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Mavic Cosmic SL 32 Disc wheel review

The new low-profile Mavic Cosmic SL 32 Disc wheels are lighter, faster-reacting and optimised for larger tyres. We’ve been finding out what that means on the road

Mavic Cosmic SL 32 Disc wheel review
(Image: © Future / Guy Kesteven)

Our Verdict

Light, responsive tubeless wheel for the sprints and climbs but slightly gusty and limited aero gains


  • Light
  • Easy tubeless setup
  • Stiff
  • Mid tyre friendly
  • Reasonable price


  • Gusty spokes
  • Limited aero gains

The Mavic Cosmic SL 32 Disc wheels have a new low profile these days. Mavic is slimming down its wheel range now it's under new management and it's slimmed down these wheels as well. It uses the same European-made carbon rims as the SLR wheels and at 1,543g they’re 80g lighter than the previous Ksyrium Pro Carbon UST wheels. 

We've been using them for XXX to see how they compare to the best road bike wheels on the market. 


Tubeless setup is really easy. The rim bed is reshaped and sealed well, so all you have to do is add the supplied valves and use a track pump to pop them up. No need to worry about trashing tape with levers.

The hooked design also makes them compatible with all tyres including Continentals which can’t be used on hookless designs. The 20.5mm gap between the hooks is very narrow in light of the latest trend for wide wheels, but Mavic has designed the blunted rim profile to work best with 28mm tyres and it also works okay with 32mm rubber.

The build and stiffer ‘Infinity’ hubs make them tight and accurate through corners in calm conditions too, while the ability to run tubeless tyres can increase traction and rough-road survival.

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Mavic Cosmic SL32 Disc review

Mavic’s new low profile carbon wheels are light, stiff and responsive (Image credit: Future / Guy Kesteven)
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Mavic Cosmic SL32 Disc review

The brass spoke nipples provide long-term weatherproofing (Image credit: Future / Guy Kesteven)
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Mavic Cosmic SL32 Disc review

They're compatible with all freehub standards (Image credit: Future / Guy Kesteven)
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Mavic Cosmic SL32 Disc review

They're also compatible with Continental tubeless tyres (Image credit: Future / Guy Kesteven)
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Mavic Cosmic SL32 Disc review

Mavic's Infinity hubs are tight and accurate while cornering (Image credit: Future / Guy Kesteven)

They're secure at low pressure as well, if you want to temper the baseline ride stiffness of 24 of Mavic’s signature flat, double-butted steel spokes. While the ‘Instant Drive 360’  more average than instant at 9º, the very low rim weight and tight build mean they accelerate very well when they engage. All freehub standards are available for a tool-free swap and you get push-fit QR inserts for the 12mm thru-axles included with the wheels. The QRM bearings are well proven for durability and now get ‘automatic’ tensioning rather than needing an occasional tuneup. Plus, brass nipples are a lot more weatherproof in the long term. Mavic has recently introduced a lifetime warranty for all their carbon wheels too.

However, the 32mm deep rims don't provide an obvious aero advantage, and while they should handle better as a result, the broad spokes mean they can still be caught out by crosswinds or gusts like a deeper wheel.


A tough, tubeless-friendly wheel that's light enough to noticeably boost your bike’s climbing performance and acceleration at a reasonable weight. However, they handle more like a deep wheel without the aero advantage.

Tech Specs: Mavic Cosmic SL 32 Disc wheels

  • Price: $1,173.71 / £1,050.00
  • Weight: 712g + 831g = 1,543g 
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Width: 20.5mm internal
  • Rear-hub engagement pick up: Nine degrees