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World Championships: Elite Men's Road Race - live report


Hello and welcome to the Cyclingnews live coverage of the elite men's road race.

The riders are currently gathering at the start in Leeds.  As you may have seen, the race route has been shortened due to bad weather and flooding on the route. A testing section on the moors has been cut and two laps of the 14km Harrogate circuit have been added. The new race distance is 261km. 

The riders are signing on. It is not raining in Leeds but heavy rain is expected later.

This Twitter photo shows the floods on the moors.

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Riders and teams are discussing how the changes to the route will change the race. The cutting of the section across the exposed moors and two categorised climbs should make it easier to control and so more suited to a sprint finish rather than solo attacks or by a small group. 

This is another Twitter pic of the floods on the moors and shows why the route had to be cut.  

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Peter Sagan autographs a race car 

Peter Sagan autographs a race car  (Image credit: Future)

Will Mathieu van der Poel pull on the rainbow jersey later today?

Will Mathieu van der Poel pull on the rainbow jersey later today? (Image credit: Future)

Grey skies above Leeds at the start

Grey skies above Leeds at the start (Image credit: Future)

The major nations are signing on now. We can see Peter Sagan lining up with his Slovakia teammates.

Julian Alaphilippe lines up quietly with his French teammates.

The riders are lining up for the start. They are wearing capes, leg warmers, arms warmers and anything to keep them warm and dry for the 261km race.

As the clock ticks down to 9:00am, the riders are ready to roll out. 

As the Cyclingnews blimp takes height, we can see Philippe Gilbert near the front of the pack of riders lined up in Leeds. It could be his big day. 

At the back is arguably the big favourite: Mathieu van Poel. He played down that the changes in the route will affect the race. 

He's convinced the Netherlands team is strong enough to help him win. 

"I’m satisfied with the team. I had some contact with the national coach so I knew the riders I was going to get around me. We’ve got a strong team. I had some input. We were on the same page. We’ve taken the right riders in my opinion," he said.

"I don’t need motivation from those sorts of things. I’m motivated by wanting to do the best for myself."

There is a slight delay to the roll out. It is expected in a few minutes.

The riders face 10km of neutralised riding before the 261km race officially starts.

Here we go! The riders roll out of Leeds.

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Nairo Quintana of Colombia is near the front of the peloton. It will fascinating to see what he can do today in the rain.

Look how deep the floods are on the North York Moors.

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Some riders are wearing their trade team capes and clothing because they don't have a full set of national team clothing. We can see Dani Martinez in EF clothing. 

Primoz Roglic is wearing a black rain jacket and not his Slovenia colours.

Greg van Avermaet is one of many riders at the back after taking a natural break in the neutralised section. 

Geraint Thomas spoke briefly before the start.

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Riders are pulling on their rain capes as the skies open and the rain comes down heavily. It could be like this all day.

To read about the late change to the race route - from 288km to 261km, click here.  (opens in new tab)

(Image credit: Future)

There are 197 riders racing today. Only one will pull on the world champion's rainbow jersey later today.

The riders have been riding steady for almost 20 minutes in the neutralised section now. The flag is about to finally drop and the race will officially start.

Spain's Marc Soler stop for some work on his bike. He also takes a natural break. 

Soler tucks in behind the Spanish team car as he rides back to the peloton. Be careful Marc!

Here we go! The riders pass the KM0 point but the race is awaiting  Soler before the flag drops.   

Finally, they're off! 

And we immediately see attacks off the front.

260km left from 261km

The road kicks up straight away but the peloton remains together, lined out down the road. 

The first to make a serious attack and get is Ireland's Dan Martin. 

It is a clever move from Ireland, it means his teammates do not have to work in any chase by the peloton. 

Three riders have joined Martin. Including Vuelta  winner Primoz Roglic! 

Other riders are joining the move but the peloton has not yet let them go clear.

250km left from 261km

The peloton pulls back the attack and we have another reshuffle. In the peloton, riders, including Alaphilippe, are starting to eat some solid food. They will need a lot of calories today due to the 261km of racing and the cold and rain. 

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Gilbert stops for a front wheel flat. He's riding disc brakes and the Belgian mechanic uses a power drill to make a fast change. That was impressive. 

Gilbert is riding his 15th World Championships and chasing his second world title. He won the rainbow jersey in 2012 in Valkenburg.  

Julian Alaphilippe is also at his team car. He seems to have a wheel problem but rides back up to the peloton. 

Josef Cerny of the Czech Republic is trying to go away but other riders are chasing him down.

The speed is up to 53km/h but the peloton is refusing to let an early break go away. This could be a very, very hard race. 

Gilbert is still fighting to get back in to the peloton.   


A pinch in the road sparks a small stack up. But nobody goes down.  

We've produced a huge amount of world championship content that offer great insight for today's men's race. 

This latest piece by Patrick Fletcher is a revealing interview with Mathieu van der Poel's national coach Koos Moerenhout. 


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235km left from 261km

We have a break! In there are Primoz Roglic,  Nairo Quintana and eight others.   

Giro winner Richard Carapaz is also in the 11-rider attack. The peloton has eased up and so the break has a 1:00 lead. 

This tweet by the Groupama team shows the nasty weather conditions out on the road. The low clouds mean there will be no helicopter shots of the race. 

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Australia has moved to the front of the peloton to set the tempo. Rohan Dennis is on the front. After using an un-marked BMC bike to win the time trial, he is  using a red BMC bike today and not his team issue Merida.

Rohan Dennis' red BMC bike for the World Championships

Rohan Dennis' red BMC bike for the World Championships (Image credit: Future)

The major nations have opted to let the break go clear, with Australia, France and the Netherlands putting a rider on the front of the peloton to lead the chase. 

The road is covered in water. Fortunately marshals are there to signal the danger.

The 11 riders in the break are: 


Nairo Quintana (Colombia), Richard Carapaz (Colombia), Primoz Roglic (Slovenia), Jan Polanc (Slovenia), Magnus Cort (Denmark), Michael Vakoc (Czech Republic), Silvan Dillier (Switzerland), Maciej Bodnar (Poland), Jonas Koch (Germany), Hugo Houle (Canada) and Alex Howes (USA).  


Several big names have been dropping back to their team cars. 

Adam Yates changed bikes after a problem. 

He spoke briefly at the start. 

"The form isn’t too bad. The last major race I did was Canada. I was where I expected to be. After a disappointing Tour I had a quick rest and started to train again," he said.

"Everyone has done recon and it’s a lot harder than on paper. You feel every climb and the roads are grippy. It could be carnage coming over the top of the climbs. Swift is our main man and he’s going to be a major player." 

Yates' Great Britain teammate Owain Doull said: 

"The form is a bit of a mystery having come out of the Vuelta. I’ve never done a Grand Tour before but I’ve been feeling good the last few days."

"We didn’t qualify a full team and that changes how we need to race. Every guy has to count and we’ve got to hide as much possible and then get everyone to the circuits. The more you can save in that race the better." 

"In an ideal world you wouldn’t see Swift until the last lap. We did a camp here in December and looked at the course, and Swift knows every road like the back of his hands. That gives you an advantage."

The break leads the peloton by 2:30. 

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Front flat for Mathieu van der Poel. He stops with his team car and takes a new wheel. He and the mechanic are relaxed and he is quickly away. 

Van der Poel tucks in behind his team car but then also rides alongside to collect a bidon. He does not risk a fine and punishiment because the car is in the race convoy. 

Van der Poel is trying to ride through the team car convoy but mistakenly goes up the left. With the cars also on that side on British roads, he should be on the right.   

Geraint Thomas is at the back of the peloton. He is trying to take off his extra long overshoes.  

Yuri Sagan is also at the back, perhaps trying to get service or food. 

Belgian TV journalist, who covers the Belgian Classics on a motorbike, posted this tweet about the finishing circuit in Harrogate. With the race route changed and reduced, the riders will cover the 14km circuit nine times.

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208km left from 261km

The break has pushed their lead up to 2:45 as the only categorised climb approaches. It is called Kidstones and will hurt.

Julien Bernard is working on the front for France.  

It is still pouring with rain on the race.

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The riders pass a field flooded with water. That's a clear sign of how much it has rained this week in Yorkshire.  

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200km left from 261km

There are 200km of racing remaining as the break starts the 3km-long Cray climb. 

The 11-rider break leads the peloton by 2:50.

With such terrible conditions, this is going to be a long, hard race, even with 25km and a loop into the North York Moors removed. 

The narrow country lane kicks up at different gradients. It's clearly hurting the breakaway riders.

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Despite the terrible weather, the local fans are out on the Cray climb. 

The break reaches a section of road flooded with water. Fortunately there are marshals there to signal the danger. The break makes it through okay.

Oops. The Irish team car hits Ben Gastauer of Luxembourg from behind and has damages his bike. 

The peloton makes it through the flooded sector of road. It is perhaps 50mm deep. The clouds are also low at this point. It's tough out there. 

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190km left from 261km

The peloton has pulled back almost a minute on the break but there is a split in the peloton. 

The peloton reforms and eases, so a number of riders stop for a natural break.  

This was thew view from the race director's car as the riders rode through the flooded road.  

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Pavel Sivakov and  Tadej Pogacar tangle and crash. The Russian Ineos rider needs mechanical assistance but Pogacar quickly start to chase.  

The pace has eased in the peloton but the rain continues to soak the riders as they hit the feed zone with 183km to race. 

A stiff side wind from the riders' right makes the feed more difficult. 

The peloton is very happy to get some extra food and drinks. 

The peloton slows to walking pace as they ride through the feed zone and take their musettes.   

177km left from 261km

The peloton has upped the pace after the feed to bring the break back under control. The 11 are 4:10 ahead but the peloton knows it cannot give them too much time with riders of the calibre of Roglic, Quintana and Howes in there.   

Jos van Emden of the Netherlands is doing a lot of the work on the front of the peloton, with riders from France and Australia. 

Italy and Spain are conspicuous by their absence.  

The Belgian team is also not helping with the chase but Greg van Avermaet and Remco Evenepoel are up near the front to stay safe.

The road towards Harrogate is on rolling roads. The nine circuits will begin with 126km to go, so in around 40km. 

In this video made by the UCI, Phil Deignan talks about the Harrogate circuit.

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The 11 breakaway riders are taking equal turns on the front to try to maintain their 4:00 lead.  

Behind Bernhard, Dennis and Van Emden are doing the work for France, Australia and the Netherlands. 

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Alexey Lutsenko swaps bikes. He has to chase in the race convoy but a teammate drops back to help him.

The USA's Alex Howes takes his feed bag and carefully moves across the road to avoid causing a crash in the break.   

Howes took his musette from the neutral service car because the single USA team car (all leading nations only have one car or even have to share) is behind the peloton and the USA team leaders in case a bike change is needed. 

150km left from 261km

The riders are reaching the 150km to go point. They've been racing for over three hours but face at least close to another three and a half hours in the saddle. 

Rohan Dennis of Australia is setting a metronomic pace on the front of the peloton, slowly reeling in the 11-rider break.     

Adam Yates is again at the back of the bunch. It's been a hard day for the Briton so far after needing a bike change earlier.  He does not seem happy in the rain.  

As the riders pass through Ripon and take it steady on the paved roads, the gap to the break is at 3:40. 

137km left from 261km

The 11 riders in the break are pushing on, taking turns on the front but they look cold and soaked to the skin. Several, including Howes, are wearing leg warmers and capes to try and stay warm. 

The Australian team is lined out very near the front of the peloton, with team leader Michael Matthews protected by several teammates. 

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Lutsenko stops to take change his bike again. It's a risky moment as the pace is on as the Harrogate circuit approaches. 

Here we go. The riders are on the Harrogate circuit. They will soon pass through the finish area for the first time to start the nine 14km laps.

124.5km left from 261km

The 11-rider break gets a huge cheer from the crowd at the finish.

Crash in the peloton. 

Gilbert is down in the scrum. Evenepoel hugs him and calls for assistance. Gilbert could be hurt. 

Gilbert gets going and Evenepoel is there to pace him but they are 1:00 behind the peloton. 

Several riders went down in the crash close to the finish, with Gilbert at the bottom of it all. He is hurting!

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Australia has changed tactics now the race is on the circuit. Dennis has eased up and the other riders are at the back. 

Dennis has climbed off, his job done by riding on the front for the first half of the race.

This is the moment Gilbert crashed.

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Gilbert and Evenepoel are only 20 seconds down on the peloton. Belgium have sent another rider back to help him.   

The riders are getting a taste of the circuit and the corners, road furniture and white lines. No crashes so far.  

The break is a kilometre from the finish.

The umbrellas are out as the crowds cheer on the riders.

After 150km of racing, as the riders pass through the finish again, Gilbert's chase group is about 40 seconds behind.   

Upfront riders are even climbing off from the break. Bodnar is one and Primoz Roglic is another.

15 riders have retired so far. Many more are expected lap after lap of the 14km circuit.

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This was the moment Evenepoel stopped to encourage and then work for Gilbert.

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Gilbert is having a tough time and so is Great Britain. Team leader Ben Swift is a minute off the back of the peloton.

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Evenepoel is riding for Gilbert but at the head of the peloton Belgium have also upped the pace.

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100km left from 261km

As we reach the 100km to point, the race seems to be coming alive. Hold onto your hats!

Lots of riders are being spat out of the back of the peloton. Dan Martin has climbed off.

The break has fallen apart on the circuit and so we have gruppo compatto. But without Gilbert and Evenepoel.

How bad is the weather in Harrogate? This bad!

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France and the Netherlands are driving the pace on the front of the peloton.

97km left from 261km

As the riders pass through the finish, after fur hours of racing, the peloton is all together. It's if a new race is about to begin.  

Gilbert is 1:50 down on the peloton. His race is surely over, reducing Belgium's tactical options.

Ben Swift is 41 seconds back, riding with GB teammate Adam Yates. 

Gilbert has stoped in the pits. His race is over!

Gilbert tries to put on a jacket but he seems in pain.

Gilbert turns around and rides to the nearby Belgian team bus. 

This Tv grab shows three big favourites for today:  Mathieu van der Poel, Greg van Avermaet and Peter Sagan.

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Evenepoel also climbs off after trying to help Gilbert chase.  It was a useless effort because Gilbert was hurting and they failed to make it.  

This was the moment the Belgium team upped the pace while Gilbert and Evenepoel were chasing.

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88km left from 261km

France keep the pace high on a short climb on the Harrogate circuit. Cavagna is doing the damage.

Italy's Diego Ulissi needs a bike change and haas lost contact.

There are less than 100 riders left in the race. Half of  the field has already retired.

Belgium have also lost Tim Declercq after his surge on the front. They are down to just five riders: Teuns, Wellens, Van Avermaet, Naesen and Lampaert.

Cavagna is still dragging the peloton along  for France as the riders return to the finish area on Parliament St in central Harrogate. 

Mohoric climbs off.  

Diego Ulissi of Italy has climbed off. Other riders have too.  

Wow! Valverde has climbed off too!  

The 2018 world champion was off the pace after the lap. 

Former Liege-Bastogne-Liege winner Bob Jungels has climbed off.  

The Movistar team has confirmed Valverde has abandoned. 

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Great Britain's Ben Swift appears to have abandoned. There are 90 riders in the peloton, with a number of chasers. Swift does not seem to be there.  

The riders are on the Oak Lane climb. This will spit more rides out the back.

Indeed Sam Bennett of Ireland is dropped. 

He's blown up completely and looks across at the TV camera with a grimace.

73km left from 261km

Strangely there is not a breakaway, the French and Dutch teams are riding hard to try to make everyone suffer.

Italy has had a quiet race so far. They've lost Ulissi but Trentin, Colbrelli, Puccio,
Moscon and Visconti are still in the peloton. 

We can expect them to force a selection sooner or later. 

The peloton is close to the finish area now. They have 68km and five laps to race. 

Peter Sagan is tucked in near the head of the peloton as the riders cross the finish line to complete the lap. 

There are only 86 riders in the peloton.

Mathieu van der Poel has moved up to near the front. He has taken off his glasses to see in the rain.

Michael Matthews is also in the peloton for Australia. It could be his day.

Lawson Craddock of the USA and Stefan Kung of Switzerland have attacked off the front. They lead by 100 metres.

Valverde describes it was a 'loco' worlds in this brief interview. 

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They hit the Oak Bank climb and the Netherlands up the pace. But kung and Craddock lead by 30 seconds.

60km left from 261km

Dani Martinez of Colombia goes off the back. This is an elimination race.

Team Ineos con firm that despite not showing on the timing systems, Ben Swift is still in the peloton. He must have changed bikes. 

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Kung seems strong and ups the pace by dancing on the pedals on as short rise. Craddock is on his wheel and looks good too. 

Four laps and 55km to go! 

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Just 70 or so riders are left in the peloton, 21 seconds down on Craddock and Kung.

As the riders passed through the finish we spotted Ben Swift in there for Great Britain. 

However another rider to quit is Lutsenko. The Kazakh rider needed a bike change earlier and clearly paid for it. 

Pieter Weening also climbed, opting to jump the barriers with one kilometre before the finish. 

GB's Geraint Thomas is off the pace after riding near the back of the pack. there are 71 riders left in the pack. 

The rider dive through the Pot Bank chicane. There's a sense something will happen soon.  

Crash! A rider slips out on the bridge crossing. That lifts the tension.

A rider hit a metal drain cover and slipped out. It looked like Michael Albasini of Switzerland.

On the short climb, the steep gradient has split the peloton. Riders are suffering and the cracks are showing.

46km left from 261km

Riders have jumped across to Kung as Craddock cracks and is distanced.

Mads Pedersen of Denmark has gone across to Kung. It's early but interesting by the young Dane. 

Italy sends Moscon across to the attack. Nobody else moves.

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Mike Teunissen is also out front, trying to go across to Kung and Pedersen. 

That's a clever move by the Netherlands and is why Moscon is trying to go across too. It will be up to France and Belgium to chase now.

Belgium has put Naesen on the front as the race passes through the finish. 

41km left from 261km

The peloton is 30 seconds down on Kung, Pedersen, Teunissen and Moscon.  

Belgium has placed Tim Wellens and Yves Lampaert on the front to help with the chase.

A broken spoke ends Simon Clark's chances. He climbs off in the pits. 

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There are still some big name contenders in the peloton, including Ackermann of Germany, Kristyoff of Norway, Swift of Britain, Matthews of Australia, Sagan for Slovakia, Trentin and Colbrelli for Italy, Alaphilippe for France and Van der Poel for the Netherlands. 

As the kilometres tick down, the cream is rising to the top. 

Nils Politt attacks from the peloton.

Dylan Teuns of Belgium go after him.

Others are chasing them. The peloton also comes up but the race is on. 

Four riders are trying to go across, with France leading the peloton.  

Behind Van der Poel accelerates away to pursue the attackers. Trentin goes after him. 

Dani Martinez is with them as they try to go across to the attack. 

Three other riders are chasing them. The rest seemed distanced.

Belgium is trying to chase them but Colbrelli is blocking for Italy.

Trentin drags Van der Poel across to Moscon, Pedersen and Kung. 

30km left from 261km

Belgium is trying to get van Avermaet back in the race. It's now or never!

The closest chasers are Toms Skujiņš and two other riders. The peloton is at 30 seconds.

27.5km left from 261km

With two laps to go we have five riders off the front: Trentin, Kung, Pedersen, van der Poel ands Moscon. 

Just behind and chasing are Betancur of Colombia  Gorka Izagiurre of Spain and Toms Skujiņš  of Latvia. 

The peloton is further back, with Italy trying to slow the Belgian-lead chase. Sagan is in this group. 

Swift, Pogacar, Kristoff and Alaphilioppe are in the chase peloton at 25 seconds.

Haig and Matthews are there for Australia.

Upfront Moscon is doing as much work as he can to drag the five-rider attack away. They lead the peloton by 42 seconds.

Betancur, Gorka Izagiurre of Spain and Toms Skujiņš  are slipping back. They failed to get up to the Trentin/van der Poel attack.  

France and Belgium are leading the chase at the head of the peloton. but Bettiol is blocking for Italy.

20km left from 261km

Ackermann has climbed off. More and more sprinters are cracking under the extreme and very hard conditions.

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As the road rises slightly, Moscon is distanced.

Behind the peloton has caught the three chaser. Now we have five riders up front and the peloton at 55 seconds.

Moscon fights back on to give Italy two riders in the five-rider attack.

The five attackers are: Mathieu van der Poel (Netherlands), Matteo Trentin (Italy), Gianni Moscon (Italy), Mads Pedersen (Denmark) and Stefan Kung (Switzerland).  

The peloton is at 50 seconds as Yves Lampaert leads the chase for Belgium and van Avermaet.

Behind Denmark is also blocking the chase for Pedersen up front. 

16km left from 261km

Ben Swift is at the back of the peloton. There are just 30 or so riders left in the group now. 

The five in the attack are working well together. Moscon is running out of energy but he's still there. 

There is one lap and 1km to go. The gap to the peloton is at 45 seconds.  

Mathieu van der Poel (Netherlands), Matteo Trentin (Italy), Gianni Moscon (Italy), Mads Pedersen (Denmark) and Stefan Kung (Switzerland) turn into Parliament street and the finish. 

The crowd gives them a huge cheer.

As the road eases, Trentin finally takes off his cape to reveal his Italian Azzurra jersey.

The bell rings out to call the final lap. The chasers are 48 behind. That is a huge gap to close in 14km after such a hard race with so few riders and teammates in the chase group. 

The 2019 world title is surely a fight between these five riders.

Boom ! Van der Poel is dropped! He shakes his head. He's blown!

The young Dutch talent has nothing left and is forced to spin a low gear. 

Moscon is driving the four riders to ensure VdP does not get back on. 

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The chasers catch and pass Van der Poel and are stunned to see him go backwards.

9km left from 261km

The peloton is 1:25 back, with Germany chasing but it's too little to late. Surely?  

 Matteo Trentin (Italy), Gianni Moscon (Italy), Mads Pedersen (Denmark) and Stefan Kung (Switzerland) dive down the chicane descent. 

The Italian team car comes up to give Trentin some final info and advice. 

Assistant coach Marco Velo shouts: "There are only your four left in the race."

They lead by 1:20 with 7.5km to go. 

This is the moment van der Poel blew up!

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Ben Swift cracks and is dropped from the chase group. 

6km left from 261km

It's time for the short climb on the back of the course. The Oak Bank climb hurts. 

Indeed Moscon is dropped. Now there are three.

Kung is hurting but cracking Pedersen too.

Trentin looks by far  the freshest up front. Kung and Pedersen are hurting.

As the road flattens, Pedersen ups the pace to try to stop Moscon getting back on. Three riders means each will get a medal of some colour. But only one will pull on the rainbow jersey.

3km left from 261km

The trio of Matteo Trentin (Italy), Mads Pedersen (Denmark) and Stefan Kung (Switzerland) dive down towards the finish in Harrogate. 

Behind Sagan makes an attack but it is far too late to chase. 

 Matteo Trentin (Italy), Mads Pedersen (Denmark) and Stefan Kung (Switzerland) will fight for the world title on the rising road to the finish. 

Trentin takes a last drink and sprays water on his legs.  

Sagan and the other chasers are 1:00 behind.  

The three are still swapping turns on the front. 

Will Kung and Pedersen try a late attack? 

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1km left from 261km

Last kilometre!!!

They start the climb up to the finish!

Pedersen leads onto the climb.


Trentin kicks first! 

But he fades and Pedersen wins the world title!!!

The young Dane collapses on the road. He can't believe he's world champion.

Trentin took second but is hugely disappointed. Kung third. 

Moscon hangs on to take fourth place, with Sagan fifth but at 43 seconds.  

Trentin can hardly believe he didn't win. He started the sprint but didn't have anything left in his legs and Pedersen did and edge clear to win. 

Pedersen is only 23 but he's already shown his talents in the Classics, when conditions are tough. He was second behind Nikki Terpstra in the 2018 Tour of Flanders.

It's a huge day for Pedersen's Trek-Segafredo team after a difficult season.

This is how Pedersen won the world title. 

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This is the top ten result: 

1    Mads Pedersen (Denmark)    6:27:28

2    Matteo Trentin (Italy)    

3    Stephen Kung (Switzerland)    0:00:02

4    Gianni Moscon (Italy)    0:00:17

5    Peter Sagan (Slovakia)    0:00:43

6    Michael Valgren (Denmark)    0:00:45

7    Alexander Kristoff (Norway)    0:01:10

8    Greg Van Avermaet (Belgium)    

9    Gorka Izagirre (Spain)    

10    Rui Costa (Portugal)

And this was his reaction when he realised what he had done.

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Pedersen let Trentin kick off the sprint with 200m to go, got on his wheel and  then powered past as the Italian faded.  

Pedersen is the first Dane ever to win the win the elite men's world title.

This image show just how tough the conditions were today. the men raced 261km in the rain.

(Image credit: Getty IMages)

Here's the moment Pedersen won the world title.

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As the riders walk to the podium, last rider Petr Va