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Marian University sweeps Division I team time trial gold

Division I Men team time trial - 19.2 miles
1Marian University0:37:51.9
2Appalachian State University0:00:55.6
3Lees-McRae College0:01:01.2
4Stanford University0:01:17.5
5Fort Lewis College0:01:32.7
6Colorado State University0:02:07.0
7Lindenwood University0:02:11.2
8Indiana University-Bloomington0:02:13.6
9University of Colorado-Boulder0:02:22.7
10University of California-Davis0:02:35.7
11Lindsey Wilson College0:02:40.5
12Midwestern State University0:02:46.5
13Pennsylvania State University0:02:50.6
14US Naval Academy0:02:52.4
15Harvard University0:03:07.0
16University of Arizona0:03:24.9
17University of Wisconsin-Madison0:03:29.5
18University of Vermont0:04:11.6
19University of California-Berkeley0:05:01.9
20University of Minnesota-Twin Cities0:05:09.0
21University of Iowa0:06:12.0

Division I Women team time trial - 19.2 miles
1Marian University0:44:20.3
2University of California-Davis0:00:31.7
3Lees-McRae College0:01:11.8
4University of Wisconsin-Madison0:01:54.0
5Fort Lewis College0:02:04.8
6University of Colorado-Boulder0:03:02.5
7Midwestern State University0:03:05.8
8Harvard University0:04:18.2
9Stanford University0:05:00.6
10University of Arizona0:05:47.4
11Indiana University-Bloomington0:07:17.4
12University of Minnesota-Twin Cities0:08:46.9
DNSLindsey Wilson College

Division II Men team time trial - 19.2 miles
1Mesa State College0:38:57.4
2Western Washington University0:00:19.5
3Mars Hill College0:00:20.5
4Duke University0:00:56.2
5Massachusetts Institute of Technology0:02:15.7
6Cumberland University0:02:32.9
7US Military Academy0:02:58.4
8Dartmouth College0:04:01.7
9Brevard College0:04:58.5

Division II Women team time trial - 19.2 miles
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology0:45:35.2
2Whitman College0:03:35.5
3Mesa State College0:04:23.7
4Mars Hill College0:05:26.0
5US Military Academy0:10:14.6

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