now' price of $35,000. It also mentions that it was the seller’s “dearest wish to preserve and to cultivate the heritage of cycling”.

The treasure trove collection includes 60 complete road bicycles from over 35 classic names such as Colnago, Pinarello, Chesini, Denti, Barelli, Messina and Peugeot. Also included are an additional 15 frames.

The listing description outlines bicycles or frames from the following brands: Colnago, Pinarello, Chesini, Denti, Barelli, Messina, Bianchi, Champion, Paganini, Bataglin, Geminiani, Faggin, Kotter, Cilo, Enik, Jan Jansen, Gentleman, Raleigh, Diamond, Alan, Koga Miyata, Motobecane, Peugeot, Mercier, Eddy Schütz, Lejeune, Bim Diederich, Charles Pelissier, Raymond Poulidor, Jacques Anqueteil, Jeannie Longo, Hinault, Puch, Velotec, Schauff, Gerber.

The seller also provides details for a Facebook account in the listing, which includes further photographs and videos from inside the collection. The circumstances surrounding the sale aren’t yet clear, although we’ll post more details as we get them.

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