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Evans crowned US Criterium Champion

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The women's podium

The women's podium (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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The women's peloton at speed

The women's peloton at speed (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Shelly Evans ( Peanut Butter & Co) celebrates

Shelly Evans ( Peanut Butter & Co) celebrates (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Shelly Evans ( Peanut Butter & Co) won it well

Shelly Evans ( Peanut Butter & Co) won it well (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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The women's peloton splits under speed

The women's peloton splits under speed (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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The Peanut Butter & Co riders lead the way

The Peanut Butter & Co riders lead the way (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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A solo attack in the sunset

A solo attack in the sunset (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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It was an aggressive race

It was an aggressive race (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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A great day out

A great day out (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Race watching

Race watching (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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The voice of US cycling

The voice of US cycling (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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The race flashes past

The race flashes past (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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The 15-16 Junior men;s podium

The 15-16 Junior men;s podium (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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The 17-18 Junior men's podium

The 17-18 Junior men's podium (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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The Junior women's podium

The Junior women's podium (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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The women's podium

The women's podium (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Benjamin King (Trek Livestrong U23) tops the Under 23 podium

Benjamin King (Trek Livestrong U23) tops the Under 23 podium (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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The Elite men's podium

The Elite men's podium (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Erica Allar (Team VBF)

Erica Allar (Team VBF) (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Shelly Evans (Peanut Butter & Co) smiles after her success

Shelly Evans (Peanut Butter & Co) smiles after her success (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Shelly Evans (Peanut Butter & Co) in the stars and stripes

Shelly Evans (Peanut Butter & Co) in the stars and stripes (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Shelly Evans (Peanut Butter & Co) has a laugh on the start line.

Shelly Evans (Peanut Butter & Co) has a laugh on the start line. (Image credit: Jonathan Devich)
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No comment

No comment (Image credit: Heidi Swift)
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Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co) claims another win and her last junior criterium title.

Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co) claims another win and her last junior criterium title. (Image credit: Jonathan Devich)
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Lawson Craddock (Hot Tubes) easily wins the 17-18 year old criterium after having won the TT yesterday.

Lawson Craddock (Hot Tubes) easily wins the 17-18 year old criterium after having won the TT yesterday. (Image credit: Jonathan Devich)
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Ben King (Trek-Livestrong) leads the break as they gain time on the field.

Ben King (Trek-Livestrong) leads the break as they gain time on the field. (Image credit: Jonathan Devich)
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Ben King (Trek-Livestrong) had plenty of time to celebrate as he crossed the line.

Ben King (Trek-Livestrong) had plenty of time to celebrate as he crossed the line. (Image credit: Jonathan Devich)
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Team TIBCO starts to organise things as the women close in on the final laps.

Team TIBCO starts to organise things as the women close in on the final laps. (Image credit: Jonathan Devich)
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Shelly Evans ( Peanut Butter & Co) was the top sprinter today to claim the national title.

Shelly Evans ( Peanut Butter & Co) was the top sprinter today to claim the national title. (Image credit: Jonathan Devich)
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Today's women's criterium championship podium.

Today's women's criterium championship podium. (Image credit: Jonathan Devich)

Victory at the elite women’s criterium championship has given Shelley Evans (Peanut Butter & Co-TWENTY12) her first road stars and stripes jersey. The savvy sprinter outpaced Erica Allar (Vera Bradley Foundation) and her lead-out woman Lauren Tamayo in the bunch sprint.

“This is very nice,” Evans said. “The best part about it is that the team came together so well and we were so strong. Today Lauren and the rest of my teammates made it possible for me to win. Without these girls I would not be able to pull off this win. This is a product of our team gelling. It doesn’t have anything to do with me being the fast sprinter, it has more to do with us riding as a team with a plan and executing it.

“We will celebrate a little tonight but we have a hard road race on Sunday to rest up for,” she added.

This year the elite women’s race was moved from its traditional location in Downers Grove, Illinois alongside the USPro Criterium Championships, to join the series of elite, Under 23 and junior US National Championships held in Bend, Oregon.

The race was packed with the speed of former title holders Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Colavita-Baci) and Brooke Miller (Tibco-To the Top). Other strong sprinters included Allar and Kelley Benjamin (Colavita-Baci.

“There were some strong sprinters here and I give them respect,” Evans said. “I had a lot of confidence coming into this race after winning Nature Valley Grand Prix. The girls believed in me and when you have the team backing you, you don’t want to let them down. Tibco had nine riders and other teams were trying to attack. Our girls just kept it all together and I really had to do no work the whole time.”

After multiple unsuccessful attacks the field barreled around the last lap intact for a bunch sprint. Teams vying for good position included Colavita-Baci, Vera Bradley Foundation and Tibco. Evans’ teammates Katharine Carroll and Tamayo provided much of her lead-out on the last two laps.

“They really allowed me to take that win,” Evans said. “Lauren was my lead-out. There were a few attacks coming into the finish. Meredith Miller attacked out of the last corner and Lauren covered it. I was sitting on Lauren’s wheel. She was patient and waited until 250 metres to go. I had Erica Allar on my wheel and when I sensed that she was going to jump, I did. Lauren held on for third which was very impressive.”

The elite women’s peloton will compete in the US Road National Championships held at the Awbrey Butte Circuit Race on Sunday.

Hammer time gets King U23 title

Ben King (Trek-Livestrong) won a two-man sprint against Oscar Clark (Mountain Khakis-Jittery Joes) to win the Under 23 Men’s US Criterium Championships held in Bend, Oregon on Friday. Kings’ teammate Justin Williams won the bunch sprint for third place.

“It felt great to give a good salute to winning this jersey,” King said. “It was nice to represent Trek-Livestrong and get the win for them. Criteriums aren’t really my specialty but we just came from racing the Nature Valley Grand Prix, which was a bunch of criteriums, so I got some good practice there.”

The 1.3 km, four-corner circuit was a held on a modified version of the Cascade Cycling Classic’s criterium stage. The riders raced along Wall St and Bond St, parallel roads in the entertainment and shopping district of downtown Bend.

“It was a fun course,” King said. “It was a pretty standard, four-corner circuit with two long straights. It was fun and Bend is a great place to be. There were great crowds today because there were races going on all day.”

Some 100 potential champions lined up to race a 60 km event in pursuit of the prestigious title. Several breakaways had little success in gaining time on the peloton until three laps remaining when King made his winning move. Clark followed King and the pair gained a slim margin ahead of a field hungry for a mass sprint.

“The team wanted to take an aggressive approach to the race today,” King said. “We had three of the faster guys in the race but we wanted to force some of the other strong teams to do some work early on. The whole team was active and did a great job.

“The peloton was getting tired with 10 laps to go,” he added. “With three laps to go, I shot up the inside and got a gap. I was off the front with one guy and just put my head down and went. I wasn’t really thinking about the win for myself, I was thinking about how that would set up the final sprint. But we still had a good gap with one lap to go so I knew it was hammer time.”

King rounded the final corner in a full sprint to take the victory ahead of Clark. The pair finished mere seconds ahead of the bunch sprint won by former Under 23 Criterium Champion Williams.

The Under 23 men’s peloton will compete in the US Road National Championships held at the Awbrey Butte Circuit Race on Saturday.


Women - 1/2 - Elite
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shelley Evans (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12/P)1:10:36
2Erica Allar (Team VBF)0:00:01
3Lauren Tamayo (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12)
4Carmen Small (COLAVITA/BACI presented by COOK)0:00:04
5Jennifer Wheeler (Lake Washington Velo)
6Samantha Schneider
7Meredith Miller (Altoona Bicycle Club/Spokes-n-S)0:00:07
8Alison Powers (Team VBF)
9Katharine Carroll (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12/P)0:00:10
10Sinead Miller0:00:11
11Janel Holcomb (Alto Velo Racing Club/Webcor/Al)0:00:14
12Liza Rachetto (Defined Fitness Training LLC/TR)0:00:15
13Christina Smith (Veloforma)0:00:16
14Jade Wilcoxson
15Melissa Sanborn
16Beatriz Rodriguez (Southern California Velo)
17Jacqueline Kurth (Team Kenda)
18Cara Bussell (TriSports Cycling/Eclipse Racin)
19Lindsy Campbell (Northern Rockies Cycling Team)0:00:17
20Whitney Schultz (Veloforma)
21Maura Kinsella (Alto Velo Racing Club/Webcor/Al)
22Tiffany Pezzulo (Defined Fitness Training LLC/TR)
23Lindsay Myers (Veloce Velo/Webcor Builders Cyc)
24Ashley James (Team Kenda)
25Leia Tyrrell0:00:18
26Arielle Filiberti (Specialized Designs for Women/B)
27Brenna Lopez-Otero (Velo Bella)0:00:19
28Cinthia Lehner0:00:24
29Amber Rais
30Kathleen Billington (Capital Cycling Club)
31Mara Abbott (Sports Garage/Rio Grande Cycli)0:00:25
32Kristin Sanders (Team VBF)0:00:29
33Jennifer Gaertner (Coeur d 'Alene Velo Racers (CDA)0:00:31
34Ally Stacher (Veloce Velo/Webcor Builders Cyc)
35Alison Starnes (Team TIBCO II)0:00:35
36Andrea Dvorak (COLAVITA/BACI presented by COOK)
37Shontell Gauthier (COLAVITA/BACI presented by COOK)0:00:43
38Kelly Benjamin (COLAVITA/BACI presented by COOK)0:00:44
39Kathryne Carr (Defined Fitness Training LLC/TR)0:00:53
40Lauren Robertson (FCS/ Metro Volkswagen)0:00:58
41Tammy Wildgoose (OCW/Paramount Racing/Paramount)0:01:04
42Robin Farina (Team VBF)0:01:11
43Lauren Hall (Team VBF)0:01:21
44Amanda Miller (Defined Fitness Training LLC/TR)
45Kristen Lasasso (CESC Clube Esportivo Sao Caetan)0:01:22
46Kacey Manderfield (Cycle Loft)0:01:25
47Nichole Wangsgard0:05:50
48Rebecca Much (xXx Racing)
49Jenna Kowalski (VRC/NOW-MS Society)
50Devon Haskell (Tintawin Racing/BH USA)
51Greta Neimanas (xXx Racing)
52Louise Smyth (FCS/ Metro Volkswagen/Metro Vol)
52Jane Wolcott (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club/L)
52Rachel Warner (NC Cycling)
55Amara Boursaw (Puget Sound Cycling Club/Gregg')
56Netana Hotimsky (
DNSAmber Neben (Veloce Velo/Webcor Builders Cyc)
DNSAlexandra Graebe (Camelback Cycling Club/Bicycle)
DNSKatheryn Curi Mattis (Veloce Velo/Webcor Builders Cyc)
DNSHaley Juno-Galdes
DNSTyler Stewart
DNSJennifer Purcell (Wichita Falls Bicycling Club/Ho)
DNFLauren Liscinski (VRC/NOW-MS Society)
DNFKimberley Turner (Seattle Super Squadra)
DNFJessica Cutler (Cycle Loft)
DNFCatherine Varland (Thumbprint Racing/
DNFPriscilla Calderon (Southern California Velo)
DNFAlisha Welsh (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12/P)
DNFAnna Barensfeld (Minuteman Road Club)
DNFLauren Hecht (Alto Velo Racing Club)
DNFBrooke Miller (Team TIBCO II)
DNFMegan Guarnier
DNFJennifer Weinbrecht (B&L Bikes)
DNFTheresa Cliff-Ryan (COLAVITA/BACI presented by COOK)
DNFAmy Mcguire (Wheelworks Racing)
DNFJulia Lafranchise (VRC/NOW-MS Society)
DNFShelby Reynolds (Sugar Cycles/Sugar Cycles Facto)

Men - U23 - U23
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Benjamin King (Trek Livestrong U23)1:17:05
2Oscar Clark (Mountain Khakis Fueled)
3Justin Williams (Trek Livestrong U23)0:00:01
4Luke Keough (
5Logan Loader (Lucemie Espoir Quimper)
6Gavin Mannion (Trek Livestrong U23)
7Daniel Summerhill (Garmin-Transitions/Team Holowes)
8Shane Kline (Bissell Pro Cycling Te)0:00:02
9Jerome Townsend (bIKE REG)
10Bryan Larsen (Ranchos Cycling Club/Team Ranch)
11Andrew Dahlheim (FCS/ Metro Volkswagen/Metro Vol)
12Cody Foster (Team Hotel San Jose/Hotel San J)0:00:03
13Alex Howes (Garmin-Transitions/Team Holowes)
14Joe Iannarelli (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)
15Eric Schildge (Mountain Khakis Fueled)0:00:04
16Tyler Brandt (California Giant Cycling)
17Matthew Brandt (Mesa Cycles Shop and Racing Tea)0:00:05
18Alan Ting (Super Squadra/Bicycle Sport Sho)
19John Bennett (California Giant Cycling/Califo)
20Ryan Cleveland (Williams Wheel Systems)
21Steve Fisher (Rad Racing NW/Hagens Berman)0:00:09
22Maxwell Durtschi (Garmin-Transitions/Team Holowes)0:00:10
23Michael Midlarsky (Bike America Racing Team/Bike A)
24Danny Heeley (VRC/NOW-MS Society)
25Peter Salon (Garmin-Transitions)0:00:11
26Andrew Goessling (American Lung Association Cycli)0:00:12
27Connor Mccutcheon0:00:13
28Nathan Brown (Trek Livestrong U23)0:00:14
29Ian Moir (Racelab U-23 Cycling Team/Team)
30Dylan Jones (Racelab U-23 Cycling Team/Team)
31Andrew Bosco (Southern California Velo)0:00:15
32Michael Stone (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu)0:00:16
33Ian Crane (Lake Washington Velo)
34Joseph Dombrowski (Haymarket Bicycles)0:00:18
35Cory Bruno0:00:19
36Andrew Barker (Team 5280 Magazine)
37Cory Greenberg (VRC/NOW-MS Society)0:00:20
38Tucker Gerald (Dallas Racing)
39Marcel Delisser (Team Oregon)
40Corey Farrell (VRC/NOW-MS Society)
41Nathaniel Wilson (Lateral Stress Velo Inc./Kelly)
42David Williams (Bissell Pro Cycling Te)0:00:21
43Ian Boswell (Bissell Pro Cycling Te)0:00:22
44Charlie Avis (Trek Livestrong U23/Trek/LIVEST)
45Austin Arguello (Escalera Racing Club/Team Exerg)
46Elliott Craddock (Garmin-Transitions/Team Holowes)0:00:23
47Marshall Opel (Racelab U-23 Cycling Team/Team)0:00:26
48Justin Lowe (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu)0:00:28
49Stephen Leece (VRC/NOW-MS Society)
50Kevin Gottlieb (Lateral Stress Velo Inc.)
51Julian Martinez (California Giant Cycling/Califo)
52Travis Burandt (Team Hotel San Jose/Hotel San J)
53Austin Stewart (FCS/ Metro Volkswagen/Metro Vol)
54Brandon Trafton (California Giant Cycling/Califo)0:00:30
55David Talbott (TriStar Cycling Team/Tristar-Mo)0:00:31
56Parker Smith (TBB Sports)
57Ignacio (Iggy) Silva (Trek Livestrong U23)0:00:33
58Tyler Karnes (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu)0:00:34
59Morgan Ryan (Bahati Foundation Elite Cycling)0:00:35
60Tucker Olander (Team Hotel San Jose/Hotel San J)
61Andrew Baker (Garmin-Transitions/Team Holowes)0:00:39
62Carmi Schulman (Squadra Ovest Cycling)0:00:54
63Alister Ratcliff (
64Josh Yeaton0:00:57
65Cody O'reilly (Bissell Pro Cycling Te)0:01:15
66Jesse Goodrich (Primal - 1st Bank)0:01:16
67Ty Magner (Athens Velo Club)0:01:23
68Grant Boursaw (Puget Sound Cycling Club)0:01:26
69Blake Anton (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)0:01:36
70Levi Baker (Fayetteville Wheelmen/Tyson Rac)0:08:21
70Lucas Binder (Echelon Gran Fondo/Zteam)
72Alexander Wick (Davis Bike Club/Davis Bike Club)
73Martin Lang (Mesa Cycles Shop and Racing Tea)
74Eric Emsky (Blue Competition Cycles)
75Stephen Liguori (Fayetteville Wheelmen/Tyson Rac)
DNSAlfredo Cruz (Herbalife LaGrange)
DNSJoseph Schmalz (Mercy Cycling Team)
DNSAndrew Llewellyn (Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc/Tex)
DNSSam Simmons (Southern California Velo)
DNSAndrew Talansky (California Giant Cycling/Califo)
DNSRob Squire (Garmin-Transitions/Team Holowes)
DNSKit Karzen (VRC/NOW-MS Society)
DNFChris Stastny (California Giant Cycling/Califo)
DNFAlex Grman (Mesa Cycles Shop and Racing Tea)
DNFShannon Morgan (
DNFMatt Pence (Mesa Cycles Shop and Racing Tea)
DNFNathanael Christensen (Delta Velo/Williams Cycling)
DNFWalker Savidge (VMG)
DNFDaniel Katz (VRC/NOW-MS Society)
DNFAlexander Blease (Chico Corsa Cycling Team/Chico)
DNFC Williams (Ritte Van Vlaanderen)
DNFStephen Housley (TriStar Cycling Team/Tristar-Mo)
DNFCheyne Hoag (Kelly Benefit Strategie)
DNFPeter Carey (Bahati Foundation Pro C)
DNFZach Bergh (Team Hotel San Jose)
DNFPatrick Torres (Southern California Velo)
DNFAlder Martz (Globalbike Racing/Team Globalbi)
DNFJoey Rosskopf (Mountain Khakis Fueled)

Men - JR - 15-16
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Erik Volotzky (Cycle World/Cycle World Road)0:35:25
2Drew Bercaw (Project Velo Racing/One Call No)
3Lucas Wardein (Orlando Road Club Inc/Orlando R)
4Alex Howard (Above Category Racing)0:00:01
5Taylor (T.J.) Eisenhart (Velosport Racing/FFKR Architect)
6Logan Owen (Lake Washington Velo)
7Marcus Smith (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)
8Miguel Bryon
9Alex Darville (Echelon Santa Barbara)
10Dean Haas (Black Sheep Junior Cycling)
11William Richter
12Colin Joyce (Idaho Cycling Enthusiasts (ICE))
13Thomas Wrona (Raleigh Allstars Cycling Club/R)0:00:02
14Noah Williams (GS Tenzing)
15Andrew Dillman (Red Zone Cycling)
16Rudyard Peterson (Priority Health Cycling Team)
17Colin Krebsbach (Northwest Velo/First Rate Mortg)
18Dominic Galenti (Southern California Velo)
19Jonathon Schilling (Big Shark Bicycle Company)
20Curtis White (Corner Cycle Cycling Club/CL No)
21Michael Dessau
22Gregory Daniel
23Zack Gould (Clif Bar Development Cross Team)0:00:03
24Zachary Carlson (Matrix Cycling Club/Matrix/RBM)
25Nate Morse (Corner Cycle Cycling Club/CL No)
26Colby Waitmolyneux
27John Noonan (WestSide Cycling/RMCEF/Westside)
28John Ryan (Team Bicycles Inc./TBi - Dedica)
29Max Toeldte (BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq)0:00:04
30Travis Monroe (CMG Racing Team/Hammer Nutritio)
31Daniel Ward (Forest Acres Cycling Team)
32John (Jack) Funk (Team Power Train)
33Isaiah Rapko (Above Category Racing)
34Richard Newman
35Nicholas Tarrant (Southern California Velo)
36Jackson Long (BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq)0:00:05
37Conor Klupar (Rad Racing NW/Hagens Berman)
38Grahmm Smith (Team Power Train)
39Alexey Vermeulen (Priority Health Cycling Team)
40Josef Nygaard (All Sport-Team Swift)
41Alistair Eeckman (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)0:00:06
42Andrew Hodges (Frazier Cycling/Frazier Cycling)
43Hunter Stephenson (Carolina Junior Development/Car)
44Christopher Calder (Carolina Junior Development)0:00:07
45Chris Laberge (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)
46Max Cronyn (El Grupo Youth Cycling Club)
47Tyler Hanson (Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Team)
48Justin Mauch (National Capital Velo Club/Spok)
49Avery Wilson (National Capital Velo Club/Spok)0:00:08
50Andrew Macrae (Frazier Cycling)0:00:16
51Hunter Stewart0:00:18
52Cesar Lopez (Major Motion Cycling Club)0:03:44
52Dag Anderson (Team Somerset)
52Ian Moore (All Sport-Team Swift)
52Justin Belcher (Cycles de Do)
52Jake Strasser (Team Ville)
57Samuel Caroca (BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq)
DNSMichael Shein (Team Velosport Club/Sho-air/Son)
DNSDaniel Kosykh (Encino Velo Cycling Club)

Men - JR - 17-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1G Lawson Craddock (Hot Tubes Development Cycling T)1:07:25
2Juan Carmona (Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp/)0:00:06
3J Fette (Lake Washington Velo/Hagens Ber)
4Wesley Kline (Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp/)
5Benjamin Swedberg (Rad Racing NW/Hagens Berman)
6Eamon Franck (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)
7Colt Peterson (Bike Religion)
8Ben Gabardi (Herring Gas Cycling/Herring Gas)0:00:07
9Jeffrey Perrin (WestSide Cycling/RMCEF/RMCEF Ju)
10Charles Hanlon (Guys Racing Club)
11Michael Dziedzic (Bicycle Ranch)
12Andrew Ramage (Southern California Velo)
13Robin Carpenter (Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp/)0:00:08
14David Benkoski (Team Specialized Racing)
15Ben Bertiger (Major Motion Cycling Club)
16Zack Noonan (Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp/)
17John Tomlinson (xXx Racing)
18Edison Turner (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu)
19Griffin Stone (Stevens Bicycle Racing)0:00:09
20Kevin Mcguire (ACT)
21Tanner Putt (Cole Sport/cole sport)
22Jacob Arnold (Carolina Flyers)
23Alex Jensen
24William Zellmer (CMG Racing Team/Hammer Nutritio)
25Angelo Roman (CMG Racing Team/Hammer Nutritio)
26Merrill Lutsky (Silver Cycling/SilverCycling)
27Taylor Birmann (Priority Health Cycling Team)0:00:10
28Joel Acosta (Major Motion Cycling Club)
29Peter Taylor (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)
30Jesse Keough (Corner Cycle Cycling Club/CL No)
31Torey Philipp (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)
32Joe Prettyman (Beaverton Bicycle Club/Bike n H)
33Luke Lininger (Bicycle Shack Racing)0:00:11
34James Laberge (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)0:00:12
35Daniel Farinha (San Jose Bicycle Club/SJBC)
36David Kessler
37Adam Hodes (Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Team)
38Ben Barthel (Echelon Santa Barbara)0:00:13
39Alex Parks (TriStar Cycling Team/Tristar-Mo)
40Jacob White (Team Power Train)
41Jake Boone (Team Bicycles Inc./TBi - Dedica)
42Nate Geoffrion (All Sport-Team Swift)
43Wes Holloway (All Sport-Team Swift)0:00:14
44Jos Chalmers (Colavita Racing Inc.)
45Andrew Bennett (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)
46Benjamin Salibra (Century Road Club Association/J)
47William Rader (FCS/ Metro Volkswagen/Metro Vol)0:00:15
48John Piasta (All Sport-Team Swift)0:00:16
49Cory Williams (Major Motion Cycling Club)0:00:17
50Kenny Strickland (San Jose Bicycle Club/SJBC)0:00:19
51Taylor Clements (Major Motion Cycling Club)0:00:32
52Robert Chorost (RIDECLEAN)0:00:39
53Jeffrey Alpert (Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp/)0:00:53
54Cody Tapley (Davis Bike Club)0:01:25
55Andrew Lanier Jr (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)
56Aasin Taylor (Major Motion Cycling Club)
57Andrew Sjogren (Pull Thru Racing/Team PossAbili)0:05:15
57Andrew Hemesath (Front Rangers Cycling Club-Colo)
57Chandler Knop (Front Rangers Cycling Club-Colo)
57Taylor Warren (Colavita Racing Inc./Colavita R)
61Vance Fletcher (Des Moines Cycle Club/DMOS/RDMB)
61Wyatt Briggs (Uwharrie Wheelmen/powered-byou)
61Aj Snovel (Davis Bike Club/Davis Bike Club)
61Gabriel Murray (Black Sheep Junior Cycling)
65Zachary Semian (Chester County Cycling Foundati)
66Taylor Gaines (Prochain Cycling)
67Michael Pincus (FCS/ Metro Volkswagen/Metro Vol)
67Phillip Somers (Wheatland Wheelers/L'Ecole No.)
67Ryan Gadow (San Jose Bicycle Club/SJBC)
70Alexander Meyer (St Paul Bicycle Racing Club/Bia)
70Ricky Randall (Matrix Cycling Club/Matrix/RBM)
72Michael Reidenbach (Catoctin Cycling Club)
72Michael Small (Central Arkansas Velo/CARVE)0:05:16
72Collin Berry (Bike Religion)
75Aubrey Moore (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu)
75Clinton Anderson (Northwest Velo/First Rate Mortg)
75Parker Kyzer (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu)
78Ethan Moorhead (Violet Crown Sports Assoc)
78Ian Sewalt
78Alexander Gee (Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Team)
78Cesar Simmons (Major Motion Cycling Club)
78Michael Raynor (Velosports Racing Asheville/DIY)
83Jonathan Merritt (WestSide Cycling/RMCEF/RMCEF Ju)
83David Brookes (National Capital Velo Club/Spok)
83Spencer Jordan (Fayetteville Wheelmen/Tyson Rac)
83Samuel Phillips
83Maxwell Robb (Velosports Racing Asheville/DIY)
83Redding Shelby (Team Bicycles Inc./TBi - Dedica)
89Rhys Rathbun
89Benjamin Monaghan (BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq)
89Kyle Anderson (FCS/ Metro Volkswagen/Metro Vol)
92Daniel Rudalev
93Joseph Christensen (San Jose Bicycle Club/SJBC)
DNSDavis Bentley (Whole Athlete)
DNFAustin Boswell (Hot Tubes Development Cycling T)
DNFEvan Wynn (Velosports Racing Asheville/DIY)
DNFOliver Hiller (Corner Cycle Cycling Club/CL No)
DNFGeovany Morales (Major Motion Cycling Club)
DNFArgenis Morales (Major Motion Cycling Club)
DNFChristopher Flanagan (All Sport-Team Swift)
DNFBenjamin Wolfe (Corner Cycle Cycling Club/CL No)
DNFEvan Kirk
DNFPhelan Kostur (Team Oregon)
DNFRussell Tindol (Frazier Cycling)
DNFKevin Burgess (Carolina Junior Development/Car)
DNFZachary Wick (Davis Bike Club/Davis Bike Club)
DNFRoyce Strange (GS Tenzing)
DNFKristopher Jorgenson (CMG Racing Team/Hammer Nutritio)
DNFIan Sullivan (Velosports Racing Asheville/DIY)
DNFScott Stern (Southern California Velo)
DNFPaul Lynch (Corner Cycle Cycling Club/CL No)
DNFMathew Lipscomb (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu)
DNFAlex Battles-Wood (Team Hotel San Jose/Hotel San J)
DNFThomas Jondall (White Mountain Road Club/Landis)
DNFDaniel Tisdell (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)
DNFNeal Shepherd (Orlando Road Club Inc/Orlando R)
DNFJonathan Acosta (Major Motion Cycling Club)
DNFDavid Goodman (Frazier Cycling/Frazier Cycling)
DNFRuben Delcristo (Z's Bike Shop / Vista

Women - JR - 17-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12/P)0:31:10
2Kendall Ryan (VRC/NOW-MS Society)
3Ruth Winder (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12/P)0:01:04
4Somersby Jenkins (Echelon Santa Barbara)0:01:06
5Kaitlin Antonneau (Team Kenda)
6Zoe Reker0:01:07
7Emily Shields (Carolina Masters /Carolina Mast)
8Lauren Catlin (All Sport-Team Swift)
9Kinsey Loan0:01:08
10Stephanie Cucaz (Frazier Cycling)
11Lisha Herold (Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.)
12Antonina Esposto (Chester County Cycling Foundati)0:01:09
13Katherine Shields (Carolina Masters /Carolina Mast)
14Megan Baab (FCS/ Metro Volkswagen/Metro Vol)0:01:10
15Liz Cartwright (Beaverton Bicycle Club/Bike n H)0:01:12
16Margaret Jones (Chico Corsa Cycling Team)0:01:13
17Kelly Plese (Northwest Velo/First Rate Mortg)
18Amanda Coker (Raleigh Allstars Cycling Club/C)0:01:19
19Nora Bengel (Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.)0:04:52
20Ivie Crawford (VRC/NOW-MS Society)
21Alicia Halpern (Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Team)
21Elizabeth Horne (BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq)
21Victoria Broyer (Seek 1 Racing)
DNFJessica Prinner (ABD Cycle Club/ABD Cycling Team)

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