Joe-Mo finds his mojo at WORS Opener

The Wisconsin Off Road Series(WORS) began an impressive 23rd season in Iola, Wisconsin this past Sunday, May 4th. The 2014 season opener, titled "The Iola Bump & Jump", serves as a temperature check for many participants. It can be be the payoff of many months of training during Wisconsin's long winters or it can be a harsh reality of unreadiness. Either way, racers are more than eager to dust of their rigs and take them to the dirt for, sometimes, the first time of the season. Concerns were had by some as to the weather conditions in the days leading up to the event. Slow melting of winter snow and rain in the area only days before the race led many to prepare for a mudfest. That, however, wasn't the case, with a drier than expected course full of fast descents, roots and switchbacks.

The line-up at the start of the pro men's race was stacked as usual, with names like Tristan Schouten (Rolf Prima/Attitude Sports), Nathan Guerra (Vision Cycling/Attitude Sports), Tyler Gauthier (Bike Marquette/Quick Stop), and Joseph Maloney (KS Energy Services/ Team Wisconsin) rolling up to the line.

The first hill was dominated by Joseph (Joe-Mo) Maloney, who said that he had not planned the attack from the start. His plan was to sit in and get a feel for what the pack was going to do. But the legs had a plan of their own and with that, Joe-Mo took the lead.

Not to be outdone, Nathan Guerra grabbed onto Maloney's wheel and hung in for the long haul. Tyler Gauthier tried to play it conservative and save his matches in the hopes that he would reel in Maloney and Guerra with the help of Eric Thompson (Mt Borah Epic team) and Schouten. But Maloney played the tactical card by using lapped traffic to his advantage to gain some room between himself and Guerra and sealing the deal on first place.

Guerra's aggression to keep up with Maloney put him in a very comfortable second place with over a two-minute gap on third place finisher, Thompson. This was Maloney's first win in the WORS pro series.

In the pro women's race, two of the top female cross country racers from the midwest once again faced off to see who had the legs to win. Seven-time WORS overall champ, Abigail Strigel (Honey Stinger/Bontrager) took on one of her favorite opponents, Cooper Dendel (Quick Stop Bike Shop).

Dendel had spent most of the cold, snowy, upper Michigan winter on the trainer, waiting for her chance to dig into the dirt. The young college student decided to take a semester off to focus on racing. She definitely meant business at the Bump & Jump by putting Strigel through the paces. Never backing down from a challenge, Strigel pushed herself to the limit to make sure not to lose Dendel's wheel.

Meanwhile, 19-year-old Corrie Osborne (Team Extreme) had her own challenge trying to bring back Strigel and Dendel. Osborne hung onto third overall. Dendel made a bold move going into the third lap to broaden the gap over Strigel. Strigel did not give up, but saw her opponent's wheel slip away in the final lap. Dendel is shaping up to be a fierce competitor to anyone racing in the Cat. 1/Pro events in the midwest this summer.

The WORS series will continue with the next event on May 18th with the "Crystal Lake Classic" at Camp Tesomas Boy Scout camp. Camp Tesomas (Hanna Venture Base) is located only minutes north of Rhinelander, where it's set on the shores of Crystal Lake, a beautiful spring fed lake.


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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joseph Maloney (KS Energy Services/ Team Wisconsin)1:46:19
2Nathan Guerra (Vision Cycling/Attitude Sports)0:00:10
3Eric Thompson (Mt. Borah Epic Team)0:02:28
4Tyler Gauthier (Bike Marquette/ Quick Stop)0:03:02
5Tristan Schouten (Rolf Prima/Attitude Sports)0:03:10
6Corey Stelljes (5Nines Motorliss Motion)0:03:10
7Justin Piontek (Adventure 212 /Specialized)0:04:15
8Brad Auen (Flatwater Cycling)0:04:26
9David Flaten (Giant North East Factory/Armed)0:05:10
10Isaac Neff (5Nines/Motorkssmotion)0:05:11
11Chris Peariso (Adventure 212 /Specialized)0:06:58
12Michael Dutczak0:07:02
13Ben Senkerik (Team Extreme/Vision)0:07:08
14Ray Nelson0:07:30
15Mike Naughton0:07:31
16Josh Bauer0:08:32
17Trevor Olson0:09:35
18Gabriel Ion0:09:59
19Pete Karinen0:10:00
20Tim Racette (KS Energy Services/ Team Wisconsin)0:10:50
21Brendan Bellew (Angry Catfish)0:11:20
22Mike Budd0:11:45
23Chad Sova (Momentum Edurance)0:12:03
24Ted Hanes0:12:03
25William Hausdoerffer (KS Energy / Team Wisconsin)0:13:55
26Colby Lash (Chocolay Ace/KMK Cycling)0:14:26
27Joshua Meyer0:14:47
28Michael Humpal0:15:03
29Ryan Kleimenhagen0:16:34
30John Shull (Alberto's)0:16:59
31Kyle Russ0:17:03
32Brett Poulton (RACC / geargrinder)0:17:16
33Cory Samz (Magus)0:17:16
34JW Miller (Erik's Bikes and Boards)0:18:05
35Stathy Touloumis (Albertos Sport)0:18:08
36David Bender (JVC/Michael's Cycle)0:19:06
37Kyle Jacobson (Linear Sport MTB/Trek)0:19:18
38David Kay0:19:57
39Carlos Haeckel0:20:00
40Bill Street0:20:13
41Bryan Frazier0:20:46
42David Poulton (Activator)0:21:44
43Ben Schreiber (Linear Sport MTB)0:21:44
44Tyson Schwiesow0:22:06
45John Wypiszinski (Titletown Flyers/Wiara Invest)0:22:09
46Mikey Verhagen (Linear Sport MTB/Trek)0:22:25
47Taylor Bogdanske (SixFifty / Wheel & Sprocket)0:22:49
48Jimmy Toombs (Erik's Bike and Boards)0:22:53
49Chad Dean (5Nines Cycling)0:22:55
50Tim Drankus (Sheboygan Bicycle Company)0:23:05
51Tony Wagner (Bikes LTD/Scenic Concepts)0:23:06
52Kurt Schwiesow0:23:56
53Brett May (All Spoked Up/Vision)0:24:21
54John Reiker (All spoked up)0:24:47
55Andrew Senderhauf (SixFifty / Wheel & Sprocket)0:25:55
56Matthew Riley0:26:58
57Dave Fetters (Twin Six)0:26:58
58Jerrod Collier (Treadhead Cycling)0:27:12
59David Carew (Wheel and Sprocket)0:27:22
60Chris Fellows (WORS)0:29:55
61Gregg Pattison0:30:30
62Karl Tillman (Team 360 p/b Kickapoo)0:36:05
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cooper Dendel (Quick Stop Bike Shop)1:45:21
2Abigail Strigel (Honey Stinger Bontrager)0:02:54
3Corrie Osborne (Team Extreme)0:08:02
4Heather Stelljes0:09:24
5Evelyn Johnson (Linear Sport MTB/Trek)0:11:01
6Sarah Agena (Hidden Bay/Cider Boys)0:13:36
7Jeanne Hornak (Vision Cycling)0:16:49
8Laura Andrews (Angry Monkeys Racing)0:26:54
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Junior men Cat. 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ian Haupt1:33:35
2Fletcher Arlen (Midwest Devo)0:00:55
3Collin Kytta0:12:25
4Nolan Steig (JVC/ Michaels Cycles)0:12:37
5Justin Wentworth (FCYCT-The Scarlet Knights)0:12:48
6Connor McColl (MidWest Devo)0:17:55
7Jonathan Wollner (Team Extreme)0:18:25
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Junior women Cat. 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rachael Jensen (RACC/Geargrinder)1:32:03
2Anna Poulton (Midwest Divo)0:01:25
3Alexandra Christofalos (Kona Super Grassroots)0:07:42
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Men cat. 1/2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mike Owens1:20:27
2Peter Froelich0:02:59
3Andrew Wilcox-Hull0:18:25
4Russell Bernard (Chain Reaction Cyclery)0:22:49
5Aaron Mock (Trek Bicycles)0:23:28
6Eric Weidman0:25:33
7Erik Pueschner0:29:36
8Jeff Steckbauer (Rib Mnt Cycles)0:29:53
9Jose Rodriguez (Go Navy!)0:31:02
10Jason Gosse (Anybody's Bikeshop)0:31:23
11Daniel Trupp0:37:00
12Samuel Brandt0:48:09
13Aaron Fleming (Michael's Cycles)0:54:03
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Women Cat. 1/2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jenn Campbell1:26:09
2April Beard0:02:40
3April Dombrowski (Team SixFifty/Wheel & Sprocket)0:04:43
4Lauren Hutchins (Team 360)0:05:44
5Eve-Marie Walter0:09:58
6Sonni Klipp0:15:10
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Comp. Men Cat. 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Danny Sonnentag (Wolfpack)1:34:08
2Eric Brekke (Omnium Bike Shop)0:01:55
3Marc Ano (KS Engery Services/ Team WI)0:02:01
4David Knauf0:02:44
5Jason Balden (KS Energy Services/ Team Wisconsin)0:03:28
6Cole Jacobsen (Titletown Flyers)0:04:42
7Benjamin Neubauer (Winnebago Bicycle)0:05:51
8Christopher Schmidt (Treadhead Cycling)0:06:17
9Bill Burkholder0:06:22
10John Riley0:07:01
11Ken Naef (JB Cycle Works)0:07:03
12Brandon Teske0:07:43
13Martin Reza (bike connection Wheel and Sprocket)0:07:46
14Brad Skillicorn (Brones)0:07:52
15Michael Anderson (Happy)0:07:55
16Jeremy Ostrowski (Psimet racing)0:08:00
17Eric Stanke (Broken Spoke Cycling Team)0:08:01
18Matthew Paterson (Vision / Attitude Sports)0:08:03
19Mitchell Dreher (Vision Cycling)0:08:09
20Brian Paterson (Vision / Attitude Sports)0:08:09
21MIchael Hartzell (Trek Midwest Team)0:08:35
22Bob Flicek (Epic Cycle and Fitness)0:08:51
23Chad Tucker (Milwaukee Bicycle Co)0:08:56
24Nikolai Anikin0:09:54
25Dustin Marsh (Eau Claire Bike and Sport)0:09:57
26Tim Campbell0:10:12
27Christopher Richmond (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:10:16
28Scott Trierweiler (Broken Spoke cycles)0:11:31
29Calder Glovac0:11:41
30Ron Knutowski0:11:45
31Dave Eckel0:12:07
32Jeff Sympson (Big Ring Flyers)0:12:18
33Taylor Kimberly0:12:36
34Frank Lowry0:12:39
35Robert Schlegel (JVC/Michael's Cycles)0:13:06
36John Hughes (Team Pedal Moraine)0:13:12
37Glen Stroik (KS Energy / Team Wisconsin)0:13:24
38Ryan Rollins (Linear Sport MTB/Trek)0:13:30
39Ross Lemke (Team Pedal Moraine)0:13:36
40Patrick Blakeslee0:13:57
41Kenny Peterson (Eriks Bike Club/Eriks Bike Shop)0:14:16
42Dan Szczepanski (BelGioioso/Titletown Flyers)0:14:18
43Carl Morse0:14:27
44Bob Callaway0:14:46
45Jim Peterson (Michael's Cycles JVC)0:14:58
46Darrell Scheppman (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:15:08
47Travis Hutchins (Team 360)0:15:33
48Andrew Wiesner (Titletown Flyers)0:16:19
49Gary Meader (Team 360 p/b Kickapoo Coffee)0:16:26
50Cory Marty (Twin Six)0:16:38
51Sean Shields0:17:35
52Pj Braun (Heavy Pedal Velo)0:17:48
53Roger Lundsten0:17:52
54Roy Bailey (SPYCT Red Fury)0:18:00
55Jesse Kusserow0:18:18
56Jason Mork (Twin Six)0:18:20
57Edward Dutczak0:20:13
58Andrew Jennings0:21:11
59Michael Jetschke0:21:30
60Aivis Lindems (Lindems Auto milwaukee)0:22:19
61Todd Fletcher (Vision Cycles)0:22:23
62Michael Juchemich0:23:03
63Chris Roddick (2 Rivers Race Collective)0:23:09
64Erik Beckman0:23:33
65Scott Nyland (Magnus)0:25:00
66Travis Frey0:25:21
67Jacob Bauer0:25:32
68Bob Boone0:26:04
69Aaron Roecker0:26:25
70Wally Kunstman0:27:16
71Ben Lasecki0:29:55
72Shane Semrow0:30:16
73Demetrius Banks (Team 360 / Lax Velo)0:31:40
74Rick Walls0:36:22
75Charles Daniels0:37:38
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Sport men Cat. 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Casey Griesemer1:09:53
2Andrew Schmidt0:00:03
3Caleb Swartz0:01:53
4Ted Kretzmann0:01:58
5Ryan Durepo0:02:59
6Zachary Geyer0:04:07
7Cory Spaetti0:05:30
8John Neal0:05:44
9Jim Mauck0:06:15
10George Kapitz0:06:25
11Jamie Snippen0:06:37
12Matt Luger0:07:06
13Daniel Feldmann0:07:11
14Lloyd Cate0:07:42
15Kyle Kargel0:08:21
16Derrick Reinke0:08:24
17Don Slickman0:08:28
18Josh Rupnow0:08:35
19Zachary Hurst0:08:38
20Bob Benedum0:08:53
21Joe Behrendt0:09:16
22Jack Curtis0:09:16
23Greg Love0:09:17
24Jeff Riedel0:09:18
25Tom Wendland0:09:19
26Andrew Feldmann0:09:21
27Jonathan Lavelle0:09:44
28Neil Jurgella0:09:49
29William Ringenoldus0:09:56
30Qveutin Guiot0:09:57
31Jeffrey Gantz0:10:03
32Doug Herrick0:10:05
33Kellen Mulford0:10:08
34Wade Flisram0:10:12
35Scott Nickoli0:10:13
36Nate Knowles0:10:26
37David Dewitt0:10:29
38Mark Schindel0:10:34
39Rich Baumgarten0:10:50
40Thomas Clark0:10:52
41Larry Hipps0:10:57
42Jody Arlen0:11:00
43Edward Piontek0:11:03
44Danny Schierschmidt0:11:18
45Jason Baer0:11:25
46Ben Agnew0:11:28
47Curt Emerson0:11:44
48Chris Brown0:12:10
49Robert Zimmermann0:12:17
50Jeff Wren0:12:19
51Blake Schraft0:12:34
52Ernie Luedke0:12:49
53Shawn Peters0:12:55
54Todd Steif0:12:59
55John Senkerik0:13:22
56Paul Baltus0:13:41
57John Bennett0:13:45
58Chase Osborne0:13:45
59Nathan Phelps0:13:53
60Ben Leach0:13:54
61Don Freitag0:14:04
62Jacob Ahles0:14:10
63Bill Schultz0:14:12
64John Arpke0:14:12
65Don Iwen0:14:14
66Kevin Lisowe0:14:22
67Brandan Eisma0:14:30
68Bill Styer0:14:33
69Anthony Dombrowski0:14:33
70Mitch Clark0:14:43
71John Gretzinger0:14:47
72Jerry Leair0:14:50
73Bradley Boettcher0:14:53
74Rick Dwyer0:15:09
75Dave Diamond0:15:11
76Andrew Douglass0:15:14
77Troy Sable0:15:36
78Brad Giesel0:15:37
79Jeff Schifano0:15:41
80Peter Marino0:15:41
81Nick Desrochers0:15:44
82Kade Stackman0:15:44
83Michael Serafin0:15:45
84Dave Reich0:15:54
85Eli Lipp0:16:09
86Scott Hietpas0:16:35
87Kenneth Pearson0:16:37
88Larry Reimer0:16:39
89Scott Palmersheim0:16:41
90Mike Mennenoh0:16:43
91Bryan Scheel0:16:43
92Justin Fredricks0:16:51
93Kevin Schmitt0:16:57
94Brandon Smith0:17:05
95Kerry Gonzalez0:17:30
96Keith Westendorf0:17:36
97Mark Badger0:17:41
98Brad Gruszynski0:17:44
99Alan Myers0:17:53
100Adam Altmann0:18:13
101Elliot McGinnity-Schneider0:18:18
102John Granger0:18:21
103Aaron Messenger0:18:24
104Ron Smith0:18:25
105Steven Drecolg0:18:34
106Rich Mennenoh0:18:46
107Jamie Prange0:18:54
108Eric Walters0:19:28
109Derek Murphy0:19:36
110Jeremy Condon0:19:42
111William Darling0:20:03
112Steve Welk0:20:06
113Jacob Bons0:20:08
114Jacob Vande Walle0:20:08
115Julian Coupland0:20:18
116Dennis Malmanger0:20:43
117Dominick Martorano0:20:48
118Dirk Bjornstad0:20:55
119Mike Roethel0:20:57
120Nate Steiner0:21:11
121James Mistark0:21:28
122Steve Messenger0:21:29
123Wesley Vann0:22:02
124Justin Schroeter0:22:04
125Mike Sherman0:22:06
126Andrew Mishlove0:22:06
127Stone Vanameronger0:22:07
128Loren Darling0:22:11
129Chuck Cunningham0:22:17
130Brad Jorsch0:22:43
131Cody Pattison0:22:45
132Thom Hineline0:23:07
133Mike Dutczak0:23:12
134Randy Johnson0:23:22
135Adam Kruse0:23:38
136Jesse Steinhoff0:23:50
137John Grosz0:24:07
138Phil Taylor0:24:26
139Mark Eben0:25:24
140Jason Huff0:26:55
141Christopher Endres0:27:21
142Colin Erskine0:27:27
143Frank Sniadajewski0:27:38
144Matt Knowles0:28:21
145Joseph Kuckuk0:28:46
146Jim Splittgerber0:29:20
147Aaron Frink0:29:21
148Alex Bien0:29:26
149Steven Pirelli0:29:26
150Paul Langenberg0:30:02
151Doug Rodenkirch0:30:16
152Frank Lobello0:30:36
153Andrew Schirpke0:30:37
154Brian Coppock0:30:37
155Alex Goyette0:31:42
156Loren Beyer0:32:43
157Kohl Adamson0:33:12
158Casey Brauer0:33:44
159Robert Langlois0:34:08
160James Heinecke0:34:19
161Craig Radmann0:34:48
162Brad Swenson0:35:14
163Steve Manthe0:36:16
164Thomas Silbernagel0:38:43
165Jimmy Splittgerber0:39:03
166Troy Olm0:42:44
167Scott Barclay0:47:19
168Gary Smits0:47:37
169Matthew Forst0:52:50
170Paul Traeger0:54:16
171Andrew Trewyn1:02:15
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Women Cat. 2 Sport
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sheri Van Epps1:21:20
2Kelly Skillicorn0:03:56
3Heidi Gempler0:08:09
4Linda Baehmann0:08:09
5Shannon Mortimer0:12:26
6Brittany Frederick0:14:16
7Marlo Vercauteren0:14:54
8Christina Flisram0:16:48
9Shelly Gruszynski0:17:14
10Hanna Mork0:19:02
11Lynne Senkerik0:19:51
12Kelli Piotrowski0:20:01
13Brenda Zimmermann Thorpe0:20:09
14Whitney Baker0:22:10
15Kim Biedermann0:22:15
16Susan McGinnity0:25:27
17Jenni Borell0:25:29
18Diane Callaway0:25:46
19Heather Jazdzewski0:27:17

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