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Miller sets new record in Whiskey 50

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Kenny Wehn (NoTubes) finishing first in the "geared" division for the second year in a row

Kenny Wehn (NoTubes) finishing first in the "geared" division for the second year in a row (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Ryan Petry finishing second in the "geared" divison

Ryan Petry finishing second in the "geared" divison (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Brady Kappius watches the racers take off from his Kappius Components booth

Brady Kappius watches the racers take off from his Kappius Components booth (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Nate Miller (Honey Stinger) plowing through the creek

Nate Miller (Honey Stinger) plowing through the creek (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Winner Nate Miller (Honey Stinger) hitting the dirt in the top ten

Winner Nate Miller (Honey Stinger) hitting the dirt in the top ten (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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The first water crossing came as a bit of a surprise

The first water crossing came as a bit of a surprise (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Riders finally hit the dirt

Riders finally hit the dirt (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Eventual podium finishers making sure nobody got out of sight

Eventual podium finishers making sure nobody got out of sight (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Kenny Wehn (NoTubes) taking a massive pull on the six-mile climb

Kenny Wehn (NoTubes) taking a massive pull on the six-mile climb (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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An elite group of thirty riders formed within ten minutes of the start

An elite group of thirty riders formed within ten minutes of the start (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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An incredible sight at 7:30 am in Prescott

An incredible sight at 7:30 am in Prescott (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Most of the main threats to win stayed close to the front

Most of the main threats to win stayed close to the front (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Racers bolt as the pistols went off

Racers bolt as the pistols went off (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Every racer seemed to bring cheering spectators

Every racer seemed to bring cheering spectators (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Proper attire for the single speed race

Proper attire for the single speed race (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Kenny Wehn being supported by NoTubes

Kenny Wehn being supported by NoTubes (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Racers staged as much as an hour early to get near the front

Racers staged as much as an hour early to get near the front (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Whiskey Row was packed with racers

Whiskey Row was packed with racers (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Prescott sheriffs were everywhere today

Prescott sheriffs were everywhere today (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Water up to the hubs

Water up to the hubs (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A Landis Cyclery rider tackling switchbacks

A Landis Cyclery rider tackling switchbacks (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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A Focus rider heads up some switchbacks

A Focus rider heads up some switchbacks (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Racers tackle the initial six-mile road climb

Racers tackle the initial six-mile road climb (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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The first of 1700 racers head out of town

The first of 1700 racers head out of town (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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(Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Colorful characters could be found everywhere in Prescott today.

Colorful characters could be found everywhere in Prescott today. (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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This USA officer was watching the races

This USA officer was watching the races (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Cameron Brenneman from Sante Fe rolls across the line second in the singlespeed division

Cameron Brenneman from Sante Fe rolls across the line second in the singlespeed division (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Nate Miller (Honey Stinger) roll over the line first on his single-speed

Nate Miller (Honey Stinger) roll over the line first on his single-speed (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Riders finishing the ten-mile descent to the Skull Valley aid station

Riders finishing the ten-mile descent to the Skull Valley aid station (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Everyone arriving at the aid station fueled up on water for the long trip back

Everyone arriving at the aid station fueled up on water for the long trip back (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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The 2,000 ft, 10 mile ripping descent to Skull Valley

The 2,000 ft, 10 mile ripping descent to Skull Valley (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Skull Valley was the turnaround for the 50 milers

Skull Valley was the turnaround for the 50 milers (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Boundless energy with 40 miles to go

Boundless energy with 40 miles to go (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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Riders cruise up some of the sweetest singletrack in the state

Riders cruise up some of the sweetest singletrack in the state (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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An endless procession of riders enjoying the shade from the Ponderosa Pines

An endless procession of riders enjoying the shade from the Ponderosa Pines (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/
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An adorable family watching for their rider

An adorable family watching for their rider (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/

On a perfect 70-degree Fahrenheit day in Arizona, Nate Miller (Honey Stinger) won the Whiskey 50 Proof in a time of 3:19:13. Not only was he first overall finisher but also won the men's singlespeed division. Kenny Wehn (NoTubes) was first "geared" finisher in the men's open division and second overall finisher. His time of 3:21:51 also broke the old record. That makes two wins in a row for Wehn at the Whiskey 50.

Angie Kell from Phoenix, Arizona won the women's open in a time of 4:17:42. Karen Tremaine was not far behind finishing in 4:19:59 to win the women's singlespeed category.

The story of the day was the prowess of the singlespeed riders. They took first, third, fifth, sixth, and tenth in the men's race. While the singlespeed riders had lighter bikes, they were unable to pedal on some of the long descents. Nate Miller, who also won at the Sea Otter Classic last week, chose a 34-10 gear ratio for the race today. Surprisingly, he moved into the lead by passing Wehn on the descent after the climb out of Skull Valley.

The 50-mile course was as diverse as anyone could dream up. It started with a six-mile climb on pavement that blew the race into pieces. Once they hit dirt, the riders were rewarded with shade and some of the best singletrack anywhere. They had to climb up switchbacks to clear ridges before finally moving onto the fire road descent into Skull Valley. After the aid station in Skull Valley, the riders had to climb back up the descent they had just come down. Riders had to be vigilant as there was to-way traffic for those 10 miles. Most of the last 10 miles were downhill again as riders returned to Prescott.

All finishers were rewarded with a commemorative drink glass from Whiskey Row. Following the finish, racers joined their families on the lawn of the town square and listened to live music.

Tomorrow, the pros race on the same course. Based on the finishing times today and the fantastic course conditions, they should be finishing close to the three hour mark.

Cyclingnews will be on course to bring you results, race reports, and photos.

The following video is provided by race promoter Epic Rides.

Full Results

Whiskey 50 Men open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kenneth Wehn3:21:51
2Ryan Petry0:01:03
3Lance Runyan0:08:38
4John Beck0:09:50
5Brian Meyer0:11:33
6Link King0:11:54
7Michael Carroll0:12:40
8Von Edwards0:14:45
9Kimo Seymour0:14:46
10Rob Hyldahl0:14:47
11Dain Zaffke0:16:44
12Keith Collins0:17:57
13Dennis Barrett
14Matthew Mcgee0:19:24
15Guy Mcdermott0:19:26
16Bryce Phinney0:19:33
17Adam Kollgaard0:20:17
18Todd Shaffer0:20:51
19Shawn Brick0:21:06
20Paul Tocco0:22:04
21Dan Maher0:22:14
22Chris Jenkins0:22:23
23Todd Purdin0:23:15
24Derek Eysenbach0:23:23
25Ben Jones0:23:38
26Riley Post0:24:43
27Steve Koller0:24:45
28Brandon Newcomer0:25:36
29Phl Martin0:26:42
30Joshua Jacquot0:27:14
31Paul Broaderip0:27:19
32Jonathan Pettit0:29:15
33Al Senft0:29:25
34Steven Thompson0:29:49
35Jason Michalak0:29:57
36Gaige Sippy0:30:32
37Alex Strickland0:30:39
38Andrew Laskowski0:30:58
39Richard Biocca0:31:44
40Erik Keniston0:31:55
41Michael Krall0:33:43
42Nathan Lowrie0:34:27
43Dustin Phillips0:35:10
44Benji Kozuch0:36:02
45Trevor Bailey0:36:30
46Channing Morrison0:38:06
47Gerrit Mack0:39:50
48Brett Ebben0:40:09
49Kyle Shour0:40:47
50Alexander Leonard0:42:55
51Chris Fusselman0:43:04
52Rob Dolman
53Christian Little0:43:27
54Rick Bucher
55Richard Fiske0:43:41
56Dominic Petrocelli0:43:51
57Sam Gross0:44:23
58James Rowan0:44:34
59Steven Garrett0:44:43
60Jason Welborn0:45:14
61Charlie Roach0:46:14
62Sam Beveridge0:46:54
63Tim Maddux0:47:10
64Philip Wilson0:48:14
65Benjamin Everton
66Jeff Snook0:48:47
67Craig Baumann0:49:14
68Parmenides Orpinel0:49:15
69Joe Susco0:49:53
70Otley Smith0:50:47
71John Shumaker0:51:02
72Mike Monticello0:51:04
73Scott Countryman0:51:21
74Jared Nelson0:53:13
75Alan Brown0:53:23
76Ben Clark0:53:51
77Scott Rake0:54:28
78Ezra Colman0:56:09
79Jashua Lavietes0:56:15
80Thomas Faeh0:56:47
81Brandon Frazier0:56:53
82Jeff Westcott0:57:00
83Zach Fuller
84Timothy Risley
85David Mandley0:57:04
86Adam Cornette0:57:22
87Dana Alia0:57:25
88Rich O'Neil0:58:25
89Charles Strickler0:58:40
90Rob Bergstrom0:58:49
91Brad Scott0:58:54
92Matt Rozar0:59:33
93Ryan Clickner0:59:36
94Marco Sifuentes1:00:48
95Matthewliljenquist Matthew1:00:56
96Nathan Heaps
97Ryan Hammerel1:01:01
98Ryan Wayne1:01:22
99Alonso Moya1:02:25
100Scott Dean1:02:27
101Roberto Gonzalez1:04:10
102Ryan Hayles1:04:14
103Ben Swenka1:05:13
104Michael Rodini1:05:21
105Abiel Lopez1:06:26
106Barret Fishner1:08:16
107Roy Johnson1:08:17
108Preston Riveras1:08:37
109Sean Hulburt1:08:38
110Chad Haynes1:08:42
111Ron Williams1:09:02
112Nathan Preston1:09:08
113James Winebrenner1:09:09
114Chad Lusk1:09:45
115Nate Mchugh1:10:07
116Stephen Waits1:10:11
117Bud Heintz1:11:06
118Brad Jezek1:11:17
119Nate Rees1:11:23
120Clint Sparks1:11:26
121Jared Heimbigner1:12:52
122Andy Jasper1:12:53
123Philip Thomas1:12:54
124Brian Murphy1:12:59
125Matt Maienza1:13:06
126Charles Hess1:13:47
127Terry Schmidtknecht1:15:04
128Brian Coffman1:15:26
129Karl Stummer1:15:55
130Brad Hendron1:16:07
131David Rimron1:17:12
132Casey Skidmore1:17:38
133Mike Sparks1:17:43
134Adam Mermel1:17:58
135David Croteau1:18:42
136Jared Gustafson1:19:00
137Max Schoenberger1:19:23
138Reed Malvick1:22:25
139Paul Nelson1:22:26
140Brandon Johnson1:22:29
141Bob Meneely1:22:38
142Norris Hanna1:23:20
143Chad Gorman1:23:37
144Wayne Thayer1:23:53
145Mike Vakula1:24:15
146James Blank1:26:41
147Kevin Mchugh1:27:03
148Jared Jorde1:27:15
149Matthias Wolf1:27:54
150Ryan Hill1:28:17
151Tom Kavanaugh1:29:17
152Michael Puchowicz1:29:27
153Travis Jones1:29:51
154Steve Ford1:30:06
155Christopher Weber1:30:37
156Eric Hatfield1:30:53
157Kevin Larochelle
158Jon Gorman1:30:58
159Chris Branson1:31:06
160John Ferguson1:31:35
161Julius Charlie1:32:06
162Eliseo Alonzo1:32:32
163John Smey1:32:42
164Matthew Holland1:33:47
165Tony Doran1:34:42
166Gordon Smith1:34:54
167Kevin Stcyr1:34:55
168Jeff Getzlaff1:35:23
169Matthew Braselton1:36:33
170John Sellingwr1:36:34
171Jim Sipe
172Bill Moor1:36:45
173Brian Barton1:38:17
174Sean Stephenson1:39:57
175Parker Christiansen1:40:03
176Richard Kubista1:42:01
177Steve Delong1:43:06
178Gonzalo Reyes1:43:38
179Michael Pierquet1:46:05
180Gail Strom1:46:21
181David Jackson1:47:00
182Fergus Breck1:47:02
183Shawn Gregore1:47:44
184Ed Fryatt1:48:17
185Brian Kleinman1:49:08
186Mykyta Yurtyn1:49:19
187Scott Wilkey1:49:32
188Paul Grube
189Manny Chavez1:49:55
190Matthew Johnson1:50:03
191Paul Dellorco1:50:37
192Andrew Bellino1:51:13
193Brandon Gough1:54:15
194Scott Wortendyke1:54:51
195Michael Sowers1:58:41
196Scott Reading1:59:19
197Brandon Brizzolara1:59:38
198Matthew Wilkins1:59:55
199Adam Hudson2:00:08
200Todd Matyas2:00:31
201Nathan Andrews2:00:34
202Zach Macdonald2:00:45
203Chris Muller2:00:56
204Chris Neal2:02:38
205Chris Barr2:02:46
206Steve Lovejoy2:02:47
207Matt Mullet2:06:39
208Andrew Suter2:07:59
209Dave Bourland2:08:15
210Jason Meador2:08:57
211Guillermo De La Vega2:08:58
212Lance Larson2:09:56
213Brice Minukeh2:10:25
214Greg Kilroy2:10:54
215Mike Mysse
216Steve Charnon2:11:07
217Patrick Black2:11:14
218Kent Voss2:12:02
219Harlan Smith2:16:09
220David Sweinhagen2:17:33
221Jeremy Cox2:18:41
222Tom Carr2:19:37
223Irfan Khan2:20:03
224Steve Kutina2:20:26
225Scott Harvey2:20:59
226Mike Rice2:22:29
227Steve Lingwall2:22:38
228Kevin Boyce2:28:38
229Kevin Brown2:30:21
230Brian Kennedy2:31:40
231Brandon Ebert2:32:12
232Robert Neifert2:32:29
233Mickey Taylor2:36:26
234Eric Sullivan2:39:54
235Ian Murphy2:40:35
236Paul Gregory2:41:07
237Jon Colavito2:41:13
238Dennis Kozura2:41:46
239Dave Grossman2:43:30
240Michael Rex Schumacher2:45:33
241Dave Leedy2:46:48
242Craig Wagenaar2:50:10
243Craig Bengtson2:50:34
244Chris Hummel2:51:41
245Brian Strand2:54:17
246David Sherak2:55:23
247Chris Peters3:11:13
248Matt Bovinette3:14:02
249Thomas Touchstone3:20:19
250Stephen Knecht3:21:15
251Micheal Browne3:21:16
252John Beck3:21:19
253Kyle Gandy3:24:30
254Matt Hilbert3:25:10
255Nick Wright3:27:01
256Ron Duncan3:27:46
257Dano Quezada3:35:03
258Umberto Santoni3:35:27
259James Akers3:36:22
260George Toro3:41:41
261Benjamin Wendorf3:43:59
262Dave Coons3:46:58
263Rohit Bery3:47:08
264Martin Debono3:48:49
265Joshua Simpson3:56:02
266Noe Gomez4:03:01

Whiskey 50 Women open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Angie Kell4:17:42
2Beth Utley0:03:10
3Crystal Petrocelli0:07:05
4Katie Ellis0:09:28
5Brianne Marshall0:10:20
6Windy Marks0:16:48
7Lajuan Kelley0:34:53
8La Kelly0:36:30
9Kristin Walters0:38:21
10Lisa Le Poole0:46:11
11Terrin Lane0:46:34
12Phoebe Donovan0:49:37
13Kimberly Ridgeway0:50:28
14Patti Schmidt-iverson0:51:52
15Miche;;e Jackman1:00:49
16Carlyn Hakola1:05:55
17Deedee Johnson1:08:21
18Veronique Pardee1:10:04
19Heather Brecke1:15:18
20Janell Batt1:21:20
21Tricia Davis1:24:30
22Vickie Nelson1:25:22
23Ann Sudoh1:32:11
24Wilhelmina Zuckerman1:34:33
25Maraya Morse1:38:39
26Tina Stocking1:39:21
27Kathy Boltz1:40:56
28Lisa Locati1:43:49
29Patricia Rake2:06:23
30Julie Bass2:08:46
31Carolina Chavez2:09:56
32Donna Trigilio2:22:22
33Kristen Osborn2:25:11
34Beth Ross2:28:30

Whiskey 50 Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Miller3:19:13
2Cameron Brenneman0:02:42
3Marcus Hayward0:04:59
4Kyle Reedy0:09:32
5Michael Melley0:12:53
6Dan Naef0:15:24
7Josh Krattiger0:16:10
8Eric Walecki0:18:45
9Kurt Gensheimer0:19:42
10Jonathan Falkowski0:21:06
11James Upshaw0:22:15
12Mike Hileman0:22:32
13Richard Hurst0:24:06
14David Ochs0:26:29
15Yuri Hauswald0:27:37
16Hunter Keating0:30:04
17Daryl Roberts0:31:26
18Jim Tryonas0:32:49
19Coley King0:33:07
20Dejay Birtch0:34:38
21Jason Firsty0:34:43
22Tom Ament0:37:12
23Shawn Gregory0:38:18
24Neil Becwar0:38:27
25Lane Sanders0:40:26
26Keith Ashmore0:41:45
27Tim Hull0:43:18
28Mike Haas0:44:17
29Nino Filippinetti0:47:34
30Rich Maines0:48:01
31Adam Kroger0:48:59
32Anthony Deckoff-jones0:49:14
33Jake Kirkpatrick0:50:21
34Zach Stanford0:51:58
35Chad Cheeney0:53:23
36Simon Zmyslinski0:56:17
37Nathan Cain0:57:07
38Eric Olson0:59:22
39Steve Larson0:59:55
40James Bailey1:00:57
41Andrew Dickinson1:01:42
42Brandon Bogardus1:01:52
43Fuzzy John Mylne1:02:53
44Steve Reynolds1:03:40
45Logan Goff1:04:04
46Leonard Goodell1:05:59
47Mark Eikenberry1:06:17
48Jory Henry1:07:38
49Matt Killeen1:08:06
50Bryan Kramer1:11:15
51Alex Hamory1:11:59
52Robert Tobin1:12:44
53Mark Odenwald1:14:39
54Scott Junker1:15:19
55Timothy Wise1:17:04
56Justin Fundalinski1:18:05
57Clint Ball1:18:44
58Heith Masters1:19:11
59Tiago reis1:19:50
60Thomas Arnold1:20:00
61Zac Mendenhall1:20:01
62John Day1:21:21
63Benjamin Molina1:27:51
64George Kemp1:31:52
65James Simmons1:34:19
66Mike Hanna1:34:24
67Raymond Harris1:38:04
68Alex Christensen1:39:40
69Craig Halls1:39:55
70Denver Mcmahon1:40:01
71Stephen Medcroft1:43:47
72Rich Kurhajetz1:45:24
73Chad Hancock
74Andrew Rounseville1:45:46
75Rodrigo Fernandez1:49:47
76Jesse Peck1:50:09
77David Fellows1:51:45
78Randy Harris1:54:20
79Steve Gibbs2:00:24
80Ryan Davis2:02:22
81Jeff Kellum2:08:12
82William Connell2:11:48
83Bryce Barnett2:12:50
84Walt Lopus2:24:54
85Eric Olson2:29:04
86Robert Butler2:51:42
87Justin Salamon2:54:14
88Jeff Thomas2:57:16
89Pete Stephens3:12:27
90Jeremy Hendricks3:32:20

Whiskey 50 Singlespeed women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Karen Tremaine4:18:59
2Amy Hermes0:04:09
3Lauren Frisk0:08:16
4Johanna Mickle0:13:55
5Melissa Liebling0:18:04
6Kaitlyn Boyle0:21:04
7Mavis Cooper0:23:06
8Alana Heise0:29:01
9Carly Watson0:30:42
10Beth Roberts0:35:03
11Michele Bliss0:36:48
12Jennifer Neuschwander1:03:45
13Tina Doley1:07:52
14Shanynn Bunce1:19:39
15Janet Kerby1:26:27
16Kiki Kilbourne1:27:36
17Jennie Rounseville2:53:30

Whiskey 50 junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Adam Humphrey3:51:44
2Connor Barrett0:24:47
3Taylor Squillaci0:36:11
4Garrett Chott1:27:57
5Josh Keener1:35:23
6Daniel Yakushevich2:08:17
7Keenan Duncan
8Ben Duncan2:08:22
9Nick Ellet
10Callum Read2:24:59
11Jacob Crown3:31:00

Whiskey 50 Masters 45+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Scott Conover3:31:02
2Art Oconnor0:09:14
3Russell Kappius0:13:13
4Bill Lenhart0:15:33
5Daniel King0:15:39
6Victor Rudolph0:17:06
7Craig Raney0:17:38
8Geoff Chalmers0:18:44
9Joe Burtoni0:21:07
10Joe Murray0:24:59
11Matt Breyer0:26:02
12Dean Shreiner0:28:05
13Robert Laroche0:28:27
14Tyler Ford0:29:04
15Art Macfarland
16James Matt0:30:40
17David Turner0:31:36
18Troy Allison0:32:22
19David Nicholls0:34:22
20Colin Taira0:34:23
21Rj Weibly0:35:25
22Tyson Hall0:36:59
23Alan Hall0:37:56
24Paul Vujovich0:38:05
25Charlie Beadles0:39:37
26Brad Sneed0:39:38
27Shaun Robert0:43:13
28William Marchio0:45:07
29Marc Lundgren0:45:34
30Ken Winston0:46:27
31Tod Thornton
32Tony Farrar0:47:41
33Chad Carson0:51:19
34Shawn Grossman0:54:05
35Alex Koss0:54:51
36Stephen Smith0:56:16
37Randy Ulmer0:56:58
38David Marks0:58:10
39Al Iverson0:59:05
40Raymond Fortner0:59:06
41Clay Hubbard1:00:57
42Trent Hovenga1:02:18
43John Plain1:03:25
44Mark Delaney1:03:33
45David Post1:03:43
46James Matsubayashi1:03:44
47John Squillaci1:05:22
48C. Kevin Utley1:06:13
49Michael Mckenna1:06:17
50Chris Carothers1:07:23
51Jim Fuller1:09:02
52Richard Manzella1:09:13
53Rob Bauer1:09:59
54Jim Young1:13:45
55Jeff Dorwart1:16:00
56John Morgan1:16:31
57Jeff Strong1:16:44
58Mike Sanchez1:18:26
59Jonathan Sandberg1:18:55
60Ken Downey1:19:07
61Chris Dunn1:20:58
62Kevin Sternitzky1:21:12
63Bill Mcknight1:21:25
64Kirk Boylston1:21:43
65Eddie Rea1:22:14
66Lynn Trimble1:22:19
67Riley Frazier1:24:06
68Rob Quinn1:25:22
69Steve Carlson1:26:56
70Cole Freestone1:27:09
71Douglas Merkle1:27:42
72Eric Wilkey1:29:09
73Colin Trueman1:31:42
74Marc Saulnier1:32:01
75Dan Whitehill1:32:54
76David Krosch1:33:11
77Robin Brown1:34:09
78Shawn Tringham1:35:36
79David Loehrs1:35:39
80Dean Frederickson1:36:30
81Brent Vandeman1:37:09
82Scott Dalecio1:38:55
83Vincent Hunt1:39:39
84Scott Kreeger1:41:26
85Erich Ewy1:42:10
86Dale Agar1:44:58
87Markus Zimmer1:45:05
88Dale Jensen1:45:07
89Felix Ramos1:47:17
90Steve Alward1:49:16
91Steve Gross
92Mike Hartman1:49:24
93Robert Kec1:51:40
94Randall Bushman1:52:35
95Tom Robe1:53:57
96Osvaldo Munoz
97Richard Meyers1:55:12
98Shaun Mathewson1:56:27
99Mike Miller1:58:03
100Bill Blankenship2:00:26
101Chris Smith2:00:58
102Dana Pierce2:03:52
103Michael Mangino2:03:56
104Jim Chott2:04:48
105James Rhodes2:05:30
106Charles Wilson2:05:42
107Lorne Trezise2:11:57
108Mike Hicks2:12:50
109Fritz Noble2:13:52
110David Helzer2:13:55
111Randy Wiesner
112Alan Lundgren2:16:33
113Keith Story2:20:16
114William Brown2:21:48
115Derek Johnson2:23:03
116Mark W. Sherline2:23:16
117Robert Williams2:23:17
118Roger Morse2:25:19
119Gary Brand2:25:53
120Scott Stocking2:26:01
121Al Ramirez2:26:13
122Mike Sullivan2:26:35
123John Schlichte2:27:00
124Steve Venable2:27:35
125Joe Vogelsang2:28:07
126Joe Delong2:28:24
127Michael Shepston2:28:37
128Bill Straw2:30:01
129Alex Mlawsky2:31:47
130Dj Brooks2:32:56
131Mark Rufenacht2:33:21
132Patrick Valandra2:34:03
133Ronald Sheahan2:34:37
134Bryant Johnston2:34:46
135Brian Rens2:36:48
136Joe Changose2:37:13
137John Foy2:39:34
138Bahram Akradi2:40:10
139Todd Wade2:41:28
140Luke Mcgee2:43:13
141Dean Barney2:47:22
142William Rainaldi2:48:35
143Clinton Dorwart2:48:46
144Thom Porterfield2:49:58
145Dale Delaney2:50:27
146Mike Walsh2:52:01
147Donald Williams2:52:09
148Tom Beyner2:57:04
149William Lamb3:01:16
150Stephen Brown3:09:14
151Tom Mulhern3:12:58
152Anthony Ruggeroli3:13:50
153James Madura3:16:43
154Tom Beechey
155John Dixon3:24:26
156Charles Fernald3:25:47
157Daniel Sprangers3:31:23
158Richard Sharp3:37:54
159Ahmed Stowers3:49:04
160Paul Fow3:51:22
161Tim Crown3:51:41
162Ward Simpson3:52:52
163Jack Janelle3:53:30

Whiskey 50 Women's Masters 45+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jane Meneely4:11:39
2Molly Behunin0:10:42
3Peggy Brennan0:18:54
4Elizabeth Daubner0:37:15
5Christina Probert-turner0:52:06
6Debbie Hunter0:53:58
7Tracey Delaney1:27:22
8Beverly "the Bevinator" Rogers1:46:06
9Linda Walsh2:11:24
10Patty Jo Struve2:13:50
11Abi Paterson2:31:45

Whiskey 25 Men's open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Justin Mann2:09:12
2Nick Skaggs0:17:52
3Craig Nelson0:18:53
4Brian Talmadge0:21:20
5Randy Schrauder0:23:29
6Josh Matthew0:23:52
7Eric Smith0:25:31
8Jesse Rens
9Michael Mazura0:25:37
10Michael Mcafee0:27:04
11Thomas Bondurant0:30:40
12Aaron Stone0:30:45
13George Hackett0:31:25
14Nathan Mitchell0:35:09
15Sam Long0:35:19
16Tanner Morgan0:36:08
17Chad Salsbury0:36:36
18Kurt Hoy0:38:05
19Dan Jannone0:38:50
20Daniel Alasu0:39:11
21Vincent Porter0:39:43
22John Ross Peckardt0:40:43
23Kelly Varney0:40:44
24Jeff Thompson0:41:23
25James Cooley0:41:52
26David Hammer0:41:55
27Brett Laycock0:42:35
28Chad Laswell0:43:13
29Zachary Kurka0:43:46
30Stephen Holmes0:43:48
31Alex Stedman0:43:49
32Christopher Brennan0:44:09
33Adam Nichols0:45:29
34Shane Sluder0:45:53
35Joshua Dean0:48:09
36Robert Haze0:48:57
37Jeff Henderson0:49:12
38Jerry Baker0:49:14
39Brian Bunnell0:49:25
40Thierry Bousquet0:49:38
41Jeff Harrison0:51:11
42Brandon Gormley0:52:29
43Matt Reed0:52:44
44Matt Maneely
45Seldon Goff0:52:57
46Ryan Siegel0:53:21
47Rocky Gingg0:53:40
48Dewayne Powell0:53:53
49Thomas Stotler0:54:10
50Peter Marshall0:56:11
51Fat Drunk Guy Matt Blair0:56:18
52Garth Cummings0:56:34
53Landis Abrams0:56:37
54Chad Nelson0:56:38
55Leonardo Mitsuyuki0:57:20
56Andrew Schear0:58:18
57Tom Donovan0:58:28
58Ryan Zilka0:58:51
59John Tennant0:59:54
60Kris Dimon-sunday Cycles1:00:18
61Brent Fuhrmann1:00:27
62Micah Caudle1:00:30
63Clay Sanchez1:00:59
64Shawn Vaca1:01:07
65Alex Paterson1:02:24
66Brad Kaczmarek1:02:30
67Jp Hope1:03:03
68Le Le1:03:04
69Ari Goldstein1:03:08
70John Pollard1:03:15
71Ron Cooney1:03:22
72Cory Foster1:03:52
73Oliver Monti-masel1:03:54
74Marcus Rasmussen1:04:05
75Kevin Day1:04:19
76Tyler Moran1:04:25
77Josh Crothers1:05:18
78Aaron Guidry1:05:31
79Ivan Volkov1:05:34
80Jeff Smith1:05:53
81Reinhold Staudinger1:05:57
82Clay Bishop1:06:10
83James Robinson1:06:48
84Cory Kempton1:07:10
85Matt Koehler1:07:52
86Dan Breyer1:08:04
87David Maggs1:08:18
88Brad Mitcheltree1:08:26
89Ryan O'brien1:08:41
90Alex Harris1:09:19
91Mike Murray1:09:30
92Daniel Trujillo1:09:31
93Kevin Mckemie1:09:39
94Kevin Kiel1:10:00
95Israel Tilman1:10:21
96Mark Strasser1:10:28
97Mike Weaver
98Scott Dillard1:10:29
99Alec Stewart1:10:49
100Jeff Currey1:11:13
101Brian Bullard1:11:16
102Brad Vanderley1:11:29
103Harry Travis1:11:49
104Michael Knowles1:12:55
105Rick Lemieux1:13:07
106Manuel Heredia1:13:48
107Jason Manedy1:14:01
108Chris Janick1:15:06
109Nathan Moroney1:15:17
110Oryan Salberg1:15:42
111Mike Desoto
112Guillermo Cortes1:15:48
113Alan Boyett
114Benjamin Guiney1:15:54
115Scott Huska1:16:10
116Jimi Cook1:16:33
117Erik Lantz1:16:40
118David Browning1:16:44
119Wayne Blom1:17:19
120Mike Wilda1:18:02
121Brett Smith1:18:16
122Tomoyuki Arai1:18:37
123David Plotkin1:19:15
124Aaron Rhoderick1:20:01
125Adam Shuey1:20:10
126Jeff Welch1:22:00
127Justin Kinkade1:22:21
128David Fonseca1:22:39
129Sean Moreau1:23:02
130Paul Fertig1:23:33
131Jason Mukavetz1:23:46
132Sean Cramer1:23:57
133Greg Tonkin1:24:28
134Aaron Neill1:25:11
135Jason Dolence1:25:28
136Dave Domagala1:25:39
137John Paladino1:25:44
138Michael Braun1:26:04
139Mark Burnside1:26:13
140Rob Walpole1:26:27
141Richard Nieves1:27:19
142David Wilson1:27:37
143Matt Todd1:28:05
144Benedict J. Colombi1:29:27
145Adan Casillas1:29:32
146Tom Coatini1:29:35
147Eric Eby1:29:36
148Jeff Renteria1:30:27
149Ryan Randazzo1:30:51
150Curtis Gunn1:32:02
151Robert Israel1:32:32
152Tyler Cowles1:32:41
153Eric Naughton1:32:56
154Kurt Wetzstein1:33:06
155Tim Colson1:33:30
156Jeremy Janelle1:33:34
157Dan Bauman
158Scott Geare1:34:42
159Kevin Armstrong1:34:48
160Nathan Ewert1:35:26
161Aaron Kerth1:35:40
162David Calleja1:35:43
163Chris Hardy1:36:08
164Steve Haider1:36:11
165Jamie Shaffer1:37:13
166Aaron Applegate1:37:25
167Darien Humbert1:37:53
168David Aller1:38:20
169Lyndon Cang1:38:45
170Cliff Dawson1:39:07
171John Conkell
172Kevin Perlak1:39:22
173Mark Labelle1:40:15
174Chad Woolgar1:40:50
175Scott Hayes1:41:06
176Tom Chapman1:41:14
177Mark Parker1:41:25
178Matt Saling1:42:02
179Kristopher Kaufman1:42:10
180Bryan Rains1:42:22
181Matthew Morrison1:42:48
182Chris Dugan1:43:07
183Matt Halverson1:43:16
184Jonathan Blum1:43:52
185John Farmer1:44:36
186Cooper Carr1:46:30
187John \"sunday Cycles\" Craft1:47:22
188Ryan Rausch1:48:07
189Garrett Shetterly1:48:30
190Michael Thibodeaux1:48:53
191Ryan Neuwirt1:48:55
192Christophe Warin1:48:59
193James Cinalli1:52:08
194Justin Gingg1:52:28
195Brian Fox1:52:49
196Josh Leatherman1:52:53
197Mark Rao1:52:57
198Tommy Gwynn1:53:36
199Kyle Wesley1:54:10
200Antoine Rabany1:54:11
201Ethan Brown1:54:18
202Michael Clifford1:56:55
203Matthew Palermo1:57:26
204George Peck1:57:42
205Michael Sadler1:57:43
206Johnathan Meade1:58:02
207Tom Wolf1:58:18
208Larry North1:58:26
209Sean Phelan1:59:10
210Paul Remlinger2:00:13
211Robert Davis2:00:37
212Chris Deturk2:00:38
213Shannon Macdougall2:00:51
214John Holbert
215Jason Bowersock2:01:03
216Blair Burton2:01:07
217Gerald Steele2:01:22
218Matthew Payne2:01:38
219Sean Goneau2:01:44
220Eric Shunk2:01:45
221Matt Freed2:02:07
222Scott Genta2:02:21
223Tom Lindsay
224Adam Lu2:02:23
225Grant Slezak2:02:38
226Rey Marzan2:03:56
227David Lindsay2:04:14
228Joseph Gamboa2:04:30
229John Myers2:05:16
230David Hanson2:06:15
231Tim Leroy2:07:58
232Brad Davis2:08:19
233Jacob Lindenstein2:08:51
234Alex Iniguez2:09:34
235Aaron Natter2:10:57
236Matt Osselaer2:11:39
237Jacob Helms2:11:43
238Scott Frank2:11:46
239Jeremy Rhodes2:11:50
240Jake Psenka2:12:44
241Dustin Ojeda2:13:19
242Chad Simpson2:13:46
243Ryan Burroughs2:14:28
244Andrew Van Schoiack2:14:47
245Ryan Furlong2:15:18
246Colin Ritter2:15:51
247Luke Lamers2:16:37
248Ken Foudy2:16:42
249Mark Milutin2:17:11
250Jackson Lowery2:18:01
251Patrick Fraher2:18:30
252Dave Paliwodzinski2:20:25
253David Bush2:20:45
254Jay Tomerlin2:20:51
255Jim Steffes2:20:55
256Brandon Nelson2:20:57
257Brian Mcgoldrick2:21:20
258Jay Bunch2:21:35
259Doug Johnson2:21:52
260Travis Kapp2:22:43
261Mike Olson2:22:49
262Kevin Beyer2:23:07
263Todd Wright2:23:22
264Jim Pullaro2:23:40
265Tim Connolly2:23:44
266Lane Mondeau2:23:50
267Joshua Tope2:23:56
268Jeff Kreutzer2:24:59
269Jeremy Zogg2:25:17
270Cary Davis2:26:48
271Nader Helmi2:26:56
272Carlos Justiniano2:28:12
273Juan Gonzalez2:30:03
274Salvador Cerna2:30:53
275Kris Bunch2:31:21
276Brian Oderkirk2:32:08
277Cody Maier2:32:09
278Eddie Garza2:32:18
279Andrew Coffey2:32:41
280Greg Kaozmarck2:33:52
281Eric Sommers2:33:55
282Jason Jonson2:33:58
283Wallace Davis2:35:23
284Perches Freddie2:35:25
285Jeremy Hall2:35:30
286Dustin Ellis2:35:49
287Scott Smith2:36:31
288Ken Skinner2:36:57
289Ruben Tamminga2:36:58
290Oscar Campos2:37:02
291Ted Tucker2:37:03
292Don Mellow2:37:36
293Fausto Lopez2:37:44
294Daniel Benhaim2:37:54
295Lane Johnson2:38:09
296Jason Mitchell2:38:32
297Johnny Maynes2:38:46
298Ryan Winkelman2:38:49
299Matthew Murphy2:39:27
300Glenn Parmlee2:39:33
301Jesus Frias2:39:39
302Chris Franceschelli2:40:10
303David Jaget2:40:16
304Chad Calmoun2:40:36
305Tim Reed2:42:08
306Jeffrey Torp2:42:43
307Reg Akins2:43:10
308Brock Mellema2:43:42
309Kent Dudek2:44:21
310James Burroughs2:45:10
311Jeff Dyer2:45:21
312Bryan Vogel2:45:39
313Pete Wilson2:45:41
314Scott Anderson2:46:32
315Peter Blied2:47:05
316Kyle Vesely2:47:25
317Aaron Cooper2:48:03
318Charles Engel2:48:19
319Daniel Lust2:48:33
320Joe Ingermanson2:48:56
321Derron Klafter2:49:55
322Mark Turner2:50:10
323Oscar Guzman2:50:35
324Scott Brown2:50:48
325Matthew Bauer2:52:05
326Darby Mcnutt2:52:22
327Guillermo Hernandez2:52:47
328Sean Marchal2:54:20
329Travis Lass2:54:55
330Arthur Ho2:55:18
331Jason Kolb2:55:35
332Rowan Smith2:55:49
333Jeff Ocampo2:55:52
334Benjamin Ciampa2:56:14
335Mike Rosenberg2:56:47
336Eric Alexander2:59:05
337Danny Mackenzie2:59:37
338Terry Vincent3:00:06
339Mike Quiada3:00:09
340Casey Carr3:00:13
341Ryan Schenck
342Victor Kish3:00:18
343Sean Howard3:00:36
344Scott Nemec3:00:45
345Christopher Mick3:01:31
346Steve Mccrank3:03:19
347Willie Sommers3:03:46
348Brian Gossage - Sunday Cycles3:06:12
349Scott Copeland3:06:14
350Daniel Mcfarland3:06:24
351Felix Takach3:07:01
352Marc Carson3:07:08
353Mark Larsen3:07:57
354James Walker
355Howard Benn3:09:36
356Korey Seyler3:09:38
357Ted Tucker3:10:30
358Chad Mason3:10:45
359Johnny Lohrman3:10:47
360Sean Thompson3:11:04
361Troy Nolte3:11:12
362Matt Savidge3:13:05
363Phillip Edgars3:14:04
364Brent Pierce3:16:46
365Rob Wilson3:16:47
366Daniel Seth3:16:49
367Mckray Jones3:22:48

Whiskey 25 Women's open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Sturm2:26:49
2Lauren Catlin0:05:12
3Christine Irelan0:07:40
4Andrea Smith0:22:58
5Stephanie Jones0:31:47
6Shandra Lee0:38:44
7Sage Grossi0:43:35
8Gianna Bianchi0:43:37
9Nadine Davis0:52:14
10Jessie Turner0:55:36
11Lisa Ridenour0:57:04
12Jolene May1:07:52
13Anna Trader1:11:42
14Danielle Mt. Pleasant1:11:59
15Gretchen Cherry1:12:20
16Darci Komac1:14:10
17Jeanette Wesley1:23:11
18Maureen Powell1:24:26
19Carolyn Maloney1:30:28
20Marisol Walpole1:38:30
21Erin Holohan1:39:28
22Demelza Davis1:43:00
23Melissa Madrona1:46:07
24Theresa Hannibal1:47:12
25Ruth Hennings1:52:11
26Molly Ford1:52:47
27Regina Bailey1:56:10
28Shawna Yost1:56:49
29Laurel Pierquet2:02:15
30Tessa Causland2:05:45
31Connor Gifford2:06:16
32Melanie Street2:13:05
33Tricia Jones2:14:32
34Natalie Grassi2:15:59
35Stephanie Griffin2:16:02
36Megan Dixon2:18:19
37Sarah Squires2:19:23
38Sonja Schurig2:20:53
39Mary Wilmore2:22:32
40Rachel Medlin2:24:50
41Shelly Helmken2:27:23
42Joanna Del Castillo2:34:36
43Mercedes Minjarez2:35:53
44Carrie Carr2:42:34
45Tara Mackenzie2:42:37
46Melissa Garner2:43:05
47Rebecca Kierstead2:43:50
48Ashlee Nolte2:53:35

Whiskey 25 Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alex Boone2:26:13
2Dan Hight0:03:39
3Tobias Corwin0:05:57
4Corey Obrien0:13:24
5Christophe Noel0:14:23
6Alec Offner0:15:40
7Martin Apolinar0:18:24
8Mark Horrocks0:23:39
9Mark Challoner
10Rick Lemke0:25:45
11Brett Wham0:26:00
12May Stuart0:29:50
13Scott Mccreery0:31:23
14Pacer Bryant0:34:48
15Jeff Woltman0:35:18
16Joshua Groves0:37:00
17Ernest Negrete0:44:42
18Guy Bell0:49:13
19Michael Lin0:49:37
20Brian Teed0:50:09
21Sean Hall0:52:31
22Richard Swedbergh0:54:03
23Doug Korell0:55:31
24Garrich Black0:58:14
25David Marciniak0:58:30
26Jonathan Dufek0:59:29
27Andrew Iacona1:00:12
28Mark Soderstrom1:00:58
29David Johnson1:02:46
30Michael Zachary1:05:41
31Jonny Schaffer1:08:42
32Bert Evans1:12:53
33Josh Miller1:16:54
34Steve Thompson1:19:00
35Bob Harrison1:21:24
36Pat Murrish1:23:27
37Jeff Coleman1:30:19
38Rene Guerrero1:31:31
39Balin Strickler1:37:19
40Jim Drake1:42:55
41Chris Robertson1:48:20
42Joseph Hoover1:58:28
43Jamie Seegert2:06:08
44Greg Clark2:06:25
45Rex Noble2:20:00
46Lyle Steely2:35:18
47Jeff Militello2:42:31
48Jaime Barnett2:53:12

Whiskey 25 Singlespeed women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tiffany Graves3:17:58
2Nicole Eikenberry0:17:51
3Cina Mcconaughy0:20:02
4Fabian Garro0:34:14
5Kimberly Wack0:56:34
6Robb Bryan1:04:01
7Vickie Lukina1:06:59

Whiskey 25 Fun ride
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eli Jones3:41:22
2Kyle Johnson0:51:31

Whiskey 25 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cypress Gorry1:59:50
2Sepp Kuss0:00:11
3Dilyn Sheber0:25:50
4Ian Wilkey0:27:25
5Jake Yackle0:34:54
6Nick Thomas0:38:53
7Nye Yackle0:53:56
8Kino Miller1:08:06
9Nicholas Jenkins1:10:12
10Tristen Junkins1:45:21
11Ian Olivarez1:49:16
12Andrew Myrick2:05:16
13Alex Degrazia2:10:35
14Axel Wadlund2:59:24
15Chaz Andresen3:16:32

Whiskey 25 Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tiziana Dehorney3:01:57
2Erin Quinn0:43:26
3Hailey Fortin1:27:31

Whiskey 25 Men's Masters 45+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daryll Mckenzie2:26:16
2Loren Siekman0:09:45
3Grant Taylor0:11:01
4Rick Honsinger0:12:26
5Scott Paulsel0:12:38
6Jack Adams0:14:49
7Chris Sieben0:14:50
8Don Beale0:16:13
9Steve Becker0:17:13
10Michael Whitehead0:25:33
11Kevin Donnellan0:27:27
12Kent Loganbill0:30:22
13Todd O\\\'toole0:31:20
14Jeff Combs0:31:53
15Shawn Bolduc0:32:27
16Jack Panosian0:32:38
17Mike Park0:36:34
18Glenn Miller0:36:41
19Alex Romero0:36:46
20Anthony Yaniro0:41:10
21Bruce Purdy0:44:50
22Tom Stenerson0:45:54
23Kevin Lockart0:46:30
24Wilhelm Leichtfried0:46:59
25Dave Sewell0:47:13
26Doug Lenz0:47:22
27Tim Wilson0:48:27
28Bob Carlin0:50:59
29Dorian ruiz0:52:21
30Craig Church0:52:37
31Steve Hughes0:55:01
32Scott Flitcroft0:56:59
33Tim Mackrain0:57:57
34Patrick Daubner0:58:24
35John Peckardt0:58:36
36John Miliken0:59:37
37Keith Freedman1:01:36
38Bill Mason1:01:44
39Thomas Haffner1:02:25
40Richard Shields1:02:34
41Tony Beck1:02:48
42James Williams1:04:00
43David Mckinley1:05:33
44Keith Johnson1:06:01
45Bryan Estep1:06:33
46Bruce Tonkin1:08:04
47Daryll Colton1:08:29
48Bill Lindberg1:09:23
49Alex Lloyd1:09:48
50Chris Schultz1:12:43
51Per Tagseth1:13:20
52Bret Underhill1:13:37
53Bart Underhill
54Steve Lummer1:13:45
55Alan Floyd1:13:46
56James Sessions1:15:19
57Monty Owen1:16:27
58Christoper Macintyre1:16:32
59Scott Hansen1:16:33
60Dave Votto1:19:37
61Jeff Windle1:21:18
62Michael Young1:24:03
63Daniel Friedman1:24:07
64Wayne Fernandez1:25:10
65Scot Wilson1:25:18
66Gabriel Lucero1:26:24
67David Vanyo1:26:45
68Seth Curtis1:26:59
69Matt Hobaica1:27:49
70Douglas Gauntt1:28:00
71Raymond Gardner1:28:31
72Rob Arend1:30:11
73Michael Maier1:30:45
74Steve Buckmore1:31:26
75Klaus Giesen1:31:41
76Jim Deeke1:31:50
77Ed Baker1:34:39
78Dave Sundaram1:35:23
79Brent Dennis1:35:31
80Curt Howell1:36:11
81Mike Miller1:36:30
82Mark Knobbe1:37:05
83Brad Devries1:39:04
84Jim Warrick1:39:29
85Bruce Penman1:40:47
86Dave Carlson1:41:08
87C L MORRIS1:41:09
88Paul Moehring1:41:14
89Michael Smith1:43:01
90Robert Coombs1:44:03
91Mark Vancas1:44:49
92Scott O\'donnell1:45:23
93Chris Manny1:45:29
94Don Wilson1:46:21
95Michael Mcpherson1:46:38
96Michael Taylor1:46:49
97Greg Wandersee1:46:54
98Jay Natoli1:47:26
99Jay Goswick1:47:28
100Daniel Christianson1:51:20
101Dave Ednoff1:52:09
102John Payne1:52:21
103Francis Cameron1:52:31
104Jeff Gordon1:53:08
105Michael Sweeney1:53:10
106George Deckey1:54:20
107Thomas O\'neil1:54:28
108Victor Sternberg Jr1:57:02
109Cary Colt Payne1:57:13
110Ted Geare1:57:52
111Guy Gunther1:58:29
112David Saunders1:59:39
113Mark Kittelson2:00:38
114Greg Haynes2:00:58
115Keith Fry2:01:02
116Robert Meade2:03:20
117Glen Caby2:03:23
118Brett Throne2:03:31
119Mike Ingram2:03:32
120Duane Brown2:03:33
121Michael Rigney2:04:18
122David Olson2:06:01
123Russell Cox2:06:03
124Steve Speight2:06:23
125James Stayberg2:06:33
126Jeff Seeman2:06:34
127Ted Jung2:06:41
128Ronald Hertz2:14:19
129Dave Burnett2:15:05
130Mark Sorenson2:15:43
131Kirk Fleming2:15:46
132Laurent Jenck2:18:05
133Roy Bury2:20:48
134Bert Cornwell2:21:30
135Rocky Gingg2:21:51
136David Mckenna2:21:57
137George Garcia2:24:17
138Micky Santa Maria2:24:23
139Steve Haynes
140David Stewart2:24:36
141Steve Mussigman
142Rick Jones2:25:57
143Don Tayon2:26:06
144Ricky Taylor2:26:07
145Eric Chuang2:26:08
146Alex Vakula2:26:30
147Dan Kennedy2:27:40
148Timothy Allen2:27:52
149Bill Bennett2:28:05
150Philip Kenny2:29:09
151Theodore Wall2:29:17
152Mike Chesnick2:31:02
153Robert Perry2:31:32
154Kenneth Weis2:32:49
155Michael Harvey2:33:11
156Evan Hannah2:34:55
157Maurice Farneti2:35:27
158Carlos Gastelum2:35:43
159Mark Sprangers2:36:18
160Paul Mcclurg2:37:16
161David Kruft2:38:02
162Jim Ridge2:38:16
163Todd Brown2:38:17
164Brian Smith2:38:46
165E. Paul Koury
166Bruce Rudder2:40:29
167Richard Marquis2:42:05
168Phil Swafford2:43:14
169Bill Swafford2:43:27
170Richard F Baker Ii2:44:23
171Derek Sang2:49:11
172Chuck Landin2:49:31
173Richie Mcquillen2:52:32
174Dan Munsell2:53:31
175Dwayne Lund2:54:38
176Cass Morgan2:56:07
177Glay Staheli2:56:46
178Ken Barnes2:57:28
179Jorge Rios2:57:43
180Jamie Stack3:00:44
181John Van Hovel3:02:49
182Mark Hobaica3:03:27
183Mark Chadwick3:03:42
184Leonard Mckinley3:09:08
185Frank Wolf3:10:16

Whiskey 25 Women's Masters 45+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mia Stockdale2:38:54
2Carolyn Feller0:23:03
3Jo Roberts0:30:40
4Laurel Arndt0:34:15
5Susie Fiore0:41:35
6Nancy Turman0:41:55
7Krista Gibson0:49:48
8Diane Rogalcheck0:55:47
9Solange Whitehead1:07:44
10Lisa Lennon1:22:26
11Wendy Skean1:28:07
12Leonora Fimbres1:38:26
13Wendy Macfarland1:50:42
14Peggy Dennis2:02:48
15Becky Youman2:08:07
16Sheila Senft2:12:06
17Kimberly Beacom2:27:17
18Kathy Sanders2:31:46


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