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Gallery: Trek Factory Racing reveal new kit design

Cycling News
January 10, 14:53,
January 15, 01:53
Second Edition Cycling News, Friday, January 10, 2014
Fabian Cancellara (Trek Factory Racing)

Fabian Cancellara (Trek Factory Racing)

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Team go for predominantly black design

Trek Factory Racing have revealed their new kit at the team’s launch today in Roubaix.

The new Bontrager-made kit is predominantly black, with white accents on the right shoulder and left leg. Breaking up the black design are the pin stripes, which go down the jersey and the shorts.

The front of the jersey is dominated by the Trek Factory Racing logo across the chest with the sponsors Bontrager and Shimano sitting above it on either side of the zip.

Trek Factory Racing have formed from the now defunct RadioShack-Leopard team, who disbanded at the end of last year.

cristi_schleck 8 months ago
I was thinking to a white jersey and black bib short, but not 95% black ! :(
qwerty 8 months ago
it's ridiculous how many teams are now in, trek and omega are all in black. it's boring! the whole peloton will be a sea of darkness and fans and commentators will be confused about who's who.
PCM Geek 8 months ago
Thats a pretty nondescript and out right ugly jersey, At least the old Radio Shack jerseys has some color in them. I wouldn't want to be out in the hot summer sun with that black thing soaking up the heat...
gaz753 8 months ago
Black, with white and a little bit red. We see this combination for years now in bikes and parts (e.g. wheels), and now in team clothing. Why are designers thinking this makes products look 'cool', or 'aggressive' or 'fast'?
tommy_nickels 8 months ago
Manufacturers release bikes in a number of colour schemes and then look at sales figures to determine which colours are most popular. So they don't think it looks cool, we do! ;)
FabiquesAnquetillara 8 months ago
No,they do nit. They release bike in black with bit of red mostly. If they release other scheme it is black with something. It is money issue. Carbon fibre is black.period. So it is cheaper to make it black, just clear varnish. More colours,mrans more costs,less profit. Therefore there is noticable marketing to make "black looks cool" You cant find many really colourfull CF bikes. And if so, they will be high-end.e.g. Individual order custom Treks,Colnago C59 etc. Even if you call BMC and ask for lets say green Impec,you will not get one. Colourfull bikes and big selection of colours are gone with steel era, I do not need to explain why steel needs paint.
nepetalactone 8 months ago
I think you might be stretching the truth a bit here. There have been plenty of painted carbon low end bikes for years. Paint cost is negligible, especially as UV absorbing clearcoats are still needed on unpainted frames. It's true in bikes, cars, motorcycles, skis - when considering things that people want to appear to be 'fast', black, white and red are what sells.
nowhereman 8 months ago
Granted, BLACK is beginning to overwhelm the pelotons kits. But I find the Trek kit to be at the low end of this trend. I know I'm out numbered, reading much of these forums comments, but I like the Sky and OPQS kits. But the Trek kit is outstanding in it's blandness. Even the Trek Factory logo is small and far too understated. The pinstripe styling reeks of retro gangster suits. And the one white sleeve does nothing to add any flash to an otherwise conservative and very boring outfit.
agostinho 8 months ago
I was expecting more creativity, after watching Katie Compton's national cyclocross champion jersey. But it's not that bad.
Aapjes 8 months ago
Black is the new black. While this kit is decent on its own, it will be practically invisible in the peloton. Black is currently in fashion, but smart marketing is to stand out, rather than follow the pack. The official Trek logo is red and changing this kit to the same color would do wonders to actually be visible in the peloton.
Cance > TheRest 8 months ago
Design is nice and simple, but why does it have to be this black ? :( Atleast a bit more white would have helped. Seems like they have tried to cover up for all the blackness with some kind of stripe pattern, which actually looks okay. Would give it a C+, gradewise
PJK1972 8 months ago
wallymann 8 months ago
noidea 8 months ago
what about adding nice bow tie???
Scale Rouleur 8 months ago
For that monstrosity, I hope Boonen, Stybar and Co. destroy Cancellara at Flanders/Roubaix
nepetalactone 8 months ago
As if the OPQS kit is any better? Go Sagan!
Angrylegs 8 months ago
It's very, very nicely designed. Elegant. Simple. Problem is, black tends not to stand out in the peloton, especially when all the teams are going for it lately and both Sky and Trek now are basically all-black kits. In that context, this is really not a good design. They should have used it's principle, but gone for a color, keeping the overall idea. In the context of the current peloton as a whole - which is what ANY designer should have been looking at when designing something (context, purpose) - it's not that successful imho.
Stalky 8 months ago
With a little more creativity and absence of the pinstripes....this would be a classy look
Dr_Stav 8 months ago
I hope that any national champions get the chance to stand out. The old Radioshack kit was rubbish! The Lux and Swiss national champions had a slight alteration to their bands, but that was it! I hope they do better this time.
Cance > TheRest 8 months ago
Actually I found the Luxembourg national champ jersey of radioshack to be the worst looking one. Never really had the chance to see the swiss champion jersey in 2013 unfortunately, but in the 2012 season it was stunningly great! The old radioshack jerseys from 2012 along with the 2011 Leopard Trek were for me the best looking kits of 2012 and 2011 respectively.