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62-year-old LeDuc tests positive for EPO at US Masters Nationals

Cycling News
December 31, 2013, 20:05,
December 31, 2013, 20:06
First Edition Cycling News, Wednesday, January 1, 2014
The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)

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Handed two-year ban after positive test for EPO, amphetamine and steroid

Sixty-two-year-old amateur rider David LeDuc has been handed a two-year ban by the US-Anti Doping Agency after he tested positive for EPO, amphetamine and an unnamed steroid. The American returned the positive test at the US Master Road National Championships in Bend, Oregon on September 6.

LeDuc, of Willow Springs, North Carolina, had finished in seventh place in the men’s 60-64 road race. LeDuc was masters world champion in the 50-53 category in 2001, and has won multiple US masters road and criterium national championships over the past decade.

“LeDuc’s period of ineligibility began on December 24, 2013, the date he accepted the sanction,” read a statement released by USADA on Monday. “As a result of the violation, LeDuc has been disqualified from all competitive results achieved on and subsequent to September 6, 2013, including forfeiture of any medals, points, and prizes.”

LeDuc’s positive test is the second at the US Master Road Championships in successive years. 51-year-old Richard Meeker was banned for two years after testing positive for the prohibited steroid 19-norandrostenediol at the 2012 championships.


laughyou 9 months ago
what a dork
JantonStentenan 9 months ago
You got that right. Takes epo, the most potent of all performance enhancing drugs, and only gets seventh. And against U.S guys no less. All I can say is wow. That guy must be a real weakling. I'd love to take that guy out and show him how a real rider does it.
bammbamm1961 9 months ago
Careful Stenton - He is a brute and more than likely would pummel you.. That said, He is now the worlds biggest "LOSER".....
JantonStentenan 9 months ago
I don't have to be careful. 7th in a race full of 60 year olds is a pretty clear signal that this guy ain't doin no 47k and hour time trials.
BoneheadForHeros 9 months ago
Look what went into 7th pl before calling LeDuc a weakling...crashes, flats, poor tactics, etc...all could have played a factor.
JantonStentenan 9 months ago
Let me tell you what a mentor of mine once told me. No one gives a flying wilenda about what went into a win. They only care about the number 1 on that stack of money. So if no one cares about that, I doubt they care about what went into a pathetic 7th place.
Ripper 9 months ago
^^ Was the mentor the flying doper himself?
Makuri 9 months ago
Janton, you see to care a lot what went into it. He was apparently world champion at some point. I'm going to take a flyer and assume you weren't? i won't be shocked to find he doped then too. If memory serves me correctly I watched this guy lap the field (maybe twice?) at Athens Twilight when he would have been in his 40's. He does have some talent.
dsotherby 9 months ago
Here we go, Janton cleverly finding a way to talk about himself again.
avantage 9 months ago
Another possibility to read his 7th place is that he is the only one to get caught...
Ripper 9 months ago
He is a dork. Then ago, so are you - attitudes like yours likely contribute to more problems than your dim wit would let you believe.
JantonStentenan 9 months ago
Sorry man. If you're gonna cheat, you better win -- otherwise it's worthless. Take a lesson from Lance. He knew that with what he was doing, if he lost he'd be finished, and you know what he was right. That's why when a story comes out like this and we find that you were just a weakling who cheated to become still a weakling, I've gotta make you pay. So I guess you're the dork who likes to let cheaters walk away with no consequences.
dsotherby 9 months ago
Janton, allow me to me humor you for 2 seconds. You say he cheated and was still a weakling, yet he won a world championship. I'd say he fulfilled your mantra, "if you're gonna cheat, you better win." Oh, by the way, did your mentor Stephen Roche give you this advice?
JantonStentenan 9 months ago
Lance won everything. He didn't just win once and then come in 7th. The only time he didn't win was when he faced Contador and now look where he is -- just where this other guy is. And Roche never told me to cheat. He said fu k em, and fu k em hard. And I did.
Ripper 9 months ago
Nice assumption (or trolling) there Janton. Where did you get the idea that I thought he should not have to pay any consequences? I just noted that you are a dork ... it takes nothing away from the doping dope. Your posts are like a dictionary of stupidity ... just sayin' :-)
TheFred 9 months ago
Dear Dave, Well, well, finally happened; after three decades, you are exposed as what we all knew all along, a cheater. Did you think you were deceiving anybody? You, as an old guy, mixing it up with the pros then stealing the prizes from the masters, never elicited whispers of "what a stud", it was always, "what a pathetic cheater". I was a pro and you were nothing more than an annoyance to me; there were plenty of others to contend with. But you were an interference, just an old guy who shouldn't have been there because you didn't have the talent. You thought you had the secret elixir of youth. You didn't. You merely traded your health for the temporary ability to ride a bicycle faster. And now what's it got you? You got the ultimate punishment. If it happened any sooner, it wouldn't have been nearly as effective. All these years of results are wiped out in one fell swoop; anyone you've ever beaten now knows you didn't beat them. Your little community in North Carolina no longer thinks of you as Dave the racer but Dave the lying loser. Worse still, you've been exposed to the racing community world-wide and are being mocked as a clown...62 and on roids, EPO, and speed. You said you'd race until the last nail goes in your coffin but you're finished and will never be viewed as anything other than pathetic.
JantonStentenan 9 months ago
This guy's a little uptight.
JantonStentenan 9 months ago
I'm kidding man. Just havin a little fun. What you said is totally right. Hopefully I'll have the privilege of meeting him on the bike sometime and schooling his as s.
BrianRay 9 months ago
Should be banned for life....doping at age 62 to get a meaningless 7th place ....what a loser!!
johnnyc 9 months ago
I agree that what he'd done is wrong in a few ways. But it's like you're saying any place other than 1st is pointless?....and really there's no difference in reasons to dope at 62 than at 32, he's competing against others in his age category.and you're right, he should be banned for life, then again he is getting on a bit......
NashbarShorts 9 months ago
You only go around once. Maybe he wanted to see what all the hype was about... Should he have waited until he was 70??
Chrono 9 months ago
The not necessarily right but very natural inference is that he has been doping for years. That a 62 yr old suddenly decides to try 3 different doping substances hardly sounds plausible.
Derek Larson 9 months ago
My guess is that he's been doing it for quite a long time, and he's probably not alone.
NashbarShorts 9 months ago
Let's just hope he strikes a deal so he can get back to triathlon and fighting cancer. Oh wait... never mind. I was thinking of another prized dooshbagg.
Chuck_T 9 months ago
Never gets old :-D
two20john 9 months ago
"There's no fool like an old fool" what an absolute idiot.
GuyIncognito 9 months ago
2nd in a year. 12 months ago it was Chris Horner's best bud Rich Meeker
Uncle_Tod 9 months ago
Didn't they say knowledge comes with age? This dude should have been wise enough to not dope, yet he did... Like other people said, what a complete and utter moron...
jw1979 9 months ago
I don't know the guy, but knowledge does come with age, so I highly doubt the guy is a "complete and utter moron." More likely, he loves to workout and enjoys the competitive environment. Using EPO, amphetamines and whatever steroids he used likely allow him to work out more and compete more. Until this bit of public humiliation, that translates into feeling better, smiling more, needling less sleep, being more productive, being able to think better (testosterone's effect on the ageing brain), etc. Personally, I hope the guy comes out and says the whole system is a total hypocrisy. Big Pharma is making billions and advertises for testosterone replacement (among others) in between ESPN segments. People just want to feel good. If this worked for him (until now) I hardly think he's done anything wrong besides breaking some irrational man-made "laws". Just wait until the genetic revolution hits, you guys are going to look like such hypocrites.
bigbadbern 9 months ago
What he has done wrong is cheated while participating in sanctioned athletic competition. He has stolen from all he has competed against. What he does on his own time is his own business. When he chose to dope and then compete he crossed the line..
jw1979 9 months ago
Absolutely he cheated. That is not up for debate. My point is that what he did was human nature. Who doesn't want to be stronger, think clearer, need less sleep, be able to ride bigger waves, etc. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying it's not necessarily wrong either. If you feel he has stolen from somebody I can see why you would feel emotional about this. I've been stolen from by plenty of cyclists that have tested positive years after racing against them (such as Hesjedal) and it doesn't bother me one bit. So you get 13th instead of 3rd, big deal. That's not what racing and training is about. It's about self discovery. If anyone feels cheated because of what someone else did, they don't have anyone to blame but themselves. As for Shapiro (below) asking "what sort of person deliberately misrepresents what they are" you ought to stop your question right there. The answer to that is "the sort of person that has an ego." Pretty much all of us. Heck, you could argue that humanity is a direct misrepresentation of our true nature so that we can fully appreciate what we do represent when we move on from this life. “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us.” ― Hermann Hesse, Demian
bigbadbern 9 months ago
Bull. I do not think you understand thak there is ego in choosing to compete clean. What you say above is a rohrshack of you, not of me, or many many other sportspeople who strive and seek to explore their true, clean selves. And while we are at it, I do not believe you have any understanding of what Hesse was really trying to say. Your projective values are not mine. And for the record I have trained and competed clean for going on 55 years (started at age 15, you can do the math.)
shapiro 9 months ago
What sort of a person deliberately misrepresents what they are (I.e. a super doped up athlete) in order to win bike race? It is purely and simply blatant lying and cheating with full knowledge of the rules that he effectively endorses every time he participates in a sanctioned event. This is the sort of person you respect jw? No one is forcing him to race. He chooses to cheat on his fellow competitors. This has nothing to do with retaining youth. Go away and start your own 'doping allowed' competition and see how you go with that - be an interesting freak show!
biker jk 9 months ago
So your dad got caught. Get over it.
jabike 9 months ago
He is far from being an idiot, a former English professor actually. Not going to air his entire life on this forum, but I will say that he needs to ride his bike.
TheFred 9 months ago
"Needs to"? Well why didn't he ride then? Instead he chose to cheat and steal results from others in competitions while damaging his health. I'd love to hear the rational of why he needed to do that. Riding is great and it doesn't require doping.
Evan Shaw 9 months ago
I never felt right about this guy. Many years ago raced against him. Go away
Willy_Voet 9 months ago
I also raced against this guy late 90's early 00's. I guess he was ~50 then. I alternated between thinking he was a bad-@$$ old guy and a doper. Guess doper was the answer. Joey D'Antoni was another doper from the same area.
Squares 9 months ago
Joey and LaDuc trained together...
jabike 9 months ago
Actually pretty sure you are right on both accounts. Bad a@@ and a doper.
Rocky Roubaix 9 months ago
Unfortunately, especially in America, people have been brain washed to win at all costs. Winning in America brings fame and glory and many other goodies like money. But to still want to do this sort of stuff at 62, I really have no words. What America and American's need to really concentrate on, more today then ever before in their history, is how to possibly win their country back. This would be the greatest trophy ever achieved. Sports is for your entertainment and pleasure and most of all your well being, nothing else.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Basso, Ulrich,tom simpson,pollentier,virenque,contador,mancebo,sevilla,vinokourov,rasmussen,Moreni,riis.Yes we americans need to really concentrate on the doping problem. The rest of the world is perfect.
ianfra 9 months ago
Only people who have no understanding of this sport would randomly link Simpson to this list of EPO users. Get real!
Anonymous 9 months ago
You get real. The poster implied that this was only an american problem. It is not. I never said simpson used EPO but he did use amphetamines.
Chrono 9 months ago
Anonymous, you've made a wrong emotional knee-jerk response, as shown by your saying "The poster implied that this was only an american problem." No he didn't imply this at all. He wrote, "Unfortunately, especially in America, people have been brain washed to win at all costs." There's a huge difference between "only in America" and especially in America." And in terms of pride in one's country, I'd say his post showed plenty in that department, while yours was just defensive and immature.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Interesting you would complain about someone linking a doper who actually killed himself to this list of low lifes.
ianfra 9 months ago
Yes very interesting. I could make a huge list of people who took some form of dope from the 1880s to the present day. I could list the large number of riders (particularly in the USA) who killed themselves with some form of dope during the 1880s/1890s. What I suggested that you randomly chose one rider from another era and linked them to the EPO users of the recent era. Not much sense in that is there? It says nothing and achieves nothing.
bigbadbern 9 months ago
Have you ever competed as a master athlete in europe? Clean you say?
Squares 9 months ago
It is about time LaDuc was busted. For those who live in the Southeast US - we watched him 10 years ago show up to races and beat up on the local Pro/1/2 racers - including some up and coming youngsters while he was 51 and they were 21. I recall watching a particular local race where he dropped everyone except Ryan Trebon and then Trebon outsmarted him to win the race. Everyone knew he was doped and one of his training friends was busted for EPO at a PanAm track event. For those local guys that thought he was doped then after he put the pain into you on the local shop rides, now you know what was fueling him.
ianfra 9 months ago
Then why didn't you shop him. There as an idiot in the UK recently who went from low cat to elite in a short space of time, avoiding races where there were likely to be dope controls. He got caught in a 'home' test because someone informed the doping authorities that he was likely to be on EPO. I know that's a dangerous thing to do: Someone falls out with another person and makes a false report causing some angst to the person he dislikes. Yep, anything can happen but in my case if I really believed a fellow competitor was on PEDs, I'd have no hesitation in reporting him.
Daniel Russell 9 months ago
A masters racer being competetive in a Pro/1/2 race after racing the master's race earlier in the day? Not normal. He's not the only one still out there doing this. USADA should be targeting all of them.
sixdayglory 9 months ago
I've seen Wright do it in Florida a bunch of times but he never made the final selection or won the 1/2's ... so I still have faith that he's the good guy I hope he is.
Daniel Russell 9 months ago
I don't know who Wright isbut there is a guy in Kansas who has been doing this for decades.
tailgunner 9 months ago
Wright is clean. He's a solid guy.
urace4me2 9 months ago
Thanks Tail gunner. I am Jim Wright. In 2005 I weighed 210 lbs and could race well enough to help my sprinter Chuck Jerabek. I committed to race tandem at nationals in '06 before knowing where it was held. When I found out it was gonna be in a ski resort I freaked out and went crazy trying to loose weight. I lost over thirty pounds while training harder than ever before. The weigh loss was all the dope I needed. The resulted carried over to single bike. Even in that best year I raced Leduc at Greenville and as the group splintered into it's proper bell curve of fitness, I was fourth in that bell curve just ahead of GW, the front three, Leduc among them were way up the road and uncatchable. I've never been even close to as strong as Leduc was and that goes back to the early 1990s. Long base miles = good recovery. And for a few years there 2006, 2007, no one I knew had the kind of base miles I had. Recovery made racing 3 races in one day very doable. Thanks again Tailgunner.
urace4me2 9 months ago
Yes but in 2006 I was only 5 seconds off Ivan Franco's winning time in the Florida State 40km Championships. Is that a "final selection"??