Axeon's Powless upsets favourites to win Redlands time trial

For the second consecutive day at the Redlands Bicycle Classic, a relatively unknown rider outperformed the pre-race favourites to take the day's win and force the elder statesmen of US cycling to step aside.

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neilson Powless (USA) Axeon Hagens Berman0:15:11
2Matteo Dal-CIn (CAN) Silber Pro Cycling0:00:08
3Nigel Ellsay (CAN) Silber Pro CyclingRow 2 - Cell 2
4Kyle Murphy (USA) Team Jamis0:00:09
5Geoffrey Curran (USA) Axeon Hagens Berman0:00:13
6Janier Acevedo (COL) Team Jamis0:00:14
7Evan Huffman (USA) Rally CyclingRow 6 - Cell 2
8Andzs Flaksis (LAT) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hincap0:00:17
9Lachlan Morton (AUS) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:00:24
10Tom Zirbel (USA) Rally Cycling0:00:28
11Andres Diaz Corrales (COL) Cylance-Incycle Pro Cycling0:00:30
12Philip O'Donnell (USA) Axeon Hagens BermanRow 11 - Cell 2
13Cameron Piper (USA) Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator0:00:31
14Robin Carpenter (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b HincapRow 13 - Cell 2
15David Williams (USA) Astellas Cycling Team0:00:33
16Travis McCabe (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b HincapRow 15 - Cell 2
17Angus Morton (AUS) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:00:35
18Jesse Anthony (USA) Rally CyclingRow 17 - Cell 2
19Jack Burke (CAN) H&R Block Pro Cycling0:00:36
20Ruben Companioni (CUB) Team Jamis0:00:39
21Andrei Krasilnikau (BEL) Holowesko / Citadel p/b HincapRow 20 - Cell 2
22Michael Olheiser (USA) Lupus Racing TeamRow 21 - Cell 2
23Oscar Clark (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hincap0:00:40
24Kristofer Dahl (CAN) Silber Pro Cycling0:00:41
25Timothy Rugg (USA) Herbalife p/b Marc Pro0:00:43
26Benjamin Wolfe (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:00:44
27Adam de Vos (CAN) Rally CyclingRow 26 - Cell 2
28Brayan Sanchez (COL) Team JamisRow 27 - Cell 2
29Eric Marcotte (USA) Team Jamis0:00:45
30Emile Jean (CAN) Silber Pro Cycling0:00:46
31Bryan Lewis (USA) Lupus Racing Team0:00:48
32Innokenty Zavyalov (USA) p/b Cicla BicRow 31 - Cell 2
33Jordan Cheyne (CAN) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:00:49
34Edwin Avila (COL) Team Illuminate0:00:51
35Ulises Castillo (USA) KHS-Maxxis-JL Velo0:00:55
36Bryan Gomez (COL) Gateway Harley Davidson / Trek0:00:56
37Chad Young (USA) Axeon Hagens Berman0:00:58
38Kaler Marshall (USA) Canyon Bicycles - Shimano0:01:00
39Benjamin Perry (CAN) Silber Pro CyclingRow 38 - Cell 2
40Cortlan Brown (USA) Canyon Bicycles - Shimano0:01:02
41Chris Prendergast (CAN) H&R Block Pro Cycling0:01:03
42Mac Brennan (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hincap0:01:05
43Chris Horner (USA) Lupus Racing Team0:01:06
44Colin Strickland (USA) ELBOWZ RAcingRow 43 - Cell 2
45Cory Lockwood (USA) KHS-Maxxis-JL VeloRow 44 - Cell 2
46Jacob Rathe (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:01:07
47Michael Sheehan (USA) Jelly Belly p/b MaxxisRow 46 - Cell 2
48Robert Gutgesell (CAN) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic HomeRow 47 - Cell 2
49Justin Mauch (USA) Herbalife p/b Marc Pro0:01:08
50Steve Fisher (USA) Canyon Bicycles - Shimano0:01:10
51Griffin Easter (USA) Team IlluminateRow 50 - Cell 2
52Kevin Girkins (USA) ELBOWZ RAcing0:01:12
53Dylan Davies (CAN) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic HomeRow 52 - Cell 2
54Emerson Oronte (USA) Rally CyclingRow 53 - Cell 2
55George Simpson (USA) Gateway Harley Davidson / TrekRow 54 - Cell 2
56Lance Haidet (USA) Team Illuminate0:01:13
57Daniel Gardner (GBr) Astellas Cycling TeamRow 56 - Cell 2
58Dillon Caldwell (USA) Canyon Bicycles - Shimano0:01:14
59Micah Engle (USA) Gateway Harley Davidson / TrekRow 58 - Cell 2
60Daniel Willett (USA) EP CYCLISTS0:01:15
61Peter Disera (CAN) H&R Block Pro CyclingRow 60 - Cell 2
62Taylor Shelden (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:01:16
63Lucas Haedo (ARG) Team Jamis0:01:17
64Grant Koontz (USA) Team Arapahoe ResourcesRow 63 - Cell 2
65Jonathan Brown (USA) Axeon Hagens BermanRow 64 - Cell 2
66Johnathan Hornbeck (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hincap0:01:18
67Nacher Fabrizio Von (USA) KHS-Maxxis-JL VeloRow 66 - Cell 2
68Isaiah Newkirk (USA) Gateway Harley Davidson / Trek0:01:20
69kyle Buckosky (CAN) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic HomeRow 68 - Cell 2
70Erik Slack (USA) Canyon Bicycles - ShimanoRow 69 - Cell 2
71Jake Sitler (USA) Astellas Cycling TeamRow 70 - Cell 2
72Roman Kilun (USA) Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator0:01:23
73Chris Riekert (USA) Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator0:01:24
74Luis Amaran (CUB) Team JamisRow 73 - Cell 2
75Matt Zimmer (USA) Support Clean Sport / Sea SuckRow 74 - Cell 2
76Sepp Kuss (USA) Gateway Harley Davidson / Trek0:01:26
77Eder Frayer (MEX) KHS-Maxxis-JL Velo0:01:27
78Eric Oien (USA) Echelon-Storck DevelopmentRow 77 - Cell 2
79Samuel Grove (USA) Cylance-Incycle Pro CyclingRow 78 - Cell 2
80Zack Allison (USA) Elevate Pro CyclingRow 79 - Cell 2
81Robert Squire (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hincap0:01:29
82Ian Moore (USA) Support Clean Sport / Sea SuckRow 81 - Cell 2
83Jacob Arnold (USA) Superissimo0:01:31
84Kai Applequist (USA) Superissimo0:01:32
85Connor Brown (USA) Elevate Pro Cycling0:01:33
86Jim Peterman (USA) Superissimo0:01:34
87Dennis Ramirez (COL) Gateway Harley Davidson / Trek0:01:35
88James Piccoli (CAN) Superissimo0:01:36
89Stefano Barberi (USA) Support Clean Sport / Sea Suck0:01:37
90Chris Winn (USA) p/b Cicla BicRow 89 - Cell 2
91Joseph Schmalz (USA) Elevate Pro Cycling0:01:39
92Nicolas Masbourian (CAN) Silber Pro Cycling0:01:40
93Thomas Soladay (USA) Rally Cycling0:01:41
94Andrew Dahlheim (USA) Team Arapahoe Resources0:01:42
95Michael Le Rossignol (CAN) Silber Pro Cycling0:01:43
96Cory Greenberg (USA) Cylance-Incycle Pro Cycling0:01:44
97Stefan Rothe (USA) ELBOWZ RAcingRow 96 - Cell 2
98Jacob Albrecht (USA) Herbalife p/b Marc Pro0:01:46
99Logan Hutchings (USA) Elevate Pro CyclingRow 98 - Cell 2
100Julio Padilla (GUA) Team Arapahoe ResourcesRow 99 - Cell 2
101Owen Gillott (AUS) Echelon-Storck DevelopmentRow 100 - Cell 2
102Nolan Tankersley (USA) Lupus Racing Team0:01:48
103Michael Burleigh (USA) Canyon Bicycles - Shimano0:01:50
104Willem Kaiser (USA) SuperissimoRow 103 - Cell 2
105Connor McCutcheon (USA) Team Illuminate0:01:53
106Bjorn Selander (USA) Rally Cycling0:01:54
107Diego Sandoval (MEX) Cylance-Incycle Pro Cycling0:01:55
108Aria Kiani (USA) Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator0:01:56
109Torey Philipp (USA) Herbalife p/b Marc ProRow 108 - Cell 2
110Bryan Larsen (USA) Echelon-Storck Development0:01:57
111Gerardo Medina (MEX) Echelon-Storck Development0:01:58
112Coulton Hartrich (USA) Support Clean Sport / Sea SuckRow 111 - Cell 2
113Travis Samuel (CAN) H&R Block Pro Cycling0:01:59
114Jules Goguely (USA) Echelon-Storck DevelopmentRow 113 - Cell 2
115Oliver Moors (GBr) Astellas Cycling Team0:02:00
116Reese Levine (USA) Team Mike's Bikes pb EquatorRow 115 - Cell 2
117Travis Livermon (USA) Astellas Cycling Team0:02:02
118Thomas Vaubourzeix (FRA) Lupus Racing TeamRow 117 - Cell 2
119Luis Villalobos (MEX) EP CYCLISTS0:02:03
120Adam Farabaugh (USA) Support Clean Sport / Sea SuckRow 119 - Cell 2
121Maxiam Jenkins (USA) Astellas Cycling Team0:02:05
122Alex Gaidis (USA) Echelon-Storck DevelopmentRow 121 - Cell 2
123Mattheiu Jeannes (FRA) Lupus Racing TeamRow 122 - Cell 2
124Richard Randall (USA) Team Arapahoe ResourcesRow 123 - Cell 2
125Brandon Feehery (USA) Astellas Cycling Team0:02:09
126Sam Warford (USA) Superissimo0:02:10
127Jure Rupnik (SLO) H&R Block Pro CyclingRow 126 - Cell 2
128Chad Beyer (USA) Lupus Racing TeamRow 127 - Cell 2
129Will Routley (CAN) Rally Cycling0:02:11
130Gavin Murray (USA) Echelon-Storck Development0:02:12
131Ryan Moore (USA) Herbalife p/b Marc ProRow 130 - Cell 2
132Nicholas Torraca (USA) Elevate Pro Cycling0:02:15
133Evan Murphy (USA) Lupus Racing Team0:02:16
134Castro Jose Luis Marino (USA) KHS-Maxxis-JL Velo0:02:17
135Conor O'brien (CAN) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Home0:02:18
136Wesley Eslick (SOU) p/b Cicla Bic0:02:19
137Maxwell Ackermann (USA) Gateway Harley Davidson / TrekRow 136 - Cell 2
138Felix Bouvette (CAN) H&R Block Pro Cycling0:02:22
139Elliott Doyle (CAN) Silber Pro Cycling0:02:23
140Stephan Hirsch (GER) Team Arapahoe Resources0:02:30
141Camilo Zambrano (USA) Cylance-Incycle Pro CyclingRow 140 - Cell 2
142Samuel Bassetti (US) Herbalife p/b Marc ProRow 141 - Cell 2
143Christopher Putt (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:02:31
144Orlando Garibay Contreras (MEX) Cylance-Incycle Pro CyclingRow 143 - Cell 2
145Jonathan Sandoval (USA) EP CYCLISTSRow 144 - Cell 2
146Justin Oien (USA) Axeon Hagens Berman0:02:33
147Hilton Clarke (USA) Cylance-Incycle Pro Cycling0:02:42
148Alejandro Padilla (GUA) Team Arapahoe Resources0:02:43
149Patrick Casey (USA) Canyon Bicycles - Shimano0:02:44
150Jesus Carbajal (MEX) EP CYCLISTS0:02:49
151Fernando Arroyo (MEX) EP CYCLISTS0:02:53
152Sergio Hernandez (USA) p/b Cicla Bic0:02:56
153Matt Chatlaong (USA) Herbalife p/b Marc Pro0:02:57
154Brendan Armstrong (CAN) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Home0:03:14
155Brian McCulloch (USA) KHS-Maxxis-JL Velo0:03:17
156Bailey McKnight (CAN) H&R Block Pro Cycling0:03:29
157Alberto Covarrubias (MEX) Elevate Pro Cycling0:03:34
158Gabriel Baca (MEX) ELBOWZ RAcing0:04:35
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Janier Acevedo (Col) Team Jamis6:08:07
2Matteo Dal-CIn (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:00:02
3Lachlan Morton (Aus) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:00:13
4Neilson Powless (USA) Axeon Hagens Berman0:00:29
5Kyle Murphy (USA) Team JamisRow 4 - Cell 2
6Travis McCabe (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hinc0:00:41
7Geoffrey Curran (USA) Axeon Hagens Berman0:00:50
8Jack Burke (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling0:00:56
9Evan Huffman (USA) Rally Cycling0:00:57
10Benjamin Perry (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:01:01
11Philip O'Donnell (USA) Axeon Hagens Berman0:01:02
12Cameron Piper (USA) Team Mike's Bikes pb EquatorRow 11 - Cell 2
13Oscar Clark (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hinc0:01:07
14Timothy Rugg (USA) Herbalife p/b Marc Pro0:01:08
15Jesse Anthony (USA) Rally Cycling0:01:09
16Edwin Avila (Col) Team Illuminate0:01:16
17Andres Diaz Corrales (Col) Cylance-Incycle Pro Cycling0:01:18
18Chris Horner (USA) Lupus Racing Team0:01:19
19Jordan Cheyne (Can) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:01:21
20Adam de Vos (Can) Rally Cycling0:01:23
21Emerson Oronte (USA) Rally Cycling0:01:32
22Chris Prendergast (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling0:01:35
23Eder Frayer (Mex) KHS-Maxxis-JL Velo0:01:36
24Johnathan Hornbeck (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hinc0:01:39
25Robert Gutgesell (Can) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Ho0:01:43
26Jacob Rathe (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:01:44
27Andrei Krasilnikau (Bel) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hinc0:01:49
28Bryan Lewis (USA) Lupus Racing Team0:01:51
29Kaler Marshall (USA) Canyon Bicycles - Shimano0:01:55
30Taylor Shelden (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:02:07
31Ruben Companioni (Cub) Team Jamis0:02:08
32Chad Beyer (USA) Lupus Racing Team0:02:11
33Jacob Arnold (USA) Superissimo0:02:14
34Griffin Easter (USA) Team Illuminate0:02:23
35Ulises Castillo (USA) KHS-Maxxis-JL Velo0:03:01
36Jake Sitler (USA) Astellas Cycling Team0:03:02
37Sepp Kuss (USA) Gateway Harley Davidson / Tr0:03:04
38Joseph Schmalz (USA) Elevate Pro Cycling0:03:11
39Cory Lockwood (USA) KHS-Maxxis-JL Velo0:03:13
40Orlando Garibay Contreras (Mex) Cylance-Incycle Pro CyclingRow 39 - Cell 2
41James Piccoli (Can) Superissimo0:03:18
42Michael Le Rossignol (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:03:32
43Luis Villalobos (Mex) EP CYCLISTS0:03:37
44Angus Morton (Aus) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:03:40
45Andrew Dahlheim (USA) Team Arapahoe Resources0:03:48
46Cortlan Brown (USA) Canyon Bicycles - Shimano0:03:51
47Robert Squire (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hinc0:03:57
48Maxiam Jenkins (USA) Astellas Cycling Team0:04:14
49Jonathan Sandoval (USA) EP CYCLISTS0:04:18
50Justin Mauch (USA) Herbalife p/b Marc Pro0:04:31
51Chad Young (USA) Axeon Hagens Berman0:04:33
52Samuel Grove (USA) Cylance-Incycle Pro Cycling0:05:11
53Justin Oien (USA) Axeon Hagens Berman0:05:37
54Robin Carpenter (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hinc0:05:52
55Chris Riekert (USA) Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator0:05:59
56Willem Kaiser (USA) Superissimo0:06:18
57Travis Livermon (USA) Astellas Cycling Team0:06:23
58Bryan Gomez (Col) Gateway Harley Davidson / Tr0:06:36
59Michael Olheiser (USA) Lupus Racing Team0:06:59
60Stefano Barberi (USA) Support Clean Sport / Sea Su0:07:30
61Nigel Ellsay (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:07:32
62Coulton Hartrich (USA) Support Clean Sport / Sea Su0:07:42
63Steve Fisher (USA) Canyon Bicycles - Shimano0:08:14
64Gabriel Baca (Mex) ELBOWZ RAcing0:08:23
65Kevin Girkins (USA) ELBOWZ RAcing0:08:30
66Brayan Sanchez (Col) Team Jamis0:08:35
67Luis Amaran (Cub) Team Jamis0:08:36
68Eric Oien (USA) Echelon-Storck Development0:09:20
69Dennis Ramirez (Col) Gateway Harley Davidson / Tr0:09:22
70Andzs Flaksis (Lat) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hinc0:09:36
71Eric Marcotte (USA) Team Jamis0:09:52
72Aria Kiani (USA) Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator0:10:05
73Nolan Tankersley (USA) Lupus Racing Team0:10:11
74Mac Brennan (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hinc0:10:22
75Ian Moore (USA) Support Clean Sport / Sea Su0:10:44
76Matt Zimmer (USA) Support Clean Sport / Sea Su0:10:49
77Nicolas Masbourian (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:10:50
78Will Routley (Can) Rally Cycling0:11:07
79Benjamin Wolfe (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:11:09
80Lucas Haedo (Arg) Team Jamis0:11:19
81Innokenty Zavyalov (USA) p/b Cicla B0:11:30
82Connor McCutcheon (USA) Team IlluminateRow 81 - Cell 2
83Sam Warford (USA) Superissimo0:11:33
84Tom Zirbel (USA) Rally Cycling0:11:47
85Mattheiu Jeannes (Fra) Lupus Racing Team0:12:05
86Lance Haidet (USA) Team Illuminate0:12:28
87Michael Sheehan (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:12:29
88Travis Samuel (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling0:12:37
89George Simpson (USA) Gateway Harley Davidson / Tr0:12:45
90Bjorn Selander (USA) Rally Cycling0:13:01
91Torey Philipp (USA) Herbalife p/b Marc Pro0:13:14
92Dillon Caldwell (USA) Canyon Bicycles - Shimano0:13:16
93Camilo Zambrano (USA) Cylance-Incycle Pro Cycling0:13:21
94Evan Murphy (USA) Lupus Racing Team0:13:34
95Peter Disera (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling0:13:39
96Diego Sandoval (Mex) Cylance-Incycle Pro Cycling0:13:44
97Emile Jean (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:13:59
98Bailey McKnight (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling0:14:01
99Michael Burleigh (USA) Canyon Bicycles - Shimano0:14:12
100Gerardo Medina (Mex) Echelon-Storck Development0:14:30
101Jonathan Brown (USA) Axeon Hagens Berman0:14:53
102Christopher Putt (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:14:58
103Isaiah Newkirk (USA) Gateway Harley Davidson / Tr0:15:20
104Thomas Soladay (USA) Rally Cycling0:15:30
105Logan Hutchings (USA) Elevate Pro Cycling0:16:03
106Daniel Gardner (GBr) Astellas Cycling Team0:16:06
107David Williams (USA) Astellas Cycling Team0:16:14
108Thomas Vaubourzeix (Fra) Lupus Racing Team0:16:47
109Kristofer Dahl (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:16:53
110Chris Winn (USA) p/b Cicla B0:17:00
111Brandon Feehery (USA) Astellas Cycling Team0:17:16
112Jure Rupnik (Slo) H&R Block Pro CyclingRow 111 - Cell 2
113Stephan Hirsch (Ger) Team Arapahoe Resources0:17:37
114Dylan Davies (Can) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Ho0:17:53
115kyle Buckosky (Can) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Ho0:18:01
116Jacob Albrecht (USA) Herbalife p/b Marc Pro0:18:08
117Brian McCulloch (USA) KHS-Maxxis-JL Velo0:18:24
118Nacher Fabrizio Von (USA) KHS-Maxxis-JL Velo0:19:10
119Castro Jose Luis Marino (USA) KHS-Maxxis-JL Velo0:19:38
120Elliott Doyle (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:19:47
121Hilton Clarke (USA) Cylance-Incycle Pro Cycling0:19:59
122Jules Goguely (USA) Echelon-Storck Development0:20:00
123Kai Applequist (USA) Superissimo0:20:15
124Nicholas Torraca (USA) Elevate Pro Cycling0:20:25
125Micah Engle (USA) Gateway Harley Davidson / Tr0:20:41
126Alejandro Padilla (Gua) Team Arapahoe Resources0:20:43
127Conor O'brien (Can) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Ho0:20:53
128Jim Peterman (USA) Superissimo0:20:59
129Alex Gaidis (USA) Echelon-Storck Development0:21:06
130Stefan Rothe (USA) ELBOWZ RAcing0:21:12
131Zack Allison (USA) Elevate Pro Cycling0:21:18
132Julio Padilla (Gua) Team Arapahoe Resources0:21:28
133Ryan Moore (USA) Herbalife p/b Marc Pro0:21:35
134Grant Koontz (USA) Team Arapahoe Resources0:21:44
135Cory Greenberg (USA) Cylance-Incycle Pro Cycling0:22:01
136Fernando Arroyo (Mex) EP CYCLISTS0:22:14
137Owen Gillott (Aus) Echelon-Storck Development0:22:17
138Sergio Hernandez (USA) p/b Cicla B0:22:33
139Gavin Murray (USA) Echelon-Storck DevelopmentRow 138 - Cell 2
140Connor Brown (USA) Elevate Pro Cycling0:22:34
141Maxwell Ackermann (USA) Gateway Harley Davidson / Tr0:22:35
142Adam Farabaugh (USA) Support Clean Sport / Sea Su0:22:46
143Matt Chatlaong (USA) Herbalife p/b Marc Pro0:23:01
144Felix Bouvette (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling0:23:43
145Daniel Willett (USA) EP CYCLISTS0:23:47
146Oliver Moors (GBr) Astellas Cycling Team0:23:49
147Bryan Larsen (USA) Echelon-Storck Development0:24:09
148Alberto Covarrubias (Mex) Elevate Pro Cycling0:25:12
149Reese Levine (USA) Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator0:25:18
150Jesus Carbajal (Mex) EP CYCLISTS0:25:43
151Colin Strickland (USA) ELBOWZ RAcing0:25:50
152Patrick Casey (USA) Canyon Bicycles - Shimano0:27:34
153Erik Slack (USA) Canyon Bicycles - Shimano0:27:43
154Brendan Armstrong (Can) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Ho0:27:53
155Richard Randall (USA) Team Arapahoe Resources0:28:16
156Wesley Eslick (Sou) p/b Cicla B0:28:27
157Samuel Bassetti (USA) Herbalife p/b Marc Pro0:29:35
158Roman Kilun (USA) Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator0:35:45

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