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Keough caps off super Speed Week

Jake Keough capped off a great week for himself and Unitedhealthcare with a win in the Global BMW Sandy Springs Criterium in challenging conditions, handing the team its fourth victory in seven races over the nine days of USA Crits Speed Week.

The American sprinter outgunned a pair of Australians, with teammate Karl Menzies finishing second and Aaron Kemps (Fly V Australia) rounding out the podium.

"It was kind of a crazy circuit," said Keough. "It's really twisty with one good hill. There were a lot of attacks today. All our guys were up there the whole day."

With wind adding another dimension to the conditions, succcessful breaks were rare until Andrew Pinfold and Adrian Hegyvary - who was also a key aggressor in yesterday's Dilworth Criterium - formed part of a dangerous six-rider break, which forced OUCH-Bahati to chase hard, according to Keough.

And just as the catch seemed complete, Hegyvary hit the field again, attacking hard and keeping the sprinters' teams on their toes. UnitedHealthcare was the best-prepared of those squads, keeping Jonny Clarke, Menzies, Andrew Pinfold and Keough together to lead out the fast finish.

The man of the moment, Keough, was the beneficiary of that organisation, with Menzies taking him through the final corner and holding off Aaron Kemps to take second for his efforts.

Elite Men
1Jacob Keough (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)1:02:03
2Karl Menzies (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)
3Aaron Kemps (Fly V Australia)
4Rahsaan Bahati (OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling)0:00:01
5Alexey Schmidt (Team Type 1)
6Luca Damiani (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)0:00:02
7Isaac Howe (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)0:00:03
8Juan Gaspari (ZMOTION Racing Team)
9Robert Bush (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)
10Juan Pablo Dotti (Aerocat Racing)
11Lisban Quintero (CRCA/FOUNDATION)
12Hilton Clarke (OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling)0:00:04
13Eric Schildge (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)
14Andrew Crater (Aerocat Racing)
15A.J. Meyer
16Luis Zayas
17Daniel Holt (Team Type 1)
18David Guttenplan (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)0:00:06
19Tim Henry (Team Type 1 Development)
20Sean Sullivan (Team Hotel San Jose/Mellow Johnny's)
21Sebastian Flaskamp (Droessiger)
22Benjamin Zawacki (Team Ion-United Healthcare)0:00:07
23Austin Carroll (Adageo Enery Pro Cycling)0:00:08
24Adam Myerson (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)
25Andrew Pinfold (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)0:00:10
26Aldo Ilesic (Team Type 1)0:00:11
27Martijn Verschoor (Team Type 1)0:00:15
28Chad Hartley (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)0:00:20
29Gavriel Epstein (CRCA/FOUNDATION)0:00:21
30Gustavo Rullo
31Robert Giannini (Locos Grill & Pub)
32Alejandro Guzman (CRCA/FOUNDATION)
33Brian Toone (Tria Market p/b
34Ryan Simpson (Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit)
35Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia)0:00:25
36Jared Nieters (Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit)0:00:26
37Tyler Jewell (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)0:00:27
38Neil Bezdek (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)0:00:30
39Rob White (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)
40Artur Sagat (Nouveau Velo p/b Reality Bikes)
41Hunter Garrison (Barley's Taproom Greenville)0:00:39
42Neal Arnett (Bike America)0:00:42
43Phillip Mann (OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling)0:00:48
44Karel Sumbal (Lindner Capital Advisors)0:00:53
45Jonathan Clarke (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)0:01:00
46Adrian Hegyvary (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)
47Calixto Bello (ZMOTION Racing Team)0:01:09
48Heath Blackgrove (Team Hotel San Jose/Mellow Johnny's)0:01:14
49Joe Collins (Locos Grill & Pub)0:01:17
50Demis Aleman0:01:30
51Guido Palma (Jamis-Sutter Home p/b Colavita)0:01:31
52Cleve Blackwell (Team Ion-United Healthcare)0:04:31

Elite Women
1Rushlee Buchanan (Colavita/Baci Pro Cycling)0:54:58
2Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom)0:00:31
3Erica Allar (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)
4Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Colavita/Baci Pro Cycling)0:00:32
5Samantha Schneider (Team TIBCO)
6Carrie Cash-Wootten (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)
7Kori Seehafer (Team Type 1)
8Sarah Caravella (BMW Bianchi)
9Liza Rachetto (
10Anna Lang (Vanderkitten Racing)
11Tiffany Pezzulo (
12Starla Teddergreen (Vanderkitten Racing)
13Elizabeth Morse Hill (Zmotion)
14Christine Roettger (Mesa Cycles Racing)
15Jennifer Wilson (Vanderkitten Racing)0:00:34
16Cheryl Fuller Muller (Pedal Right Cycling Team)
17Kate Veronneau (Kutztown Cutters)
18Linsey Bradshaw-Sandoval (
19Lenore Pipes (fRUIT66)0:00:35
20Kacey Manderfield (Cycle Loft)
21Frances Schofield (Zmotion)0:00:36
22Kitty Wickes (
23Jennifer Reither (Vanderkitten Racing)0:00:43
24Shontell Gauthier (Colavita/Baci Pro Cycling)0:01:01
25Jacquelyn Crowell (Team Type 1)0:01:06
26Kat Carr (
27Colleen Paine (Pedal Right Cycling Team)0:04:47
28Kate Ross (BMW Bianchi)0:08:53
29Jennifer Schuble0:12:46

Speed Week Final Standings - Elite Men
1Hilton Clarke (OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling)1640pts
2Jacob Keough (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)1568
3Karl Menzies (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)1562
4Luca Damiani (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)1490
5Alexey Schmidt (Team Type 1)1365
6Adam Myerson (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)1330
7Andrew Pinfold (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)1307
8Daniel Holt (Team Type 1)1225
9Lisban Quintero (CRCA/FOUNDATION)1203
10Tim Henry (Team Type 1 Development)1171
11Isaac Howe (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)1074
12David Guttenplan (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)1063
13Rahsaan Bahati (OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling)1027
14Emile Abraham (Aerocat Racing)913
15Ty Magner (Locos Grill & Pub)912
16Juan Pablo Dotti (Aerocat Racing)873
17Neil Bezdek (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)850
18Juan Gaspari (ZMOTION Racing Team)841
19Aaron Kemps (Fly V Australia)838
20Yosvany Falcon (OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling)826
21Sean Sullivan (Team Hotel San Jose/Mellow Johnny's)821
22Gavriel Epstein (CRCA/FOUNDATION)801
23Andrew Crater (Aerocat Racing)797
24A.J. Meyer766
25Frank Travieso (Jamis-Sutter Home p/b Colavita)748
26Sebastian Flaskamp (Droessiger)736
27Thomas Brown (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)732
28Chris Schmidt (Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit)731
29Matthew Crane (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)716
30Eric Schildge (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)703
31Luis Zayas698
32Jared Nieters (Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit)694
33Phillip Mann (OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling)692
34Austin Carroll (Adageo Enery Pro Cycling)680
35Robert Bush (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)668
36Daniel Ramsey (Williams Cycling pb SC Velo)664
37Chad Hartley (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)643
38Evan Fader (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV)616
39Ronald Strange (Team Hotel San Jose/Mellow Johnny's)602
40Philip (alder) Martz (Team Globalbike)596
41Adrian Hegyvary (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)589
42Alejandro Guzman (CRCA/FOUNDATION)568
43Alessandro Bazzana (Fly V Australia)564
44Carlos Vargas (Team Hotel San Jose/Mellow Johnny's)552
45Robert Giannini (Locos Grill & Pub)548
46Hayden Brooks (Fly V Australia)543
47Martijn Verschoor (Team Type 1)532
48Daniel Zmolik (AXA Equitable Cycling Team / CRCA)532
49Karel Sumbal (Lindner Capital Advisors)527
50Victor Herrera (ZMOTION Racing Team)525
51Rob White (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)516
52Jonathan Clarke (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)501
53Eric Barlevav (UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis)500
54Kenneth Hanson (Team Type 1)498
55Patrick Allison (Team Ion-United Healthcare)491
56Diego Garavito (Aerocat Racing)488
57Andrew Baker (Team Ion-United Healthcare)478
58Bobby Lea (OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling)477
59Jay Thomson (Fly V Australia)471
60Rich Harper (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)468
61Logan Hutchings (Team Hotel San Jose/Mellow Johnny's)467
62Ryan Simpson (Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit)458
63Ryan Nye (MVP Health Care Elite Cycling)457
64Stefan Rothe (Team Hotel San Jose/Mellow Johnny's)450
65Gustavo Rullo450
66Boyd Johnson (Team Globalbike)447
67Heath Blackgrove (Team Hotel San Jose/Mellow Johnny's)445
68Joseph Rosskopf (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)444
69Benjamin Zawacki (Team Ion-United Healthcare)435
70Todd "the Hurricane" Hancock (IS Corp Cycling Team)430
71Tyler Jewell (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)429
72Ben Kersten (Fly V Australia)595
73David Forkner (Team Globalbike)418
74Hunter Garrison (Barley's Taproom Greenville)417
75Clayton Barrows (AXA Equitable Cycling Team / CRCA)416
76Michael Margarite (AXA Equitable Cycling Team / CRCA)413
77Calixto Bello (ZMOTION Racing Team)412
78Mark Hekman (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)411
79Matthew Spohn (Richmond Pro Cycling)406
80Lewis Almonte (CRCA/FOUNDATION)394
81Eric Murphy (Team Ion-United Healthcare)393
82Benjamin Smith (Locos Grill & Pub)392
83Andrew Gonzales (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)392
84Joe Eldridge (Team Type 1)390
85John Loehner (AXA Equitable Cycling Team / CRCA)390
86Nicholas Bennette (MetLife p/b groSolar)384
87Winston David (Team Ion-United Healthcare)380
88Casey Magner (Locos Grill & Pub)378
89Michael Midlarsky373
90Geoff Godsey (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)370
91Michael Stoop (Richmond Pro Cycling)370
92Joe Whitman (AXA Equitable Cycling Team / CRCA)370
93Benjamin Miller (Team Globalbike)369
94Chad Burdzilauskas (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)368
95Curtis Long (Lindner Capital Advisors)366
96Zach Nave (Barley's Taproom Greenville)361
97Graham Foster (Barley's Taproom Greenville)360
98Bryan Vaughan (Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit)360
99Mark Babcock (Depaula Racing)360
100Lanell Rockmore (OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling)360
101Emilio Asconeguy (Aerocat Racing)360
102Jeffrey Buckles (Richmond Pro Cycling)353
103Will Hoffarth (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)350
104Austin Robison (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)350
105Robert Binkley (Krystal/
106Craig Dodson (Richmond Pro Cycling)350
107Mark Hardman (Walt Racing)350
108Colin Jaskiewicz (AXA Equitable Cycling Team / CRCA)350
109Isaiah Wallake (Barley's Taproom Greenville)350
110Henry Willis (Aerocat Racing)350
111Joshua Alexander (CRCA/FOUNDATION)350
112Olaf Kerkhof (Team Type 1 Development)333
113Ken Vida (1 Pro Cycling)332
114Scottie Weiss (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)325
115Hector Pastorino (Argentina)320
116Nat Bricker (Chain Reaction)313
117Demis Aleman310
118David Kemp (Fly V Australia)275
119Joe Collins (Locos Grill & Pub)273
120Ivan Dominguez (Jamis-Sutter Home p/b Colavita)264
121Demis Aleman (Jamis-Sutter Home p/b Colavita)260
122John Grant (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)259
123Brian Toone (Tria Market p/b
124J Gabriel Lloyd (MetLife p/b groSolar)226
125Oneil Samuels (Team Ion-United Healthcare)224
126Gonzalo Escobar (Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit)220
127Josh Whitmore (Team Globalbike)210
128Matthew Howe (HTR Inside Out Sports)205
129Kevin Attkisson (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)203
130Matthew Miller (MoonToast/Tri-Star)200
131Alexander Gil (VeloBrew Racing)200
132Artur Sagat (Nouveau Velo p/b Reality Bikes)200
133Jonny Sundt (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)200
134Hank Beaver (BMW-Litespeed)199
135Neal Arnett (Bike America)194
136Aldo Ilesic (Team Type 1)192
137Ryan Dewald (Battley Harley-Davidson)192
138Charles Hutcheson (Battley Harley-Davidson)186
139Oscar Clark (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)171
140Jonathan Parrish (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)169
141Mike Creed (Team Type 1)161
142Mark Warno (Syn-Fit Race Team)160
143Noah Metzler (Team Globalbike)160
144Cleve Blackwell (Team Ion-United Healthcare)160
145Benjamin Bryant (Southern Crescent Cycling)160
146Paul Beyer (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)158
147Spencer Beamer150
148Stradford Helms (Team Type 1 Development)150
149Simon Bennett (Team Type 1)150
150J Skiles Keith150
151David Lavenhagen (VeloBrew Racing)150
152Nick Housley (MoonToast/Tri-Star)150
153Jeff Buckles (Richmond Pro Cycling)125
154Carl Soriano (Iron Data Racing)123
155Daniel Harm (Doppio Cycling)120
156Guido Palma (Jamis-Sutter Home p/b Colavita)120
157Benjamin Renkema (Team Globalbike)119
158Spencer Gaddy (Black Sheep Cartel)114
159Andy Scarano (Team Ion-United Healthcare)110
160Andrew Joseph110
161Peter Stewart (Iron Data Racing)110
162Darren Dowling (1 Pro Cycling)110
163Corey Fisher (Aerocat Racing)110
164Chad Madan (BMW-Litespeed)110
165Steven Grant (Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit)110
166Chip Hoover (Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit)110
167Alexander Bremer (MetLife p/b groSolar)110
168Luis Sanchez (JRVS/Casey Auto)100
169Jeffrey Jones (Iron Data Racing)100
170Whit Clifford (Locos Grill & Pub)100
171Andy Lougher (Iron Data Racing)100
172James Schurman (Bike America)100
173Colby Millen (Pacesetter Steel Service)100
174Tommy Kolodziejski (Vision Screenprinting)100
175Marco Aledia (KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder)100
176Mike Burns (Nouveau Velo p/b Reality Bikes)100
177Ryan Sullivan (Team Ion-United Healthcare)100
178Ryan Mele100
179Nathan Brown (Trek Livestrong/U23 Presented)94
180Edward Adamy (Subaru Fisher)66
181Jonathan Hamblen (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)61
182Luis Sanchez-Mendez (Asheville bicycle racing club)60
183Andrew Erskine (ACE p/b Highland)60
184James Sherman (Bike America)60
185Tony Scott (Peachtree Bikes)60
186Jonathan Atkins (Team Ion-United Healthcare)60
187Martijyn Verschoor (Team Type 1)60
188Michael Niemi60
189David Oliver60
190Pat Mccallion (Vision Screenprinting)60
191Jacob Arnold (Carolina Flyers)50
192Patrick Raines (Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes)50
193Josh Tucker (Clemmons Bicycle Racing)50
194James Cunningham (Team Globalbike)50
195Mack Chew (ALA Cycling p/b Lombardi Sport)50
196Patrick Vrana (Iron Data Racing)50
197James Wueste (Iron Data Racing)50
198Darren Comer (LITESPEED-BMW)50
199D Tyler Grahovec (LITESPEED-BMW)50
200Matt Mccarthy (LITESPEED-BMW)50
201Wes Parrish (LITESPEED-BMW)50
202Jason Guzak (
203Andrew Reardon (
204Eric May (North Georgia Cycling Associat)50
205Jordan Cook (Nouveau Velo p/b Reality Bikes)50
206Mike Buechel (Outspokin)50
207Eric Anderson (Reality Bikes Racing)50
208Todd Muller (Reality Bikes Racing)50
209Timm Peddie (Rocky Mountain Bicycles Elite)50
210Samules Oneil (Team Ion-United Healthcare)50
211Igor Rudalev50
212Alex Gil (VeloBrew Racing)50
213Jake Andrews (Walthall Oil)50
214John Stowe (Walthall Oil)50
215Jordan Heimer50
216Brendan Sullivan50
217Brian Hill50
218Brady Rogers50
219Travis Hagner50
220Dustin Mealor50
221Chris Chotas50
222Alex Newton50

1UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis5314pts
2Team Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joes4641
3Team Type 14061
4KENDA Pro Cycling p/b Gear Grinder3808
5OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling4323
6Aerocat Racing3078
8Fly V Australia2626
9ZMOTION Racing Team1778
10Team Hotel San Jose/Mellow Johnny's2596
11Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit2263
12Team Ion-United Healthcare1880
13Locos Grill & Pub2243
14Team Type 1 Development1654
15Barley's Taproom Greenville1488
16Iron Data Racing433
17Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team1171
18AXA Equitable Cycling Team / C1911
19Richmond Pro Cycling1504
20Jamis-Sutter Home p/b Colavita1392
22Adageo Enery Pro Cycling630
23Bike America354
24Lindner Capital Advisors893
25Tria Market p/b DonohooAuto.co236
261 Pro Cycling442
29Chain Reaction263
30Depaula Racing360
31IS Corp Cycling Team430
32Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV477
35MVP Health Care Elite Cycling457
36Nouveau Velo p/b Reality Bikes350
37Pacesetter Steel Service100
38Southern Crescent Cycling160
39Syn-Fit Race Team160
40Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team759
41VeloBrew Racing400
42Walt Racing350
43Williams Cycling pb SC Velo664
44Team Globalbike1829
45MetLife p/b groSolar720
46Battley Harley-Davidson378
47HTR Inside Out Sports205
49Vision Screenprinting160
50JRVS/Casey Auto150
51Doppio Cycling120
52Black Sheep Cartel114
54Reality Bikes Racing100
55Walthall Oil100
56Trek Livestrong/U23 Presented94

Speed Week Final Standings - Elite Women
1Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Colavita/Baci Pro Cycling)1749pts
2Erica Allar (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)1585
3Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom)1557
4Samantha Schneider (Team TIBCO)1525
5Liza Rachetto (
6Tiffany Pezzulo (
7Kori Seehafer (Team Type 1)1371
8Elizabeth Morse Hill (Zmotion)1321
9Kacey Manderfield (Cycle Loft)1270
10Sarah Caravella (BMW-Bianchi)1260
11Rushlee Buchanan (Colavita/Baci Pro Cycling)1247
12Kate Veronneau (Kutztown Cutters)1189
13Carrie Cash-Wootten (Team Vera Bradley Foundation)1152
14Jacquelyn Crowell (Team Type 1)1054
15Anna Lang (Vanderkitten Racing)1009
16Starla Teddergreen (Vanderkitten Racing)986
17Jenny Trew (BMW-Bianchi)985
18Frances Schofield (Zmotion)978
19Linsey Bradshaw-Sandoval (
20Shontell Gauthier (Colavita/Baci Pro Cycling)860
21Chris Roettger (Mesa Cycles Racing)839
22Valeria Galeano837
23Kate Ross (BMW-Bianchi)788
24Jennifer Reither (Vanderkitten Racing)768
25Marianne Holt (Subaru/Gary Fisher Cycling Team)713
26Amanda Watson (Fruit66/Artemis)684
27Erin Silliman (Fruit66/Artemis)639
28Kat Carr (
29Rachel Byus (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)615
30Katherine Bates (Colavita/Baci Pro Cycling)586
31Jenette Williams (BMW-Bianchi)536
32Cinthia Lehner (Raleigh Allstars)526
33Jennifer Wilson (Vanderkitten Racing)482
34Lenore Pipes (Fruit66/Artemis)465
35Nancy Jones (Subaru/Gary Fisher Cycling Team)464
36Christy Blakely (BMW-Bianchi)455
37Morgan Patton (Team Type 1)445
38Keely Brooks (Subaru/Gary Fisher Cycling Team)433
39Erika Graves (Herbalife LaGrange)430
40Evie Boswell-Vilt (Performance Bicycle Racing)424
41Lauren Tamayo (Peanut Butter & Co Twenty 12)418
42Nicole Johnson (Team Kenda)417
43Janel Bedard (MVP Health Care Elite Cycling)412
44Rebecca Larson (Fulton Flyers)374
45Cheryl Fuller Muller (Pedal Right Cycling Team)359
46Mandy Marquardt (Team Type 1)350
47Kitty Wickes (
48Kate Mahoney (Performance Bicycle Racing)313
49Deb Sweeney Whitmore (BMW-Bianchi)309
50Gina Voci (Performance Bicycle Racing)305
51Jennifer Schuble275
52Rachel Warner (BMW-Bianchi)266
53Jennifer Mcrae (Team Type 1)246
54Colleen Paine (Pedal Right Cycling Team)231
55Christina Smith (Veloforma)226
56Catherine James (Greenville Women's Cycling)207
57Laura Cook (Vanderkitten Racing)207
58Jen McRae172

1Colavita/Baci Pro Cycling4439pts
4Vanderkitten Racing3452
5Team Type 13362
6Team Vera Bradley Foundation2737
8Subaru/Gary Fisher Cycling Team1838
10Mellow Mushroom1557
11Team TIBCO1525
12Cycle Loft1270
13Kutztown Cutters1189
14Performance Bicycle Racing1142
15Team Kenda861
16Mesa Cycles Racing839
17Pedal Right Cycling Team737
18Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team615
19Herbalife LaGrange430
21Peanut Butter & Co Twenty 12418
22MVP Health Care Elite Cycling412
23Raleigh Allstars392
24Fulton Flyers374
26Greenville Women's Cycling207
27Frazier Cycling191
28Krystal Cycling Team95
29Giordana Clif Bar50
31VA Asset Group/Twr50

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