Tour of Utah blog: Unlucky return to America

Louis Meintjes on crashing out

Last year was my first time in America. I raced for two months with ‘Team Simple Green’, thanks to Daniel Belling for hosting me that time.

I was really looking forward to coming back and doing the Tour of Elk Grove and Tour of Utah. Tour of Elk Grove wasn’t really a race that suited me but would help me with my build-up to Utah.

I was really surprised with the level of the riders at Elk Grove and the race turned out to be much harder than I was expecting but it was a really fun race and a nice vibe with the locals supporting the race. I am also pretty sure I got some more bike handling skills as stage one had 260 corners.

My preparations and training leading up to Utah was really good. It was also a race that was to my strengths and the team was really supportive in trying to help me get a good result.

Unfortunately early in stage 2 I was involved in an accident. I was left unconscious for a while and got taken to hospital. I was released later that day and doctors sounded confident that I had no broken bones or serious damage to my head, but it was race over for me. I am really disappointed that I lost the opportunity of racing in Utah but my motivation remains high. There's still a good couple of months of racing to come and I want to finish my first season as a professional well.

It was great to watch stage 3 of Utah on TV and see Tsgabu Grmay make it over the big climbs and finish with all the favourites. Watching it hurt more than my crash because I really wanted to be there but I was so happy that he represented us there. I'll be supporting the guys for the rest of the weekend and hoping for something special.

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