Big guns come out at WORS round three

Defending Overall Champion Tristan Schouten (Giant), current Series leader Brian Matter (Gear Grinder / Trek), and two Lalonde brothers (Lalonde Bros-T6), including past WORS Champion Jesse Lalonde, toed the line with a deep field on Sunday for the heavy-hitting third race of the 2012 Subaru Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS).

The course broke a long lead out into a series of tight chicanes and short singletrack sprints before climbing into technical rocky singletrack, and had the field racing hard from "Go!"

"I thought today was a really hard race," said Matter. "It was the first race of the 2012 Series where all the big hitters were here. And with the different start, right from the gun everybody was pretty aggressive. It wasn't like [WORS #2] Rhinelander where we started down the dirt road holding hands. It was pretty much racing the entire time."

Each lap was a mixture of wide-open, blazing-fast doubletrack and tight, rocky-strewn singletrack, with several significant climbs to keep things honest.

Heading out onto their second lap, a large lead group of 10 riders remained together, including Schouten, Matter, brothers Mark and Jesse Lalonde, Nathan Guerra (Wheel & Sprocket / Vision), Kevin McConnell (Mercy-Specialized), Mike Phillips (Adventure 212 / Specialized) and relative newcomers Corey Stelljes (The Bike Hub / Specialized), Issac Neff (Williamson Bicycle Works), Justin Piontek (The Bike Hub / Specialized), and Joe Maloney (Team Wisconsin / KS Energy). As they moved onto the first of two significant climbs leading into rocky singletrack, neo-pro and former All-American runner Corey Stelljes went to the front and "threw in this crazy move," said Lalonde.

All-American Flyer Stelljes off the front

"We hit the long grade and I went to the front," said Stelljes. "I like races to be hard the whole time and put it out there. I took a flyer off the group and made it through the next rocky, downhill singletrack. Those guys brought me back, but it whittled the group down to about five."

Once the group made contact with Stelljes again, fellow neo-pro Issac Neff helped drive the pace up a brutally steep climb. As the pitch continued to climb leading into the rockiest singletrack, the remaining chase group shattered behind the leaders.

The Lalonde brothers, racing singlespeed, dismounted and ran up the hill, keeping pace with the field. By the middle of that lap, Schouten had counterattacked and was being chased by Brian Matter, Nathan Guerra, Mark Lalonde and Joe Maloney. Issac Neff, Corey Stelljes, Tyler Gauthier, Justin Piontek and Jesse Lalonde were all less than 30 seconds behind the lead.

Defending Champion Schouten attributed his ability to make his breakaway stick to being able to power through the technical, rocky singletrack sections on his new, full-suspension Giant Anthem.

"Last year, I was able to get off the front a few times but I was riding a hard tail and every time we got to a rocky section they would bring me back," said Schouten. "This year, I was climbing with my lightweight Rolf Prima wheels and I could pedal the bumpy stuff. That pretty much separated the group. I think Brian and Nathan came up to me and then it was just the three of us."

In the final lap, Matter was setting the pace when a sudden flat ended Guerra's race and, as discovered later, left tread marks on Schouten's calf as the Wheel & Sprocket rider literally fell into him. In the chase group, Corey Stelljes and Mark Lalonde dueled in the singletrack while just behind them Tyler Gauthier and Joe Maloney fought for the final podium spot. Maloney, who nearly had his foot on a podium step for the second race in a row, ended his race early when he took a hard fall in the technical, rocky singletrack and fractured a collarbone.

The finish came down to a sprint

If Midwest mountain bike racing fans could field "fantasy" MTB Teams, longtime rivals, training partners and Sheboygan locals Tristan Schouten and Brian Matter would be top picks on any roster. Spectators came running to watch the showdown as the two emerged from the final section of singletrack and set up their finish. Schouten and Matter have sprinted to the finish at Wausau before and, in 2011, Matter came out on top.

"Battling Tristan, it was good to have him back on the WORS scene," said Matter after the fact. "Before the last turn, I had a quick word with Tristan. I said ‘How about I lead it out this year and we'll see what happens.' He says ‘OK.' And I guess the Golden Rule at this venue is don't lead out the sprint, because you can't win if you lead it out. Three years in a row now it comes down to a sprint, and each time the guy who leads it out loses."

"We were both sit-down sprinting because we were both cramping," said Schouten. "It was pretty much whoever had it."

At 1:55:55.6, Schouten had it, stamping his return to WORS with a strong defense of his 2011 title and a commanding presence at arguably the hardest race of the Series thus far. Matter finished in second place at 1:55:56.2, while Mark Lalonde made the singletrack make the difference over Corey Stelljes to take third at 1:56:19. Stelljes stepped onto the Overall Podium for the first time in 4th at 1:56:51, and Tyler Gauthier won a brutal race of attrition to claim 5th in 1:57:51.

As the Wisconsin Series moves into the heat of summer, the competition in the men's elite field is guaranteed to yield fast, hard racing. With strong neo-pro riders battling to make moves in the lead group, perennial podium finishers Nathan Guerra and Mike Phillips looking to move up, past and defending Series Champions controlling the pace, and both Lalonde brothers in the mix aboard formidable singlespeed gearing, the outcome is anyone's guess. Throw in local wild cards like Matt Shriver and Brian Eppen, and men's elite racing will be turning up the heat this season.

Strigel unbeaten in women's series

In the women's race, Abby Strigel and Robin Williams broke away early from a combined women's elite and Open field of over 20 women. Once in the singletrack, Strigel took the lead and did not look back, staying out of sight to win in 1:40:29. Williams (Mercy-Specialized), has been a significant threat at this venue before, alongside teammate Kim Eppen, and was not far behind, finishing in 1:42:53. Although within sight through three laps, Lisa Krayer (1:43:46; Adventure 212 / Specialized), Lori Sable (1:43:46) and Sarah Agena-Wright (1:45:56; Adventure 212 / Specialized) held their places throughout the race to round out the women's elite podium.

The Year of the Junior continues at WORS with 157 racers ages 18 and under competing at the Trek Big Ring Classic at ability levels from Cat 3 Citizen to Cat 1. The next race of the 2012 Wisconsin Off Road Series will be held just outside the state Capitol of Madison, Wisconsin at the Battle of Cam Rock on June 17.

Full Results

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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tristan Schouten (Rolf Prima / Giant)1:55:56
2Brian Matter (Gear Grinder)0:00:01
3Mark Lalonde (Lalonde Bros-T6)0:00:24
4Corey Stelljes (The Bike Hub/Specialized)0:00:55
5Tyler Gauthier (Culvers Racingp/b Meyer Famil)0:01:17
6Kevin McConnell (Mercy-Specialized)0:01:50
7Justin Piontek (The Bike Hub/Specialized)0:02:42
8Jesse Lalonde (LaLonde Bros /T6)0:02:43
9Darrin Braun (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:03:19
10Isaac Neff (Williamson Bicycle Works)0:03:20
11Brian Heifner (Magnus)0:03:48
12Ray Nelson (Treadhead Cycling)0:05:38
13Matt Gehling (Team Wisconsin/KS Energy)0:05:40
14Jacob Groethe (Badger Velo Club)0:05:46
15Tyler Jenema (Kuhl Racingtain)0:06:39
16Chad Sova (On The Rivet)0:06:49
17Ryan Baumann (Titletown Flyers)0:06:57
18Ben Koenig (The Bike Hub/Specialized)0:07:06
19Ted Hanes (Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:07:44
20Tim Racette (KS Energy Services/Team Wiscon)0:08:30
21Ronald Stawicki (Polska)0:08:35
22Michael Naughton (Wheel Werks/Gore)0:09:15
23Carlos Haeckel (Alterra Coffee/W85)0:10:04
24Trevor Olson (Muddy Cup)0:10:07
25Kyle Sarasin (
26Bill Nigh (Team Pedal Moraine)0:11:49
27Matthew Omeara (On THe Rivet)0:11:59
28Scott Vogelmann (Trek Midwest)0:12:02
29Joel Hynes (
30John Shull (EXPO)0:12:24
31Jw Miller0:12:46
32Vincent Steger (Erik's Bikes &Boards)0:13:14
33Josh Shively (Team 360/La Crosse Velo)0:13:52
34Dallas Fowler (Kuhl)0:14:01
35Michael Anderson (Schwag)0:14:02
36Gabriel Ion (Treadhead Cycling)0:15:15
37Aaron Swanson (Swanson Financial/Ski Hut)0:15:22
38John Wypiszinski (Titletown Flyers)0:15:32
39Travis Johnson (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:15:40
40Chad Boyles (Badger Velo Club)0:16:03
41Kyle Warras (EXPO Racing)0:16:13
42Nathan Lillie0:16:53
43Adam Swank0:17:10
44Glenn Kirst (Wheel & Sprocket)0:17:58
45Luke Batchelor-Clark (Magnus)0:18:23
46Chris Tries (South Short Cydery)0:18:37
47Michael Humpal (Specialized)0:19:00
48Nicholas Holzem (Sprocketz)0:19:39
49Eric Ollis (Culvers p/b Meyer family)0:19:44
50Jeremy Peterson0:19:47
51Bill Burkholder (Kegels)0:20:22
52Steve Schafer0:20:23
53Bryan Frazier (Baraboo Sharks)0:21:32
54Tim Scanley (Alterra Coffee)0:21:34
55Mark Burkholz (Team Extreme/Twin Six)0:22:26
56Jim Peterson (Michaels/JVC)0:23:30
57Justin Lund (Bradley Park Trail Crew)0:25:24
58Mike Bushey (Ski-Hut)0:25:54
59Jeff Sympson (Big Ring Flyers)0:26:10
60Rick Cleary (KORC)0:28:07
61Greg Jones0:28:44
62Dan Tavela (Treadhead Cycling)0:28:46
63Nathan Guerra (Vision/Wheel &Sprocket)0:29:37
64Jason Gosse (Team WORS)0:31:14
65John Brown (Wheel & Sprocket)0:31:36
66Barry Winters (Element Mobile/ Brings)0:31:42
67Scott Neperud (Magnus)0:31:42
68David Bender (JVC/Michael's Cycle)0:34:45
69Craig Manthe (OTR)0:35:24
70James Holmes0:35:35
71Erik Eiseman0:38:56
DNFMike Phillips (Adventure 212/Specialized)Row 71 - Cell 2
DNFJohn Lirette (Unattached)Row 72 - Cell 2
DNFBen Senkerik (Vision / Wheel& Sprocket)Row 73 - Cell 2
DNFJoseph Maloney (KS Energy Services/Team Wiscon)Row 74 - Cell 2
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Abby Strigel (Honey Stringer/Bontager/Pat's)1:40:30
2Robin Williams (Mercy-Specialized)0:02:24
3Lisa Krayer (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:03:17
4Lori Sable0:04:14
5Sarah Agena-Wright (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:05:27
6Michelle Peariso (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:07:23
7Andrea Matter (Gear Grinder)0:08:26
8Denise Coppock (Titletown Flyers)0:08:27
9April Dombrowski (Team Pedal Moraine)0:15:59
10Maria Statz (Element Mobile)0:27:41
DNFRebecca Sauber (Leopard/LCR)Row 10 - Cell 2
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Cat. 1 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Casey Hildebrandt (POLSKA / RMC /T6)1:33:22
2Fletcher Arlen (Safe Wheels MTB Racing)0:00:02
3Andrew Senderhauf (Wheel and Sprocket)0:03:51
4Kevin Atkins (The Bike Hub/Specialized Cycli)0:11:52
5Parker McColl0:12:23
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Cat. 1 Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Corrie Osborne (Team Extreme)1:17:09
2Moriah Griesbach (Point Pursuit)0:00:05
3Emily Shull (EXPO)0:05:31
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Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amber Markey (Magnus)1:09:46
2Leia Schneeberger (Magnus)0:05:01
3Cyndi Ehrike (Safe Wheels MTB Racing Team)0:06:29
4Rachael Jensen (RACC p/b Geargrinder)0:06:36
5Claire Luby0:07:17
6Heather Stelljes0:07:25
7Cassey Lynn (Kuhl)0:08:29
8Claire Cannon (Team WORS)0:10:39
9Beth Peterson (Riverbrook)0:10:58
10Regina Campbell (Half Acre Cycling/TwinSix)0:13:56
11Brenda Zimmermann Thorpe (Rib Mountain Cycles/Red Eye Br)0:22:26
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Cat. 2 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Schreiber (Team Fond du Lac Cyclery)1:37:01
2Bill Street (Kuhl / Rocky Mtn)0:00:04
3Shane Veldhuizen (Funk Cycles)0:00:53
4Eric Stull (Team 360 / LAXVelo)0:01:24
5Fred Hubley0:02:02
6Ryan Guy (GFYS Racing)0:03:10
7Peter Coenen (Northstar Endurance)0:03:11
8Erin Sikora (Bike Hub / Spesh)0:03:27
9Mikey Verhagen (KS Energy Services / Team Wisc)0:03:29
10James Buddenbaum (Team Seven Cycles)0:03:35
11Neil Statz (Overdrive)0:03:48
12Eric Stanke (Funk Cycles)0:03:50
13Ben Marchewka (Team Pedal Moraine)0:04:02
14Stephen Kobs (Team Pedal Moraine)0:04:07
15Aaron Sturgis (Twin Six)0:04:19
16Cory Samz (Heavy Pedal)0:04:20
17Ken Naef (Titletown Flyers)0:04:45
18Sean Shields (Team Pedal Moraine)0:04:50
19Reuin Pomasl (KS Energy SVC/Team WI)0:05:04
20Tony Wagner (Sheboygan Bicycle Co.)0:05:06
21Jack Nielsen (RPM-Bell City)0:05:08
22Christopher Gabrielson (Baraboo Sharks)0:05:20
23Mitch Plout0:05:22
24Dan Johnston (Bone and Joint)0:05:27
25Mark Morgan (Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team)0:05:31
26Dan Wierzba (Rib Mountain Cycles)0:05:41
27Stijn Devolder (Daecesixer)0:05:45
28David Poulton (Activator Cycling Club)0:05:46
29Jason Vayre (Discover Chiropractic)0:05:47
30John Hughes (Team Pedal Moraine)0:05:48
31Brett May (Team All Spoked Up)0:05:51
32Phil Fluegel (JVC/ Michaels Cycles)0:05:52
33Ross Lemke (Team Pedal Moraine)0:06:13
34Joe Villalobos (RPM / Belle City Bikers)0:06:15
35Jimmy Toombs (Eriks Bikes n Boards)0:06:16
36Tyler Grenzow (KORC)0:06:47
37Troy Schaden (Funk Cycles ofWisconsin)0:06:47
38Daniel Gjertson0:07:00
39Chris Fellows (Team WORS)0:07:02
40Christopher Berge (Magnus)0:07:37
41Thomas Tio (Overdrive)0:07:41
42Jack Zabrowski (Buckets of Blood)0:07:45
43Jarrod Kerkhoff (Michael's Cycles/JVC)0:07:47
44Gary Meader (Team 360)0:07:49
45Sean Miller (JVC/Michael's Cycle)0:07:54
46Mike Sherven (Bikes Limited Senic Outlook)0:07:54
47Gary Ehrike (Safe Wheels MTB Racing Team)0:07:59
48Jason Ruesch (RMC)0:07:59
49Carl Morse (Wheel Sprocket)0:08:05
50Rennis Delgado (Funk Cycles)0:08:11
51Anthony Ferrara (Twin Six)0:08:52
52Ben Neubauer (The Bike Hub Specialized)0:08:52
53Danny Sonnentag0:08:59
54Joshua Meyer (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:09:03
55Christopher Schmidt (Treadhead Cycling)0:09:16
56Tim Wilkie (Riverbrook Bike + Ski)0:09:29
57Chris Cook (Bikes-N-Boards)0:09:36
58John Timm (Team Extreme)0:09:42
59Matthew Block (
60Damian Budzinski (Overdrive)0:10:08
61Bill Schwalbe0:10:22
62Brandon Teske (Titletown Flyer)0:10:23
63Kent McDaniel (Spring Street Sports)0:10:23
64Robert Schlegel (JVC/Michael's Cycles)0:10:25
65Connor Omeara (OTR)0:10:35
66Christopher Richmond (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:11:17
67Patrick Scheibel (2 Rivers Racing)0:11:18
68Jesse Sharp (The Bike Hub/Specialized)0:11:43
69Bob Boone0:11:52
70Donald Carr (IS Corp)0:12:04
71Kyle Williams (Iowa City Cycling Club)0:12:30
72Joshua North (Northstar Endurance)0:12:50
73Daniel Hanson0:12:56
74Peter Cherchian (Chainsmokers)0:13:14
75Scott Shapiro (Magnus)0:13:59
76Jeremy Vogels0:14:33
77Nathan Tock (BIkes Ltd / Scenic Concepts Ra)0:15:11
78Lloyd Cate (Team WORS)0:15:11
79Ben Franson (Rasta/Bikes+Boards)0:15:15
80Curt Demott (Titletown Flyers)0:15:19
81Sam Geyer (Wheel & Sprocket)0:16:58
82Marvin Wanders (Team 360)0:17:16
83Chris Harrison (Eriksen Cycles)0:17:18
84Dan Millin (Team Day Rider)0:17:46
85Larry Reimer (JVC / Michael's Cycles)0:18:22
86Ken Kuehn (Red line Tri Club)0:18:22
87Patrick Rasmus0:18:29
88Mike Worland (Big Ring Flyers)0:19:01
89Brad Tennis (Sharks)0:19:15
90Andrew Wiesner (Titletown Flyers)0:21:35
91Kyle Curran0:22:07
92Eric Olson0:22:27
93Larry Fish0:26:13
94Todd Wanous0:28:25
95Paul Knoll (Diablo Cycling)0:31:58
96Sam Janicki0:37:58
97Jesse Kusserow0:48:55
98Mike DaishRow 97 - Cell 2
99Neil Zacharek (Bikes Ltd./Scenic Concepts)Row 98 - Cell 2
100Brian ChristensenRow 99 - Cell 2
101Kevin Pomasl (KS Energy Services / Team Wisc)Row 100 - Cell 2
102Greg CullenRow 101 - Cell 2
103Matthew GibsonRow 102 - Cell 2
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Open men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sam Weinberg (5Nines)1:40:07
2Joshua Blum (Team 360 / Mt Borah)0:01:33
3Kevin Roytek (Spring Street Sports)0:02:04
4Erik Pueschner (Team 360/LaxVelo)0:02:23
5Eric Johnson (KHS Bicycles)0:03:29
6Mark Melton (Kegels)0:03:43
7Jeff Steckbauer (Rib Mnt Cycles)0:03:54
8Rodney Moon0:04:51
9Christopher Magyar (EC Velo)0:05:05
10Adam Heil0:05:32
11Scott Anderson0:07:18
12Steve Jeske (Pedal Moraine)0:10:17
13Jeff Dullard (Mercy SPecialized)0:11:12
14Jesse Jaehning (Bikes Limited)0:11:28
15Steven Schaefer0:12:07
16Marty Leum (Bikes Limited/Scenic Concepts)0:15:57
17Brian Benson (Bikes Ltd/Scenic Concepts)0:24:05
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Cat. 2 Sport men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Aaron Mock1:10:04
2Clayton Chase0:01:14
3Chad Tucker0:01:36
4Jason Gibson0:01:36
5Fred Bexell0:01:46
6Jeremy Ostrowski0:01:51
7Neil Jurgella0:01:57
8Matt Chmielewski0:02:21
9Mike Williams0:02:24
10Collin Kytta0:02:26
11Chris Harold0:02:51
12Michael Carney0:02:54
13Mark Schultz0:02:57
14Mark Adams0:03:05
15Shane Semrow0:03:08
16Scott Nyland0:03:14
17Tristan Brown0:03:24
18David Carew0:03:28
19Thomas Dvoratchek0:03:40
20Mitchell Bratz0:03:48
21Jared Karinen0:04:03
22Jonathan Hage0:04:03
23Scott Nickoli0:04:18
24Robert Zimmerman0:04:27
25Michael Owens0:04:31
26Josh Rupnow0:04:36
27Terry Prewitt0:04:40
28Jason Zahrt0:04:40
29Connor McColl0:04:48
30Michael Giesen0:04:52
31Rusty Daines0:04:52
32Matthew Paterson0:05:07
33Cory Marty0:05:07
34Taylor Kimberly0:05:07
35Wade Flisram0:05:10
36Nathan Schneeberger0:05:18
37Justin Fredricks0:05:32
38Jerry Leair0:05:36
39Patrick Blakeslee0:05:48
40Dale Crowell0:05:50
41Dave Wall0:05:52
42Jeremy Drake0:05:52
43Pj Braun0:05:59
44Darrell Scheppman0:06:02
45Christopher Osborne0:06:03
46Brian Paterson0:06:11
47Jason Mork0:06:11
48Mike Roethel0:06:20
49Ben Leach0:06:21
50Martin Reza0:06:30
51Chan Barden0:06:35
52Jody Arlen0:06:44
53Josh Zalewski0:06:44
54Brayden Schott0:06:46
55Todd Fletcher0:06:48
56Jon Holcomb0:06:51
57Andrew Schmidt0:07:00
58Clive Warren0:07:06
59John Grosz0:07:16
60Jeffrey Hatton0:07:23
61Larry Hipps0:07:26
62Nick Theodoru0:07:29
63Jason Dahlby0:07:30
64Steve Cummins0:07:32
65Nathan Phelps0:07:32
66Edward Piontek0:07:34
67Michael Cudahy0:07:35
68Mark Meier0:07:36
69Joe Vanderpuy0:07:36
70Nicholas Armstrong0:07:42
71Joseph Valen0:07:43
72Chris Krenz0:07:44
73Robert Gingg0:07:52
74Troy Sable0:08:04
75Darin Olski0:08:09
76Jordan Boyea0:08:11
77Brian Coppock0:08:16
78Ernie Luedke0:08:19
79Bryan Lau0:08:19
80Ron Smith0:08:20
81Jeff Schneider0:08:25
82Andy Borell0:08:27
83Kent Jenema0:08:29
84Erik Backhaus0:08:29
85Matt Hattenhauer0:08:34
86Dave Reich0:08:38
87Ruben Valdez0:08:44
88Dave McCloud0:08:46
89Kurt Strohmeier0:08:47
90Brad Stankowski0:08:49
91Tom Wendland0:08:52
92Michael Joachim0:08:55
93Bill Schultz0:08:57
94Todd Schmidt0:08:57
95Matthew Plummer0:08:57
96Dave Diamond0:09:00
97Joseph King0:09:01
98Timothy Wateski0:09:08
99Jeff Bublitz0:09:18
100Russell Bernard0:09:19
101Randall Koplin0:09:22
102Andrew Douglass0:09:23
103Steve Kapaun0:09:25
104Dustin Vande Zande0:09:40
105Keith Westendorf0:09:44
106Todd Olund0:09:45
107Mark Cheyne0:09:49
108Braxton Hjelle0:09:49
109Bruce Van Epps0:10:07
110Cody Gunst0:10:08
111Dean Kahl0:10:18
112Rich Baumgarten0:10:22
113Joshua Wood0:10:32
114Marcus Steele0:10:34
115Jamie Prange0:10:39
116Michael Laufenberg0:10:40
117Justin Schroeter0:10:40
118John Gretzinger0:10:45
119Bill Styer0:10:46
120Bradley Boettcher0:10:52
121Aaron Fleming0:10:59
122Greg Hewitt0:11:09
123Randy Snyder0:11:18
124Steve Drecoll0:11:27
125Steve Davidson0:11:31
126Jeff Greatens0:11:31
127Scott Veldhuizen0:11:31
128Michael Gordon0:11:48
129Scott Foate0:12:09
130George Doty0:12:11
131David Smuhl0:12:11
132Elginn Cordes0:12:15
133Nate Andrews0:12:23
134Andrew Wegner0:12:29
135Mark Szudrowitz0:12:29
136Jonathan Lavelle0:12:31
137Andrew Jennings0:12:32
138Adam Handt0:12:46
139Darrin Kolka0:12:50
140Mike Morrison0:12:54
141William Peters0:12:58
142Eric Johnson0:12:58
143Aaron McGinnis0:13:00
144Jay Gunderson0:13:01
145Christopher Osborne0:13:07
146Alan Kinnaman0:13:18
147John Senkerik0:13:44
148Jamie Thiel0:13:47
149Andy Trewyn0:13:48
150Gerald Sorce0:13:51
151Demetrius Banks0:14:12
152Erik Beckman0:14:12
153Mark Schindel0:14:14
154John Klug0:14:22
155Casey Brauer0:14:31
156Jack Schmiege0:14:52
157Todd Mertz0:14:52
158Jim Scharlau0:14:56
159Ben Lasecki0:14:58
160Robert Groshek0:15:01
161Quentin Gniot0:15:02
162Garrison Gless0:15:04
163Mike Brauer0:15:05
164Rob Willmas0:15:15
165Andrew Spahr0:15:17
166Curt Hemphill0:15:29
167Warren Fowler0:15:31
168Don Iwen0:15:37
169Chad Hoppe0:15:44
170Bryan Feltz0:15:46
171Bob Ferrara0:15:52
172Jason Carr0:16:00
173Frank Sniadajewski0:16:03
174Stephen Week0:16:06
175Michael Hunter0:16:08
176Paul Westberg0:16:13
177Mike Miller0:16:22
178Adam Huber0:16:26
179Rich Mennenoh0:16:44
180Kent Kallsen0:16:48
181James Mistark0:16:51
182Scott Noffke0:17:04
183Mike Sherman0:17:08
184Andy Swartz0:17:10
185Kenny Dretzka0:17:52
186Jeff Wren0:17:53
187Randy Feuillerat0:18:16
188Mike Loretz0:18:55
189Todd Nutter0:18:59
190Garrick Dixon0:18:59
191Dave Geyer0:20:07
192Brad Swenson0:20:28
193Sterling Schmidt0:20:30
194Jim Splittgerber0:21:10
195Chris Dominski0:21:45
196Phil Taylor0:21:48
197Ben Agnew0:22:16
198Erick Braaksma0:22:46
199Dennis Malmanger0:23:15
200Frank Lobello0:23:28
201Martin Fenol0:24:06
202Chad Vincent0:24:11
203Chase Osborne0:24:29
204Gregory Molnar0:24:51
205John Hemphill0:25:40
206James Heinecke0:26:26
207Randy Borst0:26:27
208Michael Gerlach0:26:52
209Dylan Luebbe0:28:03
210Matthew Forst0:29:30
211Troy Olm0:30:15
212Rob Schuette0:31:44
213Randy Borzych0:33:37
214Alex Imhoff0:34:33
215Seth Schulz0:36:38
216Jacob Glatt0:37:31
217Gary Smits0:38:03
218Paul Traeger0:38:34
219Terry Wellhoefer0:42:03
220Jesse Wellhoefer0:42:43
221Erick Jensen0:54:52
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Cat. 2 Sport women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sheri Van Epps1:18:28
2Karlene Olson0:03:09
3Alyssa Thuftin0:03:25
4Amy Statz0:03:44
5Sonni Klipp0:05:37
6April Beard0:06:07
7Maria Chase0:06:08
8Eve-Marie Walter0:07:02
9Brittany Nigh0:07:36
10Rachel Blum0:08:07
11Jeanne Hornak0:10:55
12Tiffani Walter0:11:02
13Emily Osowski0:11:07
14Kristin Long0:12:19
15Lynne Senkerik0:12:29
16Rachel Drake0:12:54
17Helmy Tennis0:12:55
18Kelli Piotrowski0:12:56
19Kathy Mock0:13:10
20Andrea Roberts0:13:24
21Heather Schmitt0:14:18
22Caroline Warren0:15:24
23Ann Holsen0:16:28
24Heather Marty0:16:52
25Pam Piotrowski0:16:53
26Karen Taras0:16:58
27Jamee Peters0:17:02
28Shannon Mortimer0:17:23
29Arin Lemke0:18:24
30Michelle Scanley0:19:25
31Christine Berry0:24:11
32Cheryl Post0:24:33
33Nina Fortune0:33:43
34Jennifer Clark0:33:43
35Jenni Borell0:39:59
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Cat. 3 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nolan Steig0:47:58
2Ted Kretzmann0:00:06
3Jim Steig0:01:32
4Dave Hanrahan0:01:34
5Riley Egger0:01:37
6Kevin Apodaca0:02:06
7David Dokman0:02:37
8Christopher Drew0:02:46
9Brad Jorsch0:02:54
10Nathan Knowles0:03:02
11Chuck Girkins0:03:06
12Sam Schneider0:03:07
13Chad Juel0:03:21
14Kade Stackman0:03:36
15Joshua Bach0:03:36
16Mike Barrier0:03:48
17Michael Elsbury0:04:00
18Isaiah Schwinn0:04:07
19Paul Baltus0:04:07
20Brent Williams0:04:31
21Loren Beyer0:04:32
22Kyle Kargel0:04:42
23Nathan Hofmeister0:04:43
24Andy Summers0:04:44
25Caleb Swartz0:04:44
26Kurt Pulvermacher0:04:49
27Donald Crowell0:04:57
28Seth Boyea0:05:16
29John Johnson0:05:16
30Jake Miller0:05:18
31Jon Mathews0:05:20
32Jack Pabst0:05:23
33Dan Smith0:05:32
34George Kapitz0:05:38
35David Mayer0:05:38
36Chris Roberts0:05:46
37Mark Baranowski0:05:48
38Jared Brodjeski0:06:07
39Jacob Ahles0:06:09
40Alex Oberthaler0:06:27
41Patton Neuser0:06:27
42Andy Smedegard0:06:39
43Daniel Buckler0:06:50
44Lloyd Gross0:07:01
45Scott Barclay0:07:02
46Josh Johnson0:07:05
47Timothy Adams0:07:07
48Chris Raatz0:07:21
49Mark Eben0:07:32
50Anna Poulton0:07:32
51Christian Martin0:07:39
52Tim Lawrence0:07:51
53Cole Huffman0:08:01
54Ray Iesalnieks0:08:06
55Aaron Messenger0:08:16
56Mark Corrigan0:08:18
57Rowan Norman0:08:37
58Allan MacIntyre0:08:40
59Ben Nelson0:08:40
60Jacob Bons0:08:50
61Pete Thielen0:08:52
62Tony Smet0:08:59
63Jordan Jazdzewski0:08:59
64Bradley Lahner0:09:04
65Erik Hofmeister0:09:09
66Ethan Shandonay0:09:15
67Colton Nelson0:09:16
68John Hocker0:09:21
69Daniel Gretzinger0:09:27
70Thom Brown0:09:37
71Allen Artz0:09:42
72David Gavinski0:09:42
73Gary Downing0:09:50
74Bruce Parker0:10:14
75Matthew Kletti0:10:20
76Chris Mattmiller0:10:27
77Tad Bruckner0:10:43
78Steve Welk0:10:53
79Matt Jacobson0:11:09
80Matthew Steele0:11:18
81Jack Davies0:11:20
82Mike Laviolette0:11:20
83John Granger0:11:22
84Eric Koehler0:11:26
85David Powell0:11:33
86Benjamin Firgens0:11:33
87Eugene Lemmer0:11:39
88Chris Paulson0:11:42
89James Simmons0:11:44
90Don Howell0:11:44
91Kenny Raasch0:11:45
92David McFadden0:11:47
93Alex Pieper0:11:54
94Frederick Rose0:11:57
95Matthew Riebe0:12:02
96Joe Woelfle0:12:08
97Christopher Howell0:12:27
98Keith Eggebrecht0:12:32
99David Gorski0:12:36
100Dennis Kinkert0:12:38
101Justin Wentworth0:12:53
102Dennis Denuccio0:12:54
103Mitch Elliott0:13:04
104Doug Rodenkirch0:13:17
105Brian Smith0:13:27
106Kurt Otto0:14:06
107Joseph Halfman0:14:07
108Kenneth Pearson0:14:32
109Mark Koenig0:14:33
110Peter Fetters0:15:26
111Tim Kilness0:15:30
112Patrick Brown0:15:35
113Timothy LiepertRow 112 - Cell 2
114Mike Close0:15:38
115Jorge Sanchez0:15:42
116Mike Middendorf0:15:46
117Kyle Johnson0:16:07
118Jerry Muehlbauer0:16:08
119Jose Roman0:16:17
120Adam Zouski0:16:24
121Beau Perry0:16:39
122Nicholas Koenig0:16:52
123Andrew Willson0:16:52
124Michael Meissner0:17:27
125Steve Slocum0:17:29
126Joe Paczkowski0:17:32
127Shane Holcomb0:17:36
128Dave Pringnitz0:17:36
129Cory Griffith0:18:20
130Aaron Frink0:18:28
131Aaron Roths0:18:41
132Paul Emmerth0:19:34
133Mark Schuttenhelm0:19:41
134Warren Harms0:19:50
135Casey Grapsas0:20:01
136Ricky Almaguer0:20:48
137William Lyon0:20:53
138Wally Sniadajewski0:20:56
139Dan Kowalke0:21:01
140Vincent Garth0:21:02
141Jeffery Jackson0:21:02
142Jimmy Splittgerber0:21:03
143Zach Frankowski0:24:58
144Demetrio Velazco0:25:29
145Shane Stuard0:27:33
146Dwain Holden0:27:43
147Joseph Masterson0:27:53
148Greg Hollnagel0:29:14
149Dan Schuster0:29:25
150Sean Collins0:35:20
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Cat. 3 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jane Stull0:53:19
2Megan Stelljes0:00:13
3Megan Senderhauf0:05:22
4Erika Mennerick0:05:32
5Jennifer Garner0:05:49
6Melissa Kennedy0:06:47
7Kaitlin Splittgerber0:07:07
8Lori Palmer0:07:43
9Molly Schouweiler0:07:52
10Tania Riske0:07:52
11Suzanne Flory0:08:57
12Marilee Collier0:09:08
13Martha Moser0:09:12
14Donielle Norberg0:09:13
15Ella Shively0:10:00
16Janis Heifner0:10:23
17Wendy Lewin0:11:28
18Kimberly Reed0:14:02
19Amy Dykema0:14:27
20Sandra Hildebrandt0:14:38
21Mindee Kopp0:15:28
22Miranda Lanser0:16:36
23April Knudson0:16:45
24Margaret Matuszak0:16:57
25Kennedy Bowes0:17:34
26Chasity Gabrielson0:17:48
27Nastassja Bates0:18:31
28Alexia Stath0:19:11
29Alissa Kulas0:22:29
30Heather Liepert0:24:10
31Eric Retzlaff0:25:12
32Tammy Vande Zande0:25:59
33Amber Brown0:27:42
34Nita Woulf0:29:37
35Yvonne Besyk0:35:45
36Lisa Zimmerman1:19:19
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Cat. 3 Junior men and women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daxton Mock0:26:43
2Calhan Norman0:00:21
3Owen Reich0:00:23
4Alexander Halfman0:00:48
5Christian Pieper0:00:53
6Mitchell Dutczak0:01:03
7Erik Rauland0:01:08
8Mike Anschutz0:01:16
9Cole McDicken0:02:22
10Dylan Eggebrecht0:02:26
11Joe Valen0:02:30
12Aaron Smith0:02:38
13Dan Dominski0:02:40
14Joe Phillips0:03:07
15Jack Jennings0:03:13
16Arianna Schafer0:03:17
17Hannah Stedl0:03:19
18Ben Iesalnieks0:03:35
19Victor Anderson0:03:37
20Ben Smith0:04:19
21Leah Fletcher0:04:24
22Kevin Simonsen0:04:24
23Sethan Cate0:04:32
24Allison Pieper0:04:36
25Camden Jackson0:04:37
26Hunter Schmitt0:05:16
27Bennet Gassner0:05:26
28Skyler Schmitt0:05:31
29Gabriel Barden0:05:45
30Zack Kargel0:05:49
31Maya Steele0:05:52
32Dwight Eben0:05:53
33Grant Slocum0:06:23
34Karl John Tillman0:06:32
35Jacob Royston0:06:34
36Clay Lemke0:07:24
37Jacob Lemke0:07:25
38Drew Markworth0:07:26
39Reed May0:07:29
40Joshua Prewitt0:07:45
41Lucas Fletcher0:07:49
42Liam Cate0:08:01
43Hanna Mork0:08:02
44Laura Granger0:08:18
45Elliot Harold0:08:24
46Porter Thorpe0:08:27
47Sam Komoroske0:08:28
48Ashton Catteruccia0:08:30
49Anders Davidson0:08:34
50Connor Luedke0:08:39
51Griffin May0:09:02
52Emma Osborne0:09:06
53Henry Knoll0:09:21
54Sara Johnson0:09:25
55Jack Sheridan0:09:37
56Julia Whitedog0:09:41
57Sam Spende0:09:48
58Amy Osborne0:09:54
59Angie Davidson0:10:05
60Lorissa Thorpe0:10:30
61Benjamin EbenRow 60 - Cell 2
62Collin Neuser0:10:31
63Dylan Waldner0:11:01
64Elijah Johnson0:11:04
65Brennan Cate0:11:07
66Jack Scharlau0:12:01
67Katy McDicken0:12:17
68Stephen Liepert0:12:46
69Jacob Mork0:12:51
70Sarah Croker0:13:08
71Lindsey Coons0:13:29
72Benjamin Schwartzbauer0:14:04
73Asa Guerra0:15:36
74Grace Harold0:16:00
75Tyler Holden0:16:18
76Jasmine Jennings0:17:24
77Isaac Johnson0:18:27
78Tommy Rose0:18:30
79Claire Kaiser0:18:31
80Eli Lemke0:18:47
81Bronte Gassner0:19:46
82Austin Matuszak0:19:51
83Aryana Knudson0:21:02
84Erin Gretzinger0:22:15
85Katherine Schafer0:22:49
86Nathan Hagstron0:22:54
87Nathaniel Osborne0:23:19
88Jaden Kowalke0:23:20
89Alex Gordon0:23:40
90Justin Munzur0:24:33
91Nick Richey0:28:14

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