Gallery: A year through the lens of Dave McElwaine

Cross, Mountain biking, and Road: highlights from Dave's 2011

The fourth installment in our photographer series, Cyclingnews presents the work of Dave McElwaine. While Mark Gunter and Shane Goss are primarily road photographers, Dave is the first in our series to cover the mountain bike and cyclo-cross events.

For our US audience, Dave is no doubt a familiar name. He has covered all disciplines for Cyclingnews over the years, and is one of the biggest freelance contributors to the website.

A guru when it comes to capturing the key moments of a mountain bike cross country race, or positioning himself correctly in a cyclo-cross event Dave knows a thing or two about getting the best pictures.

To see the full gallery click here.

For more of Dave's picture's you can also check out his full portfolio on his website

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