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Sportful NoRain gloves review

Ideal for mildly moist weather conditions the Sportful NoRain gloves are the goldilocks of the glove world

Sportful NoRain gloves
(Image: © David Arthur)

Our Verdict

Ideal when the weather can’t make up its mind with adequate wind and water resistance and good insulation, these Sportful NoRain gloves make dressing for tricky weather so much easier


  • - Keeps most of the rain out
  • - Good for unpredictable mixed conditions
  • - Comfortable and good fitting


  • - No padding
  • - Little reflective details

Close up of the cuff pull tab on the Sportful NoRain gloves

The reinforced pull-tab helps with getting them on (Image credit: David Arthur)

Italian company Sportful’s NoRain fabric technology has been a key pillar of its range for many years, used everywhere from tights to jackets and, as tested here, one of its best winter cycling gloves. That rain shedding capability and a medium weight material combines to create a glove that is perfect for a wide range of weather and temperature conditions.

Sportful NoRain gloves

(Image credit: David Arthur)

Design and aesthetics

Keeping rain out is a perennial problem for cyclists and clothing manufacturers alike. Sportful’s NoRain technology employs a water-resistant material that while not fully 100 per cent waterproof, strikes a happy breathability level. What this means is a glove that can keep your hands dry in showers and light rain while preventing unpleasant overheating when it’s warm. They’re also windproof and this gives them the versatility to cope with the changing conditions that cyclists in the northern hemisphere have to deal with. They’re a medium weight glove good for all but the deepest of winter chills and a silicone-covered underside provides steadfast grip in challenging conditions. 

Sportful NoRain gloves

(Image credit: David Arthur)


Sportful’s NoRain is clever stuff. It's a fabric infused with nanotechnology that provides water repellency without compromising the fit, feel and breathability of the material. It allows Sportful to provide a lightweight and comfortable glove that is warm enough for milder weather with a maximum operating temperature of about 10C/50F. So for mild and moist days these gloves are just the ticket. The material is soft next to the skin with a short cuff and a silicone print on the entire palm ensures you can easily grip the handlebars and hoods even when they are wet. There's a choice of six sizes and two colours - black or blue - both with a reflective logo.

Sportful NoRain gloves

The entire palm is coated with silicone for grip (Image credit: David Arthur)


When the weather just can’t decide what it wants to do, these are a good glove to reach for. They are warm enough on cold windy rides and they can handle a decent amount of rain before your hands become saturated. It's in mixed conditions when you get four seasons in one ride that these are in their element as they strike a really good balance of insulation, rain resistance and comfort. There’s no palm padding which some might miss but this maximizes the feel and control of the bike, aided by the generous silicone prints. A few more reflective details wouldn’t go amiss however. 


Choosing gloves can be a tricky business and it usually means a compromise. Do you choose maximum insulation, water resistance or wind protection? Sportful’s NoRain gloves offer enough of each of these key qualities all wrapped up in a lightweight and comfortable glove. They work extremely well in the vast range of conditions this tester experiences - based in the UK - when the weather just can’t make up its mind. They keep you dry enough, warm enough and comfortable enough, truly a goldilocks glove. They're not perfect though, in that they are lacking any form of padding and skimping on reflective details for a winter glove.

Tech specs: Sportful NoRain gloves

  • Price:  £50 / $50 / €44.90 / AU$80
  • Colours: Black
  • Size: XS-XXL
  • Materials: NoRain fabric for protection against water and wind

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