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Markt wins ahead of Gehbauer, Litscher

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Sabrina Enaux (Felt Ötztal X-Bionic World Cup Team)

Sabrina Enaux (Felt Ötztal X-Bionic World Cup Team) (Image credit: Felt Ötztal X-Bionic World Cup Team)
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Charly Markt (Felt Ötztal X-Bionic World Cup Team)

Charly Markt (Felt Ötztal X-Bionic World Cup Team) (Image credit: Felt Ötztal X-Bionic World Cup Team)

Tough climbs and daredevil downhills were the perfect ground for the Felt Ötztal X-Bionic World Cup riders at the Ötztaler Mountain Bike Festival on May 1. Charly Markt won the men's race while Sabrina Enaux earned a victory in the women's race.

Markt's dreams came true when he won the UCI-inscripted race held in his hometown, Haiming. After the first lap, Markt took the lead and neither Ralph Näf (Multivan Merida) nor any of the others could follow him up the hill.

Markt won by 53 seconds over Alexander Gehbauer, so he had plenty of time to celebrate and enjoy the applause of fans in the final meters.  Thomas Litscher was third.

"It's awesome. The race was brutal and I'm so happy I finally made it to the top here in my hometown with all my fans cheering on the track," said Markt. "My tactics worked great: I kept the speed very high from the beginning so that nobody could ride into striking distance."

In the women's race, Enaux took her first win of the season. The petite French woman crossed the finish line with over one minute time advantage - and second was nobody other than the world's number one ranked Lisi Osl.

"The course was very technical and perfect," said Enaux. "A full suspension bike helped me ride fast through stones and roots, and the course was full with these technical sections."

Blaza Klemencic, who still is struggling with the aftermath of her painful crash last weekend at the World Cup in South Africa, came in third and was happy with the result.

"To race here was important for me because I don't want to slow down between the World Cups - even if the bruises still hurt a bit," said Klemencic.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Karl Markt (Aut)1:38:10
2Alexander Gehbauer (Aut)0:00:15
3Thomas Litscher (Swi)0:00:23
4Uwe Hochenwarter (Aut)0:00:53
5Martino Fruet (Ita)0:01:46
6Ralph Naef (Swi)0:03:18
7Matous Ulman (Cze)0:03:26
8Catriel Andres Soto (Arg)0:03:51
9Michele Casagrande (Ita)0:04:02
10Nicola Rohrbach (Swi)0:04:08
11Paul Van Der Ploeg (Aus)0:05:12
12Cristian Cominelli (Ita)0:06:03
13Severin Disch (Swi)0:06:50
14Michal Lami (Svk)0:07:52
15Simon Scheiber (Aut)0:08:02
16Ivan Smirnov (Rus)0:08:54
17Matthias Leisling (Ger)0:09:05
18Christopher Maletz (Ger)0:09:27
19Tony Longo (Ita)0:09:32
20Gregor Raggl (Aut)0:10:47
21Matthias Waldhart (Aut)0:11:26
22Paul Remy (Fra)0:11:37
23Michael Hutter (Swi)0:11:53
24Maximilian Holz (Ger)0:12:12
25Dominic Calitz (RSA)0:12:33
26Timofei Ivanov (Rus)0:12:39
27Andi Weinhold (Ger)0:13:48
28Mykhaylo Batsutsa (Ukr)0:14:11
29Matthias Hoi (Aut)
30Manfred Zöger (Aut)
31Evgeny Nikolaev (Rus)
32Markus Preiss (Aut)
33Martino Di Pierdomenico (Ita)
34Maximilian Knapp (Ita)
35Zdenek Vobecky (Cze)
36Mikhail Baryshnikov (Rus)
37Nejc Cernilogar (Slo)
38Simon Seehofer (Aut)
39Hermann Pernsteiner (Aut)
40Dumeni Vincenz (Swi)
41Matthias Grick (Aut)
42Martin Haring (Svk)
43Florian Kremmaier (Aut)
44Gunther Huber (Ita)
45Michael Wiessner (Ger)
46Christian Moitzi (Aut)
47Pawel Wojczal (Pol)
48Armin Keibacher (Ita)
49Severin Sagesser (Swi)
50Rumen Voigt (Ger)
51Richard Gantner (Aut)
52Anton Liyubuy (Ukr)
53Julian Scherer (Aut)
54Thomas Forer (Ita)
DNFMartin Loo (Est)
DNFRobert Gehbauer (Aut)
DNFGiuseppe Lamastra (Ita)
DNFRafal Hebisz (Pol)
DNFDaniel Geismayr (Aut)
DNFGiancarlo Sax (Swi)
DNFRafal Alchimowiz (Pol)
DNFSimon Costa (Aut)
DNFDaniel Federspiel (Aut)
DNFLukas Hollrigl (Aut)
DNFLysander Kiesel (Ger)
DNFFrederick Thoni (Aut)
DNFMichael (Jr) Schweizer (Ger)
DNFMichal Straka (Svk)
DNFMarkus Loisl (Aut)

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sabrina Enaux (Fra)1:21:46
2Elisabeth Osl (Aut)0:01:16
3Blaza Klemencic (Slo)0:07:24
4Yana Belomoyna (Ukr)0:08:53
5Maria Osl (Aut)0:09:45
6Michelle Hediger (Swi)0:10:16
7Lisa Mitterbauer (Aut)0:12:38
8Sabrina Maurer (Swi)0:13:55
9Anna Oberparleiter (Ita)0:14:50
10Michalina Ziolkowska (Pol)0:16:04
11Mailin Franke (Ger)0:19:32
12Marta Tereshchuk (Ukr)
13Tanja Starkermann (Swi)
14Paulina Hebisz Rydzik (Pol)
DNFMarielle Saner-Guinchard (Swi)
DNFStephanie Wiedner (Aut)
DNFMichaela Malarikova (Svk)


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