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Lakata and Süss win gold at European marathon championships

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Elite women's podium: Sally Bigham, Esther Süss, Sabine Spitz

Elite women's podium: Sally Bigham, Esther Süss, Sabine Spitz (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Alban Lakata (Austria)

Alban Lakata (Austria) (Image credit: Team Topeak Ergon)
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Elite women's podium at the European marathon championships

Elite women's podium at the European marathon championships (Image credit: Team Topeak Ergon)
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Elite men's podium at the European marathon championships

Elite men's podium at the European marathon championships (Image credit: Team Topeak Ergon)
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Kathrin Stirnemann (Haibike)

Kathrin Stirnemann (Haibike) (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Sabine Spitz (Haibike)

Sabine Spitz (Haibike) (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Sally Bigham (Great Britain)

Sally Bigham (Great Britain) (Image credit: Team Topeak Ergon)
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The start of the elite men's race at the European marathon championships

The start of the elite men's race at the European marathon championships (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Alban Lakata leads in Singen

Alban Lakata leads in Singen (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Alban Lakata on a downhill

Alban Lakata on a downhill (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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The group with Kristian Hynek

The group with Kristian Hynek (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Alban Lakata and Kristian Hynek

Alban Lakata and Kristian Hynek (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Esther Süss wins the gold medal for Switzerland in the European marathon championships

Esther Süss wins the gold medal for Switzerland in the European marathon championships (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Esther Süss celebrates victory

Esther Süss celebrates victory (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Alban Lakata (Austria) wins the gold medal at the European marathon championships, just ahead of Christoph Sauser (Switzerland) after a mechanical.

Alban Lakata (Austria) wins the gold medal at the European marathon championships, just ahead of Christoph Sauser (Switzerland) after a mechanical. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Sabine Spitz and Kathrin Stirnemann among the women racing in Singen, Germany

Sabine Spitz and Kathrin Stirnemann among the women racing in Singen, Germany (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)

This year's European Marathon Championships took place on Sunday, May 12, as part of the Rothaus Hegau Bike-Marathon in Singen, Germany. Swiss rider Esther Süss and Austrian Alban Lakata won the elite titles. Esther Süss took the gold medal ahead of British rider Sally Bigham and Olympic Champion Sabine Spitz. In the men's race, Lakata triumphed before the unfortunate Christoph Sauser and Czech Kristian Hynek. The best German was Tim Böhme in fourth place.


Lakata won his second marathon European title after 2008, ahead of a disappointed Sauser, who had a mechanical. Barely a hundred meters from the finish, the Swiss rider dropped his chain, while riding in front of Lakata. The Austrian was only a few feet behind him and powered away to victory.

"I was prepared for the final sprint, but, suddenly, Christoph's chain jumped off," said Lakata.

Nevertheless, the Austrian is happy with the title. "I had to toil on the climbs today. In the meantime, I had doubts as to whether that's enough for a medal at all. Today the luck was on my side," said Lakata.

"I can not believe it," Sauser said, shaking his head. "I came here to win. I knew I had to go fast in the corners before the finish. I even opened up a gap."

Kristian Hynek also rode a strong race. He upped the pace on the mountain and reduced the leading gap. "Things might have been even better," Hynek said at the finish. "It could have been more, but I won the bronze and I'm quite content with it," said the defending champion. The Czech rider struggled a lot in the last five kilometers.

Earlier into the race, local hero Tim Böhme had experienced some ups and downs. In the first part of the race, the hometown favourite put in a great effort and after about 40 kilometers, he was seen in the top-10 lead group.

Five men led the race in the longest singletrack section, and Böhme was still there. Swiss rider Thomas Litscher could keep up with them at first, but he gave up later to save energy for the upcoming World Cup in Albstadt.

World champion Periklis Ilias from Greece had a mechanical after about 40 kilometers in the race and lost the connection with the lead group. Eventually, he finished seventh.


The top three favourites for the title pulled away from the rest of the field on the second climb of the day. Sally Bigham, who was fighting a cold during the week, dictated the pace in the front. After 28 kilometers, the trio passed the intermediate timing with two-minute lead on the chasers.

Spitz kept up till Hohentwiel. From then on, she raced solo to a bronze medal, her 26th international medal. "It was simply too cold for me out here. My legs were frozen. But I am quite confident for the World Cup in Albstadt," said Spitz.

Therefore, the battle for the title was between Esther Süss and Bigham. "Now that Sabine was gone, I told Sally that we have to work together," said Süss.

That worked until about 15 kilometers from the finish. Bigham descended fast, but so was Süss who also had chosen good tires for the race. "I would have waited with my attack, but Sally seemed a bit impatient, so I told myself no more waiting," said Süss. She pulled away on a climb and took her third marathon European title of her career.

"I had great legs and I had a lot of fun on the climbs. I won my third marathon European title which is super great," said a happy Süss.

Bigham was also satisfied. "Under these circumstances and in this cold weather, I can only say that I'm very satisfied, even if it's a silver for the third time in a row. But I'll put an end to it next year in Ireland, "she said.

Kathrin Stirnemann was Silke Schmidt rounded out the top five in fourth and fifth.

U23 golds to Poland and Finland

Polish rider Bartlomiej Wawak topped the U23 category in front of Swiss Enea Vetsch. Christian Pfäffle won the bronze medal.

Only four riders were at the start of the women's U23 race. The Finn Jasmin Kansikas was crowned U23 European champion. Regina Genser came in 2:56 minutes back, one second ahead of Irina Krenn from Austria.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alban Lakata (Austria)3:37:48
2Christoph Sauser (Switzerland)0:00:18
3Kristian Hynek (Czech Republic)0:00:53
4Tim Bohme (Germany)0:05:30
5Christoph Soukup (Austria)0:06:12
6Urs Huber (Switzerland)0:06:58
7Periklis Ilias (Greece)0:07:08
8Mirko Celestino (Italy)0:07:20
9Adrian Brzozka (Poland)0:08:12
10Pavel Boudny (Czech Republic)0:08:32
11Jochen Kass (Germany)0:08:39
12Robert Mennen (Germany)0:08:40
13Frans Claes (Belgium)0:11:41
14Markus Kaufmann (Germany)0:11:59
15Jukka Vastaranta (Finland)0:12:02
16Sören Nissen (Denmark)0:12:53
17Marzio Deho (Italy)0:13:30
18Jérémy Huguenin (Switzerland)0:13:34
19Hermann Pernsteiner (Austria)0:14:08
20Michal Bubilek (Czech Republic)0:14:10
21Bartosz Banach (Poland)0:14:15
22Enrico Franzoi (Italy)0:14:56
23Karl Platt (Germany)0:15:59
24Daniel Geismayr (Austria)0:16:48
25Hansueli Stauffer (Switzerland)0:17:39
26Walter Costa (Italy)0:18:42
27Jiri Novak (Czech Republic)0:18:44
28Michal Lami (Slovakia)0:19:18
29Cristian Cominelli (Italy)0:19:24
30Aleksander Dorozala (Poland)0:19:37
31Jesus Del Nero Montes (Spain)0:19:40
32Friedrich Dahler (Switzerland)0:19:43
33Philipp Gerber (Switzerland)0:21:01
34Christian Schneidawind (Germany)0:21:15
35Jürg Graf (Switzerland)0:21:39
36Tomasz Drozdz (Poland)0:24:39
37Tony Longo (Italy)0:24:45
38Francisco Perez Sanchez (Spain)0:25:12
39Juan Pedro Trujillo Hernandez (Spain)0:25:14
40Paul Remy (France)0:25:42
41Bogdan Czarnota (Poland)0:25:43
42Torsten Marx (Germany)0:25:47
43David Schöggl (Austria)0:26:20
44Wolfgang Mayer (Germany)0:26:21
45Steffen Thum (Germany)0:27:42
46Andreas Kleiber (Germany)0:28:55
47Damian Perrin (Switzerland)0:29:44
48Lars Ragnar Manengen (Norway)0:29:49
49Rupert Palmberger (Germany)0:29:50
50Florian Thie (Switzerland)0:30:47
51Norbert Wyss (Switzerland)0:30:56
52Valtteri Repo (Finland)0:32:01
53Daniel Rubisoier (Austria)0:32:13
54Manuel Pliem (Austria)0:32:47
55Krzysztof Krzywy (Poland)0:33:17
56Bartosz Janowski (Poland)0:33:52
57Matthias Gärtner (Germany)0:33:56
58Björn Herrmann (Germany)0:34:24
59Adrian Jusinski (Poland)0:34:28
60Thomas Schmid (Switzerland)0:34:49
61Konny Looser (Switzerland)0:37:29
62Daniel Aspacher (Germany)0:38:12
63Peter Reiche (Germany)
64Mateusz Zon (Poland)0:41:28
65Oliver Schär (Switzerland)0:41:57
66Oliver Vonhausen (Germany)0:42:31
67Florian Bolt (Switzerland)0:42:49
68Matthias Grick (Austria)0:43:14
69Georgios Dantos (Greece)0:43:36
70Mathias Alig (Switzerland)0:44:22
71Sebastian Geimecke (Germany)0:46:16
72Andreas Schindler (Germany)0:47:14
73Ragnar Wirths (Germany)0:48:37
74Christian Haas (Austria)
75Sandro Soncin (Switzerland)0:48:45
76Johannes Közle (Germany)0:50:09
77Christian Burger (Germany)0:50:16
78Xavier Dafflon (Switzerland)0:50:36
79Philipp Becker (Germany)0:53:14
80Gregor Menzel (Germany)0:55:04
81Benjamin Merkel (Germany)1:00:19
82Denis Kabanen (Russian Federation)1:00:33
83Wolfgang Mair (Germany)1:01:23
84Arndt Weidenhagen (Germany)1:04:03
85Norbert Gorres (Germany)1:04:40
86Christian Ludewig (Germany)1:08:54
87Lukas Sustr (Czech Republic)1:10:29
88Mart Otten (Netherlands)1:10:56
89Daniel Graf (Germany)1:12:27
90Erkan Sakallioglu (Germany)1:14:26
91Florian Gruber (Austria)1:20:18
92Christoph Rytz (Switzerland)1:24:40
DNFThomas Litscher (Switzerland)
DNFGiacomo Antonello (Italy)
DNFAnton Sintsov (Russian Federation)
DNFLuca Ronchi (Italy)
DNFUwe Hardter (Germany)
DNFTimo Modosch (Germany)
DNFMax Holz (Germany)
DNFMattia Longa (Italy)
DNFDaniel Gathof (Germany)
DNFPiotr Brzozka (Poland)
DNFPhilipp Pangerl (Germany)
DNFGuido Thaler (Austria)
DNFFlorian Willbold (Germany)
DNFMaxime Nguyen (France)
DNFTimo Häfner (Germany)
DNFFrederic Gombert (France)
DNFSimon Staufner (Germany)
DNFFabian Beck (Germany)
DNFSascha Burghardt (Germany)
DNFSimon Gegenheimer (Germany)
DNFMichael Gnannt (Germany)
DNFChristoph Braun (Germany)
DNFMarcel Mettel (Germany)
DNFStefan Hutzelmann (Germany)
DNFJan Hofmeyer (Germany)
DNFAntoni Ardouin (France)
DNFAndreas Basler (Germany)
DNFBenoit Beaud (Switzerland)
DNFMatthias Bettinger (Germany)
DNFJulian Biefang (Germany)
DNFThomas Dietsch (France)
DNFDamiano Ferraro (Italy)
DNFHannes Genze (Germany)
DNFRoman Herrmann (Germany)
DNFMatthias Leisling (Germany)
DNFVojta Marvan (Czech Republic)
DNFStefan Roffler (Switzerland)
DNFStefan Sahm (Germany)
DNFBenjamin Stark (Germany)
DNSDaniel Eiermann (Germany)
DNSMaximilian Eitler (Germany)
DNSMartin Feichtegger (Austria)
DNSYann Fromont (France)
DNSWill Hayter (Great Britain)
DNSWolfgang Krenn (Austria)
DNSChristian Kreuchler (Germany)
DNSPatrick Leuzinger (Switzerland)
DNSTimo Link-Fritsche (Germany)
DNSRalph Näf (Switzerland)
DNSChristopher Pedder (Great Britain)
DNSMarcel Reiser (Germany)
DNSRene Ruzmarinovic (Austria)
DNSBram Saeys (Belgium)
DNSMichael Schuchardt (Germany)
DNSStuart Spies (Great Britain)
DNSSimon Stiebjahn (Germany)
DNSThomas Stoll (Switzerland)
DNSMichael Teutschmann (Switzerland)
DNSSönke Wegner (Germany)

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Esther Süss (Switzerland)3:23:00
2Sally Bigham (Great Britain)0:01:06
3Sabine Spitz (Germany)0:07:52
4Kathrin Stirnemann (Switzerland)0:15:03
5Silke Schmidt (Germany)0:15:17
6Borghild Løvset (Norway)0:16:04
7Hielke Elferink (Netherlands)0:16:39
8Gabriele Stanger (Germany)0:16:40
9Michalina Ziolkowska (Poland)0:18:16
10Hildegunn Hovdenak (Norway)0:19:50
11Lisa Pleyer (Austria)0:21:12
12Dana Rožlapa (Latvia)0:25:02
13Sabine Sommer (Austria)0:25:37
14Kristina Weber (Germany)0:26:18
15Almut Grieb (Germany)0:27:26
16Laura Turpijn (Netherlands)
17Sofia Pezzatti (Switzerland)0:27:35
18Kim Saenen (Belgium)0:27:36
19Heidi Rosasen Sandsto (Norway)0:29:25
20Magdalena Sadlecka (Poland)0:31:33
21Verena Krenslehner (Austria)0:33:02
22Erika Speck (Switzerland)0:34:25
23Katrin Schwing (Germany)0:37:50
24Alexandra Clement (Switzerland)0:39:51
25Sandrine Ponsard (France)0:41:12
26Cemile Trommer (Germany)0:44:52
27Annika Bergman (Sweden)0:49:08
28Silke Keinath (Germany)0:53:14
29Bettina Uhlig (Germany)1:01:17
30Veronika Weib (Germany)1:07:24
DNFMilena Landtwing (Switzerland)
DNFElisabeth Brandau (Germany)
DNFKathy Alberti (Germany)
DNFAnn-Katrin Hellstern (Germany)
DNFPavlina Sulcova (Czech Republic)
DNSDosa Eszter (Hungary)
DNSAnnette Griner (Germany)
DNSJane Nüssli (Great Britain)
DNSVirginie Pointet (Switzerland)
DNSAnna Szafraniec (Poland)
DNSChristina Verhas (Austria)
DNSMichèle Wittlin (Switzerland)

U23 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bartlomiej Wawak (Poland)3:51:56
2Enea Vetsch (Switzerland)0:07:37
3Christian Pfäffle (Germany)0:10:39
4Ben Zwiehoff (Germany)0:13:40
5Jan Nesvadba (Czech Republic)0:14:52
6Felix Huschle (Germany)0:16:39
7Oliver Laudenberg (Germany)0:17:49
8Frantisek Lami (Slovakia)0:18:26
9Bart Classens (Netherlands)0:18:29
10Rémi Laffont (France)0:18:41
11Rick Reimann (Switzerland)0:19:55
12Anselm Wüllner (Germany)0:24:12
13Johannes Wagner (Germany)0:26:43
14Lysander Kiesel (Germany)0:29:15
15Andre Schütz (Germany)0:30:37
16Martin Kamml (Germany)0:32:10
17Jonas Müller (Germany)0:32:15
18Jan-Nils Preus (Germany)0:32:28
19Jan Schär (Switzerland)0:32:48
20Sven Mägdefessel (Germany)0:36:57
21Florian Kortüm (Germany)0:37:36
22Vincent Arnaud (France)0:39:11
23Pascal Nay (Switzerland)0:39:39
24Alexander Gläser (Germany)0:41:10
25David Büschler (Germany)0:43:01
26Matthias Baldauf (Germany)0:45:40
27Jakob Britz (Germany)0:46:38
28Marcin Kowalczyk (Poland)0:53:35
29Tobias Sindlinger (Germany)0:58:49
30Dominik Gansler (Germany)1:00:32
31Adrian Sauer (Germany)1:01:51
32Daniel Sauter (Germany)1:05:59
33Christian Schöllhorn (Germany)1:06:01
34Lennart Jasper (Germany)1:13:03
DNFMarcus Nicolai (Germany)
DNFSilvan Kälin (Switzerland)
DNFAndreas Hartmann (Germany)
DNFAlexander Bietz (Germany)
DNFAndreas Fuchs (Austria)
DNFVincent Günther (Germany)
DNFPim Heinrich (Switzerland)
DNFMatthias Reichart (Germany)

U23 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jasmin Kansikas (Finland)3:49:19
2Regina Genser (Germany)0:02:56
3Irina Krenn (Austria)0:13:25
4Chiara Eberle (Germany)0:18:31
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