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Wissink and Smiley win in Michigan

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Elite women Marne Smiley (Scott Bikes/Ollett Coaching)

Elite women Marne Smiley (Scott Bikes/Ollett Coaching) (Image credit: Andrea Tucker /
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Terry Ritter ( Team Giant Mi.) and Rob Selle ( MPI/Main Street) battle the sand at the Stony Creek Cx Race

Terry Ritter ( Team Giant Mi.) and Rob Selle ( MPI/Main Street) battle the sand at the Stony Creek Cx Race (Image credit: Andrea Tucker /
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Team Sandbag/Bunker Hills Bikes rider Chad Schut hops on his Single Speed.

Team Sandbag/Bunker Hills Bikes rider Chad Schut hops on his Single Speed. (Image credit: Andrea Tucker /
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Patrick Russell (Wolverine/American Cycle Fit.) being chased down by two Flying Rhino Cycling Club riders.

Patrick Russell (Wolverine/American Cycle Fit.) being chased down by two Flying Rhino Cycling Club riders. (Image credit: Andrea Tucker /

Michigan racers saw another beautiful day for the latest stop in the Tailwind Enterprises cyclo-cross series. Race number seven in the nine race series was held at Lower Huron Metropark in Shelby Township, and was sponsored by Paint Creek Bicycles whose owner, Keith Riege, is a long time cyclo-cross fanatic. Lower Huron is infamous for its long beach section, blistering winds, and truly spectacular scenery. The course designers changed things up a little for this years edition as they started the race in the opposite direction, a move that brought the beach section close to the beginning of each lap and left out many of the twists and turns of years past, giving riders a course that had a little bit of everything.

The day's first races started in cold overcast conditions with the wind just starting to whip off of the lake. These first brave souls are the people that really keep our sport going, so a big thank you goes to all of them for coming out on their Sunday mornings every week. In the C - men under 39 race, Shawn Schaffert (Cannondale Midwest) and Paul Steigerwald (Wheels In Motion), took turns attacking each other all race long with Schaffert claiming first place at the line.

In the 40 and over C group, Trey Cassidy from Grosse Pointe Woods ran very consistent lap times to run away with the win by over a minute. It was a close race for the second spot with Russell Kissel (Sign Outfitters) and Talbot Hack from Ann Arbor, giving the spectators a show for the entire race. Kissel came up with the goods though on the last lap and left Hack a few seconds behind to claim second position.

In the next race we saw the B-men line it up as the wind began to pick up and the mud began to bubble to the surface. Clint Verran riding for and Daniel Gerow (Wolverine / American Cycle & Fitness), road away from the field on the first lap and the two never looked back. They both road very impressive races and worked together to make the gap to third larger with every pedal stroke. Gerow unfortunately had a mishap with a barrier with two laps to go and had to hope for a mistake from Verran if he was going to latch back on. That mistake never came though and Gerow had to settle for second place, as Verran took his second win in a row.

Wissink wins again

In the Elite Men's race there were no surprises, as Michael Wissink (Specialized) dominated from start to finish yet again. As soon as the race hit the sand for the first time Wissink was gone, with Tim Saari (Essex Brass) and Cory Stange (CycleFit Multisport) just hanging on for a short while. Saari was able to finish second on the day with Jeff Weinert (Wolverine / American Cycle & Fitness) behind him in third. Wissink has been having his best season yet winning every Tailwind race so far and continually finishing in the top three in the USGP series.

All smiles for Smiley

The final race of the day was the Master's men and Elite women. Marne Smiley (Scott Bikes/Ollett Coaching) had a slight bobble at the beginning but was able to quickly recover and leave the other women and many of the men behind. Kelly Paterson (Wolverine / American Cycle & Fitness) took the second spot and also took over the lead in the series standings. Rounding out the top three was Sandie Domagalski riding for the Flying Rhino Cycling Club.

The Masters 35+ has been without a doubt the most entertaining race to watch this season and that excitement continued this weekend. Rich Stark (Priority Health - Ann Arbor Elite) road away with the win while riding a single speed but left the real race for the series behind. The battle between Patrick Russell (Wolverine / American Cycle & Fitness) and Pete Thompson (Flying Rhino CC) has been going on all season, but this time Thompson was able to get a little help from teammate Mark Wolowiec, who has his series wrapped up and decided to race with the younger guys. After attacks back and forth all race long Thompson closed down on Russell on with less then half a lap to go and went right by him and held the gap all the way to the finish. Russell was able to stay in front of Wolowiec to get as many series points as possible.

It was a great race at Stoney Creek and another well run event by Tailwind Enterprises. Again a big thanks to Specialized and Dave Massey for lending his voice for the announcing, and to the bike shop sponsor Paint Creek Bicycles in Lake Orion, MI. The next race in the series will be held at Bloomer Park in Rochester, this Sunday. For more info check out and for more pictures go to

Elite Men
1Michael Wissink (Specialized)0:54:39
2Timothy Saari (Essex Brass)0:01:24
3Jeff Weinert (Wolverine / American Cycle & Fit / Myc)0:02:31
4Cory Stange (Cyclefit Multisport)0:02:36
5Jay Moncel (Wolverine / American Cycle & Fit)0:05:03
6Mark Parmelee (Cycletherapy Racing)0:05:27
7 -1 lapAndrew Brown (Drakes Coffee)
DNFMatthew Ashley (Flying Rhino Cycling Club / Tailwind)

Elite Women
1Marne Smiley (Scott Bikes / Ollett Coaching)0:45:16
2 -1 lapKelly Paterson (Wolverine/American Cycle & Fitness)
3Sandie Domagalski (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)
4Susan Shaw (Cycle -Fit)

B-MEN (CX-2,3,4)
1Clint Verran (Runguru.Com)0:39:41
2Daniel Gerow (Wolverine American Cycling & Fitness)0:00:17
3John Osgood (Team Sandbag)0:02:11
4Benjamin Christian (Team Giant-Mi)0:02:19
5Mark Caffyn (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:02:21
6Brian Wachlarz (Recycled Cycles)0:02:37
7Tom Barrett (Aavc)0:02:52
8Raymond Auger (Maple Leaf Cycling)0:03:01
9Jason Melecosky (Rbs Cycling Team)0:03:02
10David Johnson (Drakes Coffee)0:03:17
11Keith Feldt (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:03:19
12Gary Olson (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:03:38
13Ryan Mckinnie (Two Wheel Tango)0:04:28
14Mark Olin (Rbs Cycling Team)0:04:33
15Jon Wojcik (Wyandotte, Mi)0:04:49
16Richard Clay (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:05:30
17Jan Gatowski (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:05:31
18Collin Snyder (Mcg Cycling/Trailsedge.Com)0:05:31
19Jeff Zimmerman (Cycle-Fit)0:06:26
20Steve Kinley (Cannondale Factory Racing)0:07:34
21Dominick Zaccone (Mcg- Trails Edge)0:07:57
22 -1 lapMike Snyder (Rochester Hills)
23 -2 lapsSteve Balogh (Canton, Mi)
DNFDavid Toutant (Wolverine Sports Club)

MASTERS 35+ (CX-2,3,4)
1Rich Stark (Priority Health-Ann Arbor Elite)0:39:10
2Pete Thompson (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:00:39
3Patrick Russell (Wolverine / American Cycle & Fit.)0:00:43
4Mark Wolowiec (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:00:51
5Scott Fabijanski (Wolverine/American Cycle & Fit)0:01:33
6Rob Selle (Mpi-Mainstreet)0:01:52
7Terry Ritter (Team Giant-Michigan)0:02:03
8Scott Goocher (Jacks Bicycle)0:02:06
9Ron Stack (Cycle Fit Sports Club)0:02:50
10Thomas Clark (Sterling Heights, Mi)0:03:15
11Matt Baroli (Wolverine / Michigan Youth Cycling)0:03:16
12Brian Neeley (Battle Creek, Mi)0:03:33

MASTERS 45+ (CX-2,3,4)
1Joseph Brown (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:40:57
2Robert Wozniak (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:00:17
3Keith Riege (Paint Creek Bicycles)0:00:56
4Dj Jurvelin (Cyclefit Multisport)0:02:20
5Brian Goocher (Jacks Bicycle & Fitness)0:02:25
6Paul Dean (Cycles London Racing Team)0:02:50
7Kenneth Oday (Specialized/ Twt)0:02:51
8James Perren (Adfl)0:03:58
9Dave Hollis (Cycle Fit)0:04:48
10 -2 lapsRobert Wydra (Wolverine/American Cycle & Fit)

1Erik Koehler (Team Bosco)0:40:19
2Brian Hancock (Specialized)0:02:20
3Wayne Cook (Specialized)0:03:15
4John Osgood (Team Sandbag)0:03:54
5Brian Gillies (Aberdeen Bike & Outdoors)0:05:09
6Chad Schut (Team Sandbag/Bunker Hill Bikes)0:06:39

C-MEN 39-UN (CX-4)
1Shawn Schaffert (Cannondale Midwest Racing)0:29:39
2Paul Steigerwald (Wheels In Motion)0:00:01
3Cameron Marshall (East Lansing, Mi)0:00:53
4Curt Potocki (Team Sandbag\Bfb)0:00:54
5Derek Wrathell (Rbs Cycling Team)0:01:06
6Jon Coleman (Canton,Mi)0:01:06
7Blake Beddow (Wayne State University)0:01:16
8Greg Johnson (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:01:52
9Matthew Spruit (Csra: Team Pbr)0:01:53
10Eric Wickenheiser (Ypsilanti, Mi)0:02:03
11Peter Gast (Grosse Pointe Woods, Mi)0:03:26
12Nick Irish (Novara/Rei)0:03:34
13Jared Smerecki (Cycletherapy Racing)0:04:50
14Jason Scott (Jenson Usa)0:05:22
15Chris Burnett (Wheels In Motion-Kona)0:06:01
16Bill Baker (Cycleworks-Clawson, Mi)0:07:02
DNFRoque Manzanares (Dearborn, Mi)

C-MEN 40+ (CX-4)
1Trey Cassidy (Grosse Pointe Woods, Mi)0:29:02
2Russell Kissel (Signoutfitters.Com)0:01:32
3Talbot Hack (Ann Arbor, Mi)0:01:37
4Marc Dettman (Bissell / Abg Cycling Club)0:02:31
5Ron Van Diepen (Ann Arbor, Mi)0:02:44
6Michael Schultz (Team O2)0:02:58
7Randy Arellano (Mcg Racing P/B Trails Edge)0:02:58
8Kevin Skipworth (City Bike Shop)0:03:46
9Frank Marciniak (Klm Bike & Fitness)0:04:07
10Bernard Wendel (Cannondale Midwest)0:04:12
11James Gardner (Luna Pier, Mi)0:04:24
12Jon Logan (Hammer)0:04:32
13Dennis Willyard (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:04:52
14Bruce Leblanc (Frcc)0:05:43
15Brian Leary (Cannondale Midwest Racing)0:07:32
16Robert Wydra (Wolverine/American Cycle & Fit)0:09:50
17 -1 lapDouglas Fehan (Birmingham, Mi)
18 -1 lapJohn Robbins (Madison Heights, Mi)
DNFKen Misch (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)

1Laura Melendez (West Priority Health)0:35:03
2Meagen Kaczmarek (Rbs Cycling Team)0:03:45
3 -1 lapAdrienne Oday (Ypsilanti, Mi)
4 -1 lapVanessa Stauffer (Dearborn, Mi)
5 -1 lapDenise Bartley (Rochester Hills, Mi)
6 -1 lapClaire Grybb (Rochester, Mi)

1Brandon Goocher (Jacks Bicycle)0:35:11
2Richard E. Rainville (Ann Arbor Velo Club)0:01:04
3 -1 lapZoe Kissel (Signoutfitters.Com)
4 -1 lapDylan Kissel (Signoutfitters.Com)
5 -2 lapNolan Osgood (Team Sandbagg)

1Marty Oconnell (Aavc)0:47:58
2Ginger Wissman (Cannondale Midwest Racing)
3 -1 lapNathan Goocher (Jacks Bicycle & Fitness)


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